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Good things usually come in three, but sometimes they might not. 
10th-Oct-2000 11:27 pm
EDIT: Spoilers for the final episode of this arc (episode 214) in the comments. I could only hope anyone I don't know isn't around to read the comments now...

Been reading around for Gintama ep 211 reviews, opinions, discussions. And yes, it generates a lot of discussions, all right, but now it generates a lot of things I don't like too. I cringe at being confrontational, so I'm just going to rant in my own space.

1. Manga spoilers. I've read all the chapters in this arc already, but I'm still angry that some people are inconsiderate to people who only watch anime and put out spoilers carelessly.

2. People who don't like that a major character will be killed off. I have to wonder what show they have been watching to not even understand how it will turn out, at least regarding this.

3. People who don't like that a major character won't be killed off. I have to wonder what show they have been watching to not even understand how it will turn out, at least regarding this.

4. Violent people who judge characters who only appear in two episodes so far. I have to wonder what show they have been watching to not even understand how it will turn out, at least regarding this.

5. Having too much expectation. Just don't. I don't want to read a whine later saying that the latter part of the arc does not live up to expectation.

6. If anyone wants realistic fight scenes, don't watch shounen JUMP anime. Comparing the flashy moves to real life (and not pretty) fights is just...aghhh, it makes my head spin that people actually do this.

7. Seven days is not that long a wait, people. Deal with it. Or just seek out the manga like some people do if you can't wait.

8. -Shinpachi place holder- "What's with this entry? Why is it backdated to the time before Gintama ever existed? And you could have made it my birthday, at least. Gin-san is popular enough without you bringing even more attention to him! And who is that in the icon? You have plenty of Gin-san Gintama icons, why that one???"

9. -Kyuubei place holder- "Will Tae-chan appear in this arc?"

10. There is probably no 10. -Toshi place holder- "And what about us Shinsengumi?"

(Yeah, just the numbers in their names. I'm in a troll-y mood.)

11. I think it might be better for my peace of mind to not let all the above get to me.

12. Which means I should delete this entry now.

13. The fact that it is still here means I can't take my own advice.

14. That's spoiler stuff, Kyuubei, Hijikata.

15. So I can't resist and have to have my own review, after all.

16. Here is the obnoxious beginning to that entry I thought I might post:

Dear random visitor, if, for some reason I can't really fathom, you don't have this episode yet and want to watch it, download it here. :) You are free to ignore the rest of this entry (which you are probably going to do anyway). Aren't I nice? ;)

And here is the equally (if not more) obnoxious cut text (and the text appearing right after you click on the cut) for that entry I yank back at the last minute:

"More like stream of consciousness typing. Beware of points repeating, points plain making no sense, and points that seem like someone else's ideas. Though I am not going to apologize for that last part. I'm not going to be stopped just because I am slow and other people have already pointed out the same things. And I should be nice and warn that of course everything under this cut could be considered spoiler (and I also throw in a few manga comparisons for good measure, but not anything after the events in this episode), but most likely you already stop reading way before this sentence anyway so I don't know why I even bother..."
(If you came in directly and not seeing the cut text, lucky you. Last chance to get out before the spoilers hit.)

17. If I'm as offensive reckless as I feel sometimes, I would post this in Gintama comm:

Hello, I am a Gintamaholic and don't ever wish to be cured.

Here is yet another review on episode 211. And why would I want to waste my time on read this one, you ask? Good question.

1) Because I neatly copy all the observations other people have made without crediting them. (Hey, I've come up with most of those points independently. Really. It's not my fault for thinking like other people, is it?)

2) Because I am shameless and want as many people as I can to be looking at my entry.

3) Why is there a third reason? Because good things come in three. Just look at two of previous manga chapter names (the 'what happens twice happens thrice' thing, I mean).

4) Because I want more Gin-san fans to geek with.

I know, I know. This attempt would most likely backfire since it's just a pale imitation of Gintama's humor.

18. "Enough, you don't even rant about other people's comments anymore and only want to pimp your own stuff!"

19. "Tae-chan better appears."

20. "Shinsengumi better appears."

21. ^^^ Both of you, go tell the gorilla Sorashi-sensei, not me.

22. I don't know why I still keep adding to this entry, really. But I'm going to admit that most of my frustration seemed to stem from having too much expectation of my fellow audience. (Yeah, I haven't missed the irony of Rant #5. People don't want to hear me whine either.) And this is episode 211 already, not episode 20, so people should be familiar with the series and the characters (well, at least the major characters) by now. It's not that it really matters one way or another to me whether someone is able to predict stuff, but can you at least not un-predict it? Like saying something that would never happen in this series will happen and vice-versa? But then again, you tell me this stuff is subjective. You run into people who don't agree with each other what constitutes a canon material all the time. Oh well, I don't let this get to me anymore, hopefully.

