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Why, yes, Ultraman Nexus is my favorite series. 
21st-Aug-2010 01:27 am
Finally re-watched Ultraman Nexus, because I kept seeing a certain actress in other toku and not recognizing her was driving me nuts (seemed like she played against type). I came to the conclusion that she is not the cutest Nexus character, after all. Just that her love relationship is sweet.

Oh, yeah, other than that, some (probably not entirely objective) observations on the series in no particular order. No name is given because names probably mean nothing to those not watching, and if they are familiar with Nexus hopefully they can infer who are being referred to.

1. Many people can transform into some sort of humanoid looking giant aliens, and whether those aliens are good or bad depend mostly on those people. Last I count I get eight such people.

2. There is actually a specialized unit for erasing people's memories (yeah, spoiler, but I don't think this is the big mystery of the series, and it's revealed pretty early on). Maybe I'm naive, maybe I need to get out more, but I don't remember seeing that kind of thing in another toku. (Well, amnesiac characters don't count, if it doesn't turn out some memory erasing organaization is directly responsible for their not remembering.)

3. I'll probably beat this point to dead, because I think I bring it up far too often, but I feel that the main character (or rather his actor) really has a good voice for narrating. I could probably listen to his monologue for hours; that is, if I don't pay too much attention to the part(s) I don't like.

And as a special mention, the almost eternally happy youth (whom I think might have at least partly inspired another happy youth two series later whom I talk about far more on this journal) should have do voice-over more since I enjoy listening to his monologue, too. As well as the character who only gets spotlight in one episode, since I like the biting comments and the voice sounds appropriate for them.

4. For such a short series, it sure gets a lot of theme songs (five last I count). And I actually like that. In fact, I kind of miss having an ED in my Ultra series (yeah, the two latest series have at least one, but I've been watching the series right before them far more). And I'm glad it mostly avoids having the action continuing in the ED (only one such instance I recall, and it's not exactly a critical plot point conversation). In any case, I bought the three ED singles, and would have loved to buy the singles for the OPs, too (the band is rather amazing, despite the fact that I don't usually listen to their kind of music), whenever I have a chance.

5. Canon couples. Usually love relationships are never really spelled out all that obviously, but I think Nexus does that (or at least gives out no subtle hints). In fact, there are at least five couples I see, even if three of them only involve four people. (And maybe there are more I miss, since I'm not actively looking. Or, gasp, less since I'm looking into them far more than I should.) And while I'm not entirely against those three couples, I support the other two more.

6. I don't remember the last time an Ultraman host, along with the transformation device, is also given a weapon to use while in human form and a place (well, calling that thing a place might be a stretch, but...) to recuperate from battle wounds. But other than the transformation device, not everyone takes adventage of the rest...

7. And that transformation device? Is probably the only thing I can't take seriously in this show.

8. Direct movie tie-in, and while the movie is essentially spoiled in the series (in the form of footages and at least one returning character), that made me curious enough to check out the movie anyway. (Not that I would avoid watching the movie completely, but I was more used to not so depressing Ultra movies.) And, given the point above, I'm kind of glad that the movie doesn't use any transformation device...

There might be more, but that's all I can think of at this point.

ETA: I've given up trying to keep Ultraman Mebius spoilers hidden in the comments, so I apologize for the inconvenience.
"Blue" Nexus
20th-Aug-2010 07:33 pm (UTC)
I loved Nexus.
21st-Aug-2010 04:47 am (UTC)
Ah, I wasn't entirely sure you were familiar with Nexus, but glad to know that there is at least one more fan of this amazing series. :)
20th-Aug-2010 11:07 pm (UTC)
I got to watch a little bit of Nexus only slightly skewed from real time. It was awesome to think that they were making this for the (young) adult audience.

Himeya's arc = ♥
21st-Aug-2010 04:57 am (UTC)
Nexus was probably the first tokusatsu I actually followed week by week in real time. And, oh, it's possible I'm misunderstanding what you wrote, but I thought you already finished the series (and if you haven't, hopefully no big spoiler from this entry). And, yes, I think it was awesome, too, that they made Nexus for slightly older audience.

