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Guess-the-series meme 
12th-Sep-2008 10:49 am
EDIT (many days later): Need more hints??? In an unlikely event that anyone still cares to play, the five yet still unidentified series are all listed on the interests on my profile. (Changed icon on the post, too; I couldn't be more obvious if I tried.)

(Original post below...)

And now, for a selfish post I do want to talk about...

If you are on LiveJournal at any length of time, I'm sure you've seen this meme (or similar ones) before. Heck, you might even have posted it before.

Except for a few (including the series I've been following for the past 10+ years, but in which I have not made myself known to other fans), I don't really do the fandom thing (read/write fics, for instance). They are more along the line of the things I've seen and/or read and enjoyed. I don't think they are very popular series, but, if anyone would like to take a guess, I've mentioned all of them on this journal at least once, however little. (However, you're on your own if I forgot and had in fact talked about two or more of the series that share a clue. ^^;) I don't distinguish between the live-action, the manga, the anime, if any and all exist, in that I may have been exposed (and subsequently familiar with) only to one version of the series. No new series here because I haven't caught up with them. (Not that I have completely caught up with a few of these either.)

1. In which there are many hosts. Ultraman Nexus - Guessed by madsqueeble

2. In which there are four rich guys and one not rich girl. Hana yori Dango - Guessed by madsqueeble

3. In which the main character dresses up as an opposite gender and tries to hide that fact. Hanazakari no Kimitachi E - Guessed by madsqueeble

4. In which the main character dresses up as an opposite gender and does not really try to hide that fact.

5. In which the main character has a plastic surgery and (white) lies about who he is.

6. In which the main character has to support his many siblings and parents. Yamada Taro Monogatari - Guessed by capncosmo

7. In which the main character is a delinquent wearing plastic headband whose love interest (I hesitate to call her heroine) has a guy's name. (Or perhaps I might be the only one who thought 'Tenma' sounded like a guy's name. Oh well. Guess I'm practically giving this one away.)

8. In which the main character is living with his girlfriend without her realizing it (debatable, but...)

9. In which the main characters are not good little witches and one of them loves an enemy, so to speak.

10. In which there is a dead body every week. Shigeshoushi - Guessed by sandpanther

11. In which the main character gets his name from a mathematical object, which, in turn, is named after a German mathematician. Ultraman Mebius - Guessed by madsqueeble

12. In which a recording from million years (ETA:) thirty million years ago decides the main character's destiny. Ultraman Tiga - Guessed by madsqueeble

13. In which there is a (regular) character named Arata. Not Shin. (Heck, I'm giving this one away, too.) Kamen Rider Kabuto - Guessed by capncosmo and dimmie

14. In which a toothbrush is a transformation item. ^^;; Ultraman Zearth - Guessed by madsqueeble

15. In which the heroine is taller than the hero and that fact bothers both of them. Lovely Complex - Guessed by madsqueeble

16. In which bullying in a middle school has a deadly consequence. Watashitachi no Kyoukasho - Guessed by madsqueeble

The followings don't exist, as far as I know, in the original version of the meme and rely on the (unlikely) assumption that someone can (and has the time to) identify all of my obscured series.

Extra 1: Name at least two actors whose name appears in the credits at least twice among the series mentioned (yes, I do count voice actors; there is at least one, to my knowledge). How about someone who appears at least three times?

Answered by capncosmo
I'm simply cutting and pasting. The original comment is here.

Mizushima Hiro was in Kabuto and WataKyo and HanaKimi.

Igarashi Shunji was in HanaKimi and Moebius.

Oguri Shun was in HanaKimi and HanaDan.

Guy-Who-Played-Sugiura was in YamaTaro and HanaDan.

Now, more information for interested party...

Igarashi was in two more series. (Both already identified.)

Hiro was in one more series. (Already identified.)

Oguri was in one more series. (Still unknown.)

There is still at least one other actor not named, yet.

Extra 2: Which series (or clues) have actors who are actually singers?

Answered by capncosmo
The original comment is here.

Yamada Taro
Ultraman Tiga

Extra 3: Name at least three live-action series that originated from manga. (There are six such series in this meme, if I count correctly.)

