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On the subject of conflicts 
9th-Sep-2007 01:37 am
(Sorry it's me again. This will be the last entry from me for now, I promise.)

This entry is partly inspired by a one-liner I wrote in the other entry last week. Was watching episode 10 and a thought stuck me: why the conflicts between Mebius and Tsurugi seem to be non-physical for the most part. Is it because Hikari/Tsurugi is older, so not as rash as a younger Ultra may have acted in the same/similar situation(s)? Or is it maybe because he is originally not a fighter, but a scientist?

And Mebius himself? Looks to me like he might be angry at what he perceives as Tsurugi's callousness toward human beings, but for the most part, he reacts. He doesn't seem to aggressively choose to oppose Tsurugi. I mean, the few fights they do have, Tsurugi forces on him. I'm not quite sure what that says about Mebius...

(Actually, Mebius seems to be teaching Tsurugi a thing or two here, since Tsurugi's revenge sort of blinds him to what is important.)

At any rate, as I sort of mentioned earlier, I'm rather disappointed at the shortness and almost lack of altercations between Mebius and Tsurugi, ironically since I actually dislike seeing fights/violence scenes (don't know how I survive watching toku up until this point, but that's a topic for another time). I don't know how to explain this well, but I feel their confrontations (physical or otherwise) could have been drawn out a bit more.

To me, Tsurugi seems like someone "set" in his own way (either do something "my way" or "no way"), so why does he quickly go along with GUYS' plan in episode 10? Especially when he has just dismissed the entire human race as not being worthy of notice in episode 9. I may have forgotten something, but I don't think any human has done anything to change his mind--or maybe this change is simply a delayed reaction from what Ryuu did to him: Ryuu's shouting Serizawa's name in episodes 8 and 9 (awaking Serizawa's memories in beginning of 10, I mean) and their exchanges in 9. Granted, Tsurugi doesn't actually corporate with GUYS (and sort of look down on their efforts), but he isn't doing anything to hinder them either; in fact he does help, at the cost of his life.

(As a semi-related rant, I would rather be in suspense for 2-3 more episodes before having him return as Hikari. I still don't get why everything has to be tidied up so fast since it isn't like Mebius is a 20-something episode series.)

Anyway, I have no idea where I'm going with all this. Perhaps there isn't really anywhere to go, since Mebius is Ultraman's 40th anniversary series and to have the Ultras out for each other's blood episodes after episodes is simply not the healthy way to celebrate...
Umm... What??
9th-Sep-2007 03:24 pm (UTC) - Hmm. Excellent points, I believe.
>>why does he quickly go along with GUYS' plan in episode 10

Perhaps he sees it as a final chance to do Bogarl in, or nothing. The way I see things, he knows he's not long for the world, finally asks Mebius for some backup and RUNS BOGARL THROUGH ZOMG to make sure the bugger actually goes down this time, no escaping or such, plans by humans or no. I'm not sure how much he knew about GUYS' strategem with the shield and lasers and things (although he basically went 'Those? Pffft. Toys.' when he saw them.)

On a tangent: It's interesting to see him at the start of episode 10, where he's all serious and angsty but breaks off for a while to say that the Earth is quite beautiful. Just that 'utsukushii na' seems so relaxed and open. Hikari, you big scientific softie, you.
9th-Sep-2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
To me, Tsurugi seems like someone "set" in his own way (either do something "my way" or "no way"), so why does he quickly go along with GUYS' plan in episode 10? Especially when he has just dismissed the entire human race as not being worthy of notice in episode 9.

I thought Mirai did a pretty good job of guilt-tripping him with the whole Armor of Earth thing. In the sweetest, most innocent way possible of course, but it was a guilt-trip nonetheless. Probably made Tsurugi realize that if he doesn't change his course of action, or at least bend to their will slightly, then it will never end.
Ryuu re-awakening Serizawa's memories definitely helped too, but I believe Mirai's talk was what made everything click.
13th-Jul-2010 11:33 am (UTC)
Hmm, that's interesting, I actually thought their conflicts were surprisingly physical - first they had a bit of a fight in their human forms, and then in the Ultraman forms, and even brought out the swords... Of course, they didn't start throwing random punches, but still they had a fight or two.

