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UltraSeven X 7, Ultraman Mebius 16 (and tiny mention of Ultra Galaxy 1) 
7th-Dec-2007 12:27 am
Watched Seven X 7 and Mebius 16 back to back so I'll just put them in one post. Besides, I don't seem to have much to say, and what little I can find to write about don't seem too sensible (I'm not even sorry that that I laughed in all inappropriate places for both episodes). Also saw Ultra Galaxy 1 last week, and I seem to be in the minority in not enjoying it much.

UltraSeven X 7 - Your Song

I'm probably the last person (who watches both series) to find out the guest star (whom I said might be familiar) is none other than Saaya Ishikawa, the actress who plays Misaki in Mebius. It is a little sad that she was way underutilized in Mebius, so it sort of took me a little by surprise to see how totally cool she looks fighting off enemies (her own species, but since she betrayed them...)

Just find it somewhat strange (or maybe it is deliberate?) that Saaya Ishikawa always gets to play a character who holds the hero's secret and, apart from a little curiosity, simply shrugs it off. I guess I mean to say she is not impressed (or at least doesn't show it) and just orders the poor guy to do his job or whatever it is he is supposed to do. That reminds me, I like that Jin sort of complains about that (don't remember his exact words, but I believe he says something along the line of "that's easy for you to say.")

I think the alien calling Jin red giant-kun is just so cute (I prefer the sound in Japanese, actually). Whether the name fits Jin or not is another matter entirely.

And ah, I don't think they even name the alien (the name of the species is Viro, I think, which reminds me of the word "truth" for some strange reason; either that or I've mixed up my non-existence Latin(?)), but she doesn't really need a name anyway.

This is probably related to something I'd brought up before in previous posts, that the people in this society don't seem to care much for anything not directly affecting them: I got the feeling that the agents just go through the motion of doing their jobs and not seem to question them. In this episode, however, K seems to act sensibly, and S less (but she isn't impartial because she'd worked with D, so perhaps I'm not being fair to her). I like it anyway that there are more suspicions around, rather than just blind acceptance. And considering the way D disappears, other agents should distrust his motive(s), even in the case when they don't believe he's an alien. I like that K has a one track mind, and is convinced that D must be an alien until D does something drastic. How to explain this? I guess I'm glad that he doesn't change his mind just because D and S tell him to. But I'm afraid this interesting occurrence (K's persistence) might be a one-shot deal.

Why oh why these people have to stand rooted to the spot and wait for that blast from the monster (alien?) that would surely take their lives? Is it because for some (unfathomable to me) reason they just can't run away? Or this happens much faster than shown so there is just no time to escape? My cynical mind says that if these people can save themselves and defeat the monster, what would be left for Seven X to do other than blowing away the aliens' UFO? (Granted, he didn't really do much more than that anyway, but I shudder at this non-fight/no defense.) Anyway, I'm at a loss as to why this thing bugs me lately, since it is by no means the first time I see something similar. Maybe humans-waiting-to-be-saved happens because it is a super hero show: the hero is supposed to do the saving, the show doesn't need to follow good set of real world logic, other hidden reasons I don't know about, etc., etc. and I think I give this subject too much importance when it's probably worth only a one line mention anyway.

And yay for the factory thing. So I'm not that off after all when I said this episode reminded me of episode 7 of Nexus as well as episode 7 of Mebius. I love seeing fights in factories or just the heroes chilling out in factories chasing after someone or something.

I like positive endings. We should all be happy co-existing with aliens one day. Seriously.

While I still haven't managed to catch up on Seven X, I did watch the first episode of Ultra Galaxy. Zap Spacy (the defense team) seems competent enough (though the Teppei wannabe slightly annoys me). And I like Rei. Personally hadn't seen a rebel-type protagonist in a while. I'm too detached to care too much about the monster fight, though. However, next episode might be more interesting, judging from the preview, and also hopefully I'll be more used to the format by then.

Ultraman Mebius 16 - Space Swordsmaster

(for a moment there, I thought Mebius had no episode name, when in fact it's always been right there before the OP. I was that much absent-minded.)

I really like this, humans getting to save themselves for once. They set aside their differences and work together to achieve a common goal: destroy the comet that threatens their safety. (Not saying that the Mebius people usually squabble (in fact this is one of the most peaceful Ultra series, where people usually get along), but them not agreeing on everything every time is all I mean.)

