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[Anime] Gintama JUMP Festa 2005 OVA & download 
5th-May-2011 09:27 pm
Ah, I seem to be in anime watching mood. I'm currently going through the first season of Gintama (yes, one of the series very loosely based on Edo era--not that I've seen any other or even the real Shinsengumi drama) and find myself laughing a lot while watching (but then I'm easily amused so don't trust me so quick ^^;;). And I hope I could get to the new season soon, but that would depend on how fast I could finish the previous season, because I prefer to watch things in order, even for an episodic series like Gintama.

So, back to the topic at hand. From what I can gather, the JUMP Festa OVA seems to be the first time Gintama appears in animated form. (JUMP Festa is where they drum up the interest for JUMP manga series, it seems, and to persuade fans to buy toys.) I kinda wish I'd seen this before starting the anime season, though, since it's much more awesome than the first episode (but then again, I think most other episodes easily surpass that episode). Besides, unlike the 2008 JUMP Festa OVA, it doesn't seem to assume any prior knowledge of the series...

Anyhow, I went looking for the OVA because 1) the manga creator mentioned it (well, more like spazzed over it) in one of the manga volumes, and 2) there was a manga chapter on flower watching with the Shinsengumi and I was like not remembering seeing an anime episode of it (and I'm sure I couldn't possibly forget it yet), so I thought perhaps it might have been in the OVA.

...Actually, forget the second reason. It's actually episode 125 that made me want to see the full OVA...

First, I loved that Gin-san notes that his voice is probably not what the viewers were expecting (though he is unsympathetic about it and basically says too bad, can't always get everything in life the way you want--which would have made me love him if I haven't already). I had that reaction when I first watched the anime (I was like, 'I'm not sure what your voice is supposed to sound like, but probably not that deep'). But of course, that totally changes now. At this point, I just can't imagine anyone other than Tomokazu Sugita as Gin-san.

Second, lol, poor Gin-san. His first appearance in anime is totally so far from being a cool hero. So basically they throw in some of the scenes (from the first manga chapter) that would later be used in the third anime episode to make Gin-san look somewhat like a cool hero.

Third, I thought I was missing the part in the anime when the rivalry between Kagura and Okita (a.k.a. the sadists) first started. True, already saw this part in the manga, but it was ten times more hilarious when I could see them move at warp speed. :)

Fourth, Mobile Suit Katsura-san (trust Sunrise to put what they have to good use). ^^ I have no words at how, while laughing maniacally, he just turns a park full of pretty flowers into flame (his target is the Shinsengumi, but...). But wow, Katsura-san totally takes the modified rock paper scissor game seriously and looks for the helmet when he loses to Gin-san. And I have to wonder again just how strong that mail order wooden sword is...

Fifth, I rather love Gin-san x Hijikata pairing and this episode only gives me more material (yeah, that is almost the same as the manga, but I enjoy it more animated). I actually had no idea before reading the manga chapter that they already do the drinking together and bragging about their "kids" (though Shinpachi says they are more like kids bragging about their cool parents), because in later episodes their bonding over alcohol seems to have been all but forgotten (perhaps Gin-san did find that time machine, after all)... (No 'Gintoki' for Hijikata any more, but that part seems like anime add-on anyway...)

Sixth, love is blind, it seems. I think I should abandon the hope that Kondo would ever acknowledge that Otae has no romantic interest in him. (Okay, that's way too general. Specifically, he doesn't sense any danger when he put on his helmet, assuming he is safe.)

Seven, flower watching is totally serious business, though most of the Shinsengumi don't care where they sit, as long as they can drink. ^^

Eight, in the note of the subs I watched, it says that Katsura-san is always correcting people when they call him Zura because "zura" is the slang for "wig". The note goes on further to say that so is "katsura" [the slang for "wig"] ETA: actually "katsura" is a standard word for "wig" (thanks, denshi_no_ultra, for the clarification). I know about "zura" being wig (that information was worked into the series itself, and not a translation note), but I haven't verified "katsura" yet. In any case, I think him correcting that is just so like Katsura-san. It's probably like if he had to be a wig anyway, better be Katsura than Zura. (And now this note made me think about whether his beautiful hair is a wig. I hope not, though.)

