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Ultraman Mebius 46 
3rd-Mar-2007 01:45 pm
I really do like this episode, much more than the other one where Mebius is also rendered useless early on in the episode.

A few obvious observations:

- All the guys have now ended up in the infirmary. (Although some more than the others, of course.)

- Professor Fujisawa knows Mebius' identity. (Since when?)

- Dan hasn't told Konomi that he is Seven. (Not sure why.)

- The freezing alien is one tough dude. (I find it ironic that Konomi, the self-professed weakest member of GUYS, is the one who finally causes his destruction.)

EDIT (as of 4 March): I've rewatched this episode and noticed an editing mistake (I think). Mirai took off his left glove to feel Teppei's temperature, then the girls arrived and he told them to take care of Teppei. He hadn't put his glove back on then. Yet in the next frame where he transformed into Mebius, the glove was back on his left hand.

(Minor stuff - really doesn't impede my enjoyment of this episode at all. It was just something that catched my eyes.)

And I haven't discounted Marina's efforts in the rescue operation. It is simply that, unlike Konomi, Marina is already good at what she does.
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