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Update on what I watch (kind of) 
4th-Nov-2009 02:27 pm
No Kamen Rider W this week made me kind of sad. I was so looking forward to watching episode 9 after my return from almost a week long vacation. W is about the only weekly show I'm up to date with (though not the only one I watch) and have been really enjoying it more than I thought I would (though I don't really care for the latest two episodes (feel like they belong in some other show--the style and direction seem a bit off from the previous episodes), and even then I still like the first half better than the conclusion half).

Been watching some anime. No current shows, though; I'm still working my way through older stuff (one I actually just wanted to continue from where I left off, oh, around ten years ago, but I couldn't remember much of the earlier episodes so I had to re-watch from the beginning). And after more than three years, someone finally let me know what they thought of my Ouran fic (made me smile, but I'm not sure if I should reply since it's on ff.net), so I get an urge to re-watch that anime (and maybe catch up on the manga; last I left off around the end of volume 14, I think). Incidentally, for a while now I kind of wanted to finish up the first season of the other series with Haruhi as the main character, so I might as well do it now (and yes, I have to re-watch this one from the very beginning too since three years are just too long for me).
Honey & Haruhi
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