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I can't think of anything else at this moment. In the meantime, I'll leave the file here. (No, nope, not for you at all. I just happened to upload it already (within 9 seconds. Hey, that look totally says, 'you're just piggybanking on other people's hard work.' Deal with it. I can't always be the first person to upload, you know). Hey, hey, I said it's really nothing for you. What? Already downloaded it? Don't watch it, then. Delete it, use it to make frisbee or whatever. Oh, fine, I give up! But whatever happens, just don't demand 32 minutes of your life back because I don't have a time machine. I'm totally serious about that last part! Ah, just please, please don't watch if you want your life to be free of Gintama's rude humor.) Please enjoy if you take it. :) (What? This person is totally ignoring what she just wrote in the previous parentheses! Hey, listen up, random internet person. I don't care what you do or don't do with that JUMP Festa file, but give me a time machine if you have one.) And please. pretend. to unsee. the nonsense. in this paragraph's parentheses. (What, what nonsense?! And you are too uptight, woman. You skip reading about series you don't know, right? It's the same thing in this case. Only people already familiar with Gintama would have made it here. That is, if they didn't think your our dialogue suck. And hey, internet person! While I have your attention, go watch Rumbel subs and leave this file alone.) On a second thought, if anyone is still around, I could use a hand to help shut this parentheses person up...

(Oh, fine! I added two cuts, happy now?)
Sadaharu & Gin-san
5th-May-2011 06:24 pm (UTC) - I approve of your userpic <3
Lol, I totally forgot about the OVA, I should have recommended that you watch that first XDD But then again, it is not much of an introduction because on the OVA all characters already know each other, so it's like the OVA is set somewhere later in the story, not at the beginning.

I myself watched after I finished the actual series, so Gin-san being... well, Gin-san, didn't make me like him more because that's impossible XDD

GinHiji is totally canon, Sorachi-sensei ships them too :DDD

Lol, poor Kondo, he just doesn't get it XDD But I guess getting constantly beaten up is his own fault for being so persistent XD

It's actually like this - zura is slang for wig, katsura is the standard word for wig. Katsura is also a type of pine tree, and this kanji is what is used for his surname. Also, matsu means pine, and that's why the girls in Katsura-san's weird fantasies are named Matsuko.

Lol, that was unnecessary info XDD But his gorgeous hair is definitely not a wig, no way! XDDD

Omg, I lold at the parenthesis so much XDD You should consider writing Gintama fics, I see you understand the spirit of the series perfectly :D
5th-May-2011 07:07 pm (UTC) - Re: I approve of your userpic <3
Ah, thank you. <3 I used that image because I saw an Okita variant (Sadaharu biting on his head) in the OVA...

It's the same thing as in episode 1. The characters already know each other there, too. :) But I feel I would be less lost if I started with the OVA.

Ah, thank you for the explanation about Katsura-san's name and its variants. :) I thought the kanji for "Katsura" (桂) was a Japanese Judas tree or something, but that is actually a type of pine tree then...

As I thought, I could count on you to know everything there is to know about Katsura-san. :) Anyway, I didn't really think his hair is a wig, but it sure grows back amazingly fast after being cut off. ^^;;

Ah, that parenthesis thing totally wrote itself, but I am willing to take credit for it. XD Seriously though, yeah, perhaps I should. I have a GinHiji fic that I've started a little, but it turns so cliche and melodramatic that I have to leave it alone for now.
5th-May-2011 10:57 pm (UTC) - Re: I approve of your userpic <3
Lol, Sadaharu has chewed on pretty much everyone's heads at some point in the anime XDD

Hmm, good point... Next time I recommend the series to somebody, I'll tell them to start with the OVA, maybe that will make them more curious about the series.