This is just a trivial thing that gets me every time I see this episode: the amount of coffee Sakomizu pours into the last coffee cup at the end of the episode makes it obvious that he hasn't done so for the other cups. Now, I'm sure the prop people pour coffee into those other cups, but at least if the amount in the last cup doesn't look so much less, I can still have my illusion. (Come to think of it, it's probably a little unnatural to have every coffee cup filled to the same amount anyway, unless you are a robot, or you measure the coffee precisely, so perhaps I should leave this one alone.)

Another thing that bugs me: I never understand why Konomi chooses that episode to wear contact lenses. Considering all the stuff that occur, wearing contacts is making her job harder/more uncomfortable. The reason is never given or even hinted at. Then again, I don't wear glasses or contacts, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about.

I usually favor characters with ambiguous morals (sometimes even more than the hero(es), sadly), so it's no surprise that I like Zamusha just fine. Even though I don't personally agree (am biased; I'm an earthling, after all) with his choices, I can respect them. He has a mission to be the greatest swordsman, so he eliminates everyone and everything in his way. That desire leads to him wanting to beat Tsurugi. When Tsurugi is nowhere to be found, he threatens to destroy the only means to save earth, so to speak. To him, earth's fate is not his concern. And why should it be? Not everyone is like the Ultras, who are actually outside of the norms to go around saving planets not of their own*.

(*I know they protect earth because they are kind, and not because they have any hidden agenda, but I can't help but wonder why humans don't usually resent the Ultras' interference in saving earth. Are they simply too grateful to complain? Or maybe that is a discussion more appropriate for another time...)

Sappy lesson of the day (episode): you have strength when you have something to protect. I'm not denying the truth of that statement, but to hear it stated simply like that just make me laugh. (Yup, this is one of those aforementioned inappropriate places I find funny.)

Was wondering why Teppei's parents had their names in the credits. Turned out I forgot that they appeared in the picture with him.

Apparently, Mirai is unable to lie convincingly. It seems if he wants to keep a secret, he's better off not opening his mouth at all than trying to come up with excuses. In general, I just think he is very honest, and deception is not a natural part of his character. This may explain what happens later in the series (that usually doesn't happen in other Ultra series).

Well, this post turns out to be so disjointed. I clearly need some sleep.
Cold Blue Texture
7th-Dec-2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
(the name of the species is Viro, I think, which reminds me of the word "truth" for some strange reason; either that or I've mixed up my non-existence Latin(?))

The Latin word is "vero." :)

I'm not sure why Konomi switches to contacts in this episode, it feels to me like a subplot lost during editing for time. There's no lead up to it - usually something like that would be spawned from a negative comment towards her glasses, or her own dislike for her glasses.
Ah well, I like her better in glasses anyway.
7th-Dec-2007 07:54 pm (UTC)
The Latin word is "vero." :)

Ah, thanks. :)

The more I think about it, the more I like the subplot lost theory. No one around Konomi seems to say anything negative about her glasses, unless just in some teasing way, which I don't see either. So I probably have to go with her own dislike for her glasses, which still comes out of nowhere. Glad to know that I hadn't exactly missed anything. And I agree with you; I think she looks better in glasses. (To be honest, though, I'm probably accustomed to seeing her in glasses. I truly have no idea if she never wears them, I would still prefer her in them.)

Sorry that was long. But thank you for telling me, since I didn't know anything about how people who wear glasses might think.

Edited at 2007-12-07 08:25 pm (UTC)
8th-Dec-2007 12:08 am (UTC)
After Mirai pulled them out of the swimming pool for her, she should love her Ultra Glasses even more! Maybe she and Dan wouldn't've made the same connection without them. DWAAA!
8th-Dec-2007 12:06 am (UTC)
I think Zamusha is a bit obsessive. Amusing, but obsessive. (Definition of such swordsmen, right?) No one knows where Tsurugi came from so it might make sense to go after him. But I have bad news for you space samurai: you got beaten by a scientist. Seems Arb training helped. He sure wanted to protect Arb, but oops! Still got his ass kicked. But I love swords so I really like their inclusion in Hikari/Tsurugi and Mebius' outfits.

And seems that GUYS does complain from time to time about Ultra interference. They want a chance and then back up. Of course, it depends on the humans involved. The Ultras were so happy about it, they made Ultra Seven an honorary member. Mirai's inability to lie reminds me of what my friend said about English gentleman: A gentleman does not spy. It may cost him his life, but a gentleman does not spy. :p
8th-Dec-2007 03:34 am (UTC)
Ha ha, you're probably right about Zamusha being somewhat obsessive. He appears to have only one goal in life, so to speak.

