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UltraSeven X - Dream (and Igarashi's new drama...)

Yay, just finished watching the first episode of UltraSeven X. It is available at ZettaiToku and a few other places I don't know off hand.

A few random observations (a list because I'm lazy):

- The very first scene, very appropriately, reminds me of the Sea of Lethe* in Ultraman Nexus. (I think I'll probably end up comparing this series to Nexus quite a bit, since I haven't really watched any other dark Ultraman series, or Seven in any other incarnations besides the original.)

- The episode goes by really quickly for me, which is a very good sign.

- It is dark, both literally and figuratively. There is hardly any light in any scene. It is certainly darker than Nexus (which does have day time scenes in its first episode), which I sort of expected from seeing the previews. Somehow, apart from Seven X's appearance, I don't feel like this is a Tsuburaya production at all. (All those actions and/or the futuristic atmosphere in general make this seem more like it was produced by the people who made Sh15uya (another show that I probably should finish up if I remember where I put all my files). At least I think I'd read some information along that line.)

- The anti-gravity device is so very cool. :)

- How come they are discussing a serious business in a bar? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something here.

- So, will "tell me, who am I?" become Jin's regular catchphrase? He's already said it probably half a dozen times in this episode alone.

(*not sure of the spelling)

ETA: Ha! I poked around at UltramanLah! and found that Jin actually asked "who am I?" four times, so I was exaggerating a bit.

And I didn't mention Seven X's fight at all, because in my opinion I feel it too brutal (yeah, I know it's a midnight show and should have expected that, but I'm more comfortable with less violent shows).

All in all, UltraSeven X is off to a very good start. Although, for me, the show is still missing a special something that would make me fall in love with it completely. Feel like a traitor, but I find that I like K better than Jin at the moment. (Probably because K actually has a personality as opposed to Jin who seems to know only how to make grim expressions so far...)

::Off to look for Igarashi's drama, Shigeshoshi::
ETA 2: Yay, the torrent is here, thanks to soulpower for telling me.
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