I love Himeya's arc, too. :) It's a bit surprising for me, since I generally prefer rainbow and sunshine over dark and gloomy.

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21st-Aug-2010 05:37 am (UTC)
I did I did, don't worry. But there was about a two-year gap between 'finishing Himeya's arc' and 'catching the last episode of Nexus', so somewhere in the middle I got spoiled for the reveal of Big Bad.

Nexus brought this sudden dose of realism to the whole thing; it's not a bright, shiny world, it's dull and grey and a little sinister and apathetic. I think I enjoyed Himeya working through his issues because he wasn't all WAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I'M EMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but rather grimly and solemnly trying to punish himself for what had happened before. I, uh, here, I think it all comes together in this post:

When [Nexus] bleed, the pain is felt in every twitching finger. When you hurt, it comes through from every aspect. You are so human, and yet not human; a giant of silver with blood of light and heart of humble flesh. It would have been so easy to let things drop, to fall back and turn things over to the Night Raiders who grew progressively stronger beside you, to fight beside you, but it was something you refused to do. You were here on duty, and damn it all if you didn't see things through.
21st-Aug-2010 07:27 am (UTC)
That's a relief, then. I admit to looking at (most likely only) some of your entries on Nexus sometime back but somehow never quite caught that you had been on break for the series. And sorry to hear that you were spoiled. I think I got spoiled about that, too, by speculations at least, but it was the most likely guess of mine, so at least the reveal didn't come as a real surprise to me.

Himeya has real reasons to be very brooding. I like that he doesn't outwardly show much that he is severely depressed (at least by not being a jerk (well, personal opinion) to people who worry about him), but privately working through his issues. However, I might read it differently from you, but I don't really get much impression that he was trying to punish himself in most of his episodes. Yes, the painful memories continued to haunt him, but I believe he probably wouldn't be able to last as long as he did if punishing himself was the only thing (or the primary thing) driving him to fight. (And true, the punishment was basically what was said when he finally ran out of power, but I feel almost like that was more for a plot reason.) On the other hand, if punishing himself was the reason he got progressively weaker, I'm all for it. Only that I wish the link to that (punishment = less power) was shown a little more clearly (and I'm such a hypocrite since I just said I like that while he has issues, Himeya keeps them pretty much to himself. He doesn't very much snap people's heads off (well, maybe only at those who deserve it) the way other typical angsty characters might).

I believe I already read your beautifully written letter to Nexus but couldn't find adequate words to say anything coherent in response (and still can't now), so, well, this is late, but thank you for sharing it. (Oh, and I just noticed you were listening to the same song I was. ;)
22nd-Aug-2010 03:27 pm (UTC)
I'm just going to say I don't even know what I really mean in my second sentence in the first paragraph anymore. Oh well...
21st-Aug-2010 10:42 pm (UTC)
Now that I think about it, the memory deletion unit is a pretty cool detail, ethical issues aside - it shows how their organisation deals with Beasts, and how they work hard at keeping people's life normal and prevent panic.

I don't really remember his voice, that's weird... But then again, you watched the series so often, no wonder you remember it :D

I think the presence of canon couples goes together with the spirit of the series - it is more adult, so no wonder such an adult theme like relationships was included.

Lol, that transformation device :DD
22nd-Aug-2010 03:07 pm (UTC)
Yes, if you think of memory police as...well...police. At heart, they probably believe they are the good guys. After all, they are devoted to protect the normal people, even though the kind of protecting they do (keeping people ignorant of space beasts) is misguided...

It's not that I really remember, though. Just that every time I watch Nexus I am reminded of how soothing (or more like comfortable) it is to be listening to his voice. He does a lot of narrating during the course of the series, so maybe that's also why I take notice. On the other hand, if his voice grates (or if I don't like it for any reason), it would really bother me, since he is not someone I'm very fond of. Having a good voice probably helps Komon a lot in making me see him in a kinder light.

