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8th-Aug-2008 08:15 pm
I was on my not usual browsing on Amazon.co.jp looking for Mebius stuff to buy, and color me--well not surprised, but kind of off guard--when I came across what I believe is a photobook for Daisuke Watanabe (渡辺大輔フォトブック『Prologue』). (I don't remember seeing a mention of it anywhere before, but I may have overlooked it, particularly if it has been mentioned on his own blog.)

Since I'm currently short on spending money (the two Mebius Gaiden DVDs come first before anything else), it's sad that I have debate whether to buy it when it is released next month or later. Though I would rather not order now anyway because it will hold up the rest of my order.

Oh well...there will be scans around later, I'm sure, but I would rather have a physical book to hold on to. Yeah, I'll buy the photobook eventually.
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