Lol, well, at least one of the subtitle notes at some point in the series said that, I didn't check that information myself XDD

Haha, I'm not really an expert yet, but I'm doing my best XDD Well, I am prepared to accept the fact that he might have worn a wig at some point while waiting for his hair to grow back, but normally his hair is all natural XD

Hmm, not sure if melodramatic would really work with the two of them... But it's great to hear you are already trying to write fics about them :D

Oh, btw, did you know that yesterday (05.05.) was Hijikata's birthday? And Gin-san's birthday is on 10.10.? That is definitely not a coincidence, Sorachi-sensei totally ships them, too XDDD
6th-May-2011 09:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, even Kagura doesn't escape being a chew toy for Sadaharu. ^^;; But I still think he likes chewing on Gin-san's head the best. XD

It is only my personal experience, though. I think I have also let the timing influence me, since I am the type of person who likes to watch things in order, and the OVA was made before everything else in the anime.

Wow, that is such a detailed subtitle note then. :) I guess I'll eventually have to check subtitles from other fansub groups to see what else I'm missing...

Yeah, that is possible. But I guess I still prefer to think of Katsura-san's hair as natural all the time. Despite what I said before, I suppose I am willing to mostly overlook how fast his hair grows back. XD

Too much melodrama for my liking is exactly the reason I have to stop working on that fic. ^^;; Perhaps a non-pairing fic would be better for me to try to capture the spirit of the series...

I did know about their birthdays, but totally forgot (such a bad fan ^^;;). And of course Sorachi-sensei totally ships them, considering that at a different point Hijikata and Gin-san were both contenders for the main character role. XDD
6th-May-2011 12:03 pm (UTC)
Lol, at least Kagura likes it, the other characters not so much XD

No, the subtitle note just said that katsura is a type of pine tree, it was not very detailed... But I don't remember where I saw it XD

Lol, the super-fast hair growth must simply be one of those anime things - after all, their injuries heal really fast, too.

I think that would be a good idea - Gintama is not really about romance, so a non-pairing fic would definitely work.

Lol, I am an even worse fan, I didn't know about Hijikata's birthday, I only saw posts about it in comms... Lol, I suppose that's how it is. But I'm happy Gin-san ended up to be the winner XD
6th-May-2011 04:07 pm (UTC)
Yes, she does. XD And her super strength can't hurt Sadaharu so he is the only pet for her. :) Also, I think Gin-san (and Shinpachi?) has warmed up to Sadaharu, but, true, not to the point that he enjoys getting his head chewed on a regular basis. ^^;;

Ah, it's fine. I appreciate that you're sharing what you know. Whenever I get a chance, I'll do more research on my own. :)

The injuries thing is something I've almost always suspended disbelief, since it usually doesn't follow any logical sense. For instance, sometimes the characters have to go to a hospital for a simplest injury, but yet when their injuries are severe, they are recuperating at home.

Yeah, I would probably write one if I ever got inspired...

I also learned of their birthdays in the same way: by seeing congratulations entries in the main Gintama comm when I checked it out a while back. And I'm happy too that Gin-san won the main character role. ^^ I do like Hijikata, but it would be better if he could get his own series to star in...
7th-May-2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
I'm sure they did warm up to him, after all, he does look kind of cute - when he is not chewing on their heads XDD

Lol, if you find anything interesting, share it with me :D

True, true... Well, it's only reasonable - after all, it is anime, not real life. it would be boring to watch anime characters stay in hospital for months as would be necessary for normal recuperation.

Yay :DD

Lol, I think that Sadaharu's birthday is on the same day I have birthday XDD

Hijikata is good right where he is now, as Gin-san's counterpart in the series :D
9th-May-2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
I actually think he looks cute chewing on their heads (though of course they wouldn't think so). XDD

I suppose I can do that, although I probably wouldn't find what you don't already know. ^^;;

I guess I just want some indication that some time has passed before they are healed, not that I want to see the scenes of them recuperating.

Ah, that's cool about your birthday. :) I still don't know the birthday of many characters (only remember Otae's is also sometime in October (it's what Gintae shippers used as one of the reasons for the pairing)), but I don't think any major characters has birthday in the month of my birthday.