23. Let this be the end of it. I'm sure I'm in Gintama for the good time, not for something that would upset me. Clinging to this entry would not make things better. I would go change the review entry from the ground up, too, since I think I might have revealed a little too much of private moments and my unstable emotion, but I don't think I want to make things worse. So I am going to walk away, calm down, and lurk, since I think I'm only good for that at this moment...
Prince "Elly"
10th-Jun-2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
1- maybe some people just assume that true Gintama fans should read the manga and therefore already know all about that arc XDD

2 &3 - lol, seriously XDD It’s kind of obvious Otose will not die, no regular characters have died in Gintama and I’m pretty sure they will not suddenly start dying now. Although on some level I kind of wish Otose would die – that will make the series more adult and serious, it would show how things don’t always work out as one wants them. But then again, if it was that sort of series, it wouldn’t be Gintama anymore – the whole point of Gintama is that it’s not like in real life and good people are able to get a happy ending.

5 – I think I made that mistake before this arc, I’ve seen many people going ‘OMG, this arc is so great!’ so I thought it would be something so tear-jerking like Mitsuba’s arc, or something. But it wasn’t, and I got worried that I might not like Gintama anymore.

6 – who is complaining about unrealistic fight scenes? Show me those people so I could them stupid to their face! This was actually a totally realistic fight scene – Gin-san’s wooden sword broke at the impact with a real sword, it doesn’t get more realistic!

7 – I’m sure people are just saying they can’t wait to add emotional impact. Because really, just a week is not such a long time.

8 & 9 & 10 – I lold XDDD I actually never thought much about their names and the numbers there XDD

11 – yeah, you shouldn’t let it get to you. Also, I’m not sure where exactly you read all those opinions, but normally Gintama fans are more mature than that. At least all the Gintama fans on my flist are, and I’m able to have a normal discussion with them. Maybe you should get some more Gintama fans on your flist, too? :D

17 – you totally should post it to the Gintama comm, there is never too much serious discussion. Lol, only try to make your own humour, not imitate Gintama ;DD

22 – don’t expect much, everyone is just human, and not everyone is taking the series as seriously as you do ;DD
11th-Jun-2011 04:58 am (UTC)
1. Maybe. But when people tell them otherwise they should just apologize and remove the spoilers (or they can just remove the spoilers without apologizing), and not try to defend their stance by saying what they posted is just a clarification because people want to know what happen (except that (most of the time) they don't really want to know. They are just speculating).

5. People can never be truly objective in their likings (yes, I'm one of those people). I don't know if you will ever like this arc, but Gintama always goes back to the funnies after all the serious business, so perhaps it will be better for you then.

6. Rather not say, because I don't want to bring trouble. Perhaps they haven't exactly said the fight is not realistic. Just bad and filled with absurd moves from their point of views. I don't know what kind of standards they apply, but one of them mention that Gintama is their only shounen, so I kind of assume they are not used to seeing the type of structured fights that are done in anime. Yes, the fights seem more raw and realistic in Gintama, but, from production's point of view, I think they are still very much choreographed--each move in a fight is used to its maximum benefit.

7. One person actually say they want two episodes aired per week. I think that is the comment that got me to react since it sounds so entitled. But, yeah, you're probably right about most other people.

8. & 9. & 10. Thanks then. :) Glad there is something positive here, at least. I actually haven't noticed the character names connection with numbers all that much either, except Shinpachi's since Kagura keeps making fun of him about it.

11. Forums, mostly. I know I should get more Gintama LJ friends, but don't really know how. And to simply go comment on people's journals isn't something I'm comfortable doing, especially at this point.

17. Well, when I can write a more normal review entry, maybe I'll advertise it. :)

22. Yeah, I'm taking it all too seriously, I think. Everyone is only human and is probably just doing the best they can. (Now that sounds kinda like a Gintama quote. I probably stole it from somewhere I can't remember and not came up with it myself. ^^;;)
11th-Jun-2011 06:22 pm (UTC)
1- I wouldn't understand that, I don't care that much about spoilers, anyhow.

5 - Well, it's not that I don't like it, I like almost everything about Gintama. But I guess I just expected it to be different, and my expectations were wrong XD

6 - haha, if Gintama was their only shounen, they are really not in the position to judge. Besides, really realistic fights would be totally boring in anime. There should be a difference between art and real life.

7 - but then they'd run out of manga material too soon, haven't those commenters thought about that...

8 - yeah, I noticed that, too XD I wonder if it has some sort of unlucky meaning, too - for the Japanese 4 is the unlucky number, and 8= 4x2, so twice as unlucky, maybe XD

11 - well, you can always comment at my LJ to what other people say, I know nobody of my flist will mind. Also, you could host a friending meme. I think it's been quite a long time since the last Gintama friending meme, so there might be some response.

22 - lol, that really sounds like something from Gintama, it obviously has influenced your thinking :D
12th-Jun-2011 10:27 am (UTC)
5. I can kind of relate, maybe? I still like Gintama even though some arcs were not exactly what I was led to expect.

And that reminds me, I have always hesitated to talk about this arc with you since it almost seemed to me even before this that you might have not been very enthusiastic about it. Also, I might accidentally spoil things since I already know how things will turn out. (It's a complex with me. Even though you might be fine with spoilers, I still don't want to spoil things willingly.)

