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Ultraman Mebius Master Post (kind of) 
9th-Jun-2000 10:27 pm
(last edited: 15 April 2013)

Assume spoilers for most of these entries... And assume spoilers (if any) in the comments to be beyond the episode(s) indicated on each entry.

DVD Reviews:

Episodes 25 - 28 (My first review ever on Mebius. I don't know, it seems a lot more formal than my recent posts (which are still rather formal...))
Episodes 29 - 32
Episodes 33 - 36
Episodes 37 - 40 (my attempt to do something a little different.)
Episodes 41 - 44
Episodes 45 - 47 (um, similar in format to 37 - 40)
Episodes 48 - 50

The followings are a smattering of individual episodes written (well, most of them) before the corresponding DVD ones. This list includes the posts where I have only a few sentences.

episode 2 (one sentence, but oh well)
episode 3 (part story/part review)
I actually planned to do more entries like this one (have episode one and two written in parts), but I don't think I manage to capture the characters' voices all that well.

episode 9 (just a few comments)
episodes 9 and 10 (and little of episode 8) (This is more of a reflection post than actual review. Mostly about Mebius vs. Tsurugi.)
episode 12 (first part of summary)
episode 12 (continuation of the above entry--so yes, I've finished it. :)
episode 13 (The cut says it has a slight spoiler for Ultraman Tiga episode 16)
episodes 14/15 (more like observations)
episode 16
episode 18
episode 19
episode 20
episodes 21-22
episodes 21-22 (Um...more like my fanfic ideas. The post doesn't make very clear that I don't believe the things (especially toward the end) I'm speculating on have any real basis in canon. I'm still a little bothered by the voice similarity, though.)
episodes 1, 21, 22 (Yet another post on these set of episodes. Inspired more by e-mails than my own thoughts.)

I never seemed to be able to write anything coherent on episode 23, hence it is skipped.

episode 24 (on one thing that sometimes bothers me)

No individual posts for episodes 25 to 37, though I did talk at least a little about each of them in the DVD sections above

episode 38 (The Isana Episode)
episode 39 (Amazing Mama Episode)
episode 40
episodes 41-42
episodes 43-44
episode 43
episode 44
episode 46

No individual posts for episodes 45, 47-50, but yeah, they can also be found up above in the DVD sections.

Apparently, I've never posted anything on episodes 4-7, 10, 11 and 17 (but it is possible that I've overlooked my own posts, because I think I might have talked about something from episodes 8 and 10. ETA: I did add that post in). Might get around to whipping up something when I do yet another re-watch of the series.

Movies & Specials:

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers Movie (Nothing on plot details. Not sure if I still believe some of what I wrote (especially about the movie being low on plot) either, so maybe I might do a new review on it.)
It came out in theater just before episode 24 aired, so, timeline-wise, I would place it between episodes 23 and 24.

Armored Darkness Stage 1
Armored Darkness Stage 2
Sequel to the TV series. Watched without any subs so expect mistakes.

Super 8 Ultraman Brothers Movie
Super 8 Ultraman Brothers Movie (more of my thoughts on it)
Feels like an alternate universe to me, as far as Mebius goes. Not to mention I can't place where it should take place in Mebius TV series at all. (Except perhaps it is most likely after the first Mebius movie, since footages from there are referenced in this movie.)

Apparently, I never did review Hikari Saga (properly, that is. Probably scattered my opinions in bits and pieces elsewhere). For reference, the first saga is likely before the beginning of the TV series, the second one is between the end of episode 17 and the beginning of episode 18, and the third one is right before episode 35.

I still want to do some reviews on Ghost Rebirth, and Ultra Galaxy Movie, but well, I just can't seem to write anything. In the meantime, here are the downloads for Ghost Rebirth (I hadn't noticed before, but HK subs on the first part seems to be available), and the subbed movie (both not mine, I'm just linking), in case someone still needs them.

EDIT: Plenty of spoilers for Ultraman Nexus in the comments. (For Mebius too, to a lesser extent, I think.)
No Way
11th-Jun-2010 06:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks for arranging all your reviews! Mebius is my favourite tokusatsu (lol, I've only ever seen 2 series, so it might not be much of a praise), so I'm definitely going to have fun reading your opinion about the series, especially because there seem to be so few fans of it... Thanks for writing the reviews, too :)
13th-Jun-2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Mebius is my favorite toku, too. :) (Which other tokusatsu have you seen, if you don't mind me asking?) The list is mostly to see which episodes I have done and which still need reviews, but I'm glad you also seem to find it useful. My opinions are kind of all over the place so hopefully the reviews (some barely qualify ^^;;) are not too confusing. (Well, I don't do my review point by point such as having sections for general plot, visual, voice, etc., because I tend to be more random (feel like I can write more that way), though I'll read any review (style-wise) on Mebius and any other series (toku or otherwise) I'm interested in). I agree about the few fans, although, since Mebius TV series (at least) is fully subbed, it is possible (I hope) that there might be more fans I don't know of. (Incidentally, you are one of the new folks on this journal whom I never heard of before.) And thank you. :) I enjoyed writing these Mebius reviews, and, as I kind of alluded to, I might pick up writing more later when I'm inspired again.
13th-Jun-2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
Only Ultraman Nexus (and I thought it so boring I stopped watching at Episode 22). Now I'm planning to watch Kamen Rider 555 - because the actor who played Isana in Mebius is there, and the episode with him was one of my favourites in Mebius. Have you seen that series? Is it any good?

Formal reviews aren't a must, it is almost more fun to read opinions :) I have already looked through most of them, and I really liked how you wrote dialogues of the characters in the reviews - it makes the reviews look like little fanfics, and I could perfectly imagine the situation where the characters would talk about these things.

Your reviews made me want to re-watch Mebius so I could comment on some of the aspects you mentioned :) I hope that's ok if I comment on your old entries later, if something really good comes to my mind? :)

Yeah, well, I'm more of an anime person, I just started getting into tokusatsu, so I'm really new to all these things (I found your post through the community finalauraburst).

It would be great if you did write more, I really enjoyed reading your posts! Thank you!
14th-Jun-2010 05:28 am (UTC)
I think the series was probably dragging on and on at the part you dropped off. Starting from episode 26, though, the series seemed to be picking up paces again. But then I like Nexus a lot, so perhaps I'm biased. ^^; And ah, I like Isana's actor in Mebius (I actually wished for more than one episode of him appearing), but have no such fond feeling for his character in KR 555 (personal bias, probably, because I think some folks like his character fine). Anyway, I did enjoy the series at the time I watched (6-7 years ago), but I don't remember it as being anything particularly special. And just to throw it out there, I read somewhere that Nexus is sort of similar to new gen Kamen Rider series (something like having angst all over the places, mysteries get piled up while the old ones never really get resolved, etc.).

Oh, thank you. I'm really glad that you liked mini-dialogue reviews. :) Actually wanted to do more, but then I wasn't sure if folks might prefer straight reviews instead. I think I might try writing in this style again, if something really good does come to my mind. :)

Please feel free to drop comments on any posts, old or new. I love getting comments, but I would be happy if my posts are simply read and hopefully enjoyed. :)

Ah, I know you found me through finalauraburst. I made that comment only because I usually think I'm good at recognizing other folks who might also have watched Mebius, that's all. As for anime, I'm not sure if I can call myself an anime person, but I did watch a few here and there (mostly the ones that caught my fancy at the right time). And while I recognize some series on your list, I don't think I've seen any, except for Kuroshitsuji (I'm still at episode 2 for more than a year already), Sailor Moon (saw a few episodes, and all of Stars, and all of the live-action (tokusatsu) version), and Haruhi (still about a few episodes left for the first season).

Thank you again. Your comments really made my day. :)
14th-Jun-2010 11:23 am (UTC)
Well, if you liked it, I don't want to say all the bad things I thought about it, I'll just say that dragging was not the only problem there...

Lol, yeah, I kind of wished he were in more episodes, too.

But the fact that Nexus is like Kamen Rider makes me sad, I want to see something more like Mebius. Do you have any suggestions about which series would be similar?

Yeah, the dialogue reviews were fun, they were in character, and gave a behind-the-scenes feeling :)

Cool, I'll just find where I put the series, look through the episodes and come back to your reviews :)

Lol, well, I guess new people watch it, too :DD

Hmm, if those are the only ones you watched, no wonder you're not an anime person, those are not the most interesting series ever :D

But actually one of the things I liked about Mebius was that it was very much like an anime - the whole idea was to overcome one's limits and protect the important things with the power of friendship and one's burning spirit (ouch, sounds so lame when it's written like that), and most of my favourite anime series are based on that.

And your reviews made mine :)
14th-Jun-2010 02:58 pm (UTC)
Please, feel free to say why you think Nexus has problems. I don't mind different opinions. But well, only if you want to, because I, too, would rather not say bad things about a series if I know the other person like that series. For what it's worth, though, it's not like I love everything about Nexus--the main character (the rookie team member, not the Ultraman) is probably my least favorite person in that series.

