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[Ultraman Mebius Fanfic] Idyllic Outing - Part 4 
8th-Nov-2007 05:27 pm
All parts of this fic so far are tagged here. Disclaimer and Notes are in Part 1.

Just so you know, this is Mirai/Ryuu or Ryuu/Mirai. I haven't rated this fic, but it is pretty safe otherwise. My thanks and enjoy if you read it.

Idyllic Outing - Part 4

Konomi looked in the direction Isana had taken. "I think he is right. We can trust him."

"We have to, I suppose. He doesn't exactly give us any choice in the matter."

"All the same, Isana-san is on our side. That has to be good enough." Konomi smiled at Teppei. "Don't be so downhearted, Teppei-san."

Teppei turned his face half-way from her and mumbled, "I'm not downhearted."

Konomi laughed. "Sure you aren't." Then she sobered. "Maybe I spoke too soon. There is still this matter of us spying on Ryuu-san and Mirai-kun."

"Why didn't you tell George-san and Marina-san about Mirai-kun?" Teppei asked.

She sighed. "I felt bad. I shouldn't promise to spy on Ryuu-san's date in the first place. I left as soon as I found out who she really was."

"So why are you here spying on them?"

"I could ask you the same question, Teppei-san."

It was Teppei's turn to sigh. "I know. George-san will not let us hear the end of the matter otherwise. Since you already know, Konomi-san, I might as well tell him and Marina-san, and we can all go back now."

"Will George-san really let us go back?"

"I think George-san was worried that some female was taking advantage of Ryuu-san and/or that Ryuu-san was abandoning Mirai-kun. Telling him that Ryuu-san is in actuality dating Mirai-kun should take care of the matter, I hope."

Konomi smiled and clasped her hands. "Go for it, Teppei-san."

"Why are you two dallying back there?" George demanded.

Konomi ran toward him and pouted. "We don't dally. Teppei-san has something to tell you."

George glanced at Teppei, who had just caught up with the rest of the team. "What is it?"

Teppei took a deep breath. "George-san. Imako-san is Mirai-kun."


"What are you saying, Teppei-kun? Mirai-kun is a guy and Imako-san is clearly--"

"Mirai-kun is also an ultra, a being of light who can take any shape at will."

George shook his head. "I don't kn... It doesn't matter. Here they are." He ducked behind an electrical pole. "What are you doing? Get back here," he hissed at his teammates.

"Wow, she does look good. For once, Isana-san didn't exaggerate. Did you choose that dress for her, Konomi-chan?"

"Um... no. I think Misaki-san did. Like I said before, I accompanied Suzaki-kun to his drama set."

"Teppei? I'll accept that Mirai can probably shiftshape, but how do you know that woman is really him?

"Please look at her. Do you know any grown-up who has that kind of childlike wonder? And with ice-cream, of all thing."

George sighed. "You do have a point there, Amigo."

Marina nodded. "It's not a concrete proof, but it does support your theory."

"Come on, everyone." Konomi looked at all of them. "Let us go back to Phoenix Nest."

"Why?" George asked. "It's rather fun watching that hothead bumbling through a date with someone even more clueless."

Marina whacked George. "Leave the two of them alone!"


She pulled him by his ear. "Come on! I said leave them alone."


"Ah-choo! Ah-choo!"

Ryuu touched Ima's shoulder. He gave her a sympathetic smile.

"Again? Who was gossiping about you this time?"

Ima lifted the handkerchief from her mouth and put it away. "Everyone from GUYS. They were right behind us." One hand still holding the ice-cream cone, she put her other hand to stop Ryuu. "Don't turn, Ryuu-san. You probably don't want them to know that we are aware that they have been following us."

"That George! If he dares approach us I'll knock him down."

"No need for violence, Ryuu-san. They have already left."


Ima nodded. But her face was pale.

Ryuu peered at her. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure if everyone knows it is me."