8. Yeah, I actually forgot that. Twice as unlucky, indeed. XD And while we are on this subject, the name 'Toshi' has both 10 and 4 in it, but either 4 or 14 would break my sequence so I just use 10 for his name. ^^;;

11. You're sure about that, though? The only time I engaged with someone else on your LJ, it didn't turn out too well (was kind of my fault, though)... Friending Meme, huh? I was thinking about filling one but most likely no one checks it anymore except the journal owner. As for hosting one, let me think about it. Still, I don't watch much anime so I don't know if that would really attract anyone to my LJ...

22. Turns out it is from the last line of the current OP. Not exactly the same as what I wrote, but similar enough. ^^;;
12th-Jun-2011 11:08 am (UTC)
5 - sometimes I like Gintama arcs exactly because they were nothing like I expected, so it all depends, really.

Hmm, why did you think I would not be enthusiastic about it? But I guess you are right, in general I like action arcs more than relationship arcs, and this one is more about relationships. Well, I suppose, since I don't read the manga, I actually would't be able to contribute much to the conversation, anyhow. But when the arc is over we can discuss it more ;D

8 -I actually didn't know Toshi has 10! I wonder what it means in the context, is 10 also some sort of symbolic number?

11 - uh, when? Where? I really don't remember you having any argument with anyone on my LJ. I'm sure you're just overthinking it ;) I don't think there is any point in replying to old friending memes, nobody checks them. But making a new one would work, and it's not only anime that can attract people to your LJ - after all, there can be people with other interests besides anime ;D

22 - haha, even Gintama's OP songs have important life lessons in them XDD
12th-Jun-2011 02:37 pm (UTC)
5. Well, I prefer to be able to get what I expect, at least with the serious arcs. So, say, if people say outright that an arc is about relationship, I would almost always end up liking that arc. With the comedy, though, the series can surprise me all it wants. :)

Actually, I hadn't really rationalized why I thought that. But now that you say it, that's probably the reason. Yes, this arc is pretty much about relationship. Especially familial ties that were formed by people not related to each other by blood. I don't know. Gintama just seems to be able to do this type of story so well in my opinion. (I mean, I was hooked with it back in chapter four of the manga (which managed both Gin-san's and (a hint to) Catherine's relationships to Otose).)

And I would be happy to hear what you have to say about the arc, if you feel up to talking about it. Especially since I don't have anime-only point of view anymore, it would be interesting to see how things are perceived without manga knowledge. But, in any case, sure, we can always discuss it more when the arc is over. ;)

8. Well, I think I've read somewhere that the kanji character for 10 apparently can also mean 'perfect'. (Explain why several main characters have 10 of October as their birth dates, probably. ^^) But Toshi also has 4 in his name (the 'shi' (death) part), to balance out the perfectness, probably. And that makes me think that perhaps he has some link to Shinpachi, who has 8 (two '4's) in his name. (Well, they are both straight man to their respective people's eccentricities, at least.)

11. It was many months back, I can't quite remember when either. They commented to my comment about f-locking an entry, I think, and I might not be in quite a good mood there when I responded. Oh well, I suppose you are probably right about me overthinking it. ^^;; And thanks for saying that about the interests. :) I want to say I would make a new Friending Meme, but it's more than likely that I would chicken out and hope someone makes a new meme and I'll try to erase my shyness and fill it out.
12th-Jun-2011 11:32 pm (UTC)
5 - In a way, predictable is good - like the fact that the regular characters will not die. Otherwise I might not be able to handle the intense episodes...

I agree, Gintama often manages to make that kind of story. Friendship and all sorts of family ties are an important theme in the anime, after all.

I always feel up to talking about Gintama, not sure how insightful will be the things I say, though - I'm not that good at analysing things XD

8 - Several? I thought only Gin-san's birthday is 10.10 XDD But that's a really interesting idea about their names being linked, it had not occurred to me :)

11 - no, that was definitely nothing, you are totally overthinking it! ;D

Actually, in my experience, you get better chances for a friend if you ask people, not fill out the meme and expect them to friend you... But hosting friending memes is really not that difficult, and I will definitely help you to advertise it if you ever decide to make one :)
13th-Jun-2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
Well, sometimes you say things that make me notice something I might have previously overlooked, so that's all good to me. But I'm not sure if discussing things with me is all that fun. Don't know exactly what to call what I'm doing, but I like to pick things apart far too much. And overthinking stuff, probably. ;)

8. You are right, Gin-san is the only person in Gintama with 10.10 birth date. I mean several main characters from several different manga/anime series having 10.10 for their birth dates. Sorry if that was not clear before. ^^;;

11. Most likely I'm not doing anything about friending memes at this time. However, I'll keep your offer in mind, thank you. :)
13th-Jun-2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
Lol, I'm glad you say so - lately I feel like I'm just watching the series and enjoying it, but can't say anything clever about it XDD It is fun because most of the things you come up with I haven't even thought about while I was watching ;D

Really? That's interesting... What other characters?