It makes me sad, too, that Nexus might lead folks (whether they like or dislike the series) to believe that all Ultra series are dark and complicated, where in fact most Ultra series don't seem to take themselves too seriously.

Um...actually I can't really think of one series that would be like Mebius (rookie Ultraman, team members really close to one another and very supportive, past Ultras make appearances, etc.). But, for a series that is more-Ultraman like, I recommend Ultraman Tiga (the whole series has been subtitled and released in the US as four boxsets, but I heard the third volume is rather difficult to find). Ultraman Dyna is pretty fun, too, but I don't know if subtitled version is available. And Ultraman Gaia is very good (and the first Ultra series, I think, to introduce a blue Ultra (who at first not on the side of humans, sort of like Tsurugi in Mebius), but I don't think there are subs around either. Also, imo, one main problem with Gaia is there are just too many members of the monster fighting organization, so some characters barely get any screen time at all. Have you seen the second Mebius movie? Tiga, Dyna, Gaia (and their human forms) all appear in that movie, although, the movie being alternate universe and all, not the versions I'm familiar with.

I love behind the scenes segments. :) Would rather get official stuff (something like having the characters answering letters from viewers, explaining things while still in character, etc.), but well, I did have fun imagining what the characters might have said in retrospect.

Oh, please don't feel like you have to comment, although I do appreciate that you're willing to. Either way, re-watching Mebius is a good way to pass the time. :)

Nope, those are not the only ones I've seen, just the only ones I think you are familiar with (but maybe you know more anime series and just haven't listed them). Anyway, you're probably right that they are not the most interesting series since I manage to finish none of them. ^^;; My kind of anime seems to be more like toku (something like the main characters transforming/having another forms/identities) so I usually like magical girls series (yup, I know they are targeted at young girls) and genderbending (too few of this kind around).

Well, maybe overcoming one's limits, the power of friendship, protecting the important things and all that entails might sound kind of cheesy, but I like that whole theme a lot in Mebius, too. As I said, I don't really know any other toku series that might have things like that, but I'm glad it seems you can find plenty of similar series in anime.

And I kind of hesitate to ask since we don't have much series in common, but would it be okay if I friend you? I don't really comment much outside of my own journal (shy), but I enjoyed what I've seen of your posts.
14th-Jun-2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
Well, if you say it's ok:

1) I found the characters boring. After 22 episodes, I could only remeber the names Komon and Nagi, the rest of them were Whatshisname, Whatshername, and Whatshisface. There was no back-story to the characters and nothing that would make them likeable.

2) the main character was not Ultraman! That goes against all rules of the narrative, the main character should be the interesting one, not somebody like Komon. It's not that I hate him, or anything, I was really sorry for him when his girlfriend died (well, if that counts as dying).

3) the series was not positive. Mebius had some angsty moments and bits that nearly made me cry, but it still had a positive atmosphere, it was optimistic. Even the music was uplifting. Nexus, in comparison, was just gloomy all the time.

There were definitely some things about Mebius I didn't like, but it is a much more enjoyable series.

I'm glad to hear most of the series don't take themselves too seriously. Come on, dudes in skin-tight suits fighting dudes in rubber monster suits, this sort of thing is made for cheezy fun, not for angst :DD

Well, I don't mean exactly like Mebius - it would be pretty much impossible to make a series really similar without plagiarism. I meant more in terms of general feeling of the series - more adventures and fun, less angst. And the characters should be likeable, too - they should do things because they want to help people, not because they hate aliens or something of the sort.

For me the appearances of past Ultramen were not all that interesting, since I actually did not know them. I guess it's only fun if it makes you remember the series you watched...

Ultraman Tiga sounds like fun, do you, perhaps, have a download link (I failed at googling >_<)

I didn't watch any Mebius movies - I figured they would be full of past Ultramen, so the movies are more for old fans, not noobs like me :DD

Official stuff would be cool, but it's fun to imagine things, too :)

Well, if I have something to say, I will! Too bad I didn't see your reviews sooner, it would have been fun to discuss the series while I was watching it for the first time.

I do know more series, but I'm afraid those would not be your kind of series, either - I mainly like anime about adventures and action, and fights :DD

Too bad these themes are not so popular in tokusatsu, but yeah, I have enough anime to fill that niche, so I guess I could try something else in toku series :D

Sure it's ok! New friends are always great :) And I hope you don't mind if I friend you back ^_^ But I have to warn you, I like to talk, and will comment on pretty much everything you write. Regardless of whether or not I know what you're talking about! :D And of course you're welcome to comment on my LJ entries whenever you feel like it :)
15th-Jun-2010 07:58 am (UTC)
Interesting. :) I did notice all your points while I watched the series but probably never let them bother me much (except Komon).

1) They are boring, at that point. There is an episode EX (my download link, but the episode would spoil some later events up to around episode 31) that goes into the backstory of Shiori (the other female member), and even touches on a little more of Ishibori (the other male member--but I remember this guy better as the scumbag reporter in Mebius anyway), and I appreciate that, even it comes nearly at the end of the series (actually, the episode was cut from broadcast and was only included on DVD). If I'm not mistaken, the Illustrator (the guy in white coat) also got some backstory later on. The captain? Yeah, don't think there was anything about him. (And if you're interested, I typed up list of actors who both appeared in Nexus and Mebius. Might be spoilers (but I don't really think so--especially since you finished Mebius.))

2) Ah, yeah, I agree that the main character should be interesting and I feel Komon (whether he is Ultraman or not) is hardly that. I don't exactly hate Komon, but I don't much like that he is the main character (whiny whiny character, takes him forever to get over Riko (who is dead, yes)). He does get a little better as the series goes on, though. (I want to say more, but I don't know how you feel about spoilers...)

3) Would you believe that Nexus makes a drastic turnaround at episode 26? The atmosphere is actually bright and normal, you would think you were watching some other series. But yeah, Nexus was far too gloomy for more than half of the series (no wonder the series was not doing well--kids got too scared watching). And yes, the music in Mebius was very uplifting.

Well, yeah, for each of the series I say I like, there would always be at least a few aspects I'm not so fond of. But most of the time, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Come on, dudes in skin-tight suits fighting dudes in rubber monster suits, this sort of thing is made for cheezy fun, not for angst :DD

I totally agree. Which is why Ultraman Max (the next series after Nexus) totally goes back to the basic and is probably the complete opposite of Nexus.

Well, I wasn't sure what you meant by 'similar'. If you mean it broadly like adventures and fun, most Ultra series (except Nexus and UltraSeven X) would fit, I think. And even some sentai series, though I haven't seen much of the genre to really make recommendation. As for likeable characters, they are pretty subjective (especially with me--I tend to like characters other folks don't like, and vice versa), but I feel most toku characters would genuinely want to help people. Still, it's probably difficult to find another series with so many likable characters as those in Mebius, where everyone (even those who seem to be on the other side at first) are basically good/nice people (except Hirukawa, who never changes--but I like the guy, nasty as he is, so...).

I don't actually have a problem with the past Ultramen (I like their series (the ones I've seen) fine). But I would prefer that they don't appear a lot in Mebius. I mean, Mebius can fight fine without their help for more than half of the series, and suddenly they have to come bail him out for almost the rest of the series. I think one of the reasons given is the enemies have become stronger, but come on, can't Mebius become stronger, too? But, all that aside, since Mebius is an anniversary series, I guess it's a logical place for the past Ultramen to appear. And maybe that's just me, but I don't like when guest characters outshine the titled character. ^^;

I manage to find only a few episodes of Ultraman Tiga. I'll send you an LJ private message for the links.

(to be continued...because I exceed the character limit for comments. ^^;;)

Edited to fixed a broken link.

Edited at 2010-06-15 08:02 am (UTC)
15th-Jun-2010 12:03 pm (UTC)
I guess it was too much of a contrast between Nexus and Mebius, so these things bothered me.

1) Good to know that the characters get some backstory, but at that point, I think, it's too late - it is already the end of the series, and if they didn't manage to make the viewers care about the characters before, they will not manage to do so in the last episodes... The Illustrator's story would be interesting - he seemed to be a mysterious, intellectual and ruthless person, that's totally my type ^__^ But not so interesting that I would actually watch the series, I think...

2) You mean Komon turns into Ultraman later? I suspected that would happen because that real Ultraman was in a bad physical condition. I didn't blame him for feeling bad about Riko - after all, she seemed a very nice person. But when those feelings actually didn't let him do his duty, I was like: 'Stop moping already, man!'

Well, I was not really going to continue watching Nexus, so spoilers are ok :)

3) Hmm, they realised they were losing viewers and tried to get them back like that? Even so, I don't think I'll continue - the previous episodes kind of spoiled my impression about the series, I doubt they could do anything that awesome in the rest of the episodes that would change my opinion completely.