Never thought of it that way, but that does make sense that romantic relationship is an adult theme so it is appropriate for Nexus to devote some time on canon couples. But there are canon couples in other recent Ultra shows, too (most shows have at least one couple), just perhaps not as many as I can see in Nexus. I'm not sure where Mebius falls, though, but it doesn't appear to have any other than Sakomizu and Misaki (marked out in case anyone would like to guess). And I think most of the couples are obvious (i.e. not simply hinted at) from the time their characters meet.

Yeah... It's good that I like the show despite that, so if everyone in the show (or even someone out of it) thinks Evoltruster is a cool transformation device, I'm not going to tell them otherwise. ^^;
23rd-Aug-2010 10:43 am (UTC)
Protecting normal people is ok, but when they start deleting memories just to protect their organisation, that's where they cross the line, I think. But in general it's a good idea to keep people ignorant, can you imagine what would happen if people knew for sure that alien monsters exist? :D

I see, the nice voice makes his character more tolerable :)

I actually didn't even notice that they are a canon couple in Mebius :DD Well, it looked a bit like that in the end, but in the beginning I didn't see that at all :D

It is called Evoltruster? O___O I didn't think it was possible to make it more ridiculous, but I was wrong :DDD
23rd-Aug-2010 03:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, keeping the normal people calm is probably more important than telling the truth in this case. And, after giving this more thought, deleting memories just to protect the secret of the organisation would only apply to people already working there, so while I am against it in principle, those people do know that is a possibility when they got in. (In Nexus, they can only delete according to a trigger keyword, in this case, 'Ultraman', so it would just make this hypothetical former worker be like a normal person in that he/she is ignorant of the existences of Space Beasts and Ultraman.)

It's episode 26 that makes me really see them that way, I suppose. But I won't deny that it's still largely a matter of interpretation.

Yes. I don't understand at all why I ever forgot a name like that even for a moment... But I take a small comfort in that at least the people in the series (or even the viewers if they don't go looking on websites or in books) never learn the name of it.
24th-Aug-2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but it still bothers me - it's not like they need to delete the memories of their former employees, it's not very likely that they will tell the newspapers about Ultramen and Beasts. It feels somehow disrespectful of their former employees if the memory police suspects they might betray the organisation and therefore delete their memories. But maybe I'm thinking about it too much :DD

I don't mind that interpretation, they are kind of cute together :)

It's not so bad if the series doesn't mention the name, there is not such a high possibility of people looking for it on purpose, so probably most people don't even know the name and don't make fun of it :D
24th-Aug-2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
They might tell the newspapers out of spite, you know, if they were laid off. ;) In general, though, I'm not condoning the practice (wow, I'm talking as if this were a real organisation, so you're not the only one who gives the subject plenty of thought), but I think I understand why the memory police might feel the need to delete the memories of former employees. MP can't know for sure what each person would do (not to mention there had been quite a few cases of betrayal (or seemingly betrayal) already, so MP don't really have good reasons to trust former employees), and they can't take any chance that one of the former employees might cause panic and uproar by mentioning Ultramen and Beasts. I'm not ruling out the possibility that the mention might be intentional, but more likely, it might only be done in passing, and for no reason other than they might have forgotten that they were not supposed to talk about those things to people not connected to the organisation.

Now I feel kind of weird since I brought them up myself, but I actually don't support that pairing all that much (power imbalance, age difference, etc...). I agree about the rest, though. :)

But you really can't avoid the name if you read most discussions on the series. ^^;; I guess I'm mostly glad for the people in the series to never know the name, though (or maybe they might think it's a cool name, after all...).
25th-Aug-2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
Those are really good points. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry, and it's not like their memory gets completely deleted, so the former employees are not really hurt.