I guess it's easier to wait for somebody else to make the next friending meme :)
14th-Jun-2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
Sometimes, I also feel that way, so it's totally fine if you would just rather watch and enjoy the series without commenting much on it. :)

Well, actually from the list I found (which is probably no where near completed since it doesn't even have Gin-san on it) I only recognize Naruto as the main character (not that I've ever watched his series), so I'm not sure why I thought there are more main characters with that birth date. ^^;; Perhaps I was also thinking of 5 May birth date (of course, this list doesn't have Hijikata either), since it belongs to the main character of One Piece.
15th-Jun-2011 09:03 pm (UTC)
But I feel like I need to analyse it - Gintama has so many complex ideas that it would be a pity just to watch it and not think about the deeper meaning of it all.

Hmm, well, I guess the list makers ignored Gintama XDD Anyhow, I don't like Naruto, so I would totally want him to have a birthday on some other day, not at the same time with Gin-san XD
18th-Jun-2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
It's a bit different with me then. I think a lot about the series I watch/read, but I often don't know how to write my thoughts down so other people might understand what I mean. That's when I claim I want to just watch and enjoy and not write about (insert a series here). ;)

And if I can trust Wikia, someone (the bathroom episode guy, I think) in Shinsengumi also has 10.10 birth date, so it appeared I was wrong before when I said Gin-san was the only one with that birth date. Not very happy about this since there are plenty other days for other characters to have birth dates, so they totally don't need to come share spotlight with the main character...
19th-Jun-2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
Oh well, the most important thing is that you enjoy the series, thinking or writing is secondary, I believe.

Yeah, I agree, there are 364 other days when he could have had a birthday :/ Oh well, I don't think anyone remembers that guy, for most people 10.10. is only Gin-san's birthday.
19th-Jun-2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
That is true. For me, simply enjoying the series is pretty much a stress-free way to pass time, although writing stuff down does have an advantage of me having record of my feelings at the time, because my feelings can (and usually change) for the series I'm not very in love with.

Yeah, 10.10 is only Gin-san's birthday to most people. :) I only mentioned the guy because I previously said that was true when I was only 99.99% sure. Oh well, next time I'll check my facts better before I proclaim something as being absolutely true again. ^^;;
19th-Jun-2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
Wow, your userpic is cute <333

Writing stuff down is really useful, I wish I had wrote things down about all anime series I had watched - now I sometimes think back at some of them and can't remember why exactly I liked or disliked the series...

Lol, you don't have to bother and check the facts, I usually don't double check anything, so I'll believe whatever you say and I won't go 'But wait, this bathroom guy also had a birthday on that day!' XDD
20th-Jun-2011 08:27 am (UTC)
Isn't it? <333 (All thanks to someone using the Katsara-san variant, otherwise I probably would never have discovered this one and the rest. ^^) He looks so cute and happy here, something I kinda want to see more in the series. Still, glasses joke aside, he doesn't seem to have it as bad as his fellow straight man (I mean Rou, but Zaki would probably fit, too). ;)

Me too. I'll believe whatever you tell me and don't usually bother to double check, especially since most of the time I don't even know where to check. ^^ This time though, I went to double check Madao's birthday, and figured that since I was already there, I might as well check on Gin-san's birthday too, haha. Oh well. I kinda make peace with it now, since actually it would be strange if people in Edo all have birthdays on different days...

Seriously though, please don't hesitate to correct me if I actually say something factual incorrect (I think I might have done it again in one of my comments to you last night ^^;;), and I hope you won't mind if I do the same.
20th-Jun-2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
Lol, I think the only cute and happy moments that he has in the series is when he is being an Otsuu-chan fanboy XDD

Haha, it's kind of unusual to see anyone refer to Hijikata that way, for me he is either Hijikata or Toshi (well, that is his otaku side) XDD But life is not all that bad for Hijikata, either - at least he has some authority in the Shinsengumi, while Shinpachi doesn't really have any authority anywhere XD

Lol, good point, it's not like it's possible for everyone to have birthdays on different days, I guess that sort of thing only makes it realistic. Besides, birthdays hardly ever get mentioned in Gintama, and I'm pretty sure the bathroom dude's birthday will not be mentioned...

I proably wouldn't even notice, at least I definitely didn't notice yesterday XDD But I will, and I will only be happy if you do the same - after all, we must have the right facts when talking about such important matters! XDD
20th-Jun-2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
You're right! But well, the series seems to have forgotten that Otsuu-chan exists since...the Otaku arc, I think, so I guess that's why I can't remember seeing such cute and happy moments for Shinpachi recently...

Oh, I stole that from someone. ^^;; It works out fine for me since Rou is short to type, and it's the only part of his name that is his and not shared with other versions of Hijikata. The Otaku side is Tosshi, though. Toshi is what Kondo-san calls Rou in his normal form. :)

Yeah, true. Rou doesn't have it all that bad and he gets to kick boss people around. I was just thinking of how he has to put up a cold exterior (that must be stressful after a while, or at least it's stressful for Tosshi, who seems happier doing fanboy stuff) so he would get respect (and fear). Not that the cold exterior is all an act, however, but lately he seems to be losing his temper more than when he was first introduced, I think. It just seems to me like he is only happy when he has his food with mayonnaise...

