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Kamen Rider Decade Episode 13 (Spoilers) 
25th-Apr-2009 12:47 pm
EDIT: It's probably a bad idea to cut & paste stuff from a previous post. I should simply write an all new post and leave the old one alone. (Can't now, because everything (old and new) is all mixed up in this post.) Hopefully this is the last time I do something like this.

Kamen Rider Decade 13

I've since watched this episode three times. That must have set a record (for me--who should be watching things she still hasn't seen instead) for re-watching the same episode in a space of not even one week.

I like Tsukasa again, after sort of fell out of love in episode 12 (the only episode so far I even remotely felt not so in charity with his character). To me, this guy can almost do no wrong. (Oh, he does have his share of faulty judgments; I mean 'no wrong' as in character-wise.) And, since I never really talked about Decade before, I love that samurai kanji in Tsukasa's name--it's the first thing (and one of the few things) I could actually read in the opening credits and I loved him already just for that. (And yay for liking his actor too. I mean, I can like a character while being indifferent to his/her actor. So in this case, I guess *his* acting works for me, in addition to his character. And even if he can't sing, I don't care. I love Ride the Wind.)

Judging from the preview from last week, I did guess that it would be totally lackluster, the way Tsukasa escaped Delta's finisher (not that I knew how he was saved exactly, just that it was not worth a cliffhanger). And I felt kind of cheated that wasn't even the reason he was seen lying on the sofa back in Hikari's studio either.

EDIT: And here is something I've really wondered for a long long time. When a guy fell unconscious, sleeping, or whatever outside, how in the world the girl who came across him moved him to wherever he was seen recuperating later? For all such scenes I've seen, I only remember one instance of the girl remarking something along the line of how difficult it is for her to bring the guy along.

(My guess this time? I think Tsukasa was not as badly off as he appeared, and only fainted because Natsumi was there and he wanted to end that confrontation with Shouichi for the time being (well, he couldn't fight, as Shouichi rightly pointed out). He probably could walk until they reached home and then was out of it. Or more likely I get this all wrong...and Natsumi called up Yuusuke to help or something.)

Yuusuke is about to henshin, isn't he? Now, I'm not personally too bothered that he doesn't get to transform into Kuuga since Kiva's world, but just let him complete the transformation already since they bother to put the idea in. (Er...I just mean since they show him about to transform, just let him go all the way and don't be a tease.)

As for Agito...er...I think I might be better off re-watching Agito the original series (probably after I finish the other two rider series). But I'm probably not being too fair to Decade version of Shouichi (who seems more like Gills in the original series). I guess he's probably the most unfriendly rider so far (or maybe I only think that because Tsukasa seems to take too much abuse at this guy's hand...)

EDIT: Third time is a charm, apparently, because I think this Agito is okay now. Tsukasa having blind faith in Shouichi must have counted for something. (Well, it's blind faith since Tsukasa knew nothing about this guy except that he's apparently important to Yashiro.)

Don't care for Kaito. Used to when he first appeared, though. But lately, I never really understand why he is thought of as amazing (maybe Tsukasa is hated by the same people, but well...) And that's saying a lot, since I usually like the kaitou (thief) character, even when he/she is not the main character.

Looking forward to Den-O world (reminds me to finally watch the movies--not sure how many of them there are but I have two) EDIT: There seem to be four movies and I've since watched the first two, and now I can't help thinking of crossover from the second Den-O movie. Wonder if the Decade casts can handle being possessed as well as the original Den-O casts.

As mentioned earlier, I really like Ride the Wind (and probably better off not listening to criticisms on it). Though, to be fair, I can't help wondering if my prior difficulty in hearing it might make me appreciate the song more. For the longest time (well, three weeks) I tried to listen from the end of the episodes and just couldn't hear much. Perhaps mixing the song in at a low volume is a strategy to get people to buy singles.
Kamen Rider Decade; In A Bottle
26th-Apr-2009 08:42 pm (UTC) - random lurker comment
Your thoughts are similar to mine.
I really wanted to see Yuusuke transform into Kuuga, too.

And I really didn't like the AU Shouichi, that's the first of the AU riders that actually bothers me.
But then I finally got it... why he was more like the original Gills etc. His name is Ashikawa Shouichi in Decade so... ASHIhara Ryou (Gills), hiKAWA Makoto (G3) and Tsugami SHOUICHI =.= They kind of rolled all three into one to avoid having to bring in three riders. Because to me Agito pretty much had three main riders instead of just Shouichi.

