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More Detective Conan Anime - Episodes 478, 512, OVA2 
1st-Apr-2009 10:27 pm
(Man...I'm really on an anime roll. Bear with me, it's the last one for today.)

Watched three Detective Conan episodes. All original (not based on the manga chapters) as far as I can tell (well, I never read them, and I'm pretty much caught up--only a few chapters behind).

1. Real 30 minutes (episode 478):

There is a small (digital) clock at the top right corner in real time, except that they drew it, not inserted in later by the TV station. I don't think I understand the reason for the first crime (well, they explained it, kind of, but why that victim?)

2. The broken horoscope (episode 512):

The victim reminded me of the prima donna in live-action drama #2 (the kind of person everyone just hates). And yes, it's pretty easy to see who is the culprit; I just didn't have an explanation for the locked room.

3. 16 suspects (OVA 2):

I like it the best out of the three. It's kind of like 'a strand of hair in front of a mountain and hiding it' (well, don't know if there is this saying/expression around in English). Heiji is surprisingly not so slow on the romantic front this time around (he leaves Conan and Ran together alone). But I'm still a little confused anyway. A lot of things seem hinged on series of coincidences...not that I mind much.
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