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[Meme] Fandoms of 2010 
2nd-Jan-2011 03:33 am
Ah, stealing from f-list is what I do. :) Probably listing series mostly unheard of, but oh well.

First Fandom of 2010:
Wagaya no Oinari-sama (which is technically from 2008, anime-wise). There probably had been some other things before I watched Wagaya (in April), but they were definitely not new things. I'm not counting W or Shinkenger, especially since I didn't pick them back up until later in the year anyway.

Favorite Main Character of 2010:
Alata from Goseiger. There, I admit it. I'm likely to be mostly alone in this, but I'm fascinated by his seemingly contrasting sides (strong yet gentle and totally believable in both, at least to me). What is strange about this is I didn't even expect to like Alata at all, based on what little I'd seen of the Goseiger in the Shinkenger VS Go-Onger team-up movie (to be fair, only his voice was in that movie). But he had won me over pretty early on in the series. So lessons learned (not to judge a book before reading it).

Favorite Villain of 2010:
Hmm...has to be Metal Alice from Goseiger. I'd go into the particulars but I think they might get too specific in a post not devoted to Goseiger (and actually other people who also like Alice can articulate much better why). (It's a bonus that I also like her voice actor.)

Favorite Character of 2010:
Isn't this already covered by the second (or third) question? But I guess I shouldn't waste an opportunity to list more people.

So, if not counting anything not airing in 2010, I've settled on W. While I've warmed up to the regulars (and even the irregulars), Shoutarou remains my favorite. I'm not even sure I can explain exactly what I like about him (I think I've posted something about him reminding me of Mebius' Mirai (easily believes people, and will most likely never learn to be less trusting), but in retrospect I don't believe they are that similar (Shou actually seems more forgiving)). Perhaps it's his ordinary-ness. He is a normal person thrusted into extraordinary circumstances. Everything (stuff, events, people) seems to revolve around him (well, he would not be the main character otherwise). But yet I don't think anyone can say Shoutarou has it easy. Far from it. He has to work harder than the people who come equipped with special abilities. Which I really admire--an ordinary person doing his best within the limit of his ability (and sometimes surpassing it).

And I think Shoutarou is one of those not hard to read people. Normally I prefer characters to have at least a secret or two (i.e. be more mysterious like Philip), yet in this case I actually prefer an almost complete open book, and I find it refreshing that Shou is rather self-aware of his transparency (he himself comments on the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeves). Wearing his heart on his sleeves is probably his weakness, yet at the same time I believe it is also his strength. I mean, people are probably more likely to trust (and sometimes betray, but that goes with the territory) someone like him, who seems like he has virtually nothing to hide, than someone whose intention is obscure or unknown.

This turns out to be longer than I thought. Either there are many reasons to like Shoutarou, or I say essentially the same thing over and over again...

Favorite Het Couple of 2010:
If old stuff I watched in 2010 counts, I love Ken and Maki from Machineman. And probably following close behind is Eiji and Hina from OOO. (Well, maybe they might seem a bit boring (in the sense that they seem to get along a little too well), but I like the cute. :) Akiko and Terui I like because W made it official (I'm a canon-compliant person) more than seeing much evidence supporting it (am not good at picking up subtle clues).

Favorite Yuri Couple of 2010:
I don't think I've watched enough to see a yuri couple, let alone one I really like.

Favorite Slash Couple of 2010:
Hotsuma and Shusei from Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru (translated to something like 'Betrayer Knows My Name'). Even given many potential slash couples in Uraboku, I think this one wins hand down. In fact, I prefer it over the official het couple (because the het couple doesn't seem to have enough backstory/build-up for me to care, so my preference might change as more is revealed).

Favorite RPS Couple of 2010:
I'm not into RPS, or RPF in general (even though I hope the only things shared with the real people are names).

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into:
Uraboku. I'd resisted it for quite a while (I generally like more gen stuff). But voice actors (and comparisons with Vampire Knight) finally won me over.

Fandom You THOUGHT You'd Get Into But Didn't:
Crossgame. (Technically, it started in 2009, but well, when I picked it up, it hadn't ended yet.) I want to prove myself wrong and say I can watch a sport anime. Especially one that seems to have some good reviews. But after one episode which is all backstory (who actually thinks it's a good idea to start the first episode with a backstory, since when the second episode rolls around I have to be introduced to the characters again, as if I've never seen the series before?), I was saying 'let's watch something else for a while.' Naturally, I never got back to it and odds are low that I will.

Fandom That Crashed and Burned:
I don't think there is one? That is, if 'crashed and burned' means I liked a series and/or pairing a lot at first but fell out of love with it.

