Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
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Obligatory Kamen Rider Kiva Post?

Well, I watched the first episode of Kiva because I always give a new gen Kamen Rider show at least one episode chance (but whether I continue watching that show is another story). Without saying anything specific about the show itself, I like what I've seen a lot, or, at least, it makes me wish for the next episode already. Still, I can't help wondering about the fascination with different timelines lately. I hope I can at least keep them all straight.

And that's about all I have on Kiva without copying other people. Oh, and given time, I probably can learn some essential Japanese phrases from Wataru's handy phrasebook...

EDIT: Scarily, my thoughts (that I didn't write, for fear of copying) seem similar to comments in kamenrider, even though I didn't read that comm before writing this post. Guess there are just so many ways to look at one thing. Not because of the comm, but just from what I read over time, one thing I wish to see less of is comparison of one show with another show. I would rather judge a show on its own merit, without knowing about and/or considering anything else from other "similar" shows.
Tags: toku: kamen rider kiva
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