Looking forward to Den-O too, possession fun~
27th-Apr-2009 03:26 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Wow, it's a nice surprise to see you in my journal. I've always wanted to talk to you, but would rather not spam other people's (whom I don't even know) journals. ^^;

Your thoughts are similar to mine.

Do you mean my thoughts on Yuusuke, or something else?

Anyway, I was disappointed with the almost-henshin, but I suppose Yuusuke still has more chances down the road. Hopefully we'll see him transform some time before that final war.

The name combined thing is pretty neat. I originally got two (Ryou and Shouichi), but had to be reminded with the Hikawa reference.

Because to me Agito pretty much had three main riders instead of just Shouichi.

I agree, and that was probably the reason I was bothered by the AU Shouichi at first.

I think the possession is pretty much the main attraction in Den-O for me. That, and the constant chaos caused by the characters, whether intentional or not.

And wow, your icon... Mind if I ask where the original picture came from?

In any case, thank you for stopping by. :)
27th-Apr-2009 07:33 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Huh, me? @.@
Btw, I wouldn't mind being spammed in my journal, just that I don't post ^^; so there's nothing to spam on.

Your thoughts on the whole show and ep pretty much from what you wrote in this entry^^

I hope so too, I miss Kuuga.

Yeah, it took me a while to get that Hikawa was mixed in too.

The picture came from Morimoto Ryouji's blog *g* It's about two years old at least though.
27th-Apr-2009 05:35 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Oh, I mean I saw you in the comments of some other people's journals and since you didn't post in your journal I couldn't comment to you. Sorry that wasn't clear.

Your thoughts on the whole show and ep pretty much from what you wrote in this entry^^

Wow, thank you for saying that. I always thought I have not so conventional ideas. ^^;

So the picture was from two years ago. No wonder I hadn't seen it (me just started watching KR Blade early this month so had only started checking Morimoto's blog very recently).

Thanks again for everything. :)
27th-Apr-2009 05:45 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
I see, I can see my anonymity disappearing lately, it's a little scary ^^;
Not that I mind people talking to me :D it's just weird to be "recognized" and we don't seem to have any people on our flist in common or any comms I'm active in.
Actually there are a few posts on my LJ but they're all f-locked or even f-locked + filtered and none of them are very interesting... I'm just not a diary or blogging type of person^^

XD Well I don't know what you think usually but on this I think I agree with most of it.

*g* Yeah it's old. I watched Blade in spring of 2007. He often posts weird/funny pics on his blog though, when he posts at all >_>

No problem, I like talking to people on LJ^^
27th-Apr-2009 06:48 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Don't worry. I like to think since the tokusatsu fandom isn't so big, I can remember who is in it. ^^;

I recognize off-handed maybe two people on your flist, so you're right that we don't have the same people on flist. We have two communities in common, though: finalauraburst, which is how I presume you came to my journal, and v6_unlimited (for the Ultraman Tiga stuff originally, but now to keep track of other things happening there, too). But I'm a quiet, shy person so you probably never know I'm there.

You know, I was actually convinced that you must have a main journal somewhere and used this one just for commenting. Guess I was far off. ^^;; Anyway, if your entries are anything like your comments, I think I'll enjoy reading them. (I read everything if I like the person, not just toku posts; I'm simply shy about commenting.) So I guess I'm asking if I can friend you. But it's totally okay if you would rather not. I'm not exactly sure how many (and which) toku shows we have in common either...

Well, what I think are pretty much what I write in my journal (usually anyway--I try to not say I outright hate something if I know someone on my flist likes it (^^;), but not always succeed). It's just that I don't really remember anyone really ever say they agree with me before, so I always wonder...maybe they don't like my entries or something, and say nothing just to be polite. I have that kind of insecurity, you see, but apparently not enough to make me stop sharing my thoughts on my journal yet.

I came in late on Blade, and have since regretted that I had waited for so long since I really enjoyed that series (I think my f-list might be getting a little tired of my going on and on about it since I think only a few people also had seen it). Have plan to re-watch maybe soon.