Yeah, what I meant was general adventures and fun :) After Nexus, I got worried that Mebius was the only fun series, and the rest of them are serious. Good to know that most of them aren't :D

Hirukawa was nasty - but I kind of liked the fact that he was so selfish and cowardly, it was an interesting contrast to Mirai.

It's not that I have a problem with them, I just feel that there is some sort of backstory to them, and they make references to it (like the one Ultraman who was on the Moon, and talking to some woman in his mind or something... and the one who used to be a teacher), and I don't know the story, so I'm missing out on bits of the plot. I would have preferred for Mebius to handle everything by himself, but I guess the appearances of other Ultramen was fanservice :DD

Thank your for the links, I downloaded all the episodes already. Not sure about the series itself yet, but I really like the song! That's how music should be :D

Lol, I didn't know there was a character limit :DD
15th-Jun-2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
Nexus was like the first Ultraman to be aired in a while (as in a few years), so I guess I was pretty forgiving back then. It's probably not a rational feeling, but I still like the series, despite knowing all (or most) its faults.

1) I don't think there is much on the Illustrator's story, so yeah, probably not worth watching the series just for that.

2) I only meant that as whether the main character was a normal person or an Ultraman. But in this case, since you said you don't mind spoilers, yes. (Not that I didn't guess that since Day 1.)

3) Whether that was done to bring viewers back or not, I still think they really improved the general atmosphere. At that point (from ep 26 on), the series seemed much more balanced, and actually answered questions instead of kept piling them up. And there was a new character (new host for Ultraman--Komon's time hadn't come yet) who managed to be, imo, more interesting than most of the ones existing since the beginning of the series. He kind of reminded me a bit of Mirai, as in generally being a happy person who liked to bring a smile to everyone and having a rather innocent outlook of the world (and considering the world this guy was in, that's pretty ironic, I think). Anyway, it's only about 12 episodes to the end (starting from ep 26). Still, if you would rather not continue watching, I understand.

Yeah, most Ultra series are (supposedly--since I actually haven't seen a lot myself ^^;) fun. I don't like dark, angsty series myself (Nexus seems to be a rare exception). I want to be entertained, not to be depressed, while watching a show (be it anime, toku, movie, drama or any other type of fiction).

I agree that Hirukawa was probably meant to be an interesting contrast to how Mirai was (mostly) selfless and so courageous. As nasty as he was, Hirukawa hadn't managed to turn Mirai away from humans (or even completely from Hirukawa himself).

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that you had a problem with the past Ultramen (bad choice of wording on my part, I suppose). And actually, I haven't really seen the series you use as examples myself, so I feel like I'm missing out on some of the plot, too. Anyway, the Ultraman on the moon is Ultraman Ace, and the teacher one is Ultraman 80--and every time I re-watch Mebius, I keep telling myself I have to hunt down those series and watch them. ^^;;

You're welcome (I envy your download speed). And I totally love Tiga OP song (even with the bad English in the lyrics ^^;), which was sung by V6 (the band Daigo's actor is a part of).

Yeah, I don't remember how much exactly, but I think a little over 4000 characters (4300?) Anyway, LJ will tell you if you exceed the limit (I usually cut stuff if I haven't gone over too much, which was not the case here (I might have been too wordy, I don't know ^^;;)).
15th-Jun-2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
It's absolutely understandable - it has associations with good memories of watching the series after a break :)

I was hoping he would be an alien himself - but there was nothing like that there, right?

Hmm, you are more perceptive than me :DD I didn't guess it in the beginning, but then when that actual Ultraman started getting all beaten up, I understood that Komon will get the superpowers.

That's kind of weird to introduce a new guy for Ultraman's powers. I can't really see the point in that. The viewers would definitely not have the time to get to know the character when there are so few episodes left.

Same here :) I'm glad to hear that other Ultra series are not so angsty. If only more subtitled series were available :(

Yeah, I was really amazed by Mirai there. I definitely would have punched the daylights out of Hirukawa if I were Mebius :D

Yeah, it really felt like I should know them because the series treated them like well-known characters, Teppei could recognise them immediately (but then again, he is a fanboy, he would :DD). Might be difficult to get them - I guess those are old series, they probably will not be so easily available.

Lol, my download speed is decent, my watching speed is slow - I have like 500 GB of anime and various other stuff I want to watch, but I can never get around doing it >_<

Yeah, it's a great OP! Catchy, dynamic, and really sets the mood for the series. I think the gratuitous English is kind of cute :D That actor sang the OP? Wow, I really admire the Japanese actors - they are all so talented...

Well, as long as it doesn't have any limit for the number of comments, it's all good :D
16th-Jun-2010 07:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, I suppose. And I was watching Nexus week by week, too, so I suppose whatever annoyed me in the previous episode was forgotten by the time the next episode rolled around.

To be honest, I actually don't remember. Probably because whatever had been revealed about the Illustrator didn't make me go 'I totally didn't expect THAT'. All I can really say for certain is his backstory seemed to be tied with the new guy's.

Um...they were spending so much time on Komon (and Ultraman barely had any screen time at all) in the first episode, I thought it would be totally wasted if he remained a normal person throughout (I was under the impression then that Nexus would be mostly about Komon's growth, and I wasn't too far off). (I did expect him to be Ultraman for more than one episode, though.) But maybe it's because I had heard that there would be at least a few hosts for Ultraman, too. But yeah, most every viewer seemed to be sure that Komon would get the powers after Himeya at that point in the series. (I wasn't, actually, but that was nothing more than me already knowing about the new character.)

There was a point. The idea was Nexus' powers were supposedly got passed from one person to another, implying that everyone (ordinary people or otherwise) could become Ultraman if he/she was trusted with the powers from the previous Ultraman, so to speak. As far as the new guy is concerned, I believe viewers will get to know him much better than almost anyone else in the cast (except Komon, of course). I was a bit surprised (because, yes, I actually had the same concern about probably not having enough time to get to know the new character), but somehow 12 episodes were very adequate to make me care (I don't think I knew Himeya this well in 24+ episodes he appeared because more than half of those episodes were devoted to Komon). And, I don't actually know if it was true, but Nexus was canceled because of low ratings. Still, somehow I could believe that there were actually more episodes planned (to fill a whole year's worth, most likely), since the episode EX was removed from broadcast. Anyway, I hope I don't sound like I was trying to pressure you to continue the series or anything.

I want more subtitled series, too, or at least dubbed series, in the language(s) I can understand. :) Lack of them is part of my hesitation to check out more Ultra series (and more older tokusatsu in general), I suppose.

Mirai wouldn't be the Mirai most everyone came to know and love if he actually hit Hirukawa. ^^; I was only surprised by his level of restraint in face of such extreme provocation (Hirukawa trying to kill Mirai just to save his own worthless hide, for instance), not by the fact that he did restrain. (Again, me not making too much sense, but guess I can't explain it any better. ^^;;) I did wonder, though, that Mirai, being not at all calm and being frustrated by his lack of choice, just chose to attack Hirukawa with his gaze, as Hirukawa seemed to remark upon ('what's with that look, huh?').

Yeah, Teppei seemed to be the only one who recognized the past Ultras (other than Mirai, of course), probably because he had been raiding reading those document files. And true, the older series don't seem to be very readily available, even without subs.

I never get around to watching millions of stuff I downloaded either. ^^;; Also, I would rather re-watch things I know I like.

I thought the Engrish was cute, too. :) (On a slightly more serious note, it kind of made me wonder a bit. Japanese people obviously know good English, so why do they insist on putting non-sense ones in their entertainment?) And yes, Daigo's actor sang the OP with his bandmates (I kind of forget how many people actually did the singing, though).

Well, I've heard that an LJ entry can receive only 5000 comments maximum. But we are not likely to approach even 1/100 of that on this entry. ^^
16th-Jun-2010 11:46 am (UTC)
I guess that's different if you actually have to wait for the episodes - then you start looking forward to them, and it makes you happier when you see them...

Too bad there was nothing so surprising, he was a rather interesting character.

After that first episode I was kind of hoping that they would find Ultraman, and ask him to join their team, and the whole series would be about Komon and the new guy killing monsters. Like a buddy cop series, only with Ultraman. So no wonder I got disappointed when things did not go in that direction at all :DD

I've read it somewhere, too - the usual series is supposed to have something like 50 episodes, but Nexus was cut short because the ratings were low.

Don't worry, it doesn't sound like you're pressuring me. In fact, it is kind of interesting to discuss Nexus with a person who has a positive opinion about it - makes me wonder whether I might have missed the good aspects of the series. But it is still unlikely that I'll go back and check :DD

Yeah, there should be more subbed series! But I guess people aren't really interested in subbing old tokusatsu.

No, that makes sense. I think it really would be impossible for Mirai to snap and do something to Hirukawa. Mebius is supposed to be the good guy, and has to fight evil aliens, so it only makes sense that he would not really try anything with Hirukawa.