But I have bad news for you space samurai: you got beaten by a scientist.

That reminds me, Hikari himself seems to imply that Zamusha's sword was broken as a result of his previous fight with Mebius, but sometimes, especially in light of your comment, I can't help but think that's simply Hikari being kind to Mebius and what truly happens is just as you say. (Or perhaps you mean Hikari has defeated Zamusha by his words of wisdom? ^^)

I think that saying about an English gentleman is a nice analogy. Still, even though it is pretty clear that Mirai doesn't like lying, and can't do it well anyway, I believe he would gladly lie if he needs to in order to protect someone and/or something.
5th-Oct-2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
It was really awesome how they dealt with those comet bits! They really worked as a team, and I loved that. And what else was awesome:
George, why are you so cool <333

I totally agree with you - Konomi suddenly getting contact lenses makes no sense, there should have been some sort of lead up to that... But I guess, if we don't consider the odd timing, it is understandable why she would want the lenses - they are better for a job like her. For instance, wearing helmets might be uncomfortable when you have glasses because the helmets press on them, or the helmet visors can't be lowered because the glasses are in the way, or something :D

I really liked the moment during Zamusha's and Mebius' fight when Zamusha breaks Mebius' sword off, and it disintegrates into light - a bit of info on Ultramen physiology, I guess - even their weapons are made of light :D

It's only normal for Zamusha not to care about people of Earth, but the fact that he has a goal doesn't make him a more likeable character to me :D

It was such a touching moment with all the pictures! I guess that's the first time I saw Toriyama and Maru as something more than just comic relief characters.
7th-Oct-2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
And it's not even like George suggests himself for that job. It was Marina (I think) who told Ryuu to let George handle that last shot. :) I had to smile that his teammates appeared to understand his strength (at least at that point).

I don't mind it if Konomi wants to wear contacts, provided that the show gives some sort of reason/lead up. Yeah, if the issue comes up when she is wearing her helmet I probably wouldn't have remarked upon it (or I still might--I don't wear glasses so relating it to her possibly being uncomfortable with her helmet probably doesn't occur naturally to me). But thinking on the bright side, maybe her helmet is specially made or something to accommodate her glasses...

Well, speaking of Ultramen's weapons, I always think of the light beams. :) I guess only the newer Ultramen have more fancy weapons. But yes, I also liked that scene where Mebius' sword disintegrating into light, simply because it looked really cool.

At least Zamusha is more likable than those aliens he fought on the comet. :P But I guess his character either works for you, or not. I mean, maybe there is another character who has a goal similar to Zamusha's but I might not like that character for some reason or another. In any case, Zamusha is honest about his intention and I like that (his little bit of underhandedness aside).

Yeah, it was a touching moment, and despite what I said in the original entry, I liked that Hikari was explaining to Zamusha the source of Mebius' strength. (And that's mostly why I believe Zamusha isn't completely bad, despite him saying he doesn't have anything to protect.) As for the pictures themselves, while I think only confirming what the viewer already knows about the others, at least they give a little more information on Toriyama and Maru...
8th-Oct-2010 12:21 pm (UTC)
I think it was Teppei who told him to do that, but your point is still valid - they all know how cool George is :DD

Yeah, the lack of reason really bothered me there - at that point there were no indications whatsoever that she might be uncomfortable with wearing glasses. But it is completely possible that she has a custom-made helmet, after all, she has a special uniform with skirts, so it's possible :D

I always wonder why they don't use light beams right away, but prefer to fight the monsters manually first... Probably because then it would not be as fun to watch :DD I kind of like that Mebius has a sword, it gives him more different possibilities in fights.

Lol, that's true, those aliens were creepy. I don't think it is the fault of his character that I don't like him - I don't like that type in general, the type who wants to be the best or the strongest. It seems like a pointless goal - supposing he becomes the strongest swordsman, so what? Good goals are only those that can change something in the world.

Yeah, it's not like Zamusha is bad, he is just self-centred and doesn't care about anything else but his goal. Therefore what Hikari told him was a nice touch - it really shows how different Mebius is from Zamusha. And it provides the necessary moral lesson :D

I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Ryuu - everyone else has a life outside GUYS, but he doesn't... Then again, if he is happy, he doesn't really need it.
10th-Oct-2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was Teppei as you said (makes sense--he had been giving them instructions). And I don't think anyone likes George much three episodes after this one, but well, maybe they still think he's cool anyway...

