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Nikki's Corner
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Friends Only/Contact Me Post 
22nd-Jul-2005 11:11 pm
Well, this is not really a Friends Only Post since this journal is mostly public (and I have no cool FO Banner ^^).

To make this post a little friend-related, if you add me first (and not because I ask to friend you), I hope you don't mind introducing yourself a bit in any entry on this journal or send me an email at sennetari@gmail.com if you prefer to keep your correspondence private. (Talking just about fandom stuff is fine.) This is in no way a requirement, however; I simply would like to know a little about the people who read my journal.

Anyway, I normally add back if I check your journal and find at least an interest or two in common and/or I recognize your name from forums/communities/other journals (I do with most people, so unless you just made your journal in a week and/or never post, chances are I would at least know of you).

Thank you and have a nice day/evening/night!
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