Well, if you consider Sakomizu's real age, then there is quite a difference, but he looks young enough. As for the power imbalance - she is pretty much the second in command, isn't she? So the difference in ranks doesn't matter, as long as there is love :D

In a way, it is a cool name, makes me think of a name for some sort of a rave band or something. But it is not a really cool name for a transformation item :)
26th-Aug-2010 06:47 am (UTC)
Well, whether former employees (or even normal people) are hurt or not from having their Space Beasts-related memories erased I wouldn't really know. MP seems to me to be simply inflexible in their methods. While it might be nice (and convenient) for MP if people are not really hurt by the memory erasing procedure (or by the after effect of it), they wouldn't go out of their way to be especially considerate about it. According to MP, there is only one way to handle the Space Beasts matter, no middle ground, no compromise. They certainly are not going to spend time responding to individual concerns or looking at individual circumstances. If a person (not connected to the organisation, in which former employees count) sees a Beast, he/she gets his/her memory wiped, period. Anyway, I don't think you've really said anything in support of MP, but I got inspired by your comment anyway and just wanted to expand my thoughts a bit...

To be honest, if his real age is what he appears to look like, I wouldn't have batted an eye, because I could have overlooked the rest (real or imagined) obstacles to their romance. (Maybe not so relevant, but old thoughts on the subject (and Sakomizu in general).) So, in short, I agree that as long as there is love, something like differences in age and rank shouldn't matter. :) Come to think of it, Mirai and Ryuu are also pretty much like that, yet I either choose to ignore those differences and/or never let them bother me, I suppose.

Hmm...yes, Evoltruster would probably make a cool name elsewhere. :) In general, though, I don't think a transformation item should really have a name, because hardly anyone (and that 'anyone' would be the host, usually) will ever know, let alone call its name in the series. I guess having a name is like calling attention to the thing that is supposed to be secret in the first place...
26th-Aug-2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
Well, not physically hurt, anyhow - that little girl with the dog was ok. Yeah, it makes sense, really - in such a big, important organisation it is really easier to treat everyone the same way - imagine all the paperwork they would have to do if they tried individual approach ;DDD But if seriously, what you said is pretty much more realistic than MP being all considerate about their job - they are a secret governmental organisation, they are not there to be considerate, they have to deal with critical situations.

I'm pretty sure that physically he is 40ish, so that's not so bad. And his personality is still youthful enough - he doesn't talk about 'young people today have no respect' and 'the grass used to be greener', so their relationship could still work.

Lol, good point - just how old is Mirai, really? Or rather, Mebius - how old can Ultramen get? Maybe he already is over 100, and by Ultramen standards that's still young :D

It's pretty much pointless to have a name for the item, yeah - only the Ultraman is supposed to use it, so it would be weird if the Ultraman used that name... But then again, Mebius says his own name before transformations.
27th-Aug-2010 07:17 am (UTC)
True, the little girl with the dog seemed to be fine physically, but Komon sure was crushed that she didn't remember him (that was right before MP kidnapped him and explained their work, kind of). And good point, treating people on the case by case basis would involve too much paperwork headache, but it's not like MP would be going for the individual approach anyway even if the paperwork were not an issue. I agree MP are there to deal with critical situations, not to babysit people. They are not heartless, I think, but they seem to operate the same way their parent organisation does, that sometimes it is necessary to make a little sacrifice for the greater good. (Loss of memory is better than being in nightmare over a Space Beast encounter, and in turns, those people wouldn't cause panic and unrest if they don't remember their traumatic experiences.) And now I think I've rambled on this subject too much...

I find Sakomizu to have very modern (and yes, practical) outlook on things, even if he's truly the age he appears to be. It certainly never occurs to me that he could ever talk about those things you suggest. And come to think of it, I probably should treat him more as someone who has time-traveled...because, even if reality says otherwise, for him, he only lives for around 40 odd years. And I don't think I'd ever really said their relationship could not work, only that I didn't feel too comfortable supporting it. Unreasonable feeling, but there you go.

I don't know his age (somehow I think he is way over 100, though), but he seems very young compared to other Ultras. As for how old Ultramen can get, Ultra Father once mentioned getting a wound from over 30,000 years ago, so I guess Ultramen probably have very long life spans.

