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So, yes, outside of the special effects, Ultraman Ginga is, imo, pretty J-drama-ish (acting-wise, and budget-wise). But, for me, it is very much fine for what it is. (Might also help that I happen to like the mostly quiet countryside setting -- most people are so nice there.) Addressing complaints?Collapse )

Imo, the important thing (i.e. the reason the show uses the toy angle and does not even try to hide it) is for the children and adults in the audience to buy the toys, so there will hopefully be money* for the new traditional full year series down the road (in three years for the 50th anniversary of Ultraman? I can hope).

(*I suppose Tsuburaya used up most of the money earlier this year on Neo Ultra Q (which I still haven't seen, but apparently it got a pretty good reception, certainly more than Ginga seems to be getting), but don't quote me on it.)

And I am grateful that there are subs available. At least now I won't be misunderstanding stuff (as far as language goes, not the stuff that has to be inferred).

Speaking of which, having watched it subbed, I'll put my thoughts on episode 3 here instead of making another entry (since I already have one for this episode). Spoilers ahead.

Probably not making much sense since this is more of my guess rather than what is actually shown.Collapse )
Earth Day
31st-Jul-2013 12:47 am - Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 45
Am I happy that this series will have 51 episodes? Of course. :)

Thoughts on the episode in no particular order. Spoilers.Collapse )

In any case, I do love this show (and its protagonist -- I might love him even more than the show itself). I think it's the toku series I've been with the longest in recent years (pretty much follow it week by week -- until recently, it was the only weekly series that I made the time for). I just mostly feel like I have nothing interesting to say when it comes to this show, since most people are apparently better than I am at expressing opinions.
Super Hero Time
27th-Jul-2013 10:57 pm - Ultraman Ginga Episode 3
Honestly, I just love this show more and more each time I watch it. (And I have never disliked it, been disappointed by it, or had whatever negative impression of it. (Which actually is kind of scary since such a perfect series does not exist.) While can't be 100% certain of the future, I think my happiness with the series is very likely to continue increasing as time goes on.) I probably shouldn't be surprised -- a series (at least of the live-action variety) having a group of curious teenagers dealing with the supernatural seems to work for me lately.

It's going be real boring if I write an entry like this every week, but seriously, can't find one single fault with the story so far. They are all so very heartwarming, imho.

More discussion, hopefully. Spoilers up to episode 3.Collapse )

EDIT: Apparently, I have a lot to say on this episode, so here is another entry on it.
Earth Day
18th-Jul-2013 02:17 am - Ultraman Ginga Episode 2 (Spoilers)
Edit Edit: Flip almost everything in this entry (including the most negative cut tag I could ever come up with), and there lie (most of) my true opinions of the episode and the series as a whole (all the two episodes of it). I don't think writing cynically serves me really well after all. Hopefully I'll learn to trust my child-like wonder more...

tl;dr -- I'm disappointed.Collapse )

I don't know. Given my non-rational personality, I might have made the episode sound worse than it actually is. Guess I'll wait to watch it again with subs to see if I'll form a better impression. But I think this hits me rather hard since I'm very much in love with the first episode. Oh well, better go back to remain cautiously optimistic for subsequent episodes...

ETA: It is totally amazing how much a night's sleep changed my outlook. Why I thought anything with a vinyl figure talking could ever be taken seriously is beyond me. ^^;;;;; Consider my "serious" complaints on this episode (and the rest) instantly non-valid from now on.
Earth Day
17th-Jul-2013 01:27 am - So, about Kamen Rider Wizard
(Wow, after never wrote about it like in forever (pretty much been keeping up with it, though; currently at episode 42), I wouldn't have guessed that Wizard would sort of bring me back here.)

Let me say something, since I'm going to burst* without writing it all down. And I know I probably should take my reply to the place the discussion originated, but I don't like to confront people, so it's here in my own corner of the web.

(*Not literally, of course. But I'm the type to exaggerate my feelings like that. [Is that annoying, perhaps?]I wonder if my frequent use of hyperbole might get annoying sometimes... Being close to my own writing, I never see a problem -- sometimes I'm even a bit confused that I'm taken literally when I don't intend to be serious at all. Well, when that happens, it's probably my fault for not being clear. )

Shunpei and Nitou. No specific spoilers, but cut just in case.Collapse )
Super Hero Time
And this conversation just came to be while I was thinking about, well, what the title says. Not guaranteed to be absolutely in character (or in character at all, actually), nor to be much related to the title. But hey, this is not a fanfic. Just a sort of cast commentary that I hadn't spent much time on. Not a proper commentary of specific episodes, but there are some non-story spoilers (mostly references) to movies and such. FWIW, I've seen up to episode 42 of Kamen Rider Wizard when I wrote this, but I don't think I've put spoilers of major plot points in this (other than mentioning that the plot is back).

Anyway, in character or not, I like to think the conversation isn't too boring, but, well, I'm probably biased.

Disclaimer & stuff, and then the conversation at last.Collapse )
Earth Day
28th-Apr-2013 11:23 pm - Ultraman Dyna Episodes 37-51 (END)
It has been five years, but I used to write little comments on Ultraman Dyna episodes.

Episodes 1-7, Episodes 8-24, Episodes 25-36

Well, I found my notes for the rest of the episodes, so I'm going to post them up.

The following notes are not recent, so I can't actually remember much of what happen in the episodes, let alone if my notes are all that accurate. In any case, there will be spoilers.

Episodes 37-48Collapse )

And I have something longer for the next two episodes: Episode 49Collapse ) Episode 50Collapse )

Episode 51 (a lot shorter comment than the previous two episodes).Collapse )
Earth Day
20th-Apr-2013 12:27 am - Ultraman Mebius 23:
Me: Okay, what is this one about again?

Me 1: A fairy tale.

Me: Really?

Me 1: Really.

Me: Tell me this tale, then.

Me 1: Once upon a time...Collapse )

P.S. And I forgot that Ultraman Hikari is another Ultraman with a Japanese name. So Ginga, being the third one, isn't so special anymore. ;P
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