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback:
Kampfer. This one is actually a 2009 fandom (anime-wise). The anime ended on a pretty terrible note, imho, and I think it soured me off the whole series (manga and light novel) for a long while. Recently though, I've been reading the light novel and feel in charity with the series again (still not making peace with the anime, however).

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack:
OOO, probably. Or maybe Uraboku. Weird that I don't even think Wagaya had much potential for crack, given the main character's personality. And W doesn't count. It seems very anime-like to me, so crack is natural. And it even supplies its own crack in form of Shoutarou's delusions, which I think I might have to catch up with (last watched the one Akiko wants an older brother).

Last Fandom of 2010:
Uraboku. I bought (and read) the manga first, then watched the whole anime before leaving for a week long trip in November.

Umm. I've listed almost everything I've seen with Marina Inoue doing voice work in. Would include TTGL, but I don't think it really fits any category here. Besides, I've finished everything (well, specials and movies don't count) on the list (except the 'not get into' one and the two on-going ones--which I'm current as far as subs go).

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. :)
Super Hero Time
1st-Jan-2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year^^

I actually feel much the same about Alata |D
It's also amazing to have a red who is so damn _easy_ and often the peacemaker in the group :) Admittedly I'm like 15 episodes or so behind on Goseiger D:
2nd-Jan-2011 07:52 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you for telling me. ^__^ I honestly thought I was the only one here who actually likes Alata.

Yes, it is amazing (and refreshing) to have a red who is so calm and easy-going. :)

Ah, then I hope you get a chance to continue watching soon. IMHO, the latest episodes have been very good.
2nd-Jan-2011 11:18 pm (UTC)
Really? I haven't been paying attention to fandom but I didn't expect there to be much dislike for the current red. I mean... why?

I kind of got the feeling the sentai writers were trying new things with their reds, since the last two definitely broke away from former traditional red archetypes. I totally appreciate it and look forward to what the next one will be like, ridiculous name of "captain marvelous" aside ^^;;
But he'll have a hard time endearing himself to me, because I loved the current and previous two reds quite a bit.

I just watched two more eps today :) But now they'll start a new arc so I took that chance to catch up on OOO for a bit instead. I didn't have time to watch much of anything lately and when I had some free time last week I found myself reading instead *shrugs*
3rd-Jan-2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Well, I haven't checked fandom opinion of Alata lately, so perhaps it (hopefully) has already changed for the better, but it seems to me that people didn't like Alata much back in the beginning. I can kind of understand that, since they were just fresh off Shinkenger, which has a very different kind of red. Or maybe, as you said, Alata simply doesn't fit what people expect of a red. (I gather that a red is usually assertive, and/or a leader type. Still, I think Alata does have those qualities as well--it's just that his character is more subtle and maybe people prefer a more direct, force of nature type guy for a red.)

Not sure if I agree that Takeru isn't a traditional red (well, he isn't loud, but that's the only thing I can think of), but then again I believe I haven't seen as many sentai as you, so I might have overlooked something. Anyway, I haven't kept up with the next sentai news, so I didn't even know the name. ^^;; But after having a wrong impression of Alata at first, I think I'll now try to not decide about a character until I've seen him in action in the series itself.

I don't really have time to watch much of anything either. Lately, I tended to watch more in block of 2-3 episodes for the weeklies (well, two episodes at a time for OOO, since the show is set up that way). It's just luck that I'm almost caught up since Japan took a break this week. And I would also rather read in my free time (for me it's more convenient to just grab a book than to watch files on computer).
3rd-Jan-2011 06:23 pm (UTC)
The only thing bothering me at first was how Chiba Yuudai looks about 12 years old. But I've since gotten used to it.

Takeru was seriously dark in places, that for me is very unusual for a red. He was a bit twisted and I loved every bit of it. The reds, no matter if the loud an obnoxious or the competent type, are usually 100% hero material. Takeru was a bit of an anti-hero now and then imo. Not really, but he wasn't your 100% straight goody two shoes hero either. I really liked it :D
It wasn't a complete turnaround on the red types but a subtle shift. And we hadn't had a truly competent red in a while either before 2009 *g*
Oh, I always look forward to the new sentai so I won't go in with fixed expectations or prejudices, just saying the new red had stiff competition the last few years :)

I've been reading on the PC |D oops.
4th-Jan-2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he looks young. I thought he was better suited as another color at first. But then, as I become invested in his character, I kind of stop focusing on his appearance (he's simply Alata), and I think his acting has improved a lot over time.