To my knowledge, almost every host does the 'shouting the name of the Ultra you are transforming into', though some hosts would only only do so in emotionally-charged moments (at which point I could still take them somewhat seriously) and not every single time like Mirai does (at which point I'm reduced to not being able to take him seriously, poor Mirai).
27th-Aug-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
That was a bit of a sad moment, I almost felt sorry for him then... You sum up their principles really well, the ideas about sacrifices for the greater good definitely are the basis of their actions.

Hmm, that's a really good point! Now I kind of wonder how it felt for him to come back home and find out how many things had changed... No wonder he and Mirai get along so well - Sakomizu probably felt like an alien, too, at first. Lol, true, you didn't say it can't work :D

That's true, as you pointed out before, he calls the other Ultramen 'nii-san', so that means they are all older than him. Wow, 30000 years ago O_O I never thought they could live that long. I wonder if they can actually die of old age...

I don't know, it's better that they shout the name of the Ultraman, rather than the name of the transformation object, especially in the case of Nexus ;) Although I don't remember whether the Ultraman in Nexus really did shout his name. I don't really mind Mirai shouting that name - I just think of it as a password or keyword that triggers the transformation so he would not accidentally transform when he doesn't want to, or something :D
27th-Aug-2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
I did feel a bit sorry for him, even at the same time I thought he still had much to learn about the organisation he worked for. And the sacrifice thing was from something the Illustrator said (perhaps not his exact words) way back in episode 2, and I thought it was rather callous (since he essentially ordered the night raiders to ignore the victims of Space Beast), so it stuck with me.

It's called a Momotaro effect, according to the episode Sakomizu said anything about his experience. I hadn't thought about him possibly feeling like an alien (at first) being a reason for him to be able to get along well with Mirai (just thought it's because of Sako's natural charisma that he knows how to talk to Mirai), but perhaps that feeling has also played a part in helping him relate to Mirai.

I wonder, too, whether Ultras could die of old age. Perhaps I could post and ask someone. Or not, since I don't like to introduce such morbid subject openly...

I don't think anyone ever shouts the name of his transformation object, so that's good, since I think it makes even less sense than shouting the name of Ultraman. And the hosts in Nexus couldn't shout Ultraman's name since they didn't know what it was. And I think it's neat to think of 'Mebius!!!' as a keyword that triggers the transformation, so he only transform when he wants to. I feel better for Mirai now. :)
27th-Aug-2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
Yes, I suppose he needed that sort of reality check, otherwise he would be too optimistic about his new job... Although at that point he probably had lost some of the illusions because he made some experiences with how that team functions.

That was based on some traditional story, wasn't it? Well, it's most probably not the only reason why Sakomizu gets along with Mirai so well - gets along well with everyone, after all. But I feel that Sakomizu understands Mirai better because of the experiences he had had.

Anyhow, it's not likely that anyone would know - that sort of thing has probably never been shown in the series.

I was wondering about that - why was it called Nexus at all? Nexus is a really cool name, so I thought there would be some story about it, like in Mebius for that sign, or Tiga for the place where they found the Ultramen?It's like a transformation involves 2 levels of security - using the item and saying the name. Hikari's transformation also consisted of two parts, when I think about it - first that thing on his arm appeared, and then he inserted that other thing there (totally don't remember if they mentioned the names for them :D). Lol, that's good :D
28th-Aug-2010 12:57 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I mean Urashima Taro effect, not Momotaro (this one is a kid born in a peach story). (I think it's partly because of Kamen Rider Den-O (there are a Momo and an Ura in it) that I got these two stories mixed up.) Anyway, yes, Urashima Taro is a Japanese folk tale about a fisherman who gets rewarded to stay in the underwater world. He is there only for a short period of time (a few days, I think), but yet when he returns to his village, it's about several hundred years into the future. And, a little related to Mebius, I kind of think space and the sea are not all that much different (at least George seems to be afraid of both) in terms of them being mysterious and vastly unexplored.

I believe Nexus refers to a bond between the dunamists. The powers get transferred when the previous host entrusts them to the next host. This way, a connection (Nexus) is created, enabling humans from (almost) all walks of life to be able to maintain peace at various times by becoming Ultraman and protecting the world from Space Beasts and other threats.

