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This is why I never like watching episodes randomly, even for familiar series. 
29th-Jul-2012 03:35 am
(When was the last time I mentioned anything about tokusatsu? In fact, I'm not even sure when I last updated...)

More than half of this year has already passed, yet there is only one (not at all new) tokusatsu series I've watched. (Yes, that means I know nothing of the current toku.) Well, not even properly watched, but caught on TV whenever I felt like waking up early on the weekend. Which happened around three times this year so far. (One episode was caught for like 30 seconds -- yes, I'm completely serious. Since I had to leave, I couldn't finish it.)

I guess my 2-D love (anime) still outshines my 3-D love (live-action). Which is strange in any case since I don't watch anime (or anything else) all that much nowadays.

[Mostly about how I'll write a summary for the latest episode I've seen of this toku series. Oh yeah, no matter how I hide the names, there will be spoilers in the summary (which is in the lj-cut right below).]
Well, this toku I mentioned earlier? Not easy (for me, not necessarily for anyone else) to understand to begin with, even if watched in order. And the way I did it, watching an episode randomly roughly every 2-3 months apart doesn't help the matter any.

So I think I might attempt to write up some summary for the latest episode I've seen of this not!mysterious toku series? But I'm not sure if I could make some sense out of it. (And this is not even the episode that confuses me the most -- that honor most likely goes to the time traveling/time paradox one which is probably a few episodes before this one.) Note that I am more likely to make stuff up (and/or mixing up events) than trying to give a summary of the actual content, but even then, it's probably unfair not to mention that there would be some spoilers in the strict sense of the word.

So I skip a bunch of stuff I'm not too clear of in the first few minutes or so (looks like part of it is (sad) flashback from some previous episodes). Anyway, there are some abnormal things happening in the sky, and so the commander thinks something might be up with the guy who should be gone but the fans want him back so he is back plotting dark things again. Cut to the hero (and an MIB-like guy whose name I probably never catch) going to meet him. Of course, not doing this stuff in secret, someone is tailing them. They notice and somehow force the tailing party to show themselves. Oh, it's the dark guy's not!girlfriend. Her co-worker tells her to go to the dark guy, so she does. The MIB dude starts getting in her way (literally) ("You can't do that!") so her two companions grab and hold him back, allowing her to go on.

Hero tries to convince the dark guy that there is no need for them to fight (on the opposite side) anymore, nor for the dark guy to suffer alone anymore, etc. etc. but of course, being the dark guy, he does not listen. The not!girlfriend does not fare much better, though she seems to try her best. Meanwhile, the MIB dude has apparently broken free and comes up on the dark guy, telling him that he needs to be taken in. The dark guy opens his way by pointing out a bomb on his person, so of course they have to let him go.

There are more abnormal happenings in the sky (or maybe nothing happens in the first part and I get mixed up). Some powerful laser has targeted their base, and it's due to fire in a very short notice. Hero has to go save the day. But then it is cut to the inside of the dark guy's plane, where the viewers learn that it's the dark guy's plan to borrow the hero's power to open a wormhole.

Hero figures that out pretty quickly, and saves the dark guy from an apparent death (or at least from disappearing forever inside the wormhole). Unfortunately, a monster also comes out of that wormhole. Cue to Hero fighting it. At one point, he seems to be losing due to the monster making mirages of itself. The dark guy looks in the reflection of water and figures out which is the real body and throws a powerful bomb (might be the same one he had with him earlier, though I'm not sure) toward it. The blast from the bomb sends the dark guy flying and falling down, apparently hurt. That makes Hero pretty mad and he finishes off the monster.

They talk again, but apparently the dark guy will do what he thinks he has to and the hero cannot gainsay him.

Ah, I think I've already given away too much I should just name the series and the people involved instead of speaking in bad codes like this. Problem is, I'm not even sure which episode this is, though (as I mentioned before) I do know the general range it falls in, at least. (But I might come back to tag it later anyway.)

I suppose I could sit down and watch this series from the beginning (since I have the dvds, after all), but I don't really feel up to watching many episodes right now (and I don't know when I'll get out of this slump). (Not to mention my dvds have no subtitles, and my level of Japanese is no where near as good to watch without subs.) In any case, ever since I got a Kindle, I prefer to read for my entertainment nowadays.

EDIT: [The name of the series. I decided to reveal it after all.]It's Ultraman Gaia. All I'm sure of is this particular episode is in the 30's.
"Another" Pierre
30th-Jul-2012 06:19 pm (UTC)
Omg you're alive, that's great :D

Anyhow, it's difficult to understand things if you have not been following the series from the beginning, I'm sure if you watched it regularly, it would not have been as confusing.

And I definitely would not have been able to guess what series you're talking about XD

31st-Jul-2012 08:05 am (UTC)
I'm alive, yeah. :) Not that I will suddenly start posting a lot, though. ^^;;

For me, watching regularly is one danger of watching stuff on TV. There are usually some real life things to keep me away at the time the show is scheduled to be on. (In this case, it's my desire to sleep in. ^^;;)

Well, only the people who have watched the series would be able to guess, I suppose. XD
1st-Aug-2012 10:01 am (UTC)
Haha, well, I don't really expect lots of posting from anyone anymore, LJ seems kind of dead these days, even I have lost all motivation to write here...

I can completely understand that, I would choose sleep over TV any day XDD

Lol, I guess so XD
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