While it's true that Takeru is not exactly 100% straight hero, that almost anti-hero side isn't his public face (he hides it (from most everyone, but not from viewers...I think) for a long time). I'm aware of his darkness (admittedly there are times I've forgotten, usually when he does a good job of suppressing it), but on the surface, I suppose he is simply not twisted enough for me to declare him very different from the formula. (Or I could be wrong. Would it be possible for anyone coming in contact with him for a brief time (like the team-up episodes/movies people) to ever suspect Takeru of being anything other than a strict lord and 100% hero material?) And while I think loud and obnoxious reds can be charming (^^;;), I wouldn't mind getting a competent red once in a while.

Ah, well, in that case I agree that the new red would probably need to work hard to earn your liking. :)

Yeah, that possibility occurred to me after I replied to you. For me, well, I can read websites and blogs online, but anything longer (like stories or books) I prefer to print out to read away from the computer. (That is, until I get an e-reader. Then I (hopefully) would not have to print anything again. ^^)
4th-Jan-2011 05:21 pm (UTC)
I got over it soon enough too, especially since his built and voice aren't exactly Japanese teenager^^ I don't know about another color, I simply like the whole team to not be too young.
I caught up with the episodes now, and I thought it was very interesting and not quite expected from a sentai what they put his chara through in ep 40.

Ah but that hidden depth is partly exactly what sets him apart from other reds for me^^
I totally loved the darkness in him, I think it's a great part of the reason he stole favorite red from Ban for me.
I don't think people would catch on to his "other" personality very fast, unless they were very observant people, but that makes it all the more prominent in my mind, that he is that good at deception. I think someone like Sousuke might have noticed though XD he's just good with people like that, idiocy and all aside.
Seeing as I mentioned Ban being my ex-favorite red I can't say I dislike loud obnoxious reds but I definitely have a thing for competent reds XD Zyu's Geki is my number 3.

Hm, always seems like a waste of paper to me, especially since I usually don't re-read things. Books I just buy in paper in the first place and anything else I read online^^
4th-Jan-2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
Especially his voice. ^^ I like how it can vary according to his mood, which is a big part of what make his character works for me.

Well, I actually don't know about another color either, just my gut reaction that with his looks (when I first saw him) he could not possibly be a red. And this team seems pretty young, but not too young, I think (don't think anyone (character or actor) is under 18).

You've been busy. :) And I agree that episode 40 was interesting, but while it might not be quite expected in a sentai, the episode played out almost exactly the way I thought it would (I think I'm a little too used to thinking about this kind of thing ^^;;).

True, other reds usually seem to be 'what you see is what you get' type. So, yes, it is a nice change when a red comes along who isn't so transparent. And, yes, given a little more time, I think Sousuke might have discovered Takeru's other side. But then again, it seems like Takeru did notice that, as you said, under all the idiocy, Sousuke is good with people, so I think he would be more on guard with Sousuke.
I haven't seen Zyu yet, so I'm not familiar with the red from that series. But I hope to start watching it when I can find more subbed episodes.

Yeah, I know. So I try not to print much other than the things I'm pretty sure I'll read more than once. :) And I also prefer books in paper. I only print e-books that don't have paperback counterparts. ^^;;
4th-Jan-2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
No, I don't think anyone's under 18, I'm pretty sure actually. But I like them to be 20 and up XD Legal adults in Japan ^.~ I dunno, just is that way for me.

Yeah, been catching up on my toku some. Currently watching Ultra Galaxy NEO ♥
I wasn't really surprised by how it played out but I was surprised that they put a sentai character in such a difficult situation, wasn't expecting that from a recent sentai :)

Well in my mind Sousuke got under Takeru's skin like he does with anyone else, in the space of that vs XD I mean... he totally got into Takeru's personal space without getting thrown off by the end and not even his team is really allowed that most of the time and it certainly took them a long while to get there. Sousuke just charms everyone off their feet XD Nothing and no one is immune *g*
But right now I'm not being very serious *lol*
Anyway, those two were a very unlikely combination and it could have gone spectacularly wrong too.
Zyu's red definitely is 100% hero but what I love so much about him is that he is actually darn clever. I've never seen another red who thought before acting or who was that fast a thinker in tricky situations. It's impressive XD Granted I've far from seen every sentai though and I haven't seen the whole Zyu yet either so maybe I should reserve judgement? But Geki is competent and also _smart_, to me he's amazing XD (subs are up to ep 10 only atm)
5th-Jan-2011 06:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think I would also be more comfortable if they are over 20. (I'm almost sure that this cast is? At least for all but Agri's actor, I think.) For me, while I think young actors can be excellent, sometimes I can't help feeling that they should be protected instead of fighting themselves. ^^;;

Now that I'm more or less current with the weekly shows, I think I would like to get back to the Ultras. :) Continuing in the Ultra Galaxy universe, I'm probably going to start with the side story released this year.

