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Kamen Rider Kiva 6 
19th-Mar-2008 11:23 pm
Well, I've neglected KR Kiva mostly out of necessity, but finally managed to somewhat catch up.

Kiva episode 6:

First, Nago. Disappointing that he's in the first three minutes only. It's not like Nago is my super favorite character or anything. I simply don't like that the show is just going to ignore (for now) the fact that the relationship between Wataru and Nago has changed, at least on Wataru's side. (Oh, I think he'll still continue to worship Nago, but probably has to be a little more wary.)

Second, Wataru. Now I see a real example of how people would act as if Wataru could not possibly be Kiva. His personality seems different when he's a rider, true, but somehow I don't have a doubt. Don't know why, exactly, other than that Wataru (or, more accurately, all the people who play him) convinces me that he is Kiva. (And I might be crazy and naive to have this opinion.)

Third, Spider Fangire. I thought "Joker" as soon as I saw that clown face. Not sure if I prefer him as a maniac more than as a sane fangire (if such a thing exists). And which way (mental-wise) would he appear next? (I'm hoping he's not dragged through 40-50 episodes, though.)

Fourth, Sheep Fangire. I did guess he would run to Wataru after I saw Jiro tell Otoya about where Yuri is taken. I suppose I could re-watch 5, but doesn't Sheep already know about Wataru, and Wataru him? Why are they acting like nothing is wrong? Oh well.

Fifth, Otoya. Umm...so he's not just a useless playboy after all (not that I don't like him just like that). Even Yuri sort of compliments him, and nothing Otoya has done ever impressed her so far.

Sixth, Yuri. Actually, I don't really have anything to say about her. I think she is rather one-note, to tell the truth. Don't really get why anyone would be interested in her, actually. (Well, someone other than Otoya, that is. Otoya simply likes women; he says so himself.)

Seventh, Megumi. Personally, I think she's more interesting than her mom, but it's not something I can really pinpoint to. Maybe she just doesn't seem as harsh? (Yeah, a shallow and probably personal view, but still...)

Eighth, the bassher (spelling?) guy. Don't know enough to really say anything about him other than he seems more mellow and probably more receptive of following orders. (Whether he's really the youngest among the castle's occupants is debatable, imho. Keep in mind that I try to not read any new information or spoilers of episodes past the one I've seen.) And the new form of Kiva reminds me (and probably most other people who have seen both shows) of the green Kuuga form (Pegasus?)

So, I don't know. I'm feeling a little less enthusiastic about Kiva than when it first debuted. While I think I still enjoy watching the show, it often confuses me (no, not the time switch thing; I have no problem keeping track of that) with little things I have no explanation for. I am beginning to think that I'm more familiar with (and more accepting of) the way Ultraman series tell their stories. Anyway, I'm unlikely to abandon Kiva at this point, or at all actually (I mean, I've finished shows I liked much less than I do Kiva), but I might not feel so inspired to talk much about it.
Cold Blue Texture
20th-Mar-2008 12:54 am (UTC)
I think Wataru is just dense enough, and willing to please enough, that he wouldn't really question Nago. I think he wants someone to look up to, and unfortunately, he's gotten it through his head that the person is Nago. I think he's easily led; see his reaction to Sheep Fangaire when they were both following after Megumi. He doesn't want to displease other people.

On the plot point with Sheep Fangaire, I think that Wataru took his offer because he may have felt like he had no choice. And Sheep Fangaire decided to use him because he thought he could snag Megumi while Wataru and Spider Fangaire were fighting.

(And Basher/Bashaa/whatever - he is, I think, an interesting character. He also has a scene in an unsubbed ep that indicates the writer for the particular ep fangirled over Ryuutaros a tad too much.)
20th-Mar-2008 10:09 am (UTC)
I agree that Wataru is someone who seems rather unwilling to cause discomfort or awkwardness (from his point of view at least) to other people. You're right, he wouldn't think of demanding any kind of explanation from Nago, which, I think, probably means he won't find out the reason for some time (since he also seems aboveboard and not really going behind people's backs) unless someone else tells him. I believe he would just be a little more careful around Nago, that's all.

About Wataru being easily led, while true, that is usually only by the people he respects. Then again, Wataru looks up to practically everyone (Nago just being at the top of that list, imho), except for Shizuka, whom he seems capable of talking back to somewhat.

About Sheep and Wataru's sort of a bargain, it probably happened as you said, each willing to forget/ignore their grievance and went with the other for the time being for their own reason. I only felt that the episode was not being clear enough on this point. ^^;

He also has a scene in an unsubbed ep that indicates the writer for the particular ep fangirled over Ryuutaros a tad too much.

Oh, that makes sense since Ryuutaros also has a gun form. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing that episode. :)
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