Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
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Very little on Kanata's actor

I'm so behind on this, but I just found out who the actor for Kanata Haruzaki (new GUYS member in Mebius: Armored Darkness) is. (He was the first actor that had me type his name out from the ED because I couldn't at first manage to find the name online. Yup, I originally learned the correct spelling of his character's name from the same place in the ED, too.) Anyway, I probably wouldn't remark anything, except that I think Makoto Miyoshi is--well--not exactly a D-BOY (but seems he has appearances in D-BOYS related stuff?).

I was, like, snoopy and got a blog address, but it doesn't seem to be open other than having a mail address on the lone entry. I would have to research more if I would ever write a letter (not that I would, too shy for that).

...Oh well. In the meantime, I'm re-watching him in the Mebius Gaiden. (And maybe check out his other work, which might look to be hard to find...)
Tags: makoto miyoshi, ultraman mebius
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