I think you make a good point. Putting characters in difficult situations doesn't seem to belong in a sentai (well, at least not the one that prides itself on being non-complicated like Goseiger). But I'm happy they tried it just the same. :)

Ah, but then Sousuke isn't one of Takeru's retainers, thus Sousuke doesn't feel constrained by what he could or could not say to Takeru. Although I would admit that, even if he has that kind of unequal relationship with Takeru, and given that nothing about his (Sousuke's) personality has changed, Sousuke would most likely manage to get under Takeru's skin anyway. So basically, yes, I wholeheartedly agree that Sousuke could charm everyone. :)
Actually, I kind of wanted to see their combination in that vs goes spectacularly wrong, so I allowed myself to be fooled (that they apparently never communicated or learned anything from each other) even though I knew otherwise. ^^;; But then I guess I like them both better as being intelligent and not jumping to hasty conclusions.

That sounds promising. It is refreshing to have someone who actually thinks before he acts. (There seem to be more impulsive characters around in sentai, even the ones that I think seem to be more of the 'look before you leap' type.) Well, hopefully he'll at least stay the same, or even better as the series progresses. :)
Only episode 10? Oh well, I guess I'll try it later when there are more episodes subbed (if it's not a currently airing show, I don't much like waiting between episodes).
1st-Jan-2011 11:55 pm (UTC)
A very happy New Year to you, as well :) I hope 2011 is a great year for you :)

Lol, I don't know a single fandom out of any that you mentioned... Except TTGL, Kamina is my hero forever :D
2nd-Jan-2011 07:55 am (UTC)
Hope 2011 is a great year for you as well. :)

I like Kamina, too. :) And Yoko (partly because she is voiced by Marina Inoue). I'm only about halfway into TTGL, however. :( Hopefully I can pick it up again some time later this year.
2nd-Jan-2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
I'll try to make it so :D

Is Marina Inoue your favourite voice actress? :)

But you have got as far as episode 8, right?
3rd-Jan-2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
Good luck with that. :)

Yes. It is a bit of a surprise, since usually I don't really notice voice actors as long as they don't do terrible jobs (I'm easily pleased). But I've seen her (well, heard her voice) in almost everything (well, four so far) I watched recently, and I like her characters (they are either the type I'm drawn to, or she makes me like them despite not being my type).

I'm a bit further than that. Left off at the end of episode 14, to be precise. Which I believe is about halfway through.
3rd-Jan-2011 11:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'll need it :D

That's interesting, I never really notice voice actors, either... So which was her character you liked best?

I asked because I was worried about accidentally spoiling the story for you if I mentioned that Kamina dies. But since you got so far, you already know. That was a rather sad moment :(

Have you seen the series Samurai High School? You probably haven't because it's not tokusatsu... But I'm watching it now, and it's pretty funny.
4th-Jan-2011 04:32 pm (UTC)
Well...I like them almost the same, but if I have to choose one, her character in Goseiger is my favorite (she is in the list up above as a favorite villain). I'm not sure whether tokusatsu shows record the voices differently, but I think her voice sounds great and totally fits her character. As a bonus, she has quite a few confrontations with another character in that show, who is voiced by Kamina's voice actor, but I would never know it was him if I hadn't checked the name (maybe I'm terrible at recognizing voices, and I thought I could do this better than remembering faces).

That moment was foreshadowed earlier in the episode (actually since the preview from the previous episode) so I kind of guessed something like that was coming. But yes, it was still sad either way. :(

No, I haven't. I haven't a time to watch much anime or anything else lately. Anyway, Samurai High School sounds like something I might enjoy (switching identities), so I'll keep it in mind when I run out of things to watch. ^^
5th-Jan-2011 02:21 pm (UTC)
That's interesting, I wouldn't think her voice sounds like a voice of a villain. I guess that means she is really good if she could make a convincing villain :D I actually never thought tokusatsu and anime have the same voice actors... It's quite a funny coincidence XD

It was, but I didn't believe it - I was convinced they would never kill the awesomest character in the series... Even after they did, I was hoping it was all a mistake, and he would come back. Well, I was wrong T____T

Too bad you don't have time for entertainment :( But I hope that whatever that is that you do is interesting :) It was a fun series, it's worth watching it, if you find the time for that :)
5th-Jan-2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
I think you are right, that her voice doesn't really sound like that of a traditional villain. But I suppose I simply use the word villain to mean someone who is opposing the good guys, and not necessarily someone who is evil. I don't know how to explain it, either way. Maybe it's just some combination of things unique to this character.