True. Hijikata is perfect where he is. Without him, there wouldn't be anyone in Shinsengumi who doesn't admire Gin-san.
10th-May-2011 08:38 pm (UTC)
Lol, I actually like cats more than dogs, so I wish there was an important cat character in the series... And no, Catherine doesn't count XDDD

Well, maybe not, but if there is something you would like to discuss, I am always interested in talking about Gintama :D

Although that time in Benizakura arc where Otae looked after Gin-san it actually worked when they showed all that part about Gin-san recuperating. I wonder who took care of poor injured Katsura-san in the meantime. Lol, Elizabeth, probably XDD

I don't actually know any birthdays except Gin-san's and Hijikata's (omg, not even Katsura-san's, I must google it immediately, shame on me!!!)... Too bad you don't have a birthday at the same date with some important character, that would be cool. Lol, but having birthdays in the same month is not really a sufficient reason for shipping XDD

There would still be Okita XDD
11th-May-2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
I think cats and dogs are both cute in their own ways. :D In any case, I wouldn't object to an important (and possibly cool) cat character.

I'll share what I think is interesting then. :)

In Benizakura arc? I thought no one knew that Katsura-san was alive, not even Elizabeth. Since his book protected him from more severe injuries, I think Katsura-san probably simply laid low and bid his time. I kind of want to say he went to Ikumatsu-san's place at one point, but I don't think he wanted to involve her in danger...

Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure Katsura-san's birthday is either 25 or 26 June. (He told us about it in Katsura's appreciation month celebration back in 2008.) Well, people born in the same month usually have the same horoscope, so they are already compatible...at least, that's usually the case. Yeah, I'm not buying that reasoning either. XDD

Oh, Okita totally admires Gin-san. XD Probably even more than Kondo or Yamazaki does. But it's just my feeling, not that I have much real evidence to go on outside of one episode he let Gin-san off for speeding. Oh, and in Mitsuba arc, Gin-san is the first person Okita goes to for a friend who is not in Shinsengumi.
12th-May-2011 01:24 pm (UTC)
Lol, I guess it would make sense if the Shinsengumi got themselves a cat - since the mascot of Yorozuya is a dog, and the Shinsengumi are sort of their rivals XD

Ok :D

Yeah, in Benizakura. Maybe you're right, Elizabeth didn't necessarily know he was alive. But at ;east she believed he was :D Well, but there was still quite a lot of blood when Nizou cut him, so it was not like it was just a scratch. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't go to Ikumatsu, he is not the type to inconvenience people like that. He is such a hero <333

Yeah, on 26 of June. That means his horoscope sign is Cancer, and that means totally compatible with me! Wow, you are really attentive to details :D I don't think people of the same horoscope sign have the best compatibility, actually - they are too similar, so they annoy each other XD

Hmm, I don't think he admires Gin-san, maybe he is just interested in Gin-san. Okita is not the type to admire anyone, except for Kondo maybe. And even then I'm not sure if his feelings could be classified as something as noble as that. It's possible that Okita likes Gin-san, as much as it's possible for him to like anyone, that is... Lol, but I don't really have evidence of that XDD
12th-May-2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
For some reason I'm seeing Okita as a cat there. XD But in the end, I don't think the Shinsengumi can get a cat, since they are samurai and loyal to their master. In that regard, it seems to me that the Shinsengumi are not so different from the Yorozuya after all, despite being sort of rivals with one another.

Well, Katsura-san is the only one (that I remember) who brought attention to his birthday, so of course I would find that somewhat memorable. :D And, randomly, it came to me that Shinpachi's birthday is 12 of August. Anyway, I think I'll go look up the birthdays of other characters when I'm caught up with the anime. :)

I think it's more like Okita is not the type to show he admires anyone other than Kondo. (He does not admit to doing anything for Hijikata, but he is giving what I believe to be his true feelings straight to Kondo during the Shinsengumi arc.) And I'm not denying that Okita most likely finds Gin-san interesting (in the, 'well, what kind of species is he and how do I exploit that?' way). However, I'll say for sure that Okita does like Gin-san a lot. It is that odd charm of his that seems to make kids (Shinpachi, Kagura, and now Okita) follow him. They might not treat him with respect normally, but in the situations that count (as opposed to the situations that play for laughs, I mean), they look to him for advice and help (and, if I can be totally biased here, they have a very good reason to trust him since Gin-san does not ever disappoint them)...
13th-May-2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
Lol, he does kind of behave like a cat, sleeping all the time XD Well, they can't get a cat also because nobody would take care of it, they are all too busy or just would not care XDD But what you say could be true, too - cats would not suit their personalities.

