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Non-official relationships in Ultraman Mebius

Since in my previous entry on canon couples (albeit my interpretation of canon, which is not always accurate or anything), Mirai/Ryuu keep coming up in the comments (^__^), so I guess I'll have another entry just for Mebius. :)

Just a disclaimer right off the bat, I'm not exactly a shipping person (I guess I've made some progression from 'not comfortable talking about shipping' if I'm making this entry and the previous one), but I'm curious anyway so I can't help posting. So I would appreciate corrections if I've misused terms or something. (Actually, this disclaimer should also be right on top of the canon couple entry, but I really hadn't thought of it then.)

Personally, I don't think there are really official pairings, if any at all (Sakomizu/Misaki I only see because of episode 26, mostly, and George/Marina, not even really sure why--guess I just think their interactions are great), but, unofficial pairing-wise, Mebius seems like the most shippable series out of the toku (or even non-toku) I've seen (though KR Decade comes close). Which, in other words, any unofficial relationship(s) anyone could have come up for Mebius probably wouldn't surprise me. Yes, that includes Mirai/everyone or George/everyone or Sako/coffee cup or the Ultras (guess it has to be only some forms of Mebi and Hikari at this point if I only count characters originally from Mebius) or Bogal/Serizawa (the human, female Bogal, but if anyone can make the monster Bogal works, be my guest :) or any other combination I haven't thought of. But indulge me anyway and tell me your favorite ship(s) (well, only if you want to and don't think I already know of them)? I don't need a reason or anything, but if you would like to give me one, go ahead. :) And yes, even if you are not on my f-list (are there more Mebius fans I don't know of?), feel free to comment. :)

--Wait, I'm not listing my ship(s)? Ah, as I said, I'm not really a shipper, but I love Mirai/Ryuu and am pretty open to other possible pairings (and/or...well, whatever you call three or more people (or things) in the same relationship) I've seen (or might think I have seen) in fics.

(And when I use '/', it really doesn't matter to me who is more 'dominant' in a particular relationship. I guess I should find a better way to simply list off the people (and/or the things) involved without any concerns about that kind of thing.)
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