I think Tsurugi was even more rash than Mirai, after all, as you said it yourself, he is the one who starts all the fights. It's probably true that Mirai doesn't want to be aggressive there - I get the feeling that he really hates the idea of fighting an Ultraman. That's why he mentions it several times, something along the lines of 'but how can you do that, you're an Ultraman' :D Mebius is ok with fighting monsters, but fighting with people upsets him.

Not sure whether I wanted more fights between Mebius and Tsurugi - it would feel too long, I think.

Tsurugi seems to be quite stubborn, but I agree with what the previous commenters said about his reasons - he was running out of time, and was influenced by Serizawa's memories and Mirai's speech. I suppose all these factors made him decide to agree with the plan.

I don't quite agree that Tsurugi helped GUYS at the cost of his life - his aim was still to defeat the monster, and that was the reason he sacrificed his life for. GUYS and their plan was just a way to achieve what he wanted.

I think I would have preferred if he did not come back at all - it would add a nice tragic scene to the series. But then again, the target audience would not approve.

Also, I did notice that Ryuu addressed Sakomizu as Sakomizu-san. He doesn't respect him at all :DD But I guess maybe after episode 10 he will respect him more.
13th-Jul-2010 01:48 pm (UTC)
Ah, it has been almost three years. I've changed quite a lot of my opinions since then (actually, almost as soon as I wrote them...).

Not having much thoughts regarding this now, I'm simply going to say I'm mostly in agreement with what you said. :) Except the part about Tsurugi not coming back at all. Good Ultraman doesn't stay dead that I know of, and call me naive, but I prefer it that way. Even though Ultraman Hikari wasn't exactly good while he was still Tsurugi, I fully expect him to come over to the good side eventually and help out Mebius. (But, as you said, even if they don't have any plan for him to come back, the target audience would have forced him to return. :)

Oh, and I still stand by my thought that Mebius-Tsurugi's conflicts seem to be mostly non-physical. But I believe I might have (not entirely intentionally) compared that to similar conflicts in another Ultra show, so maybe in this context, simply looking at Mebius alone, you might be right that their conflicts are physical.
13th-Jul-2010 10:49 pm (UTC)
Lol, once again I regret that I didn't watch the series earlier - we could have discussed all of it then :DD

But Tsurugi said he had given up on his Ultraman nature, so he is not an Ultraman anymore. But I guess I just don't care about this character much, so he didn't have to come back. Then again, he was pretty useful when he came back, so it's all good :D

Well, at that moment I don't think Mirai has ever tried fighting somebody when in human form, so it did seem physical for me, especially if I can't compare it to any other series :D
14th-Jul-2010 02:07 am (UTC)
Well, I mean almost three years since I wrote down my opinions on this entry. I watched the Tsurugi episodes at least a year before that (and not sure I repeated them much), so I wasn't too current at the time of this entry either...

Wasn't fooled for a minute that he was not Ultraman. ^^;; Mirai says that's impossible, too, to simply give up one's Ultraman nature as casually as Tsurugi claims he has done.

Doesn't Bogal in human form count, then? ;) But seriously, it seems to me that Mirai is simply blocking Serizawa (who is totally controlled by Tsurugi at that point), and is not outright attacking.
14th-Jul-2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
Lol, well I just rewatched these episodes and this was the only place where I could comment on them :D

I didn't really know what to think about that - he said he was not Ultraman, and he was blue, and I thought Ultramen are supposed to be red, so maybe he really was not an Ultraman... But I guess only the fighting type Ultramen are red, and he was a scientist, so that explains things.

But he never had a proper fight with her, he just dodged things she threw at him. I guess Mirai couldn't attack - he knew that Serizawa's body is important to Ryuu and he didn't want to damage it.
15th-Jul-2010 07:08 am (UTC)
Ah, there are other folks writing about Mebius, but yeah, it seems only I (well, after some absence) consistently write about the show now. Kind of wish they would talk more about Mebius again, because they have some interesting thoughts, and I like reading other opinions, even if they don't agree with mine. :)

Hm...yeah. Perhaps it's true about the blue Ultra being more of a scientist type. And it is true that Ultramen are more primarily red, and possibly that red denoted fighting type, but I like to think whether an Ultraman is blue or red, he can be either or both fighter and scientist. But Tsurugi/Ultraman Hikari is definitely Ultraman. If he isn't, he wouldn't look anything like he does (in either form). In fact, as far as I remember, there have been two blue Ultramen before Hikari in other Ultra shows (one of them is even the titled character). So maybe this is just the case of me being a little more familiar with Ultra series?