Actually, makes me wonder if Ultramen are unable to physically attack human beings? Supposing Mirai saw somebody geting mugged - would he interfere and beat the mugger up? Lol, could he actually do that - it's not like he has special powers when he is not Mebius, so it's likely that he would get beaten up...

But they also had some sort of special festival in honour of the previous Ultraman, so Teppei is not the only one who remembers history. But even without knowing the old Ultramen the story was pretty clear, it's not like one couldn't understand what was going on.

Yeah, me too. At least with re-watching you know that you will have fun, but with new series you might end up watching something boring. But then again, sometimes trying something new is fun, too :D

Probably because nonsense is cuter ^__^ I want to download that song :DD

Well, if we start discussing Tiga, as well, we might get there someday :DDD
16th-Jun-2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
After that first episode I was kind of hoping that they would find Ultraman, and ask him to join their team, and the whole series would be about Komon and the new guy killing monsters.

I would actually like to see something like that, too. But Nexus billed itself as dark and mysterious from the beginning, so I knew it was unlikely.

(I think some time before or after his woe-was-me episodes, Komon did try asking Himeya to join their team, but you saw how that went down. He had more success with the new guy (who didn't actually join the team either), but it helped that by that time the night raiders no longer viewed Ultraman as a threat (not the narrow-minded people who experimented on Himeya, however).)

That's good then. :) And I'm interested in hearing your opinions on what you've seen. Reading them makes me wonder whether I had been too forgiving of the series.

Yeah, I'm rather sad that only the new series get all the love. But fansub groups usually don't pick up Ultra series either (whether old or new), so I feel doubly sad about that.

Heh, heh. While it is most likely impossible that Mirai would snap (unless he was mind-controlled or something, but perhaps not even then), I did make Mirai in my never finish WIP fic feel resentful enough to try something non-physical on Hirukawa. But yes, Mebius is a good guy, and physically attacking a human, a civilian one at that, would not be acceptable at all (by his own moral standard, if nothing else).

Kind of related to your wondering, Mirai did see someone in trouble in episode 40 and try to help her by holding down the guy who took an appearance of a human but was not one (the plant monster/alien ^^). I would not say Mirai doesn't have any special powers when in human form since after that struggle, the plant monster got free and ran away, he fired his light beam at it (seems like alien is fair game, as far as Mirai's restraint goes). But yeah, that light beam (which I still don't know the name of, all the power names I could find were for when he was Mebius) didn't do much to hurt the plant monster. I can't say for certain if Mirai would interfere with the mugger situation if the mugger was actually human, though. (Although my gut feelings say he would. He probably couldn't bear to leave people in trouble alone. But that didn't mean he would physically attack the mugger (perhaps just holding the guy down long enough for the victim to escape).)

Of course, lots of people remember previous Ultramen (the teacher one, 80, was remembered by his whole class). I simply meant that in GUYS, Teppei would be the only one fanatical enough to learn about all the previous Ultramen who had ever visited Earth ^^; (but, well, Sakomizu would also be able to identify Ultramen, considering his backstory). (That was Ultra Father, by the way. I don't know much of his history, but he didn't seem to have his own series...) I'm not sure if you mean the story in any episode a previous Ultraman appears, but yeah, the story in the festival episode was clear. Still, I know folks who had seen older series would definitely appreciate the episode more, because they would be able to catch all the little references that newer viewers would not notice.

Yeah, once in a while I would try something new, and usually I'm not disappointed (I think I'm rather easy to please when it comes to toku).

Probably because nonsense is cuter ^__^

I like to think that is the reason, too. ^__^

I want to download that song :DD

Here you go. :D

Well, if we start discussing Tiga, as well, we might get there someday :DDD

Ah, do you want to, though? I haven't seen Tiga for a while, so I might not be able to really go into details on it. (But since I have been winging it for Nexus (which I haven't seen for a few years already--so now you know I might have made up something ^^;;), I probably could do that for Tiga too.)
16th-Jun-2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
I had no idea what Nexus would be like, and no real expectations. Well, I hoped it would be like Mebius, but that's about it. So I guess that's mainly the reason why I didn't like it - it was not like Mebius at all.

Lol, kind of weird to think about a team without Ultraman in it, I feel that Ultraman has to be there :DD

That experimentation part was something I really didn't like - it was something that definitely could have happened in real life, and realism is not something I appreciate in any series I watch.

I guess we just had different expectations from it, that's why our opinions about Nexus differ so much.

Well, at least a lot of Kamen Rider series are fansubbed. But then again, you said Kamen Rider series are all angsty, so it's not really the same.

I could see the rest of the team doing something to Hirukawa to protect Mirai, or to revenge, but Mirai himself, I don't know what he could possibly do :D

The new scale of moral standards: 'What would Mirai do?' :DD

Oh, that's right, he did! And Mirai also has super-speed in his human form (just re-watched episode 1, where he catches the sharp thingees the woman in lab coat threw at him). Fighting aliens is totally ok for him.

I agree, he would hardly attack anyone physically. You know, Mirai being Mirai, he'd give them puppy eyes, they would become ashamed and go do charity work :DD

Teppei is kind of adorable, he is so enthusiastic about the whole thing :DD But at least references to old Ultramen make people want to watch the old series.

Good for you - you won't run out of things to watch :)

OMG, thank you so much! You're a lifesaver! How will I ever thank you enough for providing me with all the cool stuff?! I totally love that song <333

I won't be able to go into details about it, either, since I only understand the general idea of what is happening (I'm kind of surprised that I do, actually - I thought without subtitles I wouldn't understand a thing). But so far I like the series, not so sure about Daigo - he seems to be too emotional.
17th-Jun-2010 06:27 am (UTC)
A team without Ultraman seems kind of weird, yes. Even though most teams wouldn't realize they have Ultramen on their teams either until almost the end.

I don't appreciate realism in something I watch for relaxation either. Really could do without the experimentation there (but then again, if that was in one of the early episodes, I might not be bothered too much--not really sure why either). But Nexus wanted that kind of grim realism in there, that people wouldn't smile and welcome a silver giant just because he saved them. He might turn out to be their enemy for all they knew.

Well, while most of the ones I've seen have some angst, I probably cannot say for sure that all Kamen Riders are ansgty. In any case, you could simply pick one completely subbed series and start watching, to see if you might like the style. (I heard that Kamen Rider Kabuto is a good choice if you've never seen any kamen rider before.)

You're right, Mirai wouldn't do anything to Hirukawa, while the team (especially the two hotheads) might. But I think they knew nothing of how Hirukawa abused Mirai in episode 44.

I think the series totally forgot Mirai's super-speed in later episodes (but then I should re-watch to make sure). I mean, as in the time(s) he should use it, but didn't.

Lol, yeah, don't think I would ever run out of things to watch. My problem is I don't have enough time to watch. ^^;;

You're totally welcome on the song. :)

Daigo, too emotional? I don't really see that, but then again I like his character fine. Relating to that, I remember reading someone's opinion, which says that Daigo and Komon are the same type of characters, in that they are blah about things and only react to things (wait for things to happen to them), not actively go out there to cause things to happen. I guess what that fan means to say is these characters are kind of bland, and have a bit of slow reaction to things. Obviously I don't agree with those descriptions, or that Daigo is exactly like Komon (but well, if I look hard enough, they are a bit similar, true).

...Well, I'll have to go now. Not feeling very well at the moment.
17th-Jun-2010 12:39 pm (UTC)
That aspect is kind of odd - I always wondered why superheroes in disguise just don't tell people about their identities. But Nexus kind of answered that question for me - look what happened to Himeya after people found out he was the Ultraman >_<

The whole experimentation thing really fit in Nexus world, in fact, I thought that Komon's optimism about the giant was kind of out of place there - he didn't really have definite proof that it was a friendly creature.

I guess I'll try doing that - maybe if I start watching the series with different expectations, I will not get so disappointed that it's nothing like Mebius :D

Hmm, I think you're right, they didn't know. But at the end when Hirukawa wanted to tell everyone Mebius's identity, weren't the team there? I think I need to re-watch those parts, too :D

Maybe he couldn't - since he was usually around his teammates, and that might give away his secret?

Lol, isn't that the same problem for all of us? XD

Thanks again, I've been listening to it on repeat all yesterday night ^__^

Well, emotional is maybe not the right word, but in the first episode Daigo rushed into the pyramid to explore it without waiting for the rest of the team, and in the second, when talking to that hologram, he had a temper tantrum like a five-year -old and threw away that magic stick thing... Not emotional, but not exactly level-headed, either.

Not sure about his similarities with Komon, though... I guess I need to watch some more to tell. But then again, Komon didn't have much of a personality, I think.

Sorry to hear that, I hope you get better soon :)
17th-Jun-2010 07:12 pm (UTC)
I have wondering aplenty about superheroes and their needs to hide their secret identities. In fact, I wrote quite a few entries on the subject. But wow, what happened to Himeya as a result of people knowing he was Ultraman never did come to my mind as an answer to that question.

