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Good things usually come in three, but sometimes they might not.

EDIT: Spoilers for the final episode of this arc (episode 214) in the comments. I could only hope anyone I don't know isn't around to read the comments now...

Been reading around for Gintama ep 211 reviews, opinions, discussions. And yes, it generates a lot of discussions, all right, but now it generates a lot of things I don't like too. I cringe at being confrontational, so I'm just going to rant in my own space.

1. Manga spoilers. I've read all the chapters in this arc already, but I'm still angry that some people are inconsiderate to people who only watch anime and put out spoilers carelessly.

2. People who don't like that a major character will be killed off. I have to wonder what show they have been watching to not even understand how it will turn out, at least regarding this.

3. People who don't like that a major character won't be killed off. I have to wonder what show they have been watching to not even understand how it will turn out, at least regarding this.

4. Violent people who judge characters who only appear in two episodes so far. I have to wonder what show they have been watching to not even understand how it will turn out, at least regarding this.

5. Having too much expectation. Just don't. I don't want to read a whine later saying that the latter part of the arc does not live up to expectation.

6. If anyone wants realistic fight scenes, don't watch shounen JUMP anime. Comparing the flashy moves to real life (and not pretty) fights is just...aghhh, it makes my head spin that people actually do this.

7. Seven days is not that long a wait, people. Deal with it. Or just seek out the manga like some people do if you can't wait.

8. -Shinpachi place holder- "What's with this entry? Why is it backdated to the time before Gintama ever existed? And you could have made it my birthday, at least. Gin-san is popular enough without you bringing even more attention to him! And who is that in the icon? You have plenty of Gin-san Gintama icons, why that one???"

9. -Kyuubei place holder- "Will Tae-chan appear in this arc?"

10. There is probably no 10. -Toshi place holder- "And what about us Shinsengumi?"

(Yeah, just the numbers in their names. I'm in a troll-y mood.)

11. I think it might be better for my peace of mind to not let all the above get to me.

12. Which means I should delete this entry now.

13. The fact that it is still here means I can't take my own advice.

14. That's spoiler stuff, Kyuubei, Hijikata.

15. So I can't resist and have to have my own review, after all.

16. Here is the obnoxious beginning to that entry I thought I might post:

Dear random visitor, if, for some reason I can't really fathom, you don't have this episode yet and want to watch it, download it here. :) You are free to ignore the rest of this entry (which you are probably going to do anyway). Aren't I nice? ;)

And here is the equally (if not more) obnoxious cut text (and the text appearing right after you click on the cut) for that entry I yank back at the last minute:

"More like stream of consciousness typing. Beware of points repeating, points plain making no sense, and points that seem like someone else's ideas. Though I am not going to apologize for that last part. I'm not going to be stopped just because I am slow and other people have already pointed out the same things. And I should be nice and warn that of course everything under this cut could be considered spoiler (and I also throw in a few manga comparisons for good measure, but not anything after the events in this episode), but most likely you already stop reading way before this sentence anyway so I don't know why I even bother..."
(If you came in directly and not seeing the cut text, lucky you. Last chance to get out before the spoilers hit.)

17. If I'm as offensive reckless as I feel sometimes, I would post this in Gintama comm:

Hello, I am a Gintamaholic and don't ever wish to be cured.

Here is yet another review on episode 211. And why would I want to waste my time on read this one, you ask? Good question.

1) Because I neatly copy all the observations other people have made without crediting them. (Hey, I've come up with most of those points independently. Really. It's not my fault for thinking like other people, is it?)

2) Because I am shameless and want as many people as I can to be looking at my entry.

3) Why is there a third reason? Because good things come in three. Just look at two of previous manga chapter names (the 'what happens twice happens thrice' thing, I mean).

4) Because I want more Gin-san fans to geek with.

I know, I know. This attempt would most likely backfire since it's just a pale imitation of Gintama's humor.

18. "Enough, you don't even rant about other people's comments anymore and only want to pimp your own stuff!"

19. "Tae-chan better appears."

20. "Shinsengumi better appears."

21. ^^^ Both of you, go tell the gorilla Sorashi-sensei, not me.

22. I don't know why I still keep adding to this entry, really. But I'm going to admit that most of my frustration seemed to stem from having too much expectation of my fellow audience. (Yeah, I haven't missed the irony of Rant #5. People don't want to hear me whine either.) And this is episode 211 already, not episode 20, so people should be familiar with the series and the characters (well, at least the major characters) by now. It's not that it really matters one way or another to me whether someone is able to predict stuff, but can you at least not un-predict it? Like saying something that would never happen in this series will happen and vice-versa? But then again, you tell me this stuff is subjective. You run into people who don't agree with each other what constitutes a canon material all the time. Oh well, I don't let this get to me anymore, hopefully.

23. Let this be the end of it. I'm sure I'm in Gintama for the good time, not for something that would upset me. Clinging to this entry would not make things better. I would go change the review entry from the ground up, too, since I think I might have revealed a little too much of private moments and my unstable emotion, but I don't think I want to make things worse. So I am going to walk away, calm down, and lurk, since I think I'm only good for that at this moment...
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