She never got close enough for him to try to fight her. ^^; (Neat of the Mebius writers, since I don't think they have clear answers of how they want to handle it if Mirai is forced to fight her...) But yes, I agree that Mirai couldn't attack Serizawa, even though Tsurugi was in control, because he didn't want to injure Serizawa's body. Still, I would say all of Serizawa is important to Ryuu, not just his body. (I don't think Ryuu believed Serizawa was really dead, even though he really should since he couldn't seem to reach Serizawa's consciousness at the time he first learned about Tsurugi.)
15th-Jul-2010 11:22 pm (UTC)
I guess they talked about it when it just got subtitled, and now it's already old news :(

And Ultraman Tiga actually had two-coloured body which only had to do with physical characteristics, so it's not like one can tell anything from the colour. I guess it's different for you, the only Ultraman series I had ever seen before Mebius was an old Ultraman anime, and there the Ultraman was red :DD

Yeah, that was quite a smart move.

I guess so - Ryuu still calls him Captain, after all, so that means he believes something of his captain is still there. Besides, I still think Mirai would have problems fighting a human, even if he knows that's actually an Ultraman.
16th-Jul-2010 01:12 am (UTC)
(I leave for a 3 day trip in ten minutes so really short comment that might not make sense and not logging in.)

No, when it aired, actually. Strangely, no one (aside the subs group) really talked about it much when it was being subtitled.

Good point about Tiga. I forgot that his colors only denote physical characteristics.

Yes, Mirai seem to have a difficult time with fighting human, that's why I kind of think sometimes that the episode with Konomi's friend has Mirai acting a bit out of character.
16th-Jul-2010 10:56 am (UTC)
Have fun on the trip! :)

That's an even longer time ago... Too bad :(

I guess the colours are random, then :DD

I don't actually remember what he did to her friend, but he didn't beat the guy up, did he? If he didn't it isn't that much out of character.
18th-Jul-2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I did. :)

Well, I was a bit off, since Mebius aired from April 2006 to March 2007. It was when I started writing in this journal and it got added by folks who were interested in reading Mebius posts. Perhaps it was the newness of meeting new folks, or something, that there seemed to have more posts about Mebius during that time (year 2007).

Even if the colors are random, they still kind of make sense (like in Tiga's case: red = power (strong), purple (or maybe a bit purplish blue) = sky (fast), red and purple = multi (normal mode)). However, I would never truly understand that shade of blue for Mebius Phoenix Brave form (the blue was from Hikari, I suppose, but still...). And a bit related, I think the more different forms (or colors) an Ultra has, the more toys they could sell. In fact, I vaguely remember reading that one Ultra show had the toy company sort of pressuring the writers to put in an extra form so they could make a new figure. ^^

He never did beat up the friend, but that was because Ryuu and George were holding him back, and Konomi finally stopped him by stepping in between them (her friend and Mirai). (Again, maybe it's the case of the writers neatly side-step having to deal with Mirai actually hitting a human. But I like to think that I could explain Mirai's behavior. The episode was right before he got called home, and I think he got an inkling that he was to be recalled soon (in the beginning of 27 (the mostly re-cap episode), if I'm not mistaken), so that might make him not so calm and happy there, that he might have to leave Earth soon. But that's just I want to believe, rather than the writers forgetting that Mirai was not normally violent toward a human, since it really had not much of a build-up (in my opinion), other than the guy saying careless things (which I don't really remember) to Konomi.)
19th-Jul-2010 09:46 pm (UTC)
Good :)

Well, whatever the reason, now there are very few Mebius posts anywhere... But I don't really mind - you have written so much about it, I can get an opportunity to discuss nearly every episode :D

There is a logical basis there, sure. And it actually means those colours must be their bodies, not the clothes, because they wouldn't be able to change clothes by the power of will. Lol, that aspect of their physiology still is not clear to me. I think Mirai actually mentioned in a conversation with Tsurugi that the blue colour means he is not a part of the Space Garrison, so he shouldn't fight on Earth, something like that...