I don't blame Komon for his optimism, considering the kind of work he had been doing before joining the night raider. Believing in the silver giant--when there was no evidence whatsoever that it might not turn on humans--was kind of out of place, true, but I suppose if Komon was just a mindless drone like most everyone else I would really be disappointed. After all, I want my main character to be different (such as be able to think for himself), even if I might not care for him in any other way.

Hirukawa went ahead and published an article about Mirai being Mebius in a magazine, and Marina (I think?) was flipping through it and saw the article. Naturally everyone looked at Mirai for some answer as to how his identity got out. I think Mirai only said he transformed in front of Hirukawa, and not mentioning anything else that happened there.

He could have used his super-speed when he was alone. But yeah, perhaps he was more often not alone. (As for his teammates, he didn't need to hide from them after they knew about him.)

Glad to hear that you like the OP song that much. :D

I agree about Daigo not being quite leveled-head, though I would call Daigo impulsive, myself. He charged ahead without thinking much of the consequences. (But then again, being impulsive could explain other Ultraman hosts, too. ^^;;) And I think I kind of like hearing a serious transformation item like Spark Lense being called a 'magic stick thing' (would you still call it that if you knew the name?). (I got this much done for subs: EP1, EP2.)

True, Komon didn't seem to have much of a personality. I guess that's the reason I was so quick to deny the comparison to Daigo. Perhaps it might not be quite apparent, but they are a bit similar, mostly in their (broad) circumstances. I mean, the comment about things happening to them at least has some truth to it. As you noted, Daigo threw a temper tantrum in episode 2. It was because someone (the hologram) decided his fate for him and he didn't like that. And while Komon had people deciding things for him, I don't quite remember him really lashing out (but yeah, I might have simply forgotten that). Both Daigo and Komon seemed to think of themselves as regular, ordinary people. They just wanted to live peacefully. Still, I think Komon is more idealistic (well, as in having unrealistic expectations of the world he lives in), and Daigo is a little more grounded to reality (of the world he lives in).

Thank you. I hope so too. :)
17th-Jun-2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
It's pretty obvious why they wouldn't want the general public to know it - people have weird obsession with celebrities, so superheroes would never get a break. But hiding it from their families and colleagues seems odd. But then Nexus showed that some organisations would really do anything for more power. Probably, if Komon was Ultraman from the very beginning, they would have experimented on him, too.

That's a good point - believing that the giant was on their side definitely made Komon stand out from the rest of the team - they were all so cynical and practical about it... But maybe it just shows that Komon is too naive, while the rest of the team had had such horrible experiences that they don't blindly trust everyone.

I really need to re-watch that, don't remember those parts at all >_< If that's how it happened, Mirai is way too nice not to mention anything about Hirukawa... But then again, for him it's probably a painful subject, since he actually likes people.

Lol, quite possible that the writers forgot about it. I'll try to pay attention to that while re-watching, maybe there really were some situations when he could have and should have used it, but didn't.

I love the song! I'm learning the lyrics so I could sing along ^_^

Yes, impulsive was exactly the word I was looking for here! I thought that maybe if the pyramid was calling him telepathically, or something like that, his behaviour could be justified, but if he just ran ahead, that's kind of unprofessional...

Maybe impulsiveness is a part of the stereotypical hero as the Japanese see it? Hot-headed, but with a heart of gold is the hero, and the calm, logical, scheming person is the villain... That would also appeal to younger viewers which are probably the target audience for tokusatsu.

I didn't understand its name without the subtitles, besides, the way the thing looks really reminds me of Sailor Moon, and somehow it makes me lol. But I will not call it a 'magic stick thing' again :DD

Wow, thank you for the subtitles! I'll watch the two episodes again, to see what I missed without them :)

But you really don't have to do that if you don't feel well or have no time - I can sort of understand what's going on there. Otherwise I totally feel like I'm troubling you - first I asked for the series, then the song, now the subtitles... Not that I'm not happy to get the subtitles :DD

Well, Komon was not so passive, was he? I think once they offered him to leave that organisation and they would wipe his memory, but he refused. So he does make active choices in the course of events.

I think Komon was younger, at least I get that impression from his character, so maybe that explains his idealism...
18th-Jun-2010 06:49 am (UTC)
Yes, the heroes' powers might be exploited if someone knew (general public or not).

Also, the heroes might fear repercussions from all those destroyed buildings (somehow unlikely--I've never seen one series where people got on the heroes' cases about property damages, even when their identities were blown). But the first commenter in this entry suggested (I'm kind of paraphrasing since they actually only talked about Ultra heroes) that it is a huge responsibility, being a hero. Especially being an Ultra hero, whom people actually look up to. And it is probably difficult to live up to such an ideal, an absolute. So that might be part of the reason why people usually don't tell their families and colleagues about their superheroes identities. (Less awkwardness, I suppose.) The other part is the fear that the loved ones might be used against the heroes (kidnapping, for instance), but the bad guys usually knew who the heroes were, even if the other ordinary people didn't, so the point was kind of mute. Still, I think Kamen Riders (especially newer series) don't usually hide their identities.

I never doubt they would have experimented on Komon if he was Ultraman since the beginning of the series.

Komon is definitely too naive, but like I said, I understand why he is that way. And I don't believe there was any real evidence that the team had had horrible experiences, but I can't really trust my memory on this. I agree that they were very practical (and cynical) about the whole thing, however, and efficiently dealing with it.

Mirai didn't seem like someone who would complain about his mistreatment (seemed more like he would take care of the problem himself, if he wanted to at all). But yes, I agree that it might be painful for him to talk badly about a human (even the one who doesn't exactly worth anything in anyone's else opinion).

RE: the super-speed thing

Yeah, but that's most likely me nit-picking too much, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm seeing things that aren't actually there.

Oh, you already have the lyrics? I never did look up lyrics to this song myself, choosing to simply repeat the Engrish parts. ^^;;

Not remembering if the pyramid did call him, but I think it still seems kind of unprofessional for Daigo to run ahead either way.

Every hero seems to have a heart of gold, but I'm glad that there seem to be at least some variety as far as personality types are concerned. Still, that's true, hotheaded, impulsive heroes seem to be around more often than not. Probably to better contrast with, as you said, calm, logical, scheming villains. Personally though, I wish for more calm, level-headed heroes (with actual personalities) and hysterical villains.

I was actually amused by your description of Spark Lense (but the subs call it Spark Lance, so now I'm confused myself, lol), rather than by the thing itself. But I think I understand. If they want people to take it seriously, it should not look like a plastic magic wand (especially its toy version). ^^;; (As far as transformation items go, though, I actually think this is one of the better looking ones...)

You're welcome. :) I kind of needed a distraction, though, so I did the subs (and they seemed to be somewhat relevant to the discussion at hand). So don't worry about that being a trouble or anything. And it seems like I might be doing the subs for myself anyway, so I'll send them to you if/when I have them.

Yes, I agree he can make active choices, but I suppose Komon is still more passive than assertive.

Not sure about Komon being younger, but perhaps you're right. In any case, Komon certainly has less experience working in a monster fighting team.
18th-Jun-2010 10:51 am (UTC)
Well, Ryuu scolded Mebius for destroying so many buildings, but at that time he had no idea that Mebius is Mirai, so not sure if that counts.

That's a really cool discussion in that entry, some of those aspects really didn't occur to me!

But that's a really good point that there is pressure on Ultraman. I think in the series Konomi (I think it was her) talked to Mirai about that at some point. People really do view him as hero, and if they knew his human identity, they might start criticising it, going: 'Hmm, Ultraman is not allowed to have a day off, he should be working 24/7' :D

Using friends or family as hostages - that's a valid concern, too. Mirai's team were used as hostages once, and the alien who did that, knew that Mirai is Mebius, right?

That's a weird aspect, really - how do the bad guys know who the hero is? Do they have some sort of a hero radar? :DD

Are Kamen Riders aliens, too? Maybe being an alien is one of the reasons why Ultramen hide their identities. After all, people are suspicious about unusual creatures, and aliens would definitely qualify as unusual.

They are really horrible, Komon is one of their employees, and they would do that to him =/ But I guess they don't really have any morals if they can delete people's memories.

Maybe the events with Mizorogi count as horrible experience? Or, if not, they still have been fighting monsters longer than Komon, so no wonder they developed a more practical approach.

I have just watched that episode with your subtitles, and the pyramid did call him, or at least he heard his name coming from somewhere, so there is some justification in what he did.

But it turns out Daigo really is similar to Komon - when that time capsule was discovered, Daigo was the only one who enthusiastically supported the idea that the thing is real, even when they had no evidence, just like Komon supported the idea that Ultraman is their ally. Maybe they both just want to believe in miracles? :)

Yeah, that would be nice - I can't remember any level-headed heroes. But at least some villains get hysterical, usually when the heroes destroy their clever plans.

Hmm, compared to what Nexus used, this one is better. By the way, was Mebius's transformation item usually invisible? It only appeared when he wanted to change into Mebius, right?