Only Kyuubei ever gets to celebrate birthday in series, I think. Katsura-san mentioned his, though. ^^

Ah, thank you for saying that. :) I was worried that it might be taking the fun out of things, so I'm glad to know that it's fine with you. And, yes, we totally need the right facts when talking about a gag series and its important messages. XDD
21st-Jun-2011 07:11 am (UTC)
Well, it's not like they forgot about her completely, after all, Shinpachi is still listening to her in the OP XD But I'm sure she will come back sooner or later XD

Lol, you could still call him Hiji, nobody calls him that XD That's right, Tosshi, that's what I meant to say, sorry XD Kondo is the only one who can get away with calling him that.

Well, it does get stressful for him, probably, and especially the fact that he is pretty much the only competent person in the Shinsengumi and has to take care of everything there. Of course it's easier for Tosshi to be happy, he doesn't have to think about responsibilities. Lol, maybe Hijikata is just angry that Shinsengumi have had so little screentime this season XDD

Yeah, other characters did not celebrate their birthdays, I think... Yeah, Katsura-san's birthday and the whole Katsura Appreciation Month or whatever they called it was awesome :DD

No, don't worry about that :D Lol, Gintama is a life-changing series, it only looks like a gag series at first, but actually it's all deep and phylosophical and stuff, so we totally should take it seriously. Maybe we should talk about, idk, colour symbolism in Gintama or something XDD
21st-Jun-2011 09:47 am (UTC)
It's the anime not forgetting her, but that's not in the story itself. ;) To me, it's similar to how the anime doesn't forget Sakamoto and includes him and his assistant in every OP and ED. ^^;; Well, Sakamoto did get one line in the new season, so perhaps you might be right about Otsuu-chan. :)

Somehow, the fans calling him Hiji seems rather obvious to me, since I thought the pairing name for him is written as Hiji x someone or someone x Hiji. Nah, I do like Rou a lot, as long as people (hopefully) understand who I'm talking about I will probably continue to use it (just wish I'd come up with the name myself). You or anyone else are free to call him Hijikata or anything you like. :)

Now that you say that about Kondo-san getting away with calling Rou Toshi, it makes me think if Rou has some name he doesn't want people calling him with. (Other than Oogushi-kun, I mean, but that isn't his name anyway so that probably shouldn't count.) Except for Kondo-san, the Shinsengumi people would all be calling him either Vice Commander or Hijikata(-san). And I guess he probably wouldn't like Rou (or Hiji) either if a character actually calls him that.

That's true about the screentime since I think(?) he might have been complaining about it. And Okita trying to kill him like every three seconds (though maybe that interval seems longer lately--probably related to their lack of screentime). It's sad that I totally forgot that the first time around--shows that I have never really taken Okita's threat to Rou's life seriously. ^^;;

Yeah, that was totally awesome. :) I kinda hope the anime might have mentioned something since his birthday is coming up this Sunday, but since we are in the middle of a serious arc, I guess not.

Well, let's start with the series' name then. ^^ I haven't really thought of why it's 'Silver Soul' before, except it's probably taking after Gin-san's hair color and his soul. Well, maybe it doesn't really have deeper meaning since apparently the name is a joke Sorachi-sensei's father came up with, but it's fun to think that there might be. ;)
22nd-Jun-2011 04:44 pm (UTC)
Good point, she has not been in the actual story for ages! But the current arc shows that Sorachi-sensei does not forget his characters and sometimes they unexpectedly come back, so I’m sure she will return one day, too. Lol, now I feel like a bad fan, I don’t remember when exactly Sakamoto appeared in the new season XDDD

Ooops, I meant nobody in the anime calls him that >_< The fans definitely call him Hiji, I’ve seen that pretty often, and I have actually called him that myself, too. Lol, well, at first I didn’t get who you meant by that, but then eventually I did XD

Well, he is not the type of person who would approve of getting nicknamed somehow – it would not fit his personality and his dignity as the Vice Commander. Although he did refer to himself as Mayora 13, but that was just a joke, he probably wouldn’t want people to call him that. Basically, he only lets Kondo (lol, I also want to call him Kondo-san because that’s the way people in the series refer to him, apart from those times when they call him gorilla XD But I won’t, only Gin-san and Katsura-san deserve to be treated that respectfully XDDD) get away with it because Kondo is something like a father figure for all the Shinsengumi and for him, and parents always call their kids silly names XDD

Didn’t he say something about too little screentime in the recap episode? Lol, but I do take Okita’s threats seriously XD Well, he probably doesn’t want to really kill Hijikata – it’s much more fun to leave him alive and torture him XDD

I doubt they will, after all, they had already mentioned his birthday once and it didn’t seem like it would turn into a running joke, so they will not repeat the same joke again.

