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Ultraman Mebius Episode 12 unfinished summary 
9th-Nov-2007 12:47 am

Well, this summary is simply not going anywhere, but rather than to just scrap it completely, I'm posting what I have.

Episode 12 opens with Toriyama approaching the Chief Inspector's room, hoping to meet him. Maru, also hoping to meet the Chief Inspector, expresses his wish to accompany Toriyama, but Toriyama brushes him off. When Toriyama enters the room, however, he is taken back when he sees only Misaki there. She says the Inspector gets called away and that he has a mission for Toriyama.

Cut to Control Room, where Toriyama tells the others that he is trusted with a mission of discharging something, and the viewers see that there are four capsules with some kind of green liquid. Teppei comes forward to look at the capsules and grabs one of them (woah, handling suspicious looking stuff without glove or some kind of protection, what do GUYS teaching (or not teaching) these kids?), saying that he wants to examine/experiment with it, but Toriyama tells him to put it back. At one point, Maru says something to the effect that Toriyama is just an errand boy (I definitely agree). Toriyama takes an exception to that and is about to hurt/hit Maru when others in the control room rush toward to try to hold both of them apart. Teppei whines a few more times that Toriyama could have given him one of the capsules since there are four of them.

As Toriyama about to leave, Konomi asks the room who is a Virgo. Toriyama answers somewhat sheepishly that he is. Konomi warns him to be careful, as the horoscope suggests that a Virgo would be unlucky that day. Toriyama sort of pout and turns away dismissively.

Toriyama, looking rather sick, is riding in the car when the driver asks him if he takes his medication. Toriyama asks what medication. The driver answers the medication for motion sickness.

Cut to Toriyama outside of car taking medicines. He sighs, obviously feeling better. Somehow he is standing on the bridge (the nice outdoor weather helps clear his head, probably) and also has the suitcase with him (um, it is so important that he couldn't leave it in the car?). He takes out one of the capsules to look at. Then, law of convenient plot demands he drop the thing into the river.

Cut to OP, which doesn't forget to include the Hikari sequences from the previous episode. (One day I will sit down and count how many different openings (even if the difference is in only one scene) there are for Mebius.)

Toriyama is back to control room and everyone is clapping and congratulating him for successfully completing his mission. Someone (Teppei?) is saying that it is good that Toriyama put away the capsules because they are dangerous. Toriyama is looking rather green around the gill at that and asks in a small voice how dangerous. Teppei and everyone else seems oblivious to Toriyama's unease and pulls up a document about this liquid (grotescell) and what it did to some statue, turning it into a monster. I'm a little spaced out with all the talks of how powerful or GUYS' original plan for the grotescell and going to cheat by saying that in conclusion, one of these grotescell capsules can make three such monsters. Toriyama, looking like he wants to be anywhere but in the control room, points to Teppei, Konomi, and Mirai and tells them to come with him. He begs asks Sakomizu to spare them. Sakomizu nods, or otherwise gives assent. (Sorry, this is not a Sakomizu-centric episode. I believe he has a few lines at most.)

By way of law of convenient plot, some old fisherman hooks on the capsule and takes the thing (as well as his other weird catches) home with him. (Seriously, I think the possibility of him ending up with the grotescell capsule is close to zero.)

Apparently, Toriyama tells the story of his loss of the Capsule (sorry, I can't resist capitalizing it) to the three GUYS members, although the viewers don't actually see that. Mirai wants to report the matter to Sakomizu (or Ryuu). Teppei agrees with him. Toriyama, pathetically clinging to his arm, begs Mirai not to do so. He says he chooses them because...well I don't remember if he actually states his reasons. Konomi, however, makes the connection and is less than pleased that Toriyama thinks them gullible or something, for him to try to manipulate them that way. (Personally, I don't blame Toriyama for choosing these three. Either Ryuu or Marina would have gobbled him up if he dares confess to them that he has lost the Capsule.) I can't seem to get the sequence straight, but among the happenings are Toriyama asking for their help recovering the Capsule, and Mirai saying repeatedly (um, I get it the first time, Mirai-kun) that they should let Captain Sakomizu know about Toriyama's misadventure...or the consequence of it at any rate.

Maybe I will try to finish the rest later...
Konomi & Teppei
9th-Nov-2007 03:58 pm (UTC)
well I don't remember if he actually states his reasons.

Not really. He just makes funny noises. Funny, really-difficult-to-translate-the-meaning noises. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

This is still one of my favorite episodes, and is pretty much guaranteed to have me giggling by the end, no matter how bad a mood I'm in when I start watching.
10th-Nov-2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Good to hear that he doesn't actually say anything of substance there. And here I thought my memory might be a little faulty. ^^;;

12 is also one of my favorite episodes. I think I'm probably too busy laughing to actually try to complete a summary for it.
10th-Nov-2007 12:51 am (UTC)
I gotta go to class and stuff--hence anonymous comment--but I think it's safe to say the capsule contains Grotes cells - reference to Grotes Seijin and Kodaigon from RoUM.

And yes, 12 is hilarious. I lost mine, but someone needs to make a 'what the FISH?!' icon. XD

10th-Nov-2007 06:12 am (UTC)
Off-topic, but you have class on a Saturday?

Return of Ultraman, huh? I really need to watch more of that series.

And yes, here is a hoping that someone can make a 'what the FISH?!' icon. That thing probably makes most, if not all of 12. ::laughs::
10th-Nov-2007 02:35 pm (UTC)
Sure do. *sadface*

I think the premise is the same - seijin possesses a statue, only this time it's in this Hasune Shrine so up the great thing gets and rampages. Don't remember seeing the ep, only write-ups of it, so can't say how it gets destroyed if at all.

...heck, a WTF macro would do, too. ((Is jeff_morris reading this? :D ))
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