I would be really grateful if you did more subs - without the subs I miss some of the details in the series. I totally thought that Tiga's time capsule came from the future, but the subs said it's from the past. But I'm not surprised - in the past human sacrifice was the norm, no wonder Ultraman works on human lives (well, Daigo's life - but at least it gave it back later).
18th-Jun-2010 03:07 pm (UTC)
Yup, Ryuu did scold Mebius. ^^;;

But, true, that was back in the first episode, where he didn't know Mebius, nor Mirai for that matter. Strictly speaking, though, I would have to count that since it was such a clear instance of a human not being grateful of the way a hero fought.

Pressure on Ultraman is the name of that episode, I think. And yes, it was Konomi who talked to Mirai, since everyone else (well, maybe Teppei didn't exactly actively participating) was busy blaming Mebius ('he doesn't understand us').

Episode 45, and yes, Deathram knew about Mebius. It is a valid concern, but I still think the hero shouldn't use that as a sole reason to not reveal his identity, since the bad guy doesn't care and will use them as hostages either way, so it is not like the loved ones are safe in their ignorances. (In fact, I think most of the time, the loved ones don't like that the hero decided for them that they shouldn't know.)

That's a weird aspect, really - how do the bad guys know who the hero is? Do they have some sort of a hero radar? :DD

More like Ultraman radar. I only really see it with Ultra series mostly. Perhaps the aliens simply recognize one another.

Kamen Riders are not aliens (well, at least most of them, I suppose), but some of them could be considered monsters. And xenophobia could well be one of the reasons Ultramen hide their identities. But I don't know. Ultramen seem rather well-known that people might be in awe, instead. (For a not so good example, Hirukawa got afraid ('monsters') when he didn't know Mirai was actually Mebius, and only saw him using supernatural powers. But after Hirukawa saw Mirai transform, the fear seemed to have disappeared (still, not the suspicion nor the distrust, I suppose, so, as I said, not a good example).) As far as I recalled, the only serious xenophobia moment in Mebius was when people outright killed an alien in episode 32, but that was like not so modern time, so presumably people are more tolerant nowadays?

Ah, I actually thought deleting people's memories sounded kind of cool in a fic (like when a fic writer wanted to make it not AU by erasing memories, bringing things back to status quo), but now that you mention it, it does present complicated moral dilemmas. True, maybe it's better to forget a painful trauma. Still, who are they to decide what memory people should have or should not have? (In Nexus, they could actually only delete a trigger word (ultraman, I think), so it's not like they can really wipe people's heads clean of memory. That's a small comfort, I suppose.)

I did mean to mention Mizorogi, but I didn't (still don't) remember how much damages he had left behind (before they encountered him again). But I like your idea, that they have been Night Raiders for a while, longer than Komon, so they developed a more practical approach.

I think both Daigo and Komon are rookies in their teams, so they are not as professional as the rest of the members, so to speak. But at least I didn't remember finding Daigo's reactions too out of place. It was probably because the Tiga world was not (too) full of skeptics and mistrustful people.

Yes, some of the villains can get pretty hysterical when (what they think of as) their clever plans are foiled yet again. I guess I just like to see the hysteria all the time, though. ^^;;

I agree. The Nexus transformation item (name escaping me at the moment) was so obviously plastic (and looked fake), which kind of jarred me out a bit, since it was such a serious show.

I think the Mebius brace appears only when Mirai calls it out, not exactly when he wants to transform--he uses it solely as a weapon in episode 40. Speaking of that episode, though, I think Mirai fell unconscious before he could hide the brace, but it had already disappeared when he woke up in the infirmary, so I don't know if something I was supposed to get was missing there.

Oh, I never thought about the fact that human sacrifice was the norm in the past. Nor to connect that to the fact that Tiga does use Daigo's life force. And yeah, I know how it is without subs (I still can't really watch this show raw, no matter how many times I have seen it already).
18th-Jun-2010 11:38 pm (UTC)
Well, Ryuu is just special, I doubt that other people would have complained - after all, they never know, what if Ultraman tells them to deal with the monsters themselves, if they don't like his style? And people are obviously unable to do that - I can't remember a single time in Mebius where GUYS would kill the kaiju by themselves without Mebius...

Yeah, that was the episode. Hmm, I wonder if Konomi guessed that Mirai is Mebius, since she talked to him about it, or did she do that just because she knew Mirai is enthusiastic about Mebius - after all, it was Mirai, who gave him the name.

Yes, well, but what if the superhero reveals the identity to somebody who didn't want to know? Let's say, somebody is really afraid of aliens, and suddenly finds out their friend is an alien - that person might change their attitude completely. It's only in Mebius that GUYS just accept that fact, in other situation people would probably start acting differently around the alien.

Well, I suppose they usually call him telepathically, don't they? So the one who responds is Mebius, and that's how they find him.

Hmm, I had not thought about it, but there really is not that much xenophobia in Mebius. But then again, it is no surprise - those monsters Mebius has to fight against are usually pretty horrible, compared to them Mebius looks almost human. So people's sympathies will be on Mebius's side - also because he destroys less than the monsters do, and at least he doesn't eat people ^__^

I guess if they only deleted parts of memory, it's not so bad, after all, it was better to forget the traumatising encounters with monsters. But who knows whether memory deletion stops at that - they might as well delete the memories of the team members so they could never tell what happened in their organisation. That sort of memory deletion is just covering up their dirty deeds, it's not for the benefit of monster victims.

Well, maybe I thought Daigo was overreacting because at first I didn't understand the words :DD But in general, people in Tiga do seem nicer, and the whole atmosphere is not so dark.

That Nexus thingee really looked like some sort of a toy, so uncool >_<

It's probably under his conscious control, so when he fainted, the brace disappeared because he was no longer controlling it.

But then again, Daigo probably would have died in the plane crash, if it were not for Ultraman, so I guess Daigo giving his life to revive Ultraman is payback, of sorts.
19th-Jun-2010 08:57 am (UTC)
True that. I keep telling Ryuu that you will be worse off if Mebius just up and leaves because you were mean to him. Still, I guess that scene is just to show how much Mebius is a rookie. He doesn't yet know how to minimise damages while fighting.

I can't either, but that doesn't mean GUYS deteating a monster by themselves couldn't happen off screen. (But I'm inclined to think not...except Ryuu, these people haven't been at this monster fighting job for long. They were totally normal people until Mirai picked them up one by one in episode 2.)

I wonder, too, if Komomi guessed about Mirai (and like to think that she did). But since there hasn't been enough evidence that she knew, I'll have to go with the second part, that she simply noticed Mirai's enthusiasm for Mebius. And as for the name, I wonder where he actually got it from. In either episode 21 or 22, Hiroto Ban did name him 'Ultraman Mebius' (because of the Mebius strip), but I don't exactly remember if that happened before or after the scene of Mebius getting sent to Earth in episode 1.

Mebius should just stay quiet and not answer, then. But I don't know. They just seem to know who he is even without ever having any sort of telepathic conversation/contact with him.

I only thought about xenophobia at all because I'd seen it discussed before, in relation to Mirai's secret identity. (Sorry, can't help it, even though I mean to stop throwing my own links at you.) In short, though, people in GUYS are accepting because they know Mirai by that point (that's what Toriyama was implying in episode 48, I think, when those government people were going to take Mirai away). And your alien example is interesting. I'm inclined to think, though, that the alien would not knowingly reveal his identity to someone he was sure was xenophobic. But it's possible to have xenophobia and hide it well, I suppose.

Now I suddenly have an image of a berserk Mebius going on a rampage, destroying everything in his path. I don't think people would still be so easy-going about him then. ^^;

It seems they are supposed to only delete the memories associated with monsters (and ultraman), but the memory erasing devices, like everything else that is supposed to benefit humans, can be used in a way not intended. In any case, I'm totally against deleting the memories of the team members to shut them up from revealing what went on in their organisation.

Come to think of it, those ancient things seemed to be calling to Daigo on some subconscious level, so he, rather than other people who couldn't hear a thing, would probably be more inclined to believe them. Not that it would always work if those things were talking to someone more cynical than Daigo, however. (Whoever that was probably wouldn't be so quick to add his support and more likely to dismiss the whole thing.) So this is just my roundabout way of saying that I think you're right about what you said before, that Daigo had some justification for his overreactions.

I think the atmosphere in Tiga is nicely balanced. Not overly optimistic, but no where near pessimistic either.

Yup, too obviously a toy. They certainly could go for a more serious-looking item, but I suppose they wanted some little brightness (the thing was white) in an otherwise really dark show.

I like the conscious control explanation. However, it sadly contradicts what happened in episode 22. Mirai fell unconscious there, too, after the new bogal fired something at him, but the brace never disappeared. (Sorry I was leaving this part out when I typed last time.)

