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Mebius Vs. Moebius 
15th-Sep-2007 01:35 am
I tend to use the former spelling because I'm lazy.

Okay, the serious answer is I tend to use the direct spelling from the official source. I don't know if it's correct (probably not), but if Tsuburaya is calling this ultraman "Mebius" on the official site, Mebius it is for me.

(Not sure why I never said anything about this before. Probably because it is no big deal. Spell his name any way (generic) you like; as long as I figure out we're talking about the same person, I'm good.)

Speaking of which, I contradict myself. Mebius' Ryuu's name is spelled officially with only one 'u', and I did spell his name like that before. But I'm too used to writing "Ryuu" now that it's hard for me to go back. (And I have to put something over that single 'u' anyhow, to be absolutely correct. Or maybe (actually unlikely) I put in that extra 'u' to differentiate between this Ryuu and the one from Den-O...)

Anyway, the only consistent thing out of what I've said is that I'm not very consistent. You can find me write "Moebius" at least a few times too (in the icon keyword, mostly). I'm flexible and go for whichever spelling I feel like at the moment.

Okay, useless rambling over. I hope I don't make one of these boring spelling posts again in any foreseeable future.
Earth Day
18th-Sep-2007 12:51 am (UTC) - Long-winded response ;)
Why I personally don't use "Mebius":

The trouble is, really, that Japanese is using a slightly different spelling than English does for a German name. "Mebius" is how the Japanese kana-ify the name Möbius. (As in August Ferdinand Möbius, extremely influential mathemetician.) So technically, it really should probably be "Ultraman Möbius" in English, but English doesn't use umlauts for anything. The sound in German is somewhere between our o and e, and has also been represented in texts with oe, or sometimes this funky-looking thing: Mœbius

Normally I'd be all for using close kana spellings (I still hate the "Heero" spelling from Gundam Wing for example), but in this case I sort of feel like it'd be equivalent to insisting on calling ice cream "aisu kuriimu" or something. Not that other people can't use "Mebius" if they want to, this is just why I don't. :)
18th-Sep-2007 02:53 am (UTC) - Re: Long-winded response ;)
Wow. I'm flattered that my rambling post inspired you to say something. :)

I'm not exactly sure what I was trying to say in the original post except that I'm just very inconsistent with how I spell things. I tend to go with what looks nice to me (may not be reasonable) and/or what I see often. In this case, I had seen only "Mebius" used everywhere last year, so "Mebius" is what I type without thinking. Yes, I do know that "Mebius" is just a kana rendering, and, as you point out, not necessarily correct, but I still personally regards it as an official spelling, therefore I'll continue to (mostly) use this spelling. However, I do understand your point (god, I hope no one, not even the Japanese, types out ice cream as "aisu kuriimu").

Again, I do appreciate the fact that you chose to share your thoughts on the subject. While we don't agree, I did learn a few new things about the English alphabets...
(Deleted comment)
19th-Sep-2007 06:52 am (UTC)
Actually, while I think I may have seen "Ultraman Mebius" used officially somewhere, I'm not entirely sure that "Mebius" is really an official spelling, although I persist in believing so, because I'm not (so far) contradicted otherwise. In any case, I truly never saw his name spelled any other way anywhere (maybe except TokuPlex, who actually used "Ultraman Möbius" in their file name) until I came back to read LJ earlier this year. As for people using different romanizations in general, you probably know better than me whether the Japanese are likely to do so, since, unlike me, you actually do understand the language, if I'm not mistaken. ^^;

At any rate, thank you for stopping by, and for the coverage on my journal. :)
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