Lol, marketing strategy is actually the best explanation, no sense in looking for a more rational reason :DD

Your explanation makes sense - even the most peaceful person would behave differently under pressure.
20th-Jul-2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
Well, it's only normal to talk about current shows, since I guess that's what everyone is watching at the moment. I'm rather sad that I can't seem to recommend Mebius (to folks who haven't already seen it, I mean) as well as I can, despite talking about it a lot. And I tend to nitpick, but I do that because I care and admit that my favorite show also has flaws, not because I want to alienate folks from giving the show a try (but I guess it turns out that way anyway?) In any case, I'm happy that you can find things to discuss from my posts, at least. :)

I agree that those colors must be part of their bodies. And I think I might never be totally clear on the working of their physiology, so I have mostly given up looking for official explanations (and instead try to make my own, which might be worse, actually ^^;). And yeah, like you said somewhere above, blue most likely denoted scientist type, so Mirai noting that Tsurugi must not be a part of the Space Garrison (and therefore should not fight on Earth (or elsewhere)) means Mirai also made the distinction between a red Ultra being fighter and a blue Ultra being not a fighter (at least).

If done in moderation, I kind of like how the writers let the toy company dictate them like that, since it's rather interesting and kind of clever how the writers will come up with some rational explanation (story-wise) for the new form. But sometimes I wish the toy company would just be quiet and let the writers tell the story rather than for them to try to sell million different toys for the show.

Well, I'm glad you think that explanation made sense, since I had been toying with it on and off and not sure if it really had any basis in the show. In the end, I just thought that episode seemed kind of different somehow. And lately (which I might attribute to me thinking too much), I actually kind of doubt that Mirai was generally peaceful. Just because he wasn't shown to do much (if any) violence toward anything that was not threatening someone in some way, that doesn't mean he might not be prone to it. (I can't picture Mirai as a senseless violent sort (and take him very seriously), though, so yeah, I have conflicting thoughts again...)
21st-Jul-2010 12:17 pm (UTC)
Well, you can always write a general Mebius post with pictures that would describe all the good things it has and doesn't mention the bad ones - and then give links to this post every time you need to convince somebody that the series is awesome :D

Lol, that seems to be the easiest way, because I almost feel like each series has a different explanation of physiology :D

I'm really not a big fan of those new forms - like the one Mebius had, Burning Brave, wasn't it? At first I thought it was supposed to be a superspecial form he uses very rarely, but then he started using it practically in every episode. I don't know, it seems like a bit forced that the writers have to come up with new forms, it's like a neverending circle of evolution or something :D

Well, he does fight monsters on daily basis, if he were a completely peaceful person, he would end up having a nervous breakdown because his lifestyle conflicts with his personality. So he isn't really a completely non-violent person...
21st-Jul-2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
I try, but I think my shyness effectively gets in the way of doing effective pimp posts. And it is also difficult for me to talk about Mebius without including spoilers. So I guess the best I can do is simply write more about it until folks get curious or something. Oh well. It is a good idea, though, and thank you for suggesting it. :D

I think Burning Brave was the one he got after his friends knew the truth. And it makes sense to me that he had to use that every time since the form essentially got most of the power from his friends' thoughts/memories of him. (Now, Phoenix Brave was special and didn't get over-used. But then I'm still scared of the blue on the toy version of that form, so yeah, I don't have a good memory associated with it.)

Yeah, Mirai probably isn't a completely non-violent person (and I like your thought, that he might end up having a nervous breakdown if his lifestyle is too much different from who he is). But I might also ask other folks what they think (probably in a poll) and hope someone will oblige...
21st-Jul-2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
That's the thing I wanted to do after I just watched Mebius and was all \o/\o/\o/ about it :D But in the end I never got around doing that. But what sort of spoilers could there be - it's not like Mirai being Mebius is much of a surprise for anyone who watches the series... And the rest of the stuff is not so important in for the series.

Hmm, from that aspect it does make sense - his friends knew the truth and it made him stronger... It hadn't occurred to me that power-ups work that way :D Lol, why are you scare of it, is it so ugly or something?