Answered by capncosmo
The original comment is here.

Yamada Taro

For interested party, there are three more series left.

Extra 4: Name at least three anime series that originated from manga. (There are six such series in this meme, if I count correctly. And yes, some overlapping series with the previous question, but not all.)

Extra 5: Name at least one live-action series that was first produced in countries outside of Japan. (There are at least three such series in this meme, if I'm not mistaken.)

Answered by capncosmo
The original comment is here.

Yamada Taro

Extra 6: Name (or guess the clues belonging to) the tokusatsu series. (Only five series. Should not be difficult.)

Answered by capncosmo
The original comment is here.

Ultraman Nexus
Ultraman Moebius
Ultraman Tiga
Kamen Rider Kabuto
Ultraman Zearth

Extra 7: Name (or guess the clue belonging to) the only manga series on this meme which doesn't have any live-action or anime version (that I know of).

Enough hints? :P Well, have fun if you play. Either way, thanks for at least taking a look at this post.

P.S. Take it if you like. If you are not on my friendslist but would like me to try guessing, please leave me a link to your post.

EDIT: I just noticed that series #8 (the animated movie version) has at least one song by both singers (Rina Aiuchi and U-ka Saegusa) who sing the EDs for UM Nexus. Well...they are friends, perhaps?
Honey & Haruhi
12th-Sep-2008 05:43 am (UTC)
1. It's either Nexus...or Ouran High Host Club.

2. Hana yori Dango

3. Hanazakari no Kimitachi E?

4. Iunno. Kakugo no Suzume?

9. ...Tweeny Witches?

11. *deep breath* MEBIU----SSSS!

12. If it's Tiga, technically it was 30 million years ago. XD

14. Zearth

15. My lecturer watched this one, um, Lovely Complex.

16. Watashitachi no Kyoukasho?
12th-Sep-2008 06:47 am (UTC)
Wow, you're very good. Only #4 (either this clue is too broad, or we have a different interpretation) and #9 are incorrect.

1. It's either Nexus...or Ouran High Host Club.

It's Nexus, but you are right that it could have been both (I didn't think things through). Ha ha.

Yeah, #12 is Tiga. And thanks, I've forgotten about the exact number of years. ^^;;
(Deleted comment)
12th-Sep-2008 02:36 pm (UTC)
Yes, you are correct on all the above. :) There are still more possible answers, however, which I'll try to indicate in the original post.

Oh, I didn't know the guy who played Sugiura was also in HanaDan. I was mostly thinking of the actors I watch these dramas for. ^^;;

Extra 2: HanaDana, YamaTaro, Tiga (but not HanaKimi :P)

I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand that reference about not HanaKimi...
(Deleted comment)
12th-Sep-2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
I think I might need to re-watch HanaDan (as well as try getting my hand on Season 2 and beyond), because I don't remember which character he was, even though he should be easy to spot, typecast as he is. ^^;;

...belongs to the same company...

Johnny's, I believe?

Now that you mentioned it, I think I've read some mentioning along that line before, but forgot. Thanks for reminding me about it. In any case, this is something I'm quite confused about (going into an agency which is known to debut singers (or for other specialized things), having talents, but, for some reason, isn't getting to show them). It's good that he's fine with not being a singer, though, because I believe one should do whatever keep him/herself happy.

...Or perhaps I'm totally out there. After all, my understanding of the inner working of Japanese entertainment business is next to none.
12th-Sep-2008 01:08 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised no one guessed Kabuto yet. Poor unloved Kagami. :x

eta: oops. Already did. XD

Edited at 2008-09-12 01:08 pm (UTC)
12th-Sep-2008 02:41 pm (UTC)
No worries. Since I've been a little slow at editing, I put your name up too. :)

And I don't feel Kagami is unloved. At least, not by people on LJ.
12th-Sep-2008 01:30 pm (UTC)
10. In which there is a dead body every week.


... not awake enough to figure anything else out.
12th-Sep-2008 02:45 pm (UTC)
That's correct.

And feel free to come back later. :) I've edited the post to put in all the answers so far.
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