You're right about funny/weird pics in Morimoto's blog. It's food (or him eating food) lately, I think, but I haven't been there for a week or so.

(I've heard that Japanese blogs can do filtered or friended posts (like on LJ), too, so maybe it's not him not posting. Though I guess it might not be the case here either, since I think he used ohisashiburi--'it has been a while', on the entry after he hadn't been posting for almost a month.)

Well, in any case, I've enjoyed talking to you. And sorry this comment is rather long and rambly. ^^;
27th-Apr-2009 07:10 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
But I'm not only in tokusatsu fandom, and my anonymity has been disappearing outside of it ^^;

Yes, I came here through fab. I lurk on most communities too, and I originally joined v6_unlimited for J-Friends singles and PVs. One of the maintainers is a friend of mine^^

No, I simply don't feel like writing anything, or know what to write *g*
I'm rather long winded, I'm afraid. My journal contains mostly my upload archive, some lists of watched stuff so I can keep track and a few pimp posts that were initially dedicated to specific people but have been made visible to a couple more since then. There is only one person who can see everything *g*

Sure, if you want to friend me go ahead, I'm usually a faithful commentor even if I don't post in my own journal^^ And I don't mind if you write non fandom related stuff, life is more than just entertainment, though sometimes I wish it was not XD
I've watched a lot of toku I think, but when I friend you you can read up on that on your own.

I'm not sure I will always agree with you. I usually have my own opinions and I'm not afraid to disagree with people, but just because someone doesn't share my view on things I'd never dislike anyone. The world would be really boring if everyone thought the same.

I've been getting the feeling that a lot of people got in late on Blade and it's been going around fandom these days... It's my favorite KR together with Agito so I'm glad it's at least getting some love now.

I don't know, it's his official blog, so if he blogs about private stuff he doesn't want to share in public I guess he'd have another one.

No problem, you see mine is even longer and just as rambly ^^; I like discussing on LJ, so if you don't mind, I sure don't.

Will add you then ^.^7 And if you want I can make all but two posts visible to you, you'll have a lot to read then, though, and I'm afraid, most of it won't be of any interest to you, it's also rather random. If you'd want a true overview of my interests... that would be a novel (another one I mean)
But you're welcome to write whatever you feel like in the comments, no matter what you think might be dumb or useless to write ^.~
27th-Apr-2009 08:05 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
It's totally fine with me if you don't write often in your journal. (I mean, it's your journal; you alone can decide what to write and when to write.) And I don't mind if you would rather lurk on mine.

Oh, so you upload. That's a nice way to contribute to fandom. ^_^

Thank you, I'll go ahead and friend you after this comment. I don't write a lot of non-fandom related stuff, but from personal experience even fandom related stuff might seem like non-fandom if you don't know the fandom.

I certainly don't expect agreement on our views all the time; I'm simply flattered you agree with me this time, is all. And yes, I think our differences in opinions make the world go round.

Well, if people are getting in on Blade now, it's probably Decade's influence. Other than that, I kind of wonder why. I was actually pretty early on Blade (the time it first aired--back in 2004), but was confused too much by the first episode to stop watching. And basically I just hadn't have a chance to pick it up again until very recently. Anyway, I talk about it much longer in my posts (shameless pimping; for all I know you've read them ^^;) so I won't repeat them here. And speaking of Agito, it's the Kamen Rider show that made me return to Kamen Rider series, so it would always be special to me just for that alone. But yes, Agito is also one of my favorite series.

About Morimoto's blog, now that's an example of thing I wrote before I thought it over too well. ^^; Anyway, his co-star (Takayuki Tsubaki) seemed to have posted things under filters for fans (who had 'friended' his blog and he had 'friended' them back), though, (screencap of one of his filtered posts (where he talked about Decade) leaked out and when people visit his blog, they don't see the post) and I guess I might have confused the two of them. In any case, I don't know much and I probably should stop speculating about Morimoto or anyone else.

I would love to be on all filters you're comfortable letting me see. Really, I don't mind random posts. And thank you for adding me. I can't promise to write a lot of comments and/or long ones (I'm super slow with typing), but I'll try. It's late so I'll probably just take a quick look for now, though.
27th-Apr-2009 08:20 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
I post pretty much never ^^;

I do, I started out uploading drama but recently I've been uling tons of toku because the drama comms had none of it. But now I also translate and well...