Nah, I wasn't serious about Konomi having some type of custom-made helmet. (True, she has a special uniform, but that is something the audience can clearly see. If they have really modified her helmet, the series would have shown us that already and not let us wonder.) It was just one of those things we were asked to accept and not think too much on, I suppose. In fact, if those contact lens scenes ended up on the cutting room floor (where I kind of wish that they had), I wouldn't have any thought whether Konomi was comfortable with any of her glasses at all.

I heard somewhere that Ultramen wrestled with the monsters first to weaken them enough for the light beams to work. Honestly though, I think you are right, that having no fight is not exactly fun to watch. And I love Mebius' sword (it seems like he uses it in almost every one of my favorite episodes). And yes, he is pretty creative with its use. :)

Kids must like that type, though, because I keep seeing characters like Zamusha (well, in wanting to be the best) in tokusatsu. Well, I can kind of see how wanting to be the strongest seem kind of pointless (from the viewer's point of view), since, as you said, now that he reaches his goal, he is going to do what? Seems like his life wouldn't have meaning anymore since there is no more obstacle to overcome. I think the way to make this type work is to write it so that the character would never reach that goal (by death, usually, or by him realising what a pointless goal it is), or he would get brainwashed convinced by the good guys (and/or his conscience) to abandon his selfish goal and to give himself to others instead. But I respect Zamusha's goal either way. It keeps him going forward, and if he didn't have it, he wouldn't ever come to Earth (and couldn't ever be useful to the plot later on).

I agree with all you said. However, what I mean (but perhaps didn't make very clear in that comment) is Hikari would not bother telling Zamusha any of those things if he thought Zamusha was beyond saving. It is true that the Ultramen prefer to see the good in other people, but I have a feeling that Hikari isn't exactly the most optimistic Ultraman around. (Also, it's nice, because having a character I don't normally expect to care enough to do so actually defending/praising other character to yet another character makes the moment all the more special. Mebius must be getting through to Hikari, after all.)

I'm bothered by Ryuu's lack of friends/acquaintance outside of GUYS (and it's painfully obvious that he is alone in that picture). And I can't even explain why I feel this way. I want to say having GUYS solely as his life is not a healthy way to live, but then again, more than a few of other tokusatsu characters are also like this (having no connection outside of their organisations) and it doesn't matter to me (and I might even like some of them better than Ryuu). Yeah, in the end, if Ryuu is happy like this, good for him. (Although I don't know what would make him happy. Other GUYS members seem to have outside passions I can at least kind of see, but Ryuu? Almost like a blank slate to me.)
11th-Oct-2010 11:42 pm (UTC)
Oh well, they may not like him, but I do, that's enough for me :DD

But the series never said why she has a modified uniform, so I suppose if she had a modified helmet, they wouldn't talk about that, either. But I agree, that's just something we have to take for granted. I did wonder about her glasses before, but that's because I wear glasses myself, and I was thinking she should get a different model of glasses for field work, these are too dainty and fall off too easily. But since she is not really the action girl of the series, her glasses are good enough for sitting in the headquarters and reading information off the screens :D

Hmm, that makes sense that he needs to weaken them... GUYS should do their part more, in that case - like shooting the monsters in the back while Mebius is busy fighting the front part :DD

Mebius is pretty creative with all his attacks, isn't he? I really liked that part when he learned a new attack from another Ultraman, that showed Mebius is not a static character who came to Earth with a ready set of skills he can't improve anymore. Also, it was a nice touch to show how the different generations of Ultramen still have one goal :)

That sort of characters are everywhere... I suppose it makes sense for the characters to want to be the best, and that's all the reason they need to have that goal. Hmm, that would really be interesting to see what would happen to such a character if he did reach the goal... But I suppose that is the type of goal you can't just reach and be happy about it, you also have to constantly stay on the edge and prove that you're still the best, so I guess such characters would not really lose all meaning to life.

Oh, that's a really good way to put it, Hikari must have said that because he believed there is still something good in Zamusha, and it really does show that Mebius had a positive influence on Hikari.