I don't think Daigo was even conscious (I mean, he didn't consciously turn himself into light) when joining with the giant statue for the first time, so, to me, that whole event seemed kind of forced a bit (not that I think Daigo would not voluntarily help, if given a choice). But still, I agree he would have died in that plane crash without Ultraman there.
19th-Jun-2010 07:50 pm (UTC)
Ryuu probably doesn't intend to be mean, it's just part of his personality...

Ryuu isn't much of a monster killing pro, either - they say in the very first episode that it was the first time a monster appeared in the last 25 years. So maybe Ryuu has flying experience, but when it comes to alien monsters, he is as much a rookie as the rest of them.

I doubt that she did - if nobody else figured out, she is not the most likely candidate to do so. But I guess she just feels really close to Mirai because his personality is so much like a child's, and she is good with kids. I wonder if Mebius is young by Ultraman standards?

No, it's totally cool - it's fun to read those discussions. I only wish I knew more about the subject and could say more :DD

It makes sense - when Mirai reveals he is Mebius, GUYS are all his friends already, and real friends don't change their opinions just because they found out he is an alien.

Well, there was this episode with the fake Ultraman, and people didn't really do anything about him, did they? If the real one went berserk, people would just be like this O___O and wouldn't know what to do.

I'm against that, too - but it seems they don't really have any moral considerations like those, and will delete any memories if it's convenient for them.

Yeah, that makes sense - Daigo has Ultraman genes, no wonder he gets some supernatural sensations from these things.

Or they spent all the money on monsters, and could not afford a cooler transformation item :D

Hmm, the writers of the show don't make it easy for us to make sense of it... Maybe it depends on the time - it doesn't disappear immediately?

Good point - maybe that was partly why he had a temper tantrum in the second episode - things pretty much happened without anyone asking him.
20th-Jun-2010 07:07 am (UTC)
Oh, I know now that Ryuu doesn't intend to be mean. That was just my first comment when watching the scene back when I didn't know Ryuu at all, and it just stuck.

Oops, I forgot about the '25 year without monster' thing, so yeah, Ryuu might have simulation practices of shooting monsters, but probably had no actual field experiences before the series started either.

Exactly. Mirai is so much like a child, and Konomi likes taking care of kids. ^^; (That's mostly why I never did try to pair them up, though the pairing probably looks really cute to outsiders.) And I'm inclined to believe that Mebius is young by Ultraman standards (he calls every Ultra brother 'older brother', after all).

Ah, thank you then. I'll only bring up relevant discussions, though, so at least you'll enjoy reading them. :)

But at least they won't be so trusting of Ultraman? In that fake Ultraman episode, people are actually blaming the real Hikari, if I remember correctly.

Nexus monsters? Which takes the night raiders like, what, four episodes to beat one? Not to mention most of the monsters are CGI? (But then again, CGI probably costs a lot of money ^^;) Oh well, I suppose they spent money anywhere but on the transformation item, or they actually thought the one in the show was cool. ^^

I can get behind that explanation, that the brace might not disappear immediately. Ah, but I'm likely to have headache thinking too much about all the inconsistencies of the Mebius brace. ^^;

Yes, having his hands forced could make someone mild mannered like Daigo snap, too.
20th-Jun-2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
I didn't think he was being mean there - after all, his captain had just died, so no wonder he was upset at everything. Probably he was also hurt that Ultraman defeated the monster, and GUYS were completely useless.

Basically, the whole team are rookies. It's almost surprising that they managed to work together so efficiently - none of them had any experience, there should have been more mistakes...

I haven't actually thought about pairings and stuff, but I can see why Konomi would not work - she is like his sister O_O

Hmm, good point, that definitely shows he is young!

It's good that you do, otherwise I would be too lazy to go through all your LJ searching for the interesting stuff ^_^

I really don't remember what people thought about the fake Hikari, but the impostor's whole idea was to make people distrust Ultramen, so I guess that would be the general reaction of the population.

Well, it was not always that Mebius beat the monster in one episode, so I don't mind Nexus taking a long time to deal with monsters. But the monsters themselves were not too interesting, I think.

They might have thought it cool, after all, tastes can differ :D

Lol, true that - there are too many things that are inconsistent in the series, better just enjoy it without trying to analyse it too much :D
20th-Jun-2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
I suppose, given the context, I seemed harsh toward Ryuu. As I said, it was my first gut reaction, and just stuck even after I knew him. And, of course, Ryuu couldn't defeat the monster, but Ultraman did, so he was doubly upset. His thought was probably along the line of, 'why do you have this power and can't even use it correctly?' So, yes, in short, I actually do believe that Ryuu was quite justified in his complaints. (And I most likely have misunderstood your use of 'Ryuu is just special,' after all. It was the main reason I thought saying Ryuu was mean would be taken as that I wasn't entirely being serious. Next time I would try to not assume and would ask you to clarify.)

Yeah, it shows how much Mirai is good at picking his team (he practically chooses them one by one). Joking aside, GUYS as a group seems to be more relaxed than most other monster fighting teams (no use of the suffix '-Taiin' (which means 'member') at the end of everyone's name, for instance), so perhaps members don't feel the pressure, and the awkwardness that comes with working with other equally new and inexperienced people, leading to them being able to do a more than competent job. In fact, I think the general (Aya's grandfather, whose exact rank I'm blanking on at the moment) even praised GUYS for exceeding his expectations.

It's possible that I read too much into something that might not exist (and possibly as a result of reading really good fics on the pairing), but I pair Mirai with Ryuu. (Matching memory displays with fire emblems, and that hug at the end of episode 45 are like the first things that come to mind.)

Yeah. Konomi would be like his sister (would even have to be a younger sister, I suppose). I somehow find this idea cute too. :) (Maybe not exactly the same as with Konomi, but I suppose I just enjoy seeing Mirai in a sort of caring role, like with Naoko, or with Kako-chan. ^^;;)

I understand. After all, my tags are not best organised. For instance, I tag everything having to do with Mebius (even if I didn't mention it a lot) 'Ultraman Mebius', and I have more posts than I can count. ^^;

It is something like that. Besides, people still remembered that Hikari was none too friendly when he was Tsurugi, so they were already less inclined to trust him, even before the impostor made things worse.

Monsters in Nexus are not very interesting, true. After all, they are usually just puppets of whoever the dark Ultra of the week is.

I gave up trying to make sense of non-logical happenings in tokusatsu shows long time ago, but then I forget my resolve and go back to nit-picking. ::Sighs:: I suppose I can let whatever little things that bother me go most of the time, if they are not too jarring. But the big things would probably still get analysed, or at least questioned. And it's a good thing I did in this case. After all, you did give me an explanation I hadn't considered before about the Mebius brace. ^^
21st-Jun-2010 12:33 am (UTC)
I'm not really defending him or anything - I don't like that he yells too much (I wonder if his actor didn't get sore throat). But in that situation I think his reaction was justified.

Next time I'll just formulate my thoughts better :D

He really got lucky when he picked them - he chose the team just because they were saving the rabbits, he had no idea what sort of people they are. I think it shows what an optimistic person he was, to judge their characters just by one good deed they did.

That's a good point, they really are not only colleagues, but also friends. That must contribute to their efficiency.

Well, there is some basis for that, if you want to see the pairing, but you know, one can find justification for practically any possible pairing, if one looks for it long enough :DD I'm just not very much into romance fics and pairings, so I haven't really given it much thought.

I think she would be an older sister - after all, she knows more about life on Earth than Mirai :D But it would be cute if she were the younger sister, too. I can totally understand why you like that :)

I actually never thought about these explanations while I was watching, the story was too interesting. But now that we started talking about these things, turns out there are lots of unexplained details there :D Good to know one of my theories sounded plausible :)
21st-Jun-2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
Ryuu sure likes to yell. I wonder the same thing about his actor and hope they dubbed his voice in later instead of having him yell every time they had to re-shoot the scene.

It's all right. I guess I was a bit taken back that I didn't come across as only gently mocking Ryuu. So I suppose next time I would have to be more clear of what I mean, too.

But he's right, isn't he? People who save rabbits definitely cannot be bad. ^^ But yeah, Mirai is just that optimistic.

Yes, they are friends. (Again you can say better what I'm struggling to say. ^^;;)

Ah, usually I don't either. I'm not a shipping person at all. But these two together are just too cute to ignore. ^^

I mean a younger sister strictly by age, but yeah, in experience Konomi would certainly be older. :)

I sure missed the days I watched toku strictly to relax. (Less work on my thinking.) But then again, it's interesting to find (and discuss) all those unexplained details, so I suppose I won't stop doing that, at least for now. ^^
21st-Jun-2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Haha, I hope they did that, otherwise it would be impossible for him to yell that much :D

Well, I understood that you didn't mean he was being completely evil there, but still, I guess I just didn't see even a bit of meanness in his behaviour that time, so I was rather surprised that you did.

