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Kamen Rider Blade Episodes 1-24 
8th-Apr-2009 02:14 pm

So I started watching KR Blade after running out of KR Decade episodes. Well, re-started is more like it. I did watch the first episode back when Blade first aired, but really wasn't interested enough to keep watching. (Not to mention I kept confusing the characters (I know I'm probably the only one with this problem--their hair look similar, but still...); heck, I still do (especially when a character rides his bike and I haven't paid too much attention to which bike it is), but I like to think I'm getting better, though.)

Okay, so I decided to give Blade another try, partly because of KR Decade (though since I watched past those episodes already, who knows how much I've already spoiled myself). By the end of episode 12, however, I couldn't figure out how everyone (except the 'look on the bright side' hero, probably) would ever come out of their pit of despair. I was seriously tempted to stop watching. I had had enough of depressing stuff. Not to mention I hated Tachibana for being a puppet with no thought of his own (he kept being controlled: first by his dream, then his weak body (psychologically, it seems), then by Isaka--or more specifically, by the miraculous plants Isaka fed him). I just knew it would take something drastic to make him break that destructive cycle and partly a reason I didn't want to continue on.

But I had a weak will about this. I had (at the time) up to episode 20, so I might as well watch more. I also hoped things might start looking up (um...they did, for the most part). Funny thing is, for a second I thought that glass kid Hajime saved was Mutsuki (probably because of Decade, but apparently I never looked too close at the opening credits--which had Mutsuki in there since the beginning but didn't have his name up until he became a rider). And speaking of that glass kid, I felt bad for Hajime then, though I think what happened (both with the mother and child he saved and with the glass kid) was a more realistic reaction than 'oh, you are a monster? Cool'.

Since then I have gotten four more episodes, and already watched them. So that's Kaoru from GARO being an Undead who gets her claws on Kotaro (I like the actress as a bad guy better than as Kaoru, apparently). And a few other high leveled Undeads, one of which seems to make 10,000 year old deal with Chalice--who apparently was sealed by the Undead whom I thought was Chalice (I felt kind of stupid for not noticing this before now, that he used a card to assume Chalice form). (Or maybe someone else has sealed Chalice? I guess I'll find out later.)

Character-wise, I think I've gotten over my hatred of Tachibana (he has mostly redeemed himself). I've always liked Hajime (who says one thing but does another thing)--and I think I notice a trend: I usually prefer characters who take pictures and/or are journalists probably because they mostly tend to be loners). And of course I'm rather fond of the good-hearted hero (could be only me, but he reminds me of Shouichi from KR Agito--well, I suppose if I have seen KR Ryuki past the first episode I might also think of Shinji). Kotaro the milk drinker is okay, too (kind of reminds me of Keitaro from KR Faiz, though I think I'm more indifferent to that guy). Hirose...well, I'm kind of indifferent right now--maybe she'll grow on me. As for Karasuma, he is forgotten for so long, and then when he's back, he leaves immediately afterward, so I don't think I see enough of this character to like or dislike him. I just think of him as a victim of circumstance, mostly. Amane--um...I don't think it's healthy right now for her to be too attached to Hajime (even leaving aside all the complications of his character), but otherwise she's a cool kid. And Mutsuki (whom I totally forgot the first time around)? I think this kid is really immature. Hope he learns to not be such a brat in later episodes.

After 24 episodes, I still don't quite know what to make of the series as a whole, but now I just have to finish it. If nothing else, I can safely go read what people talk about the series without fear of spoilers (which I have gotten aplenty already, I think). And yeah, even if I already know about something major, at least I can discover how it happens on my own.

ETA: Wonder when I should watch the movie. I'm guessing around episodes 27-28.

ETA 2: I don't usually look for slash on my own, but somehow it is staring at me since the first episode. Kind of weird since some of the guys do have girlfriends.
Sakuya Tachibana
8th-Apr-2009 12:28 pm (UTC)
Well... Missing Ace was like the alternate end to the series, so you better off watching the series to finish before starting on the movie.

Yeah... Initially, I also had been puzzling about the series. Considering that the starting episode just jumped into the scene and the conflicts but as the story went on... the story just revealed itself. I guess I'm a bit biased on Kenzaki and Hajime... but somehow along the series, I kinda get attached to the four riders as well as the other supporting characters. They had their own stories to tell... and that was sweet in a way.

And randomly, after watching the only Sailormoon musical that Hironari Amano had acted in... I had suspicions that the part where they made Tachibana had that little quirk in his story because they want to see him squeal like a girl some more. XD
8th-Apr-2009 01:05 pm (UTC)
(I was just editing this post (forgot about Mutsuki ^^;), so saw your comment right away. :) Internet connection isn't so kind to me, though, so this comment is posted half an hour later.)

Thank you for your suggestion. I was about to watch the movie, because I'm still downloading the rest of the episodes. Guess I will hold off then.

They had their own stories to tell... and that was sweet in a way.