I guess he is one of those passionate workaholic types who don't care about anything but their job. But it's probably ok, since this is not the sort of job where he just earns money - it is an important job where he actually saves lives, and it probably makes him feel like a hero. No wonder that he has no time for any other things, if his job is so emotionally involving.
13th-Oct-2010 03:57 pm (UTC)
To me, George seems like one of those characters that would either really irritate people around him, or they will fall under his spell, in some way or another. I don't think there will really be a character who is indifferent to him. Now, viewers is another story, but perhaps I should not really try to predict other folks' reactions to fictional characters. In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter what other people (real or fictional) think about him as long as you know you like him. :)

I only mean that if Konomi really does have a modified helmet, the series will most likely show that her helmet is visually different from the other helmets, not that they will necessarily talk about why they made the change. We can already see that her uniform is different, so I don't exactly expect any explanation (or even an off-handed note) for it (the uniform).

If I recall correctly (I saw/read it a few years back, but don't know where to find it now), Konomi has at least six pairs of glasses she wears in the course of the series, but I couldn't really remember seeing the differences between them other than the frames, mostly. So that might not be related to her changing them to be more practical with her work (which, as you noted, is not really action-oriented most of the time, so it doesn't really matter if her glasses don't look very strong), but it's interesting information either way to me, since I never really thought about how often a glasses wearer needs to change glasses (it probably depends on the person and his/her individual circumstances, I suppose).

GUYS wouldn't shoot a monster in the back since it's underhanded; they would just shoot in the front along with Mebius. ;P Joking aside, it's kind of true that GUYS haven't done as much as they should. I think that's mostly for plot reason. If GUYS suddenly become too competent with the fighting, viewers will probably start to wonder why the show still needs an Ultraman...

I think every Ultraman I've seen has learned/adapted new skills to some degree, but Mebius especially does, which makes a lot of senses since he has come to Earth to learn (about humans, and fighting, among other things). And I agree that Ultramen passing down their skills to other Ultramen is a nice touch--that they still have the same goal--to protect humans.

Personally, I have never seen characters that reach 'I'm the best' goal, so I don't really know if they still feel the need to prove themselves after that, because to me that means they still haven't reached that goal in the first place. But, yeah, reaching their goal or not, you're probably right that such character's life would never really lose meaning.

I don't know. Ryuu doesn't seem much like a workaholic to me (true, he is dedicated to his job, probably more than the other GUYS members, but he doesn't seem to have a problem with having a day off, for instance). What he seems to me is an ordinary guy, and somewhat isolated, even within GUYS. He notes himself that he doesn't have sixth sense (special abilities) like Marina or George. And Mirai and Teppei don't come across exactly as normal to him either. (That is way before a certain secret comes to light.) And he and Konomi have almost nothing in common. But I do agree completely about his job in GUYS being important and very emotionally involving. I think it is the case with other GUYS members as well, but somehow they also have room for other outside interests. But anyway, I can't really read Ryuu, so your explanation is probably a better alternative. :)
15th-Oct-2010 12:03 am (UTC)
Well, Teppei's mother was kind of unimpressed by George, but most of the time it's like you said - people either like him or get annoyed with him :D

I suppose you're right, the helmet would look different. But it's really such an unimportant detail, it probably didn't even occur to the creators of the series to make it look different :D

I actually never even noticed that her glasses ever look any different :D Now I'll pay closer attention to them, to check whether she really has six pairs :DD

Lol, GUYS wouldn't shoot a monster in the back because the are so incompetent they might actually hit Mebius :P I guess I just want GUYS to take a more active role in saving the day sometimes, but that's really Mebius' job, so we should be happy GUYS actually get that much attention, and some backstories, and it's not all about Mebius.

Yeah, it fits with the whole idea that he is a rookie Ultraman and needs to learn things here.

I get the feeling I've seen that sort of characters somewhere, but I have no idea where, so it's difficult to judge... It all probably depends on the situation.

Well, now that I think about it, we never find out anything about his life before the series - he might have been friends with the previous GUYS team, and when they all got killed it's no wonder he doesn't immediately want to connect with the new people. But you're right, he doesn't really seem to be a workaholic. I suppose, since he is the oldest GUYS member, he feels the most responsibility about his work.
15th-Oct-2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
Isn't she a bit distracted with him (like, get that flower away from my face)? ;P But yeah, you're right that Teppei's mother seems largely unimpressed by George. I was thinking more of people his age or younger. Of course it would be more difficult for him to impress older people (especially sensible ones).