Well, I suppose the hair and the soul, and the possibility of making it sound like “kintama” are the main reasons for the title of the series. But there might be some other reasons, too – depends on what silver means for the Japanese. In European tradition silver stands for feminine qualities and purity, but that would obviously be wrong in the context of Gintama XDD
23rd-Jun-2011 06:07 am (UTC)
Well, he didn't actually appear in person. In the postcard half of the episode (episode 204, I think), he wrote on a postcard telling the Yorozuya people (and probably other people, he probably sent the same message to everyone he knows ^^) to watch Ryoma-den since he heard it was good (Ryoma-den is the drama focusing on Sakamoto Ryoma (his namesake, the historical figure he is based from ^^)). And Gin-san snapped that a copy (of Sakamoto Ryoma) like Sakamoto was lucky to get included in OP and ED of the anime at all. XDD

Ah, okay. I didn't even consider the possibility that you might have meant none of the characters calls him Hiji. ^^;; And I actually didn't know who 'Rou' was either when I first saw it used until after a few reads, and when I understood, I was like, 'that's perfect. Rou is short, I'm lazy, almost no one calls him that (in anime or real life), therefore I'm going to use Rou to refer to Hijikata'. :)

I'm writing a fic, and it's always Kondo-san every time I write his name, since, as you say, the characters call him that, so it now sticks, haha. Speaking of nicknames, Rou has quite a few of them (Toshi is probably one), but I'm not sure if the characters use them all that much in canon (I get a feeling that Mayora (or Oogushi-kun) usage is more fanfic thing (Mayora is often used by Kagura and Gin-san, I think)). And Toshi does sound like something a fond parent would call his child, so you're probably right about Kondo-san being a father figure of sort (even though he doesn't seem to act that respectable most of the time). :) Umm...actually, the real father is Matsudaira, whom most everyone (including Kondo-san) even refers to as 'Father' (and Rou also let him get away with Toshi usage). Maybe Matsudaira needs to appear soon (to find a new suitor for his daughter, perhaps, since Mayora 13 didn't appear to work out?) so I won't forget him again. ^^;;

Yeah, he probably did complain in the recap episode (I thought that was in the movie, and then I was like, 'the new season hadn't even started yet for almost a year when you said that, so I don't think so'). Well, I never did (and still don't) take Okita's threats seriously, though I was sure (before we got any background info for either of them) he didn't act that way just to aggravate his vice-commander either. Yeah, it's probably as you say, that Rou being alive to feel the pain (of torture) is much more fun.

That's true. Besides, he already has one famous running joke (it's not _____, it's Katsura), so he doesn't need another one. :)

How would that be wrong? Maybe the title really means to represent all that good and pure and all the dirty-minded fans just rather go looking for hidden less than perfect meaning. ;DD Okay, all those aside, I really like what silver means in European tradition. :) I might go looking for the Japanese one if I had the time...
23rd-Jun-2011 05:06 pm (UTC)
Oh that! I remember that, but it doesn’t exactly count as an appearance, it was only his postcard XDD Anyhow, I wanted to check that series out, but I forgot XDD Thanks for reminding me, I’ll go to YouTube and at least watch the trailer or something XDD

Lol, I suppose you can refer to him anyway you want, after all, it’s not like he might find it out and get offended or anything XDDD

Wow, you’re writing a fic again? That’s good to hear that Gintama inspires you so much =) That’s an interesting observation, pretty much every fanfic with GinHiji has Gin-san call Hijikata Oogushi-kun. He didn’t really call Hijikata Oogushi-kun all that often in canon XDDD

Lol, Matsudaira is like father in the sense of mafia, like the Godfather or something, if you kow what I’m talking about – he doesn’t seem like a parent figure to me at all XDD He really should appear soon, I had totally forgotten about the character until you mentioned him XDD

Well, I don’t remember it for sure because I was not particularly impressed with the recap episode, but it makes sense if he complained about it there XDD

I don’t even remember whether I thought Okita had reasons to act like that, but now that we know he had reasons, I guess I like him more then I would if he was just a creepy sadist XDD

Nope, he doesn’t need another joke. But I wouldn’t mind more serious episodes with him, though XDD

Well, the purity might be right, but the feminine aspect doesn’t fit – Gintama is manly! :D I actually tried googling to find out the symbolism of the silver colour in the Japanese tradition, but I didn’t really find anything useful :/
23rd-Jun-2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
Well, I did say he had one line there and not that he appeared in person. ;) And glad to know that I could help. ^^ (I thought for a moment that I'd repeated things you already know when you say that you remember his scene...)

Yeah, Gin-san mostly used 'Oogushi-kun' in an early part of the series, I think. The fanfic, though, I don't think I've read one GinHiji (or HijiGin) fic without Gin-san saying Oogushi-kun at least once, as you say, so it seems like unwritten rule for writers of that pairing to do that. And yeah, Gintama inspires me again (in fact, since Mitsuba's birthday, so that's almost a month back). Well, here's a hoping I could stick with this fic and not give up like I did the other one. ^^;;

That's true. To the Shinsengumi, Matsudaira doesn't seem like a parental figure and more of a mafia father as you say, but I think he's pretty much a parent to his daughter, though. He seems like a normal (well, as normal as someone in Gintama could be) father who is worried about her, even though his level of protectiveness is very much exaggerated. ^^;;

Yeah, they trolled me again with the non-promise of the Shiroyasha movie and the Shinsengumi movie, so I wasn't exactly impressed either. I really hope what I heard was true--about them having some unforeseen problem with the current arc so had to put together that recap episode in a hurry. (Well, not that I wanted them to have problem, but I want that to be the explanation we got a recap episode instead of the first episode of the current arc, and not because they were just in the mood to troll us eight episodes in.)