Lol, I only support the idea of bromance between them :DD

I agree, discussing and coming up with explanations for those details is fun :)
24th-Jun-2010 12:57 pm (UTC)
I think this might have to do with how I read that word. More often than not, I only use the word 'mean' in a not entirely serious way (and expect other folks to read my mind, and then have the nerve to be surprised when they don't ^^;). I suspect if I was talking about a real 'meanness' (or what I felt as one) I would have used the word 'cruel' instead.

I've never really understood much of the term 'bromance' (only have some general idea). But at least I'm happy that you seem to think that there are something between them. :D
15th-Jun-2010 07:59 am (UTC)
(continued from the other comment...)

As for Mebius movies, I would recommend at least the first movie, which is very fun, even without being familiar with the other Ultramen (but, as I said, they do appear in the Mebius TV series, too). (However, if you don't like Aya (eps 43, 44), perhaps you should skip this movie, after all. ^^;) The second and third movies are not really about Mebius, so I would understand about not watching them.

Too bad I didn't see your reviews sooner, it would have been fun to discuss the series while I was watching it for the first time.

Ah, I kind of understand that. I feel that the excitement of seeing everything for the first time cannot really be recaptured with re-watches. But for Mebius, most episodes still manage to keep me in anticipation, even though I know exactly what is coming. :) Also, you might have mentioned it somewhere, but I'm curious as to when you discovered the series.

Oh, shounen anime, you mean? Yeah, I've kind of lost touch of those kind of series (I used to at least read shounen manga, but nowadays I only read shoujo). The ironic thing is, I actually like adventures and action (not so much fights--don't like violence ^^;;), but I guess I look for those in toku series instead.

Generally speaking, I think similar themes do exist in at least some other toku series, especially those with heroes in teams (like sentai series, and Ultra series). It's just that the themes are not really focused on/explored, or something? Like they want viewers to read between the lines so they don't really spell things out. (Not sure if I'm making any sense here...)

Thank you for friending me back. ^_^ Oh, and do feel free to comment away. :) After all, my LJ is a pretty quiet place (not that I don't appreciate folks who simply read, but sometimes I'm not sure how they feel about my posts ^^;). And yes, if I can think of something to say, I would comment on your LJ. :)
15th-Jun-2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
I was thinking about watching it because when Aya appeared in the series, I didn't understand where she came from and how come Mirai knows her :DD I can't say I don't like her, I thought she was cute :) But then again, I like pretty much everyone in Mebius :D

Well, it will be different watching it now. For one thing, Sakomizu makes me smile all the time - he was such an important person in the organisation, but he behaved in such a laid-back manner - he managed to fool everyone :D

Hmm, not sure when. I think I watched Mebius in February, if I'm not mistaken. And after that tried watching Nexus, and it didn't really work out.

Yep, that ^__^ I read manga, too, but I guess action looks better when it's animated. I don't really mind violence, but a happy end is a must in any anime I watch! :D

It makes perfect sense. Tokusatsu are a bit different from anime, after all, so they focus on other things.

Ok, I will! It's just that I don't want you to think I'm spamming or something just because I like to talk :D
15th-Jun-2010 04:55 pm (UTC)
Well, that's good then. Because I think Aya was cute, too. :) And I also like pretty much everyone in Mebius (or actually, since I like Hirukawa, I have to say I like all of them), even though some (most?) of them had their moments of stupidity. ^^

I love Sakomizu (one of my favorite Ultra series captains). I knew he had secrets, but I managed to mis-guess most of them. ^^; (Yeah, I also liked how he had (almost--since Misaki was in on it from the beginning) everyone fooled. :)

Yeah, watching Mebius first and then Nexus probably didn't work out so well (as you said, the contrast between them was just too great). I don't know if I would like Nexus as much as I do if I'd watched Mebius first...

Ah, I prefer happy ending in everything I watch (Nexus had one, although you probably couldn't tell from the way the series had been progressing).

Don't worry. I enjoy the kind of talking you do on my posts. :)
15th-Jun-2010 11:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, even Toriyama and Maru turned out pretty cool in the end, at first I thought they are there just for comic relief.

I definitely wouldn't have guessed what his real secret was! And I loved that he was always the one who told some philosophical thing to the team, it really fits so well with the spirit of the series.

Well, it's all good - at least now I know that not all tokusatsu series are fun and games :)

Nexus was kind of spoilery in the very first episode - if I'm not mistaken, Komon narrates the events and says that it was the first time when he met his girlfriend when he meets Nagi for the first time. So later when they showed Riko, I was kind of disappointed that she will not be his girlfriend anymore - I like happy relationships. And I don't like when the narrator gives away major plot points like that =/

But I guess Nexus would have a happy ending - it's not like they would kill Komon off, he is the main character, after all.

16th-Jun-2010 07:43 am (UTC)
Ha, reading my mind? I actually did mostly think of Tori and Maru when I made that comment about the characters' stupidity. :) But yeah, they were comic relief, all right, although it didn't surprise me all that much they turned out to have more substance to them (saw hints in episode 16).

I guessed his real secret, then dismissed it. Good of Sako (and the series) to mislead me. And true about those philosophical things, which he always knew to say to the team to lift their spirits. Relating to that, the rooftop sessions he had with each team member (well, not remembering if Marina or Konomi (or even George) ever got one; sure is a time to re-watch) were among my favorite moments of the show.

Yes, Komon did spoil it, so I suspected Riko was like a sacrificial lamb or something right from the start. I like happy relationships, too, but I know Komon needs his normal existence shaken up. (And let's face it, happy, angst-free relationship is a little...er...boring.) And while I usually dislike spoilers, I was a little more forgiving in this case, because it was the character doing it, not the show itself spelling it outright. (I like first person narratives in fiction, so it might have something to do with that, too. Not to mention I always think Komon has the best announcer voice ever.) After all, the character could lie (though as I came to know Komon, I knew it must be the truth as he believed it, right down to every last details), or was delusional (umm...not too sure about this one).

Ah, yeah. But I actually mean it more than the fact that Komon survived (which was a given, since, as you said, he's alive to narrate the past events).

...I don't know. Should I stop talking about Nexus, since you don't seem very interested in continuing the series? I mean, I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable or anything, discussing the series you don't really care for. In any case, I probably wouldn't bring it back up if you stop commenting on it.
16th-Jun-2010 12:04 pm (UTC)
Yeah, even characters like them had hidden depths, I really liked that aspect.

And that speech he gave in the end of the series was the most touching speech I've ever heard! T___T

Komon's voice really is pretty good for narrating :DD But the rest is probably very much a matter of opinion, so that's where our views on Nexus differ. for one thing, I thought Riko would be a much better girlfriend for Komon, and I was sorry for her...

Komon and Nagi lived happily ever after? :DDD

No, it's ok to talk about Nexus, I want to know what you liked about it because I didn't find anything particularly likeable there, so it's interesting to read another opinion :)
16th-Jun-2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, character-wise, Mebius seemed to do almost everything right. Most everyone who mattered got backstory and enough development.

Sakomizu's dramatic appeal was already touching even when I didn't understand more than a few words of what he said (watched the episode raw back when it aired on TV). His actor really did a great job there.

In an ideal world, I agree that Riko would be a better girlfriend for Komon than Nagi. But in the dark world of Nexus, Komon needed someone much stronger than Riko (who was actually pretty strong herself where it counted). And I also think Riko would have been better off without Komon. In a way, Riko had Komon to blame for her fate. If they hadn't met up back then, Mizorogi wouldn't be able to use her. So whichever way I look at this, Komon and Riko weren't meant to be together.

I don't know, actually. They just went back to doing their night raider job. In any case, Komon and Nagi's supposed HEA wasn't what I was referring to, but saying more probably wouldn't make much sense since you said you haven't watched the series past episode 22; in fact, I now kind of regret mentioning it in the first place.

Well, I never had long discussions where I liked a series and the other person didn't before, so I was worried that I might be prolonging a painful conversation. But thank you for saying that it's okay to talk about Nexus. :)
16th-Jun-2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
True, true! I only wish all anime series I watch did the same for the characters I like :DD

He did! But later it got me thinking - he sounded so earnest and emotional, but wasn't he being really manipulative there? He probably knew people will change their opinions if he manages to be convincing enough...

That's a good point! Nagi is more suitable for him in that situation, she might help him to develop a backbone.

Lol, never mind, really - it's not like I particularly like them or care about them to want to know all the details.

I'll let you know when I have nothing more to say about Nexus, so we'll be able to talk about something else :DD
17th-Jun-2010 06:16 pm (UTC)
I'll take Sako's brand of Manipulation any day. ;) Especially in this particular case, since someone commented that he was wearing what looked like a pajama (the uniform for his true rank) while doing his convincing of the people.

Feel free to drop and introduce subjects. If I know (or think I know) enough about it, I'll talk to you about it. :D
17th-Jun-2010 09:59 pm (UTC)
Lol, pyjama :DDD I never thought of it that way, but now that you said, it does look like that a little :DDD Now I won't be able to take him seriously :DD

No new subjects until we have fully exhausted the topic of Ultra series :D
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