Yes, they mentioned the name of Hikari's transformation item (Knight Brace) but it seems to apply to the whole thing and not separate parts, I think.
29th-Aug-2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
Lol, I just saw an anime episode about that story, what a coincidence :D It makes total sense, actually, I have read a book that explained how space is the new sea - historically people used to travel by sea and discover new places, but now the space needs to be explored. Lol, poor George, he will never become an explorer if he is afraid of little things like those :D

Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. It's kind of beautiful, actually :)

Yeah, it probably meant the whole thing, now that I think about it.
30th-Aug-2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, which anime? And I like the explanation you give about space and the new sea. :)

Come to think of it, George actually was in space later on in the series (during those episodes Mirai was with Aya), so perhaps he did get cured of his phobia somewhere along the way. ;)

Ah, glad you think so. :) I probably fudged on some of the wordings because I couldn't really remember, but the main jist of the explanation was from an official Nexus book, whose translation I'd read a little, but now don't know where to find again.
31st-Aug-2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
It's called Gintama, you probably haven't seen any episodes of it, I don't think it's quite your style :)

I'm glad it makes sense to you :) I wish I could quote the actual text from the book, but there is a whole chapter about it, so if I start, I'll end up quoting all of it :DD The book is called 'Profiles of the Future' by Arthur C. Clarke, have you ever heard of it?

Well, I guess if duty calls, he can overcome his phobia :D

The particulars don't really matter, I got the main idea, and it is a pretty good one :) Better than Tiga's name, anyhow, it always reminds me of tigers :D
1st-Sep-2010 05:37 pm (UTC)
Perhaps not quite my style, true, but I've heard of the series, and I quite like that one icon of yours that I believe (might be wrong, though) is from it (the 'relevant to my interests' one).

No, I haven't heard of this particular book (but heard a little of the author). Thank you for giving me the title and author, so I could look up further information and/or find way to read it myself. :)

At least you have an association (and I think it's cute ^^). I've never thought of Tiga as anything other than a foreign word (believed to be South East Asian in origin (not sure if the show actually said from which country)), supposedly means three (well, referring to the three forms of Tiga (the Ultraman)).
2nd-Sep-2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that icon is from that series :) It's actually kind of flattering that you pay such close attention to my icons :D

The author is somewhat well-known, he also wrote '2001: A Space Odyssey', you have probably heard of that one. And 'Profiles of the Future' it is about exploring what possible technological advances can happen in the future.

Lol, that's not all - there is a DJ whose stage name is Tiga, so that is also kind of funny now... I never thought that it refers to his three forms, that makes sense.
4th-Sep-2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
Well, the icon is rather unique (but then again, the same thing could be said of most of your icons I remember seeing). :) I think it's the blue hair that stands out to me, though. In my experience, most other characters seem to have darker shades of blue hair...

Yes, that's the book. I haven't read that one either. And 'Profiles of the Future' sounds like an interesting book to read, for sure. Since I don't know much about science, I probably won't end up saying 'that (piece of technology) is not possible' so often. ;)

Oh, that's cool about the DJ. :) And Tiga is also the name of a company here, but I always think of Ultraman Tiga when I hear Tiga (since the show was where I first heard of the word), so it seems like my association is set in stone now. ;) And it does make sense, but then using Tiga to refer to the three forms kind of loses its specialness when a few Ultras after Tiga have three forms, too. ^^;
5th-Sep-2010 10:03 pm (UTC)
Yay, thanks :D It's such a light shade because it is supposed to represent the silver colour, because it's Gintama - gin tama 'silver soul'.

The book has quite a number of rather outrageous theories about possible future developments, you never know :D

What sort of company? Do they make something cool?

Well, it's still somewhat special, as Tiga was the first to have three forms. What about other Ultramen names? Do they also have some sort of reasoning behind them?
6th-Sep-2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
I'm a bit surprised they don't go for a real silver color then. But I'm not really familiar with the series so maybe there is a good reason...