"I told you not to worry about it. If they do know, you know you can trust them."

"We should have told them about me!"

Ryuu pulled Ima to him and hugged her from behind. "You are naive, my adorable puppy, if you think they would leave us alone if they know."

"They do leave us alone now, Ryuu-san."

He turned her around to face him. "You're serious, aren't you?" He put his hand up. "Okay, okay. I'm not going to complain about George anymore so stop making that whipped puppy face. And finish your ice-cream before it melts and leaves a mess."

"You are not very romantic, are you, Ryuu-san?"

Ryuu turned his face away. "Sorry. I warned you before that I don't do much of the touchy-feely stuff."

Ima smiled, stood on tip-toed and kissed Ryuu in the mouth. Who then pulled her flushed to him and kissed her back for all he was worth.

"We really should have left..." Teppei wailed softly.

Konomi and Marina seemed transfixed. George smiled somewhat resignedly.

"Yes, we are leaving. But I'm not sorry I've seen that."


After what seemed like an eternity, Ima and Ryuu broke off from their kiss and embrace. Ryuu looked down at his shirt. "Ah...it's a mess."

Startled, Ima looked at the cone of melted ice-cream in her hand, and threw it in the trash. "I'm sorry." She pulled out her handkerchief to wipe the ice-cream from Ryuu's shirt, but he caught her hand and shook his head. "No, don't you put your germs on my clothes."

Ima pouted and crossed her arms. "It's a different one. Besides, I don't have germs like humans do."

Ryuu put his hand on Ima's head and played with her hair. "I was just messing with you, my adorable puppy. And even if you really do have germs, I don't mind getting them from you."

Ima opened her mouth, but closed it after a few moments. She busied herself wiping the mess off Ryuu's shirt instead.

Ryuu simply smiled and messed up more of Ima's hair.


Teppei, Konomi, Marina, and George were on the base ground when George's memory display flashed.

"Return to base, everyone," the captain said, then the screen went blank.

Marina turned to George. "What do you suppose happens?"

He shot her an irritated look. "God, how would I know? Let us hurry to direction room already!"

"I just asked a perfectly normal question. No need to get so pissy." She shoved him to the side and ran ahead.

Konomi and Teppei exchanged glances. She started to follow Marina, but Teppei caught her hand. "Don't, Konomi-san. You don't want to get caught in a lovers' tiff."

"I'm just going to keep her company, Teppei-san."

"Ah, sure, go ahead. In that case, I'll see to George-san."

They reached the control room a few minutes later.

"Captain! What's happening?" Marina asked, as everyone went to their respective workstation.

"Just in time. A volcano monster will be appearing in the R Forest in a few hours. I'm turning the job of dealing with it over to GUYS Japan."

George glared at Isana. "Why the heck hadn't you said anything about this when we met outside?" he demanded.

Isana shrugged. "I'm not your captain. Who I know would call you back soon enough. Anyway, I'm leaving this job for you guys. Later." He waved and left the room.

"That frivolous guy! How could he simply dump his responsibility on us?"

"As the monster will be appearing on land, it is not Isana-kun's nor GUYS Ocean's responsibility anymore," Sakomizu reminded him.

"Still, obviously he had messed up. And now he wants us to clean up his mess for him."

Marina slapped a hand down her workstation. "Stop complaining! We have enough to deal with without listening to your negativity."

George glared at her, but didn't say another word.


"The Godzilla movie is on in five minutes. Guess we're going to watch it first." Ryuu pulled out his wallet and handed Ima several banknotes. "Here, get us something to eat."

Ima nodded and walked over to the food stands. "Can I have two buckets of those...ah...popcorns?"

The sales lady looked Ima up and down. "Er...one is probably enough for you." She showed a large empty bucket to Ima.

"But I am with--"

"Trust me, sister, a wisp of a thing like you would never be able to finish one, let alone two buckets."

"What's the matter?" Ryuu asked. In his hand were two movie tickets.

