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New 2008 Ultraman Movie 
16th-Oct-2007 09:07 pm
Wow! I'm psyched! It appears that Tiga will be back for a team-up movie with other seven Ultras in 2008!!! (Anyone who can read Japanese, please feel free to correct me if I've written anything wrong here.)

Apart from Tiga, it is not yet confirmed who the other Ultras would be, but here are a few of my choices, in no particular order:

1. Ultraman
As someone said, I would love to see Daigo meet Hayata onscreen. (Actor Susumu Kurobe is the father of the actress who played Rena, Daigo's love interest (or wife, depending on what timeline we're talking about).)

2. Mebius
For obvious reasons, I want Mebius in this movie, although that might be unlikely... (George's actor will be busy for sure, don't know about the other actors...though, does anyone know Shunji Igarashi's schedule after Shigeshoshi?)

3. Nexus
The article mentions Yusuke Kirishima (Himeya - my other favorite reporter). If he is back for the movie, this will be even more awesome.

4. Seven (Original)
I don't know how likely Seven will appear in this movie either, since they have Seven X as a series already. But I hope he'll be back anyway.

(I'm not naming the guys whose full series I haven't seen, even though I might like them too.)

ETA: I got this list of possible movie actors from reading the thread at UltramanLah! (Don't want to paste the Japanese text because I'm not sure if it is accurate.)

Ultraman Tiga (Hiroshi Nagano)
Ultraman Dyna (Takeshi Tsuruno)
Ultraman Gaia (Takeshi Yoshioka)
UltraSeven (Kouji Moritsugu)
Ulraman Ace (Keiji Takamine)
GUYS Captain Ryuu (Masaki Nishina)

ETA 2 (and probably my final edit): Official site doesn't seem to have anything at the moment other than a pic; I don't do too bad with the guessing, although my hope for Nexus seems to have already fallen off the window. (And I just noticed that it used to be the site for the 2004 Ultraman movie and subsequently the 2006 Mebius movie; way to go Tsuburaya for hanging on to only one domain. If this pattern continues, will we get another movie in 2010?) I'm probably not going to be posting any further development, mostly because I can't keep up but also because this post is starting to fall off f-lists. At any rate, information seems to be posted all over the place by now.
Weird Purple
17th-Oct-2007 05:28 am (UTC)
Uh, quick and dirty (I'll do a better translation later): Daigo/Tiga will be the main focus of the story, though Hayata/Original will appear as a sempai. They are planning on having 8 Ultra brothers, though which is yet to be determined.

Kirishima Yuusuke's mentioned as being the oldest main character Ultraman.

Oh, it'll be out next fall. Probably just in time for me to miss it in the theaters again. :P
17th-Oct-2007 06:07 am (UTC)
8 Ultra brothers? Now I'm not quite sure if that number includes Tiga.

I appreciate the translation. Thank you. :)
(Deleted comment)
17th-Oct-2007 12:49 pm (UTC)
Agreed wholeheartedly. On the upside, if Captain Ryuu will be showing up I'll watch it anyway.
18th-Oct-2007 05:56 am (UTC)
*stares at list* My reality hurts now... Two or three of them, actually. I'll be intrigued on how they get all these alt-verses to work together.

Ordered Tiga on DVD today, since I've never seen it in Japanese. My only memory of it in English was that it was horrific, and hoshikage and I were wondering what it was like in Japanese, since it seemed like there might have once been a decent story there -- before it got folded, spindled and Americanized.
18th-Oct-2007 06:05 pm (UTC)
You know, I keep hearing about this horrific English dubbed version of Tiga and can't help being curious about it. Still, I should probably count myself lucky that I've never watched anything other than the subbed version and the original Japanese version. Ha ha.

Seriously, to me Tiga has more than decent storytelling. If not for this series, I probably would not have given other Ultraman series a (re)try and then I wouldn't be on LJ talking about Mebius.

And the list that I posted? I finally managed to track down the original (or so I believe) blog post it came from. Maybe the post might shed some light on the movie or make the matter more confusing? Although from what little I can understand, this doesn't seem to be any kind of official information.
19th-Oct-2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
Well, I have the horrible English dub on order (it includes the Japanese track), so I can post some of the fine lines from that show once I get it.

Hrm... Blog post seems to be largely speculation. Though it does confirm that I need to dig around and see if I can't get any event reports from when Nishina was down at UltramanLand. I think he was down there for a week. O.O But the speculation that Ryuu will be in the new movie comes from a comment that Nishina made during one of his appearances there.
20th-Oct-2007 12:04 pm (UTC)
I'm looking toward to seeing those fine(?) lines from the horrible dub. ^_^

That's interesting. I wonder what Nishina said to make people think he might be in the movie. In any case, I hope you can find those event reports.
20th-Oct-2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
I just reread your comment and was stuck by what you said about Tiga English dub. I wasn't aware that there was any on sale. (Thought there are only subbed version available.)