Haha, Katsura-san sure likes to be the centre of attention... I will only learn the birthdays of my most favourite characters so I could do something special for their birthdays XDD

I think there is a difference between admiring and liking. Admiring means looking up to and wanting to be like that admired person. I would say Shinpachi admires Gin-san. But Okita simply likes Gin-san because Gin-san is such a great guy :D You know, maybe he thinks of Gin-san as some sort of big brother substitute? Hijikata can't be his big brother substitute because they have some sort of rivalry going on...

BTW, I see you have many more Gintama userpics now, that's great :D
14th-May-2011 08:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, the Shinsengumi people are probably too busy for a full-time pet. So their kind of mascot has to be Makoto-chan or someone else they could hire to play mascot. XD

Wow, it is great that you are going to do something special for the birthdays of your most favorite characters. :D

True, there is a difference between admiring and liking. Perhaps I might have used the wrong word, but for me, to admire someone simply means to respect and/or to have a high opinion of that person; it doesn't necessarily mean wanting to be like the admired person. I'll concede that Shinpachi might want to be like Gin-san, in that he wants to understand Gin-san's samurai spirit. But that's not really the case with Okita. As you say, Okita probably does look up to Gin-san as some sort of big brother substitute. When he has problems he could not easily solve by himself, he brings them to Gin-san (episode 27 comes to mind) with hope that Gin-san would know what to do. I think Okita wouldn't have that kind of trust for people he simply likes.

Ah, thanks for noting them. :) I kind of want to branch out to other characters, but it's still too obvious who my favorite is. ^^;
14th-May-2011 11:41 am (UTC)
Omg, I had totally forgotten about Makoto-chan XDDD Yeah, they don't need another mascot, they already have one XDD I feel like I need to rewatch that episode now :DD

Haha, I drew a picture for Gin-san's birthday. But I suck at drawing, so it looked like it was drawn by a 5-year-old T___T I should have written a fic, I suck at writing a little bit less.

Maybe admiring really doesn't mean wanting to be like the admired person, but I somehow always felt that it is... Well, it doesn't matter - we have pretty much figured out how Okita feels about Gin-san XD

It's great that you make them yourself - it shows how much you care about Gintama :) Lol, well, it's only reasonable that you have more userpics of your favourite character :D
14th-May-2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
That episode was quite fun. To me, it was actually a bit harder to tell who Makoto-chan was supposed to be in the manga (and I read it after seeing the episode), but in anime I was just waiting for the Shinsengumi to string them up for obstructing justice. XDD

Oh, if you don't mind showing it to me, I would love to see your drawing. :) I've also drawn Gin-san (just in pencil, though), but I don't think I could ever get his natural wavy hair right. ^^;; Fic would be easier for me, too. In any case, I hope you would be inspired to write a fic one day. :)

We have? XD Well, yeah, if we agree that Okita likes and looks up to Gin-san yet doesn't want to be like Gin-san.

Actually, I made them myself because I can pick and choose any scene or picture I like, but then I haven't really looked around so perhaps someone else had already made icons of the pictures I chose (and better, most likely ^^;;).
14th-May-2011 10:13 pm (UTC)
I think it's more difficult to understand everything in the manga because those pictures don't move XDD Lol, that would be an interesting turn of events if the Shinsengumi arrested their own mascot XDD

Haha, it's kind of embarrassing because it's really bad >_< But ok, if you really want to see it, here it is. You should show me your drawing now that I've showed you mine ;D It's really difficult to write Gintama fics - I have written a (sort of) GinZura fic, and I really don't think it worked... But I will try again, sooner or later XDD