I hope he doesn't get a nervous breakdown, I would be too sorry for him :D But I'm sure that he has some sort of justification in his mind about having to kill, so he doesn't really get any internal conflicts.
22nd-Jul-2010 03:07 am (UTC)
If you still want to, I think you certainly could have pulled it off (and done a good job) for Mebius. I mean, among other things, I think I also feel too intimidated with the task (for one thing, I don't think I have really posted pictures in any of my Mebius posts).

Well, yeah, when I talk about spoilers, I'm not talking about the Mirai = Mebius part. ^^; But I'm beginning to think that my definition of spoiler is probably more narrow than most. I mean, to me, mentioning stuff that happens on the show is spoiler, no matter how insignificant, how very little detailed it is.

To me, the shade of blue color on that toy looked pretty hideous (wish I still have pictures, but I probably deleted them because I didn't want to be reminded of how hideous ^^;;). (Still, to be fair, it might be just bad lighting at the time the pictures were taken for all I know, but what I saw really did put me off.) I was a little more happy that the color used in the actual show was more tolerable and nowhere near as bad as the toy color.

I don't want Mirai to have any sort of nervous breakdown either. But I believe he did come close in that one episode GUYS are against him (I think?), having bad dream about being eaten (or something), and in another episode with the first Yapool appearance, where he shouted and scared off civilians who came to visit the GUYS appreciation day festival.

While I do believe that Mirai doesn't kill indiscriminately, I'm actually not sure that, for every monster or evil being, he actually sits down and seriously considers whether he should kill it. I feel he almost does things instinctively sometimes, just because he feels it's the right thing to do. I'm not disagreeing completely, but I simply don't really see Mirai really having doubts about killing most monsters. (Okay, the monsters are not worth saving anyway, I suppose, and Mirai might not have any time (since the danger is immediate) to reason with them even if he were inclined to, but most of the time he doesn't even give an appearance of trying/being conflicted. I know Mebius is not a 'save monsters and live happily with them' series, but it almost seems like he doesn't appear to very much think for himself on this matter and more or less follows along with other people--GUYS, as well as other Ultramen.)

Ah, I probably made mountain out of mole hill with that last part. Sorry for being long-winded-ly argumentative about it. :\
22nd-Jul-2010 10:46 am (UTC)
Well, it would not be the same now - it would have been better just after I finished the series when all the impressions were still fresh in my mind :) but I still might write something about it, if I run out of other topics to write about :D

I guess it depends on your point of view - for me the minor things are not so important, only those plot points that reveal some big mysteries are spoilers...

That's too bad - blue is my favourite colour, I wouldn't mind having a blue Ultraman action figure :DD But not if the shade of blue is ugly =/ BTW, do you have any Ultraman figures?

Not sure how close to a nervous breakdown he was there, but he was really upset, that's for sure :(

Maybe not for ever monster, but he has some general moral guidelines that say killing monsters is ok, but killing people is wrong, and he basically acts according to that idea, and deals with exceptions as they come up.

I agree about him acting instinctively - most of the time when he fights monsters the situation is too dangerous for him to stop and think whether he is right in killing them.

Is there a 'save monsters and live happily with them' series at all? It probably wouldn't be too commercially attractive because no possibility to have epic fights? :D

Nothing to be sorry for, it's always interesting to see your point of view, especially because you've been into the series for a much longer time, and have thought about all these things :)
22nd-Jul-2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
Cool! I would love to read it if you ever get around to writing it. :)

For me, even the names of characters (admittedly, I mean more of the important characters than the less important ones) who don't yet appear on the show are spoilers, so I really have it bad. As for the big (mysteries or not) plot points, ideally I would prefer not to be spoiled, but more often than not, I could guess at them (case in point, the reveal in this series came almost as no surprise to me, and I never read any spoiler for it at all), so it was almost the same thing as getting spoiled anyway (only that I wasn't 100% certain if I was right). So I suppose I'm actually more worried about the little details I would never guess, than the big ones (not to mention that in my experience, it's more difficult to avoid big spoilers).

