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Nikki's Corner
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Garo Special Part One DVD 
31st-Jan-2007 10:18 pm

After I finished watching this, I decided to take back some of what I said earlier.  Tsubasa was a spoiled brat in this part too.  I was upset earlier that Kouga didn't seem to want to tell Tsubasa anything but then I realized that even if he did it might not help the matter anyway.  I mean, the priestess told Tsubasa about Kouga's mission to rescue Jabi and what did he do but argued that he should go in Kouga's place instead?  Other complaints still stand though, especially Rin's actress' depressing inability to act.  Her crying scene at the end was the last straw for me.  What kind of fake crying is that?  Couldn't she even attempt to make it sound more realistic?

On a more upbeat note, the extra is most cool.  I love the 'making of' segment, but then I'm fond of behind the scenes stuff, where actors look and often act unlike their characters.  The postcards are nice too, although I want three of Kouga and none of the other characters. :)

Prince "Elly"
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