Perhaps it started long time ago, but I only started noticing the trend of using anime voice actors for tokusatsu characters for the bad guys (and occasionally for the good guys), in newer Kamen Rider and newer sentai series. Oh, and the new Ultraman Zero is voiced by an anime voice actor (Mamoru Miyano--I'm quite sure you have seen at least one or two anime with him doing the voice).

Honestly though, much as I think he's likable, if he actually comes back, I would be very disappointed. A show doesn't put a viewer through all that and then turns around and reverses it, like what happened then did not matter and could be negated completely. Anyway, perhaps I have to learn to simply enjoy the show and not try to over-analyze it. ::shrugs::

Well, I tend to read more these days when I find free time. It's more convenient since I can read at my speed, but I cannot watch anime or toku any faster (well, unless I skip the OP and ED, and I almost never do). But sure, I'll probably get around to watching that series one of these days. :)
6th-Jan-2011 01:01 am (UTC)
That's a good point, villains are not necessary bad, and I can't see her voicing a really bad character XD

Yeah, I've heard his voice in some anime series :D It feels weird that they don't use the voice of the actors for those characters - what is the point of having another actor just to do the Ultraman's voice? Do you think they do it to show that the human form and the Ultraman are completely different?

Lol, afterwards I understood that his death was an important plot point and it made Simon's personality stronger, and the effect would be somehow diminished if he came back... But some unreasonable part of my brain was still like 'No, he is too awesome to die T___T' XD

Lol, speed the video up? XDDD Well, it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you have fun and it's not all work, no play XD What do you read?
6th-Jan-2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think her character is probably just misguided. Because I usually don't like the pure villain type. (And I usually don't like the pure saint type, either, since I think most everyone (the heroes and villains alike) has both good and bad sides.)

Possibly. :) I didn't like it at first that they used different voices, but I thought about it and agree that it makes sense for the Ultra and the human host to have different voices to emphasize the fact that they are not the same people. However, I would not be happy if there are different voices for any Ultra who makes his own human form, because it's only one person there.

Yeah, I can kind of relate. I sometimes have a similar reaction to a character (too awesome/adorable/etc. to disappear and stay that way). Anyway, regardless of my other feelings, I admire any series that doesn't take the easy way out and bring people back from death (or from any other permanent consequence of personal sacrifices).

That would be interesting? I would have to try that at some point and see what to make of fast video playback. XD And well, at this point, I mostly read manga (surely they count as books ^^;;) because it's a fast read. (I'm actually not a fast reader, so maybe it's a normal speed for other people.)
7th-Jan-2011 01:02 am (UTC)
I'm pretty much the same, flat characters are somewhat boring... Lol, but when watching Gintama I seriously wished there were pure villain types because the bad guys always end up having some sad past that made me feel sorry for them, and I don't want to feel sorry for villains XDD

I agree, it would be weird if, let's say, Mebius' voice was someone else, not Mirai XD

That's true, in the series I watch it is quite rare for somebody to actually die, so death really makes an impact in such moments, and bringing back the dead people would be the easy way out...

Lol, they would all have really funny voices, for one thing XDD I want to read more manga, but reading it online is kind of difficult... I wish there was more manga in paper form here - they only sell popular series like Naruto and Bleach, and I don't want to buy that even if I had the money XDD
7th-Jan-2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
For me, it all depends on the character, I suppose. Because I think there are some pure villains (whom I may or may not hate) I enjoy seeing and I'm glad that they don't come with some sort of sad past to make me confused about what they are.

I've tried playing the sound fast before and what you said is true (the voices sound like chipmunks). :) Video-wise, though, picture would probably be blurry (I'm trying it one of these days to confirm).

Paper manga is easy to pick up around here, and affordable, mostly. And while reading manga on computer is not very convenient, I would do it if I could not find the paper version.
8th-Jan-2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
I think the best villains are those that actually have a good motivation to be villains. I don't really understand those villains who want to destroy the Earth just because.

I think it's more choppy than blurry, at least on my player. But either way, if you don't speed it up too much, you can still understand what's it about :D

Lucky you... Paper manga is quite hard to get here, and it's not exactly cheap. I have to read it on the computer, because it just doesn't exist in paper form.
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