Yeah, maybe I might also find some of them outrageous. But I like to keep an open-minded. :)

Incidentally, they release licensed anime and tokusatsu DVDs and VCDs. I've bought a few tokusatsu (kamen riders) and anime DVDs from them. Not sure if Ultraman Tiga releases were through them, however, since I bought the DVDs released in the US.

True, that. For all I know, maybe they didn't originally have plan for other Ultramen to have three forms (but since having three forms was successful, naturally the shows afterward copied that).

Yeah, Dyna comes from 'dynamic', I think. Gaia comes from the name of a Greek goddess who is a personification of Earth (I was kind of weirded out at first whenever I heard this Ultraman's name, because he's not a female). Cosmos is Cosmos because he is peaceful, I think (and he calls himself that). And I already told you about Nexus (Nexus = bond). Max is what he calls himself, but I think it might also refer to 'maximum' as in power. Mebius gets his name from a mathematical symbol, but I'm still not sure who actually gives that name to him. Seven X probably gets his name because he looks similar to Ultra Seven. I don't remember the in-show explanation, though. And that's more or less all I know...
8th-Sep-2010 10:32 am (UTC)
It looks more silver in the show than on the icon :D

Lol, that's a funny coincidence. Maybe the company was named after Ultraman Tiga? :D

I actually don't really like the idea about three forms. Not even sure why, maybe because it makes it difficult to remember who is who among Ultramen? :D

Cool, those are actually nice explanations. I kind of lold at Gaia, I had heard the name before, but it did not occur to me that it's actually a female name :D Wasn't it Mirai himself who said they should call him Ultraman Mebius? What about Ultra Seven? Does he have seven forms or something? :D
8th-Sep-2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
That's kind of tempting. I almost want to watch the anime just to see his silver hair. :)

A similar thought did cross my mind before, but there is another DVD company whose name is Rose, which is a common name, so maybe it's just a coincidence that this company's name is Tiga. However, now that you've reminded me, I think I might try to find out whether it's really a coincidence, after all. :)

Not entirely sure about Gaia being a female name. Only that this goddess is like a representation of Earth (like Mother Earth), so I do associate the name Gaia with her. ^^;

Yeah, Mirai did say that to his teammates, but I'm kind of blanking who first gave him the name Mebius. But that's fine, I think. At least it is easy to understand where his name comes from.

I don't know the origin of Ultra Seven's name, but I'm quite sure he doesn't have seven forms (has only one form, like the Ultras from the series that came before Tiga). Hmm, maybe there might be some interesting explanation behind his name, but so far I hadn't managed to come across any...
9th-Sep-2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
Lol, it looks just like grey hair, so it's nothing special... But if you really want to give it a try, watch episode 93 - it is a parody on Ultraman series ;D

Even if it is a coincidence, it's still pretty cool :D

Well, if the goddess was a female, then it must be a female name. But maybe gender doesn't really matter for Ultramen.

Didn't Father of Ultra, or whatever his name, refer to Mebius as Mebius already, when he sent Mebius to Earth? Then it could be that it is not just a nickname, but his actual name given to him by his parents? If Ultramen have parents at all...

Lol, that's too bad, it would be kind of fun if he did have seven forms :D Maybe there is some sort of explanation in the series.
11th-Sep-2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks. I'll keep that episode in mind if I ever have a chance to watch it. :)

Ultramen most likely do have parents, but most of the time they are just not talked about for some reason (not advancing the story, probably). Anyway, wish I could see the parents, because I sometimes wonder about their families (the real 'blood' relationships, not just 'brothers in arm' like the way most Ultras that come to Earth are related).

Don't think there is any explanation in the series (or at least I don't remember it?). Oh well. I'm not even sure if there is any Ultraman with seven (or more) forms (that is, not counting forms appearing only in movies and/or in combination with other Ultra(s)...).
12th-Sep-2010 09:54 am (UTC)
Ok :)

I guess it's one of those things about their physiology we will never know :D You know, it could be that they are like bees, and they all have the same mother, that's why they all call Mother of Ultra like that...

Lol, well, maybe not, maybe that's just her title, but you never know :D

I think I read the wikipedia, and it says it is Ultra Seven because Ultraman is the honorary 7th member of the team in that series. Does that make sense?