Well, true, the feminine aspect wouldn't really fit (I guess I just completely overlooked it. ;). And I should have said, 'when I know how to search for that information', since I don't even know what to put into Google. ^^;; Well, I'll think of something, just not now...
23rd-Jun-2011 11:15 pm (UTC)
Wow, do you have the userpics of all characters dancing XDDD

Lol, that's sneaky of you XDD

I wonder why the writers do that - do they think that it's less romantic that way or something XDD

Good luck with it :) Fics are always good :)

Well, I guess to his daughter he really is pretty much like a normal father. And maybe he is something like a father figure to the Shogun, too - otherwise why would they hang out together like they do?

I actually would prefer trolling in that case - problems are never good, anime is serious business and unforeseen problems should not happen in it. If they do, it somehow shows that not everything is right with the series, I think.

Well, you are an Asian, doesn't silver mean anything particular in your culture? Maybe it's similar in Japan, too.
24th-Jun-2011 11:37 am (UTC)
Well, not for all characters, but I have all that are available from the person who made them (Katsura, Gintoki, Hijikata, Okita, Shinpachi, Yamazaki, Sakamoto, and Takasugi). xD

Nah, it's actually more romantic, I think. Gin-san has nicknames only for the people he likes, really. ;)

Thank you. :) Fics are always good to have? Yes. But whether my fic is any good remains to be seen. ^^;;

Yeah, the Shogun. He's another character forgotten by the series (and by me ^^;;). Seems like he has at least one appearance every year, though, so, along with Matsudaira, I think the Shogun will appear again sooner or later this season. :)

Allegedly, the problem was the consequence of the natural disaster earlier this year, but I don't want to speculate anymore about that so I'll agree with you that it's better if they were just trolling then.

Well, I'm not real sure, but if we are talking about similarity, perhaps the fact that the word silver in my language also means money is almost the same as the Japanese (they use the silver (gin) kanji for silver coins, at least). And the word 銀行 (ginkou) meaning 'bank' uses the silver kanji as its first character, so it suggests that silver has something to do with money. :) In Gintama context, however, it seems like a lack of money would be more appropriated since I don't think people are really rich there (at least, not the main cast). ^^;;
24th-Jun-2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
The userpic maker was biased towards guy characters, obviously XDD

Hmm, good point, maybe it really is more romantic that way XD Although for me it always felt more like a funny nickname, not like endearing one...

Well, do your best :D

I hope so, he is somehow hilarious XD That episode at the hairdresser was so weird XDDD

But wasn't that all already over when they aired the trolling episode? Well, anyhow, let's hope that if there were problems, everything is solved now.

Hmm, well, money as such might not have all that much of a connection with Gintama characters, but when you think about the symbolic meaning of it, something along the lines of value and importance, that might be Gintama-related...
24th-Jun-2011 02:27 pm (UTC)
They made those userpics from a video, which I haven't checked, so it's possible that there simply isn't any girl character dancing in it. ^^;;

It's a funny nickname, yes, but I think I've read too many instances of it being used so endearingly, so, well, I think it's romantic now. :)

He is hilarious precisely because he is oblivious to the fact that he is hilarious ^^;; Yeah, episodes he appears in seem to be weird like that. XDD

I think what happened threw their schedule off. But yeah, hopefully everything is fine now.

Definitely. Value and importance seem to be the implied meaning. I just went with the literal meaning since I thought it was more hilarious that way. ^^;;

Ah, I'll have to go now. Will be leaving early tomorrow morning and will be returning on Tuesday, so have a nice weekend and I'll talk with you when I get back. :)
24th-Jun-2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
Lol, well, that means the authors of the video were biased xD

Yeah, I suppose if the Shogun appeared more often, Katsura-san might think the Shogun is also trying to take his place as the serious character in the series XDD

It is pretty hilarious, life is mocking Gin-san, he has a name like that, but doesn't have money XDD

You too, and have a safe journey :)
28th-Jun-2011 08:07 am (UTC)
That's possible. ;) It's a video from Nico Nico Douga (the Japanese Youtube), though, and since I don't have an account there, it seems that I can't watch it to verify.

Ah haha. Maybe? Though I think, unlike the Shogun, at least Katsura-san can be funny on purpose. XD

Oh wow. I haven't even thought of that. So maybe the characters should blame Gin-san for their sad lack of money since his name is used to name the series. ^^;;

Thank you. :) Well, I'm back now. Tired, but I want so much to watch episode 214 that I'm even online earlier than I planned to be. ^^
28th-Jun-2011 09:05 am (UTC)
That's apity one has to have an account there, there is probalby a lot of interesting stuff we are missing out on :(

He can? I actually can't think of a situation when he was funny on purpose. There was a situation when he told a joke, but that one turned out to be really unfunny XD

Poor Gin-san, as if life was not difficult enough for him yet XD

That episode is definitely worth it ;D
28th-Jun-2011 11:17 am (UTC)
Some of the interesting stuff are re-posted to Youtube, though, but not sure if much Gintama videos have been re-posted. Well, one of these days when I'm not too lazy I might try to get an account there...