Well, it is possible that you might like that blue, since blue is your favorite color. Still, if I trust what I saw in those pictures of the toy, I kind of doubt that. (It was a sort of light blue shade and looked really jarring for some reason.) And while blue is not my most favorite color, I like it a lot, so it's not because I have some prejudice against the color.

I don't have any Ultraman figures, but then I'm not a toy collector. Guess I'm simply not geeky enough. ^^;;

Yeah, perhaps not so close to a nervous breakdown there, but it was one of the few times he was visibly shaken, whereas he was normally more calm.

Yup, him having some general guidelines and dealing with exceptions on a case by case basis seems like a good explanation. :)

Well, perhaps there is not a real 'save monsters and live happily with them' series, but Ultraman Cosmos comes pretty close. The team in this series would try to subdue a monster rather than outright kill it. Cosmos would help the team, and then the monster would be sent to live on an island set asides for monsters (sort of like a zoo, I guess, but with a lot of open space to roam around). Destroying monster is saved only for the very last resort, when all else fail, and done very much sparingly. I think the team members actually get upset if they have no choice but to kill a monster. And despite its peaceful nature, Cosmos was doing totally fine. In fact, it is probably the longest running Ultra series, with 65 episodes and 3 movies, none of which is a crossover with another series.

Well, I might have been watching the series for four years now, but I still haven't thought of everything there is. So it has been interesting to read your opinions too. :)
23rd-Jul-2010 10:43 am (UTC)
I'll think about it :)

Wow, that's some extreme attitude towards spoilers :DD In this series there were not so many surprises for me, either, but in Nexus it was a bit of a surprise that the main character is not the Ultraman :DD

Well, I'm not a toy collector, either, so I doubt that I would buy it even if it were my favourite shade of blue :D But I'm surprised you don't have any - I had the impression you know so much about it, you would be an extreme Ultraman fan and have every little thing in existence that is related to Ultraman :DD

Wow, that sounds like such a cute series <333 A monster zoo, awwww :D Hadn't it occurred to them that the monsters might start interbreeding, mutating, turn even worse than they were and destroy the Earth? That would be my first thought about the situation :DD

Oh, good, I was getting worried that I never talk about anything that hadn't occurred to you yourself :D
23rd-Jul-2010 12:37 pm (UTC)

Yes, I guess it's a bit too much, but, because of that, I have so much experience avoiding spoilers, so it's not that easy to spoil me. It helps that folks are usually good at warning for spoilers in their entries (what happens in comments is usually a different story, and I know (and am prepared) that there are probably unwarned spoilers abound).

Ah, you flatter me. I just seem that way to you because I think you haven't met other people more knowledgeable than me. ^^; I collect the DVDs, though, but I still don't have all of my favorite series (even for Mebius--I only have the TV series DVDs).

Yes, I agree that Cosmos is a cute series. And, oh, I'm sure everything is under control on that monster zoo island. But come to think of it, something unexpected does happen once or twice (one time a monster escapes), so yeah. ^^;;

No way! You actually inspire new thoughts, both on something I've never thought of, and stuff that I might have looked at before but never quite considered in the way you do. :)
24th-Jul-2010 12:06 pm (UTC)
I don't even particularly want to avoid spoilers - if some characters die, I prefer to know in advance so I would not get too attached to them :D

Lol, well, that could be true, you're the only person I have talked with about Mebius :D Collecting DVDs is pretty cool, too - how many do you have?

I guess there had to be something like that - an island full of monsters is too cool a plot point not to use it somehow :DD

Oh, good :D
24th-Jul-2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
See, character death is something I absolutely don't want to know in advance. It destroys the impact for me when that eventually happens. But then again, I guess this kind of stuff too often anyway. I could look at guest characters (because, apart from one or two, I don't know any toku series that permanently kills off its main character(s)) and usually could tell whether they will continue to live. So I don't get unnecessary attached to those unlikely to survive...

I wish you could have talked to other folks (those who commented on my entries, at least), since all you hear from me are my viewpoints, and those are not always correct. ^^;; But I think folks seem busy nowadays. Even folks who had updated their journals regularly back then don't post as much now. Oh well, I only mention them so it doesn't seem like I'm the only person who could talk about Mebius. At any rate, I am always happy to discuss Mebius or any other series I'm familiar with.