I wasn't in toku fandom at all in 2004, I wasn't even in drama fandom, I was kind of into Bollywood in 2004 I think? I was interested in Japan, manga and music mostly, from back in 1998, but I've been drifting across a lot of fandoms and interests in my life^^ Came into drama in 2005, into toku only in 2006, but started watching a lot of it only in 2007, starting with Blade, actually.

I did read the character analysis but didn't really know what to write, if I had it would have ended up as an essay as well =.=°
And I took the quiz *g* (the things you do when you're procrastinating because all that's waiting for you is studying...) and got Blade himself.

Who cares if you didn't really think it over too well^^ This is kind of a conversation, not an essay, right.
I see, I think ameblo is a bit different than Morimoto's official one. And I'm not sure Tsubaki's is official.
*lol* why? Speculating is half the fun. Morimoto posted a pic of his whole family clan before, even if you couldn't really recognize anyone, so that seems to speak for non-filtered posts.

Alright, then you're getting the all but two entries. A warning, most of them are loooong.
I think I'd die if I were slow with typing ^^; I thank my mother to this day for putting me into a typing course in grade 7.
What time zone are you in?
28th-Apr-2009 11:20 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Oh, what do you translate, if you don't mind me asking? I would like to do that, too, but my Japanese is just not yet good enough.

I've only heard of Bollywood, though, and not much at that, so it's safe to say I've never been in the fandom, if any exists. ^^; Oh, and I'm drifting on and off toku fandom (and manga and anime and just Japanese entertainment in general) a lot. I think the first entry on this journal probably talked about my sort-of journey somewhat.

It's really fine if you don't know what to write in the comments. I just wish somehow I can tell if anyone is reading a particular entry. And as for the quiz, people seem to get their favorite characters (it's true with me at least...but I'm also a bit worried--I'm not really that cold-hearted, though). I want to get Blade too, actually. ^^

Who cares if you didn't really think it over too well^^

Oh, thank you. I was sleepy last night (it was actually early in the morning--about 7 hours ahead of the time stamped on the comment--I haven't worked out what time zone it is) and typed the first thing that came to mind. Anyway, I only mean that I would rather not speculating on real people, even though my LJ is just a little blog on the internet and no one important would ever see it anyway. And in any case, you seem to be more knowledgable than me about the Blade actors' blogs.

I did take typing class, but I just do things slow by nature, I suppose. It probably takes me at least twice as long (most likely more) to type the same length of comment as yours. So I suppose I'll use that as an excuse for my slow responses. ^^;
28th-Apr-2009 04:18 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Currently Ghost Friends for Ikemen subbing, if you go to d-addicts (I'll assume you know the site) you can easily find it.
My Japanese is not that good either but the dialogue is easy, I can always look stuff up if I don't understand something and for the really tricky stuff I have a spot translator as back up :D You have to pick your battles ^.~

I've been through a lot of fandoms ^^; Anime and manga I kind of left behind, I still read four manga series, but I've never been that much into anime so now I watch none. Drama and toku have taken over.

I'm not sure I could really decide who I like better between Blade and Hajime but that's who I ended up with :D

I understand the not speculating on real people but it's not in any malicious way that we did it, right^^
I'm not knowledgeable at all, in fact I've only been to Tsubaki's blog once or twice and I used to go to Morimoto's but that was long ago.

I type so much, and I have to type a lot anyway, that it's become completely natural, so I type and type and type ^^;
And I don't mind slow responses, I'm a patient person, and we seem to live quite far away from each other so we won't be online at the same time often anyway.
Well if you don't mind, instead of your time zone, tell me where you're from? Then I'll also know^^ I'm not sure what LJ shows you as time stamps is the same it shows me.
29th-Apr-2009 08:20 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Yes, I know d-addicts. And, wow, I want to reach the day I can say Japanese dialogue is easy. :)
I suppose a spot translator is someone who check translations made by other translators. I've heard the term before, but never really understood what they do. ^^;

I'm mostly into toku (KR actually) right now (still reading manga and watching occasional anime, though). Maybe one day I'll have a patience to sit through a 45 minute drama episode again.

Well, no. Nothing I do on this journal could be considered malicious, hopefully. ^^; I am the kind of person who worries far too much, is all.

