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List of shows I haven't watched: 
31st-Oct-2007 06:15 pm

- Ren ai Shindan (J-Drama), specifically the arc with Kohei Kumai (currently the youngest D-BOY?) and Ryunosuke Kawai (he was in Mebius 28, and before that, Tenimyu; repeating this just in case anyone doesn't already know). I really want to watch it. Only that I prefer to watch shows on TV, and haven't figured out how to turn this into a format I can play with my DVD player yet. But soon I'll surely break down and just watch it on my computer.

- Zan Saber (an independent toku show). Actually, I did get a start on this, but I apparently did something wrong with converting the file for it just got all messed up and I couldn't watch past the point where Kawai's character was getting all berserk on the first baddie. (And I already deleted the original file.) Probably will have to buy the DVDs whenever I get around to ordering stuff from Japan again.

- Happy Boys (J-Drama). Apparently, out of sight, out of mind. Ever since finishing HanaKimi, I haven't really seen Keisuke Kato around, so I sort of forgot. I'll probably get around to this whenever I'm caught up on other things.

- Neo Horror Series Vol. 3, specifically the story with Igarashi. Haven't made up my mind about getting or watching this. It sounds too heavy for my taste. (Not to mention I'm afraid the image I have of innocent Mirai will be shattered forever.) But I am seeing some very interesting icons, which feature, I assume, Igarashi's character from this movie, so maybe my curiosity might win out.

(I totally update this today because I love the Halloween theme. They will probably take it away tomorrow, contrary LJ.)
Earth Day
1st-Nov-2007 03:12 am (UTC)
I really loved Igarashi's story in Neo Horror Series Vol. 3, and I can't even say why. I guess it was really cute in a twisted way. I'd go ahead and watch it -- he's really only in the first 15 mins I think.
1st-Nov-2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
Only the first 15 minutes? Ah, that's a little disappointing. As for the horror series itself, my uncertainty is mostly from not knowing what to expect, so, I appreciate hearing your impressions of it. :)
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