I definitely agree with you. The stories were told well, even if they might sometimes be a little confusing, and I have learned to care for almost every character. Anyway, now I have more faith in continuing the series.

Oh, I've heard about Kousei Amano (who changed the reading of his name sometime between Blade and now) being in the Sailormoon musical. I really will have to track that musical down soon. Hopefully there is a subbed version around.
8th-Apr-2009 02:32 pm (UTC)
yeah... there was the subbed version on Youtube, practically the only one that I can get of Kaguya Shima. Too bad also... since I liked that musical.
8th-Apr-2009 04:32 pm (UTC)
Well, you got me searching. :)

Edited at 2009-04-08 04:34 pm (UTC)
9th-Apr-2009 05:06 am (UTC)
Thanks anyway. XD.
8th-Apr-2009 12:48 pm (UTC)
I kept confusing the characters

Trust me, you're definitely not the only one with this problem. Most everyone I know felt the first episode was terribly confusing the first time they watched it because they couldn't tell Kenzaki, Kotaro and Hajime apart.

It's not even that they look anything alike, it's just you're thrown right into the middle of an ongoing story and there're no character introductions, so your first knee-jerk reaction is to identify the characters by "that blonde guy", "that not-so-blond guy", "that older-looking brunette", and with the scenes cutting from Kenzaki to Kotaro to Hajime without any acknowledgment that we're cutting to another character's storyline, it's easy to think you're watching the same blond guy do all those scenes where nothing connects to the previous one. By the time you realize there were three different stories going on there, the episode's over.

It's interesting to rewatch those first two-three episodes later, when you're familiar with the character and the actors' faces. You find a lot of little details you missed the first time trying to make sense of wth was going on.
8th-Apr-2009 01:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you. It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who couldn't tell those three apart. And the mostly nighttime scenes in the first episode didn't help the matter, I think, because I couldn't really see their faces clearly. That aside, I did realize while I was watching the first time that I was mistaking one guy for another, just that I couldn't seem to stop doing the same thing over and over. ^^;;

It's not even that they look anything alike

That is so true. I've seen some scans (probably from magazines) of the Blade guys together, and they definitely don't look the same.

By the time you realize there were three different stories going on there, the episode's over.

And it was over in a way that left me totally puzzled and not eager to go through the experience again.

So, yes, I think I'll definitely do a re-watch (at least of those first few episodes). Hopefully I'll pick up some little clues thrown back there in the beginning.
15th-Aug-2009 05:49 am (UTC)
Not to mention I kept confusing the characters (I know I'm probably the only one with this problem--their hair look similar, but still...)

...Popping in to say the EXACT same thing happened to me too. Except Dimmie made fun of me for it. >.>

Did you end up finishing it?
15th-Aug-2009 09:58 am (UTC)
Yes, I did finished Blade. And it's one of my favorite KR series to date. I think I have a few other posts besides this one, though.

Randomly, Decade has been good at getting me to watch the older series (Blade in particular). I'd have watched Blade eventually, but it's just faster this way, when I've already seen how the alternate world was in Decade and wanted to compare it to the original.
15th-Aug-2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
Mine too. I cried my eyes out at the last episode. Stupid Kenzaki. ;__;

Decade has been good in making me watch, period. Before this I'd seen Garo (love it) and a few episodes of Kabuto because of Kato Kazuki back when it came out. I LIKED Kabuto but never actually watched it all. And I was interested in watching because of friends who liked toku but never had that final push until Ma-kun and Murai got cast. So before it started I went back and watched all of Kabuto, then after one episode of Decade I decided that I wanted to get as many references as I could, so I started frying my brain on Kamen Rider. I haven't watched them all, but I feel like I've packed YEARS in 8 months.
15th-Aug-2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
Kenzaki made the best decision he could have without compromising his principles. I really do admire him for that, even if some other fans think he makes a needless sacrifice. While I didn't exactly cry, that whole finale was heart wrenching.

I like GARO, too, and it is a special show for me. I didn't watch it because it's part of a familiar franchise. In fact, not exactly remember why, but I'm glad I did.

As for the rider shows, I've seen a little more than half of the heisei shows before starting Decade. So I don't have as much to catch up, but I'm still behind, though. (I managed to complete Kiva and Blade, but still haven't finished Hibiki, and not even gotten started on Ryuki yet.)
15th-Aug-2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
Well, Kenzaki's sacrifice is only needless if you look at it clinically. I think what you said was exactly right. It was the best... or rather the ONLY decision he could make that was true to his ideals.

Garo was awesome. ♡

Let's see... first I saw Kabuto, then I started Ryuki, but stopped at 15 or so since it was unfinished anyway and I want to get a taste of the others. Then I watched Faiz in like... 4 days. If that. Then I watched Agito and Blade. And I've watched the first dozen or so eps of Kuuga in the last month, the very beginning of Den-O and need to get back to Ryuki now that it's finished before I accidently read spoilers.

So the only ones I haven't seen anything at all of at this point are Hibiki and Kiva.
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