And the fact that he thinks of Gin-san as of an older brother! :D

Somehow people have usually made the icons of the scenes I want, so I don't have to do it myself XD
15th-May-2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
I thought they did arrest Makoto-chan in that episode, but for some reason they were forced convinced to let 'him' go. ^^;;

Wow, I liked your drawing. And this must be the first time I remember seeing Katsura-san used his catchphrase on something other than himself... I feel inadequate since I did my drawing in pencil (and just a quick sketch at that), but, yeah, okay, here it is (I try to fix the scan, but I can't get rid of the purple from the background). Speaking of your GinZura fic, I found it on GinZura comm. Whether it worked as GinZura or not I'm not sure (since I don't ship them), but it was a nice one-shot. :D In any case, glad to hear you will write more fics. ^^

Ah, yeah, forgot that part. ^^;; Though 'looking up to Gin-san' part kind of covered it, maybe. XD

Lucky you then. :)
15th-May-2011 06:54 pm (UTC)
Well, if they let him (it?) go, it was not a real arrest, that was just a detainment XD

Awww, thanks XD Although I know it's bad XDD Katsura-san did use the phrase on several other occasions. Like the first time when Elizabeth appeared, he said 'It's not disgusting, it's Elizabeth'. Also, he used the phrase in the episode about the eyebrow zombies and in one episode of the Ryuguyo (lol, how do you even spell it XD) arc. Maybe in some other episodes too, but these are the only ones I can remember right away.

Wow, your drawing is much better than mine :D His expression is great, he really looks like Gin-san!

Well, I didn't want to make it too shippy, I wanted people to be able to interpret it as friendship, too. But since it was for a GinZura challenge, it could be interpreted as a pairing, as well. And thanks for reading :) I'll try my best to do justice to Gintama's awesomeness :D

Wow, and you have another new icon! Awwww, chibi Gin-san looks so adorable there <333 I sure would like to buy a figure of Gin-san... Only I would prefer one where he looks cool, rather than cute XD
15th-May-2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
It is Ryugu-jo (Dragon Palace). ^^ Yeah, I mean I couldn't remember those instances from the series, just didn't make it clear. ^^;; But anyway, thank you for listing them for me. :D

Ah, thank you. ^__^ I cheated with the expression since I don't think I can really do justice to his dead fish eyes. ^^;;

Well, in that case, it worked as a friendship fic for me, although I can't help thinking that perhaps Katsura-san might be the better person to do the contemplation since it seemed to me that he actually did that a little in the series. And I forgot to mention that I liked the end of your fic. I was like, Gin-san might use your bomb to blow you up, Katsura-san, if you did not stop getting in between him and his parfait. ^^;;

Thank you. :) I want to buy a figure of Gin-san, too, but in the only cool version I've seen, his face does not look like Gin-san. :/ Oh well, hopefully there are other versions I haven't found yet...
15th-May-2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks, somehow I always forget how to spell it XDD Well, I'm sure the list is actually longer, but you're welcome :D

I think the expression in your pic comes pretty close to the actual Gin-san's expression - they eyes are definitely just like in the anime ;D

Good point, Katsura-san does seem to be the type who thinks about stuff more (after all, he often comes up with those long, weird stories about Matsuko XDD) and he seems to be the type to remember the past... But somehow I didn't think about that when writing the story, I just wrote it from Gin-san's point of view. Haha, yeah, nobody is allowed to disturb Gin-san when he is eating parfait, not even his oldest friend!

I want one of Gin-san and one of Katsura-san, but I actually haven't seen any that would do justice to their coolness. But I suppose there will be new merchandise because the new anime season has started, so there will be something interesting sooner or later.
16th-May-2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
Well, even though I know how to spell Ryugu-jo, I sometimes mistype it. XD But speaking of that arc, it is possible that I might have overlooked it, but I can't find where Katsura-san applies his catchphrase on someone (or something) else. (The closest I remember is "it's not all right, it's Katsura" in reply to Gin-san's query whether he is all right.)