Well, I admit I was a bit worried that you might think I abandoned you when I took so long to reply. We have only one computer that is connected to the internet, so I sort of have to wait for my turn. ^^;; (I often go a day or two without being on the internet, or even on a computer, for that matter.)

I don't mind telling you where I'm from, but I would rather not tell the entire internet, so I'll just link you to an entry (it's kind of random, so don't worry, you don't need to comment there). But yeah, we seem to live far apart and most likely won't be online at the same time.
29th-Apr-2009 09:44 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
It's not so much that Japanese dialogue is easy in general, it's just that this drama is really not all that complicated^^ There are plenty shows I can't really watch without subs either, it depends a lot on the vocabulary used and how formal people speak.
Yes, and she picks up the lines I couldn't get no matter what. Or those I'm unsure about. Actually to me it's a sucky job XD I wouldn't want it~
I've done it before and I usually end up retranslating the whole thing just to be sure so it's really not a job for me...

I'm okay with 45min XD But I have to say the 1h or even more of Korean or Taiwanese dramas is too long for me most of the time too.
Watching lots of drama helps you get better at Japanese :D? More so than toku or anime, that much is sure.

Oh, no, it's okay. I'm usually fast to reply because my pc is on while I'm awake and it checks email quite frequently. If it takes long I'm either out or asleep.

Hm, if I guessed that right then you're currently only five hours ahead of me. That's not so much.
29th-Apr-2009 03:04 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
On the re-translating thing, I did that once when I got my hand on the original Japanese manga scans, and the available translations seem a bit off to me. It was too much work for me (and that was just for one page!), so I guess I won't enjoy being a spot translator either, if/when I know enough Japanese to do so.

Yes, dramas seem to use more difficult language, and (usually) there are not much actions (which is how I guess what's going on in most toku ^^). I can make sense of a toku or an anime episode if I care to listen closely, even though I still don't catch all the words.

I kind of guess where you are after reading your journal. And you are probably right that we are five hours apart (in time zone).

Well, thanks for talking to me for as long as you have. :) I mean, most people would have been gone by the time they exchange a few comments with me, if that. ^^;; (Or maybe they might not like to talk much on my journal, like I'm usually shy on other people's journals, no matter if or how many times we've talked before.)

--sennetari (who can't log in at the moment)
29th-Apr-2009 03:34 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
I think in general spot translators should be really fluent and experienced translators or the job is aggravating and takes too much time.
Oh boy... I really suck at kanji so that would be hell XD I can look them up fast but I have to look most of them up...

Anime language is usually really nothing like Japanese used in real situations, so that's not so great to learn from ^^; Toku is somewhere in between. I like to watch variety TV too, and that's another story yet again. Drama works pretty well for me in terms of learning from it^^

I'm in Germany, I don't make that much of a secret out of it :D But yay I guessed correct then^^

I guess that's my cue to make this my last comment now ^^;; Okay~
I really like to spam foreeever on LJ, so, this would be normal for me ^.~
29th-Apr-2009 05:15 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
I use rikaichan for kanji and generally everything else (that's cheating, I suppose). And since I found the (unofficial?) lyrics, I try to translate Ride the Wind at the moment, although I think someone else would have done it soon, and done a better job, too. ^^;

I like variety TV shows too, and I usually can make no head or tail out of them. Luckily they are usually visually funny to watch so I don't feel like I'm missing much.

Sorry, I was just surprised...and I realize now my phrasing was awkward at best. You don't have to stop commenting unless you want to, but if you don't have anything else to add, well, that's perfectly okay. I'll see you some other time. :)
29th-Apr-2009 05:22 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Me too XD I love that program, but if it's on paper or a picture rikaichan won't be of any use, ne.

I love watching SMAP x SMAP and these days I usually understand a lot. It surprises me every time and makes watching it even more fun^^ but yeah, most variety TV is fun even if you don't understand anything.

Oh, no, that's alright XD Sometimes I need to be told to shut up ^^;
29th-Apr-2009 07:10 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
I should know you know of rikaichan. :) As for what I do with texts on paper or picture (manga usually), I just use a japanese word processor to type them in first (surprisingly that doesn't take too much time). Manga usually has small hiragana (well, that's not the name but I can't remember its exact name at the moment) so I can easily get the kanji that way without really looking up. I'm defeated if it's hand-written though (haven't mastered the art of reading Japanese handwriting yet).