The series creators probably never even thought about modifying her helmet, let alone the detail for it, if they made Konomi wear dainty glasses to work. :P Honestly though, I now kind of wonder if anyone who had any say in the series even wore glasses, because the contact lens stuff in episode 16 is just bizarre and thrown in for no reason we could see.

I didn't actually notice that her glasses were different either. ^^;; It was just something I saw (now that I think on it more, it might be in one of the extras on the DVDs). They put out six pairs of her glasses almost side by side, and I think her actress explained about them. Anyway, if I don't forget, next time I might also try to keep an eye out for the differences in her glasses...

LOL! Now that almost makes me wonder if GUYS ever hit him unintentionally. I don't really remember any instance of it, but that doesn't mean my memory is that reliable. But yes, the way most Ultra series work, Ultraman (and by extension, his human host) is the focus, and the team is the support. We are fortunate that GUYS is one of the better support groups in the Ultra series.

Honestly though, I don't think Ryuu was especially close to any of the team members that got killed (except Serizawa). (I don't even remember his reaction to their deaths (though I hope he did have one that wasn't essentially 'well, too bad'), but he was angry (and sad) at his lack of ability to save Serizawa.) He doesn't seem the type to make friends easily, for all that he's not unfriendly. But I agree about him taking work seriously because he is the oldest there (seniority-wise, and maybe age-wise, too). And, for all that he might not care for the new people at first, maybe he might also feel like setting a good example for them by being responsible.
16th-Oct-2010 11:38 pm (UTC)
Well, she is not the type to be impressed by anyone, I think :D George's charm only works on young girls, I suppose :D

I think somebody must have worn glasses because the idea of contact lenses came up at all, and because later there was the episode with Konomi's friend. I don't think ideas like that would have occurred to people who don't wear glasses. But the lenses in episode 16 are really too sudden. Maybe they used that moment as a sort of lead-up to the episode with her friend to show that she has been thinking about the issue with glasses?

Maybe those were shaped the same, only had several pairs, in case they get damaged during the action scenes, that's why we never noticed any difference :D

Probably not, but that would be kind of funny :DD I agree, that's how it is in the series...

Good point, I don't really remember that he had an emotional reaction about their deaths... Hmm, maybe the pictures showed things people like best - so it's not like Ryuu doesn't have anything but GUYS, it's just that he prefers GUYS to any other way of passing the time :D
17th-Oct-2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
Well, yeah, someone probably did wear glasses (otherwise, as you said, the contact lens idea wouldn't even come about in the first place), but the writers didn't seem to be able to express well the idea and the issues surrounding glasses (the episode made me confused, at any rate). I suppose I would prefer that they avoid the subject completely rather than putting those contact lens scenes in and not explaining them. (The friend episode did better and I wasn't confused there.) But other than that, it's not something that I'm upset with or anything...

Maybe they used that moment as a sort of lead-up to the episode with her friend to show that she has been thinking about the issue with glasses?
I like to believe that is the case. But in air time it was almost three months between those two episodes. If the moment in episode 16 had been a lead-up, it was something they couldn't really expect kids to remember when episode 28 came around, especially since there had not been any flashback and the show had left the subject alone until that time. I suppose if there had been more of an effort to connect the two rather isolated events I wouldn't feel like the writers didn't much care or something.

Yeah, that's possible, too. :) I never really thought that glasses could get damaged during action scenes (probably just during filming because there has never been any attention paid to it in the story that I know of).

I agree that Ryuu simply prefers GUYS to other ways of passing his time. He's the most normal person of the series to me, who doesn't have any special ability or anything that really defines his whole life (I don't really believe GUYS is that thing to him, just what he very much enjoys doing at the moment). He isn't weak, nor very strong, nor very knowledgeable, nor too ignorant. He's just Ryuu, a regular guy. And in a series with not so few extraordinary people, people like him give it some kind of balance, I think.
19th-Oct-2010 12:12 am (UTC)
Same here, I guess - if they had more explanations, the episode would have been ok, but without the explanations the contact lens issue did not make any sense in context.

Hmm, I hadn't thought about the long gap during air time... In that case it really isn't much of a lead-up. I guess we can dismiss the whole part about the lenses as one of those bad writing moments.

Well, in her case the damage to glasses is probably minimal, but all sorts of things can happen, so I guess it's only sensible to have several pairs of them.

That's a really good description of him! :) He really is the most normal person there :DD
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