Ah, true, I can't remember the time he actually succeeds in being funny on purpose either. It's more like he is aware that he might be too serious and tries to be funny, I suppose. Or maybe that's just my headcanon. I don't like my characters to be too oblivious. ^^;;

True, life is difficult enough for Gin-san without him getting blamed for other things. XD Oh well, can't really imagine what kind of title would be for the series (and what kind of series it would be) if it was named after someone else, though...

Yes, it is totally worth it. ;) I've already known how great the episode is going to be, but I still find a few surprises here and there, so that's even better than expected. :D
28th-Jun-2011 12:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but they are constantly deleting stuff from youtube because of copyrights or whatever :( It's weird that one should have an accont just to watch videos :/

He is not really oblivious, he is just a serious person XD But he has tried to be funny on some occassions, and failed XDDD

He is the main character, so it's only reasonable that the series is named after him. Although I would not object to Katsuratama, either XDD

That fight was definitely epic, and I almost got teary-eyed at that scene in the hospital... It was a nice conclusion to an cool arc.
28th-Jun-2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
I don't understand the need for an account if one just wants to watch videos either, but their site, their rules. Maybe the site owners think people might be deterred by the barrier of entry and won't usually bother to make accounts (and they would be right about me), so the copyright stuff won't be easily re-shared elsewhere. And it will probably be easier to control who gets access to stuff and make the video sharers more comfortable, perhaps.

True, he is not really oblivious. I suppose he just prefers to act like one either because it suits his purposes for some reason I can't think of now, or because it makes him seem harmless to people who don't know him so he could escape situations he doesn't want to find himself in. (Or sometimes it might be because he has some strange thrill getting a rise out of his BFF Gintoki--blame it on me thinking about them together on his birthday...and I kind of want them to get out of my headspace since I don't have any plan to write GinZura. ^^;;)

Oops, I mean if Gin-san was not the main character. XD I thought of Katsuratama, but somehow the name doesn't seem to roll off my tongue so easily. Maybe Zuratama sounds better, but Katsura-san would totally object to that name. XDD

That fight was epic--it helped that the animation for it seemed to me almost in movie quality. And the hospital scene was nice (the whole thing, including nosy people who had to poke their noses into other people's business ^^), but I got teary-eyed at a much more predictable place (yup, cliched, but I fall for it every time I see that scene--probably the best ending I've ever seen for a Gintama arc).

(...And if you're still interested in talking about it, I hope you don't mind that we take discussion of this arc elsewhere, since I wrote this entry when we were two episodes into this arc, and I'm worried about spoilers in plain sight. But if we aren't going to continue talking about it, well, no worries. ^^;;)
29th-Jun-2011 12:18 pm (UTC)
Lol, I usually wouln't bother making an account, too, so maybe they are right. But copyrighted things should not even be uploaded to that site in the first place... I suspect they just want to keep all the interesting stuff to themselves and not let baka gaijins watch their funny videos.

Haha, that might be actually true, he knows how much people get annoyed at his supposed obliviousness so he just continues with the act and quietly laughs to himself about everyone feeling exasperatd at him XDD Haha, maybe you should consider writing GinZura ;DDDDD

Zuratama does sound better... Maybe we could find a way to convince Katsura-san? XD

The ending was really touching, too! It definitely could be one of the best endings, it was such a beautiful scene...

Sure, we can continue in the message you will write to me ;D Although now I don't even have much to say anymore, it was awesome, that's it XD
30th-Jun-2011 07:27 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if this is true (at least for Nico Nico), but I think maybe the copyright holders have uploaded those copyrighted videos themselves, so it probably makes them feel better that the site has some measures in place to not let just anyone view and download things.

Ah, true, he probably acts oblivious to annoy other people, too, but, to me, he seems to have fun exasperating Gin-san the most. XDD And I would, but I guess GinZura is just not something I can write easily in character, so I'm not exactly happy with them for crowding my headspace with weird stuff. ^^;;;

Well, come to think of it, he isn't completely opposed to the name Zura (did call himself Zura in the Zura rap episode, I think). At any rate, finding a way (and trying) to convince Katsura-san to willingly use the name Zura in some form could be an idea for a fic. Feel free to run with it if you like. :)

Yeah, other than agreeing with what you said, I don't really have anything else to say about this episode either. At least not now. It's one of those days I have low energy and am pretty much sluggish. ^^;;
1st-Jul-2011 12:26 pm (UTC)
Well, whatever makes them feel better, I guess XDD

Haha, doing sneaky things like that would be in character for him, I think XDD Lol, I personally would love to have some GinZura in my head, that's a cool thing to think about XDD

That was DJ Ozura, lol, kind of similar to Zura, but still not quite, so I guess that's why he though that was acceptable XD Lol, I actually read a Russian fic about that, not sure if I will be able to write something different because I remember that fic so well...

Well, maybe one day we will rewatch the arc and have more to say about it ;D
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