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GARO: The One Who Shines in the Darkness - Episode 1 
9th-Aug-2013 11:33 pm
Well, just got around to starting the new GARO. I guess I'm probably none too original in the few comments I have for it.

First, let me state right off that I am not going in expecting to see anyone familiar from the past two seasons of GARO. So, not having the previous cast back is not a problem at all. This is a new adventure. But that setting (which I assume is where the majority (if not all) of the series will take place), can it be any less GARO-like? (I associate GARO with magic, so futuristic stuff seems kind of clashing. Might be only me, though.)

Seriously, Vol City very much reminds me of whatever town name it is in UltraSeven X* that the protagonist and his friends live in. The technology seems pretty similar. There is also the covering up on the news. Which makes the town (the people who run it, I mean) seem rather sinister. (I'm almost sure the people who rule over the city are Horrors or at least have some connection with them. But don't tell me anything. I would rather see for myself.)

(*And I haven't watched Seven X since it ended six years ago. So if I made the connection right away, that must mean I probably am not the only one who did.)

Not sure what to think of the series at this point. The other Makai knights appear at the end and haven't done anything remarkable (not even the head priest). Don't know what to make of Junya Ikeda's character (but okay, he barely has any line there). In fact, don't know what to make of the main character. He seems like a serious, lone wolf type of guy, but then it appears that he has a pretty kind heart (and is a bit on the silly side) toward non-Makai knight people at least. I usually find this type of contradiction interesting, but here it just leaves me confused.

I don't know. Perhaps one episode is too early to form impressions, good or bad. I think I'll give it a few more episodes, although I'm in no real hurry to continue.

ETA: Although I'm still slow in watching the episodes, I am on board with this series now. :)
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