I kind of hope there are no Ultramen with so many forms, it would be too weird if Ultramen changed their forms so much :D
12th-Sep-2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
Mother of Ultra has one son that I know of: Ultraman Taro. I don't think she's a real mother to anyone else... So, yeah, I'll also go with that simply being her title.

Yes, it does. And that information is in the wiki, so perhaps they did mention it in the show and I just forgot. ^^;;

If you count movie and/or one time off forms, yes, I think quite a few Ultras could have seven forms or more. But, yeah, I don't really want to see too many forms for one Ultra either. (Because usually the reason is simply the toy company wanting to sell different figures of the same Ultraman. ^^;)
13th-Sep-2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
Hmm, so that clearly shows that Ultramen do have parents. It would have been cool if the series showed more about Ultramen childhood or something :D But it would not interest the kids who are the target audience, too bad...

Maybe it wasn't - after all, you said that the history behind Nexus' name was not mentioned in the series as such.

Yeah, and that's exactly the same thing I don't like about Ultramen having too many forms - it is too obviously a market strategy =/ I mean, one or two forms is ok, three, if it is justified, but what's the point of having a form that's only used once? That's clearly just for money =/
14th-Sep-2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Actually, there might be something about Ultramen childhood in a video somewhere. But anything not shown in the main shows I watch I tend not to seek out, because I'm kind of lazy like that. ^^;

Mebius has five forms that I know of. Yet I don't mind those much, since I think only three forms are used often, and two of those forms have relevant stories to go with them.

Almost every tokusatsu series seems to me like a toy commercial which tries to tell some story in between. I guess I've reluctantly come to accept the overabundant of mechas, weapons, or forms in toku series as long as they have good (or at least enjoyable) stories to go with them.
16th-Sep-2010 12:32 pm (UTC)
Lol, I don't really look for anything outside the series, either, so you're not the only one :D

Really? I only knew 2 :DD Well, it doesn't really matter all that much to me, since I don't collect figures or anything.

Lol, you have a point there :D I suppose it really doesn't matter all that much, if there is a good story :)
16th-Sep-2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
Well, off the top of my head, there are his standard form, the Brave form (that he got from Hikari), the movie only form (fusion with other Ultramen), the Burning Brave form (episode 30), and the Phoenix Brave form (the finale). It doesn't really matter to me either, but since I usually never remember forms in other series, I feel like accomplishing something here. ^^
18th-Sep-2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
That's a pretty good accomplishment, I could only remember the standard and Burning Brave forms :D
20th-Sep-2010 08:41 am (UTC)
Heh heh, not sure if I could do it again though, but thanks for the thought. :)

The Burning Brave has a good (if a little cliched) story associated with it (the form is nice looking, too). The Brave form also has a good story (probably a little more unique than Burning Brave's, I think), and I personally like that form a lot (having a strip of blue to break up all the red is really cool to me). :) However, I'm not very fond of combining mode forms (I believe the show wants to emphasize the importance of teamwork, but putting most everyone in one body like that just seems kind of cheesy to me), so the other two non-standard forms kind of make not so positive impression on me (don't care much for their looks either). And I guess that's how I remember the forms...
20th-Sep-2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
I totally missed the moment when he got Brave form, but Burning Brave was really significant in the context of the series :)

It was kind of cheesy, but it really made me smile - that sort of thing works well in the show :)
21st-Sep-2010 12:47 pm (UTC)
True, the Burning Brave moment most likely has left a more lasting impression, but I think the Brave form is also quite important, in that Hikari finally trusts Mebius and GUYS to be able to take care of Earth. But it's a quiet kind of realisation and I have to say I quite like that 'passing the torch' moment (and the events leading up to it) for all its subtlety.

Yeah, I agree it works well. :) It's a group of good guys triumphing over bad guys, for all that is said and done, so I'll cheer no matter how cheesy it might have looked.
21st-Sep-2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
True, that moment does have its charm :)

Lol, me too - after all, it's the epic final moment :D
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