I've never really counted them, but I have Ultraman Tiga (the U.S. subbed version), Dyna, Gaia, Nexus, and Mebius TV series (the original Japanese DVDs for the last four). And also I have one Mebius volume, Ultraman Zearth movie, Ultraman Cosmos TV series, Ultraman Cosmos movies (all three and one alternate version), and Kamen Rider J movie (probably the only kamen rider who could become as large as Ultraman), all in my language.

True. :D Wish the island could get used more as a plot point, though.
24th-Jul-2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
Well, if you can guess it, it's ok for you, but for example in some of the anime series I have watched character deaths were completely unexpected, and made me totally sad :( But I guess if I had known in advance those people would die, it really would not have such an effect as the series intended to have.

There is no such thing as a correct viewpoint, they are all valid :) Well, I think you are not the only person who posts things about Mebius, I've read some other posts, too - but those were old, so I didn't comment - it looked like those journals are not used anymore, so what's the point...

Wow O__O That's a serious collection... Is Mebius your favourite series out of all those, then?
25th-Jul-2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Ah, I can't speak for anime, because I don't tend to watch ones with surprised character deaths. (In other words, I watch cute anime series where everyone lives happily ever after most of the time. ^^;;)

Yeah, it would seem like bothering them. I would not comment on old posts either, if they have no recent posts on Mebius, because they might have moved on already. But for me, I do welcome comments on any post, old or new, even on things I no longer post about (but then commenters might have to deal with me not remembering what it was I talked about there ^^;).

Actually, I never really try to assign my favorite rankings. Except for Kamen Rider J (which is not an Ultra series, despite the hero becoming giant-size), I guess I like all of those series for the different things they bring to Ultra series in general. But yeah, it does appear that I prefer talking about Mebius out of all those, since I initially got friended for Mebius posts, and I never seem to run out of things to talk about. I admit that it helps that folks seem to respond more to Mebius posts than to my other posts, so I have a habit of bringing Mebius into other posts, too, which sometimes works out fine (like my latest entry ^^;;), but sometimes it does seem too forced the way I do that.
25th-Jul-2010 10:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I remember you said you don't really watch scary anime series, and don't watch much anime at all. That's ok, you watch lots of tokusatsu to compensate :DD

That's why I only talked about Mebius with you :) But I don't mind, it's fun to talk to you :)

Lol, I guess it is difficult to rank them if they are all good... Have you ever written something like a comparison of all the various series?

Oh, there is something about Mebius in your Kamen Rider posts? I should read them then - I didn't because I don't know much about Kamen Rider series :)
26th-Jul-2010 06:48 am (UTC)
There are so many anime series coming out each year (at least 30-40 each season, and there are four anime seasons per year, I think), so I can't really just pick one anime and start watching. I usually need recommendations, and/or if it's something I'm already familiar with in some way (like I've read the manga before, or saw drama, or know the voice actor(s), or something). However, recommendation or not, I'm not really into epic stuff (both anime and manga) with manga spanning 50 plus volumes, since I don't have very much patience these days to wade through fillers. Yeah, I guess I'm happy that tokusatsu series are not long. The most they seem to have these days is around 50-51 episodes for one series, and that is not very difficult to sit through.

Ah, yes. It's fun talking with you, but then I think I can be quite long-winded sometimes. I try to be more succinct, though. :)

I did something like that, but not for all series, and I'm not sure if it's a very fair assessment since I only devoted very little to each series. But here it is, if you are interested.

Not really, but sometimes I would reference guest stars, if I recognize them (which might not mean anything to people who haven't seen Mebius, or any other Ultra series those actors came from). In this particular case, though, it's a bit more than that. The relevant part is basically about the main character of that series being betrayed, and I said I wish even if he's betrayed hundreds of times, he would never lose his innocence, his charming naivete, and would still be willing to trust people, to give them a chance, no matter how unlikely they might deserve that chance. And that's pretty similar to what Sakomizu told Mirai (I forgot the 'don't lose your kindness' part) back in the episode with Mirai's sister. (Sakomizu said the line was passed down from another Ultraman before he left Earth.) And then I was told that the line was also used in episode 44, where Ultraman Ace was encouraging the despaired Mebius to never lose hope (the exact full line was posted in the comments of that entry). (It's especially ironic that I forgot the line was used there, since I remember most everything else about the episode just fine.)
27th-Jul-2010 12:40 pm (UTC)
I don't really like long series, either, the anime I watch is usually about 50 episodes, too. I lose interest when there are hundreds of episodes. It's good that tokusatsu usually are pretty short :D