Sorry, I'll be quiet now and bother you no more. ^^;
21st-Oct-2007 05:29 am (UTC)
Turns out you're right -- the DVDs I have are Japanese with English subs. No horrible English dub here! ^___^
22nd-Oct-2007 12:58 am (UTC) - Eegh, you're lucky!
Iruma turned from a smart, savvy captain into a ditz, and humour forced into every crevice they could handle: those are the only two things I needed to hear about it to resolve to never watch such a travesty. Tiga rocks under other dubs, including Malay!
22nd-Oct-2007 02:21 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Iruma as a ditz? Inappropriate humors? I totally agree with you about not having anything to do with such a travesty. Seriously though, thanks. I'm curious no more and will hopefully continue to live in happy ignorance of Tiga English dub. ^^;

I'd seen a few episodes of Ultraman Jack with some kind of English dubs, probably Malay, and thought the delivery of the lines seemed wooden. But other than that, they were okay, I guess, because they didn't seem to change anything in the plot lines or in the characters themselves...
22nd-Oct-2007 05:31 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
That you should, that you should!

The sad thing about Malay(sian) dubbing is that they don't seem to have hired any new talents in 10, 15 years. It always seems to be the same assortment of 5-7 voices; Asuka sounds like Daigo sounds like Gamu sounds like Mushashi - sorry, MUSASHI...

- Mweeble
22nd-Oct-2007 08:47 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
I was wondering why you signed your comment (cool name, btw) when I only saw the email from LJ. In any case, thanks for replying (^_^), and hope you return to see my reply, since LJ won't send you an email.

All the Heisei Ultra hosts sounding like one another? That is sad indeed, especially since from the Heisei Ultra series I've watched (I've seen them all with Japanese soundtracks), the actors don't sound anything alike in Japanese. I guess I wouldn't enjoy watching Malay(sian) dubs much if I hear one voice and am reminded of a different character. -_- Anyway, it seems strange that, as you mentioned, they seem to have only 5-7 different voices and don't appear to want to hire anyone new...
22nd-Oct-2007 01:09 pm (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
I got the e-mail alert just before I left for class, I think. So I WAS able to come back XD

I'm not sure whether it's the fact they don't want to hire, they can't be arsed to hire, or nobody wants to do it. Shame. :P
23rd-Oct-2007 12:58 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Ah, I see. As for what I said earlier, I only meant LJ won't (well, more like they can't) send email alerts to anonymous commenters, but it's all good since you did come back. :)

Oh, didn't mean to imply that you said they don't want to hire. Anyway, I hadn't thought about the possibility that no one might want to do it. A shame indeed...
23rd-Oct-2007 01:02 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Aye. At least they seem to have got Uji Rashid to stay on with the dubbers - she was famous back in the day, and I have an article about her/her son's Ultrafannishness (from when Tiga first came out here in 2000).

C'mon, people! Your motherland needs design students fluent in English and spiffy voice talents! XD
23rd-Oct-2007 01:14 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Ah...I would love to see that article, if you can share it. If not, no worries. ^^;
23rd-Oct-2007 01:28 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
I'll dig out my Ultra box...Oh, there we are. Now we even have the names for all the toku-based voice actors. :)

...[Uji says]"I enjoy doing this very much! This is evry different so when Nurol [guy who plays Shinjoh] offered me this job, I thought why not? My son loves Ulraman. When we were snall, we used to watch the series together, says Uji...

...Uji has been offered dubbing jobs before but she is only accepting it now. What made her change her mind?

"Ultraman!" she exclaims, stating the obvious.

"My son convinced me and I took it as a new challenge. Things turned out great too because the people I work with are fun. They help me a lot and they are experts at doing this."...

Other voice talents featured in Ultraman Tiga [which don't seem to have changed for Dyna/Gaia/Cosmos] are Jamalludin Zakariah (narrator, Munakata), Bahagia Daharun/Bagio (Daigo, Ultraman), Rahim Kidul (Horri[sic]), Khairol Akmar (Yazumi), Shazali Samsudin (Nahara), Marlini Nadzir (Rena), Azizah Jais (Dr Kashimura) and Ruhaiyah (Yuzare).

23rd-Oct-2007 01:41 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Thank you! It is so cool that Uji watched Ultraman with her son and that he convinced her to become the voice actor for Tiga.

Wonder who Nahara is. I can't seem to remember him/her. ^^;
23rd-Oct-2007 01:42 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
I haven't the foggiest, myself. It's not obnoxious fan-wielding GUTS officer, is it?
23rd-Oct-2007 01:59 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Now that I can think a bit more, Nahara is probably one of those scientists in episode 1. The English Wiki seems pretty sparse for this kind of information. ::sighs::

That fan-wielding officer's name is Yoshioka, I believe. As for him being obnoxious, I don't know. In any case, I certainly like him better than Toriyama from Mebius. I also find his rivalry with Sawai amusing. :)
23rd-Oct-2007 02:02 am (UTC) - Re: Eegh, you're lucky!
Highly likely--and even more reason why I can't remember the guy x_x

Eeee, Sawai! *luff* The officer I'm least fond of is probably TAC's Takakura--Toriyama's just plain irritating. Blow up MY Ultra Brothers, will you?
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