That's because I cheated and modeled the pic after the anime. ^^;; Specifically, I think it was from the Obon episode, though I was working partly from memory so it is probably not exactly the same as the Gin-san there. In any case, even though I was only more or less copying, I am glad to hear that you think his expression looks close to the actual Gin-san's. :)

Yeah, there are all those Matsuko stories, too. ^^;; But I was simply thinking that Katsura-san seems like the type to contemplate on Gin-san (for instance, I think he told Takasugi something about Gin-san being the one who should hate this world the most, yet he (Gin-san) bore it. It seems to me that Katsura-san must have been thinking about Gin-san and the past at some point to be able to say something like that). Anyway, it actually worked out fine, because if you wrote your fic from Katsura-san's point of view, you would not be able to describe Katsura-san. XD

Yeah, I think there are already new merchandise out for the new anime season, but I hope there will be new figures, too. :)
16th-May-2011 10:18 pm (UTC)
Wow, I had actually forgotten about that one (in my subs it was "I'm not ok, I'm Katsura!" XDD). But I was talking about another moment - when they had just landed on that island, Katsura-san said "It's not Ryugu-jo, it's Tenjiku (or however you call that place where he thought they landed XD)!"

Lol, it's not cheating, it's almost like live drawing :D And it takes skills to make a good copy, too, so I think you did well with the drawing! :)

Hmm, I hadn't thought about that moment like that - I thought it might have been something he came up with on the spot, but it really does make more sense if he actually considered it before. Well, he might have, Gin-san is his friend, so it's only normal to think about friends.

I haven't actually investigated any merchandise buying possibilities just yet because now I would have nowhere to put those things anyway, but when I will have a place of my own, I will think about it :)
17th-May-2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I totally missed that one. Thanks. :) He said something similar when they were still having in-fighting in the sea ("Who says we're going to go to Ryugu-jo, we're going to Tenjiku" and then someone (Shinpachi, most likely) shouted that Tenjiku didn't exist XD), but since it wasn't his catchphrase, I overlooked it. However, the moment you talk about is definitely "ryugu ja nai, tenjiku da" (he left out the 'jo' (palace) part. ^^;; I find it rather funny that the unlucky guy who got misquoted had to be Hasegawa-san (sorry, Madao)).

Tenjiku (天竺) is apparently an obsolete word for "India", probably in reference to the destination in "Journey of the West", which is one of the great Chinese classical novels. The characters accompanying Katsura-san didn't really match with the characters from that novel except the monkey, I think. (He got Momotaro as his guide, so apparently Katsura-san had been mixing up his folktales. XD)

Thank you again. :) And, lol, I only wish I could do live drawing for real...

Well, it's not like I know for sure either regarding that moment, but I prefer to believe that he had considered it before. In fact, most likely not only for Gin-san. I'm pretty sure Katsura-san thinks about everyone of his important friends (seems to me like he might even have thought about Takasugi, who is not a so dear friend now or even in the past, apparently, at least in order to try to understand Takasugi, if not out of concern).

Space isn't really a problem for me--money is. ^^;; I do want the figures and some other merchandise, but my priority has to be the DVDs first.
18th-May-2011 11:40 am (UTC)
Yeah, so you see - he really does have many variants of his catchphrase ^_^ Lol, things like that always happen to Madao, he should get used to that already XDD

I think my subs mentioned something about that, too... Lol, Katsura-san can't know everything, no wonder there was a little mix-up XDD

I can totally understand that, I also wish I had at least some drawing skills...

Now that I think about it, it must be true! Katsura-san might look like he doesn't think anything much, but in reality he definitely is the introspective type! <333

Yeah, for me too the manga and the DVDs will be the first thing I'll bet, and the rest of the stuff afterwards.
18th-May-2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
It is good your subs mentioned them. Mine almost didn't, so I had to look up most of those references on my own. Oh well, it was fun to do, and broadened my knowledge somewhat...

Well, you do already. :) I can do individual drawings, kind of, but I can't really manage to put characters and setting together in story form the way you did in your drawing.