Lol, I don't mind long replies :D I just sometimes worry that mine are too short in comparison :DD

Yep, I'm very interested! I'll give it a read later :)

I think I remember that line, it was a very touching moment in Mebius :) So Kamen Rider also has such naive characters? I had the impression it is a darker show where characters are more like in Nexus... Lol, I have a feeling we already talked about that, though :DD
28th-Jul-2010 10:38 am (UTC)
Yes, toku being pretty short is probably one of the reasons I prefer it to other genre (though there are some short anime too). :)

Nah, yours are not too short. I like that you can say what you mean in a few words. :) Kind of wish I could do the same.

It's not long, but hope you enjoy reading it. :)

It's a very touching moment, and I felt a little silly for not remembering until reminded. ^^;; And, true, we did talk about Kamen Rider series being darker, but yes, they do have naive, looking at the positive side characters, too. The guy I'm talking about is probably one of the most sunny persons I've ever seen in toku (does need a bit of cheering up at some point, but I think he does the encouraging role for other people a lot more than he receives it himself), and one of the most transparent (wears his heart on his sleeves--he himself comments on it, meaning he's aware but can't change anyway). In fact, I think most of the main characters in Kamen Rider shows are that way, but for some reason (maybe it's because he has been consistent and does not change personality in the way I don't understand) I like this guy probably the best. (There are a few cocky and/or have attitude kamen riders, and I have my favorite out of those, too, even though they are not usually the type I like.) And speaking of Ultraman, not all the hosts are naive, but I think most of them are the type to be passionate in their job (of being Ultraman, I mean).
28th-Jul-2010 10:45 pm (UTC)
I don't know, I wish I could use more words to say what I want. Back in the school days it was always a problem for me because my essays were too short - I could say everything in a few words and could not reach the minimum word limit :DD

It was interesting, but since I don't know the timeline of the series, it was a bit difficult to understand whether the series actually has some sort of trends, or each particular Ultra series is sort of separate...

That's an interesting observation about Ultramen. Were there really no hosts that were totally against being an Ultraman?
29th-Jul-2010 05:17 am (UTC)
Well, in that case I can see why it would be a problem. ^^; But for online communication, I think being succinct is better. :)

I'm taking my answer over to that entry since I think it's more relevant there. ^^ Hope you don't mind.

Don't think so. I think Daigo's temper tantrum is probably the most evidence of someone not wanting the power. ^^;; Oh, and Himeya, I think. If I remember correctly, he thought he was not worthy of being Ultraman (not sure if that part was revealed before you stopped watching). So in the end I would say the Ultramen sure know how to pick the right type of people to be their hosts. In fact, some of the hosts actually actively seek out the power, like Gaia and Cosmos, for instance.
29th-Jul-2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
Lol, good :)

No problem :D

I don't think I saw the part with Himeya, but if Daigo's little tantrum is the worst case of not wanting power, it looks like they really do know how to choose hosts who can treat that mission with responsibility.
29th-Jul-2010 05:28 am (UTC)
My use of "don't think so" means I don't think there was any host who was totally against being an Ultraman. This is the case of I know what I read but then answer it in an opposite way. ^^;;
29th-Jul-2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
I understood what you were trying to say :)
14th-Jul-2010 07:18 am (UTC)
And if I've sounded a bit upset in the comment above, I'm sorry. I always welcome comments on anything I've ever written, no matter how old the entries, and it's never too late to start discussing Mebius. :)
14th-Jul-2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
No, it's ok - I didn't think you sounded upset :) I'm glad you think so because I'm slow at rewatching it :DD
15th-Jul-2010 06:28 am (UTC)
Take your time. :) I think I am slow too, but I'm comfortable enough that I can watch episodes out of order (like when, for some reason, I get an urge to watch certain episodes, and sometimes I simply don't have the time to watch them in proper sequence).
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