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Short Mebius 33 - 36 Summaries (bad rhymes edition) 
10th-Mar-2007 03:54 pm
Whipped these up while waiting for this week's Mebius episode (which I should have and upload by tonight if my wireless connection isn't such a pain). Cut because whatever else they may be, these are spoilers.

"Blue Fire Girl"

Cute Girl possessed by Blue Fire Monster

Blue Fire Monster wounded in shoulder

Cute Girl wounded in shoulder

Professor Monster concluded Blue Fire Monster = Cute Girl

Professor Monster's love for Cute Girl = Doomed

"Homeless Man"

Mirror Alien taunted Mebi

Human Homeless Ultra taunted Human Mebi

Homeless Ultra kicked Mebi

Human Mebi kicked straw poles

Mebi's non-canon lover made fire

Mebi made Fire Kick

"Light and Shadow"

Fake Armored Ultra destroyed Town

Fake Armored Ultra beated Mebi

Fake Armored Ultra beated Hiki

Mebi returned Braces to Hiki

Fake Armored Ultra -> Hair Sweeping Alien

Hiki -> Armored Ultra

Armored Ultra destroyed Hair Sweeping Alien

"Alien Sister"

Human Mebi found Sister

Human Mebi lectured Sister

Human Mebi picnicked with Sister

Sister owned Maroon Guy

Sister owned Human Mebi

Sister owned Mebi

May make something similar for other episodes too. (Let me know? Or not. I'm probably the only one who thought these were worth posting. :)
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