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Kamen Rider Double Episodes 23-24 (Spoilers) 
31st-Jul-2010 11:59 pm
Ha! The asakara scene from episode 22 was not unnecessary, after all. (That was Shou's singing practice session, I suppose.)

So Philip is into singing at the moment. Good thing that Shou can sing and doesn't (much) mind singing to the audience.

I suppose they got real personalities to portray judges of the singing competition, but who they are fly right over my head.

Again, will I ever learn that the person who is a Dopant is always someone viewers already see not so very little of? At this rate, W will continue to deceive me with each Dopant's identity until the last episodes, possibly.

Humans are difficult to understand, I suppose. They could be cruel to other humans just because they want to. But then again, humans are also capable of kindness and unselfishness and it makes me happy that traits like these are still alive. And if anyone reading thinks this doesn't have much to do with KR W, you are probably right. It's just my reaction to seeing the fan of that terrible singer supporting him (even though she might have done it in a misguided way), simply because he made her happy by smiling at her, not because she was under any illusion that he had any singing talent whatsoever.

Yeah, as I not clearly mentioned in the above paragraph, I don't suppose I understand why Liar Dopant does what he does at all. Why does he get such a rush out of crushing someone's dreams and hope? Is living to be old (and on street) does that to him? (Agh, I sound horribly prejudiced there and I want to avoid that...)

I like that Wakana is totally willing to do a favor for Philip. ^^

And Jimmy's question...about what he should do with his life? (That was after the fan betrayed him by blurting out his total lack of talent and the fact that she paid Liar Dopant to do something funny to the judges...) I literally answered it right before Shou did: he has to decide that himself. (And now I think I'm a bit scared. I don't think I'm that much like Shoutarou, but I kind of want to find out. If there is one of those 'who are you in Kamen Rider W?' personality quizzes I would totally take it and decide once and all who I am like.)

And er...fool me again? I still thought that they used the real Wakana, but Philip really didn't look half-bad in her get-up. Hey, I like that Liar totally fell for the trap. :)

Shou, Shou...what do those mean people do to you? ^^;;;

Terui in that get-up reminds me of Riki (yes, the one from Kamen Rider Kiva) for some reason. Or maybe I'm just seeing things...

I find Akiko's outfit most normal of them all, and ironically, she's only one who complains.

Conclusion? Fun episodes that I'll most likely re-watch again (when I have time).
Kamen Rider W
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1st-Aug-2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you. :) There were new footages of those two singing in the OP, yet I didn't think to make a connection (just thought they were in the spirit of the episodes). And I gather that the other judge (the one who likes red shirt and wears red himself) is probably not a singer but nevertheless famous in real life...
1st-Aug-2010 07:20 am (UTC) - very creative ...
The producer behind the show is very creative & they promote it's opening song at the same time ...

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