I have always thought of Katsura-san as the serious, introspective type ever since I first saw him in the manga. (It's his line of work. In my experience, characters who have that kind of ambition usually are thinkers...) However, although there were already hints (when he and Gin-san were squabbling like little kids) then, I didn't expect that Katsura-san could also be just as irrelevant as most of the characters in Gintama. ^^;;
19th-May-2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
Wow, your new userpic is totally awesome!!! <3333

Haha, I probably would be too lazy to actually look up things if they were not explained in the series, but it's great that you did - that means Gintama taught you something :D

Lol, basically, if we combined our abilities, we might do pretty decent drawings XDDD

I think I also thought that he is a serious type, but in the end it turned out he has as much silly moments as all other Gintama characters XD
20th-May-2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks. <3333 I actually can't even remember that particular scene (or perhaps it's in the movie?), but I know I have to have it the moment I saw it. :)

If I am curious enough, I can be pretty motivated. But usually I'm too lazy to bother. ^^;; In any case, Gintama has definitely taught me a lot of interesting things. :D

Perhaps you're right. XD Though it is probably not a good idea to try to do any kind of collaboration with me since I would most likely to be almost always late...

Wow, you thought he is a serious type from that fanficrants entry you said first introduced you to Gintama? If I had seen that entry before reading/watching the series for myself, I probably could never think of Katsura-san as serious at all. ^^;;;
20th-May-2011 09:29 pm (UTC)
Well, the whole 'jumping off the enemy airship with a parachute' thing was done in Benizakura arc, but I'm not sure whether this particular angle is from the movie or the series itself... but it sure was a great moment! BTW, are you planning to watch the movie?

I can definitely understand being lazy, I'm a very lazy person myself... But it's good to hear Gintama had that sort of valuable content, too.

Haha, and I don't really like drawing anyway, so it's fine :D

Well, I suppose love is blind, and it was love at first sight XDDD But really, he does all the stupid things with such a serious face, it's difficult not to think he is a serious person :DD
22nd-May-2011 04:07 pm (UTC)
I do want to watch the movie since, well, Benizakura is my favorite arc, and I hear that there are at least a few new scenes (and this particular parachute scene might be one of them), but not sure yet when...

Well, it's not like I have never seen or heard of most of the things referenced before, but Gintama makes me more interested in them, or more like makes me appreciate them more. :D

And Katsura-san wants to be the only character in Gintama who does the most silly things while looking so serious. XDD
22nd-May-2011 09:20 pm (UTC)
There are a couple of new scenes, and the big fight scene was much cooler in the movie! Well, it doesn't mean much to you, but there was one moment when I nearly started crying because of how awesome it was XDD

True, true, it was the same for me! It's like, I sort of knew some of those things, but didn't care - but after they appeared in Gintama, I immediately started caring :D

He worries about that too much - it's obvious that no other character could ever replace him, he should stop doing such extreme things like in the new season XDD Although that was mostly the alien wart thing, not he himself XDDD
23rd-May-2011 12:28 pm (UTC)
I might not generally like fight scenes much, but it is impossible for me to like Benizakura without liking its fight scenes. So hearing that the big fight was much cooler in the movie makes me happy. :D

He believes Kyuubei is the same type of character as him. To me, that is kind of like saying all characters in Gintama know how to be sarcastic. But so what? Even if most of them share that trait, I don't think most Gintama characters are replaceable, so you are probably right that Katsura-san worries too much. XDD Well, the alien wart thing brings out the character's deepest desire, I believe, so maybe what we see are not entirely fabricated...
25th-May-2011 09:16 pm (UTC)
That's good to hear, I'm sure you will enjoy it, then :D

Silly Katsura-san, Kyuubei is not nearly as entertaining XDD

Lol, I think the wart showed his worries about being upstaged and his wish to be more popular, but I don't think losing his dick and giving birth to gorillas was really his wish XDDD
6th-May-2011 01:36 am (UTC)
At this point, I just can't imagine anyone other than Tomokazu Sugita as Gin-san.

Haha.... then again, after hearing Tomokazu-san voice Gintoki... you CANNOT not think about Gintoki when hearing his voice on other character. XDDD
6th-May-2011 09:57 am (UTC)
That is a very good point. I suspect I would totally hear Gin-san in Sugita-san's other characters from now on. XD Well, perhaps it also helps that he usually voices the deadpan snarker type...
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