I hope I can get to the day I can say I usually understand a lot of what's said in a variety show, since now I feel they talk too fast for me. (What am I saying? They are talking Japanese for Japanese audience. They probably don't think non-Japanese would be watching. ^^;;)

And it's now late, so I'll sign off for the night. ^^;
29th-Apr-2009 07:18 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Furigana, yeah, that of course helps a lot :D But here it's a lot easier to get German translated manga than original Japanese ^^;
Oh god, handwritten Japanese is the horror XD
I often use what's called an "ime pad" on windows to draw the kanji with my mouse in order to then look it up, it's faster than consulting my kanji book, because I can then use rikaichan ^^;

For me it's less the speed more the level of formality or how specialized a topic is, often enough it happens to me too that I go @.@ wth? I especially dislike people who mumble XD Or those with really heavy dialects.
And you'll get to that day, just keep on listening~

Sleep well^^
30th-Apr-2009 11:17 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Ah, yes, it is also a lot easier to get translated manga here than in original Japanese (not to mention translated manga is much less expensive, but yet I've bought two original Japanese manga already because I'm impatient with the releases here). Japanese manga scans, however, are quite easy for me to find, but I prefer something I can hold on to.

I can't hand draw kanji to save my life (well, except the very basic ones, which I don't need to look up anyway ^^;) so there is no way I can do it with a mouse. That said, though, I suppose I should look into this ime pad program since I might be able to use it for something else at least.

Yeah, I suppose the level of formality and specialized topic could stump me too, but I find that I can make sense of things somewhat if only the speech is slow down and I can here it clearly. As for mumbling, I think it's normal how guys speak. And, at my beginner's level, I won't even touch dialects now (but I like Osaka-ben, when I can recognize it as such).

Well, I suppose I expect too much in too little time (I study on and off since it seems like I haven't really made progress), but sure I'll try to keep on listening. After all, there are many many things (like those radio talk shows I downloaded back in 2007) I still haven't had a chance to listen to. ^^;;
30th-Apr-2009 11:33 am (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Well, the program recognizes them even if they're really ugly if you get the basic shape right XD Actually is suggests several similar kanji and you can usually find the one you meant among them then use rikaichan or a dictionary to look them up^^ My handwriting is awful too ^^;;

Ime pad is part of windows, if you have language support installed, for example if you can switch your keyboard in windows so you can type Japanese you can usually click right on where it shows the languages and choose "show more options" or something like that, then the ime pad should be in the taskbar too^^

It's not necessarily guys who mumble, it's kind of random, actually. Osaka-ben is to me still the easiest among the dialects because it's the most common apart from Tokyo-ben/standard Japanese and therefore I've heard it the most.

1st-May-2009 01:11 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
It's not that I would make them ugly. I simply can't draw them at all. ^^;; (Well, maybe I'm something of a perfectionist. I don't even want to try if it's going to look...not nice.)

Maybe it's strange, but I never use a dictionary to look up kanji, because I have to know how it's read first, and then it's far easier for me to type it in the computer.

I think I have language support installed since I can switch my keyboard language (but I don't like doing that for some reason), but I don't have Japanese there (I use a Japanese word processor for typing), so I guess I'm out of luck at the moment. (This computer is shared so I just can't install whatever I want.) Thank you for the info, though.

Well, maybe it's random, but I honestly think female speakers don't usually mumble (I can understand them better than guys). Since I don't really have that much experience listening though, you're probably right. And I think it's kind of shallow the way I like Osaka-ben--most of my favorite fictional characters seem to speak it (in addition of them being cool in other ways). ^^

And I suppose this might be a last comment from me for a while. I'm going to leave on a vacation for about four days and would have no computer or internet. ^^;
1st-May-2009 01:23 pm (UTC) - Re: random lurker comment
Lol, well you're not gonna get them to look nice if you never try ^.~

I do have a kanji dictionary, but it only has the jouyou kanji, I can look them up by their radicals or stroke number etc. so I don't have to know the reading.

Then you can probably just go to language options in system and add japanese, no need to put the windows cd in to install :)

Well guys usually use more slang but that I'm used to.
XD Osaka-ben is cute^^

Oh~ have a fun vacation then^^
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