On a verge of crying, Ima turned to him. "Ryuu-san. This lady will not sell me two buckets of popcorns..."

Ryuu glared at the sales lady. "I'll have two buckets of those," he growled, pointing at the popcorns.

Trembling, the sales lady got his order ready in record time.

"Geez, what the hell is wrong with her?" Ryuu complained as they walked toward the theater.

Ima paused her nibbling on the popcorns, a serious look on her face.

"I'm not sure, but she said something about me being 'a wisp of a thing'," she answered at last.

Ryuu looked Ima over. "That's true. But you can never get fat, can you? I would envy you for that if I don't love you so much."


Author's End Note: I originally planned to include the conversation between Sakomizu and Isana in this part but decided to cut it. For reference, I posted their conversation here on this journal back in August.
Chocolat & Pierre
6th-Jan-2011 08:24 am (UTC)
First of all, I know I'm a little bit late to comment. I'm a new fan of Igarashi Shunji and I just finished watching Ultraman Mebius (Like, really just now) so yeah XD While lurking in livejournal (and also in Google), I came across your livejournal.. and then I read this 8D (There are not so much Mebius fanfic across the 'net *sniffsniff*)

Second, ahh... Is there a continuation for this? I mean, part 5, 6, so on? Or is this the end? ;____;

Though Ima's body might be someone else's, not Mirai, I can't help but think she looks like any from this. O.O
6th-Jan-2011 08:38 am (UTC)
I forgot to add I'm crazy over girl!Shunji so yeah :x XD
6th-Jan-2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
Wow, thank you for telling me that you read my WIP fic. :) And I'm glad you seem to like Mebius as a series. Actually, if you haven't already known, a few other people had also written Mebius fics, but I don't have links handy at the moment. One of these days I might compile a list of links to Mebius fics and post it. ^^;;

Ah, I haven't abandoned this fic, but I'm not ready to post the rest of it yet. Your kind comment encourages me to try to go back to work on it, though. Still, that would take a while, so I hope you don't mind waiting. ^^;;

Ima doesn't look like Mirai, though (well, maybe a tiny bit of Mirai, but not enough to say she's simply Mirai with feminine features), because I want the other characters to not recognize who she is by sight alone. ^^;;

I'm so very behind on this and don't even know if Paradise Kiss has already aired (or is it a movie?). That said, thanks for linking to your(?) blog post pics. He does make a pretty woman. :)

Oh, and I notice that you added my journal. Would you like me to add you back?
7th-Jan-2011 04:10 am (UTC)
Welcome :) Oh and thank you, too! :D That's a big help. I've been searching for them for like, forever now XD I found few, though :D But thank you again! :'D

Yey! *Excited* It's okay, I'll wait :D

Aww.. Okay XD It's just... I just really can't help it XD Sorry..

It's a movie :) Its release date is on May 2011 (I know, so far away ;____;). And yeah, that's my blog post XD I'm obsessed with girl!Shunji. Lol. Oh, welcome and yeah, so pretty I may look like a man if I'm beside him XD Lol.

Sure :D
7th-Jan-2011 05:07 pm (UTC)
Nah, it's all right. I haven't really described her appearance, after all, so feel free to use your imagination. :) And I'm glad, because when I first wrote this fic, which was a few months before HanaKimi drama came along, I was worried that no one will like the gender-bending element, even though Ima isn't female Mirai in looks.

Ah, thanks. It will take even longer to be released on DVD, I suppose. Oh well, at least I can use the time to get more familiar with ParaKiss (especially since I don't really know who Isabella is at all ^^;;).

Just added you. :)
8th-Jan-2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you :) ~ Gender-bending is fun. And I really, really like this fic :D

Yeah ;_; Anyway, it's a pretty good manga good :D (Haven't watched the anime XD) Though Isabella's more of a background character and his her storyline's not much explored.

Thank you (again XD :D) so much! :"D
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