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Genie who may guess your character correctly

Oh wow, this site is so much fun. :)


I found this while random site surfing. The person who recommended it also helpfully let me know that I can save the questions asked by clicking on "details", so I've been saving most of them. :)

Akinator can guess some live-action characters, and apparently real people, too. But I haven't really tried (well, two times on a toku character (you should know who, really, even though I've been neglecting his series), but I stumped Aki both times).

So since I thought maybe Aki liked anime/manga stuff better, I've been trying for six Gintama characters and three other anime/manga characters. I did perfectly for four characters (I know them well or what ^___^), not too perfectly for two characters (I need brushing up on some details of their characters), less than perfectly for one character (well, I'm not so surprised if it's this character), and kind of terrible for two characters (Aki confused me...or I confused Aki ^^;;).

(Now I just realized that I'm more or less spoiling the game for folks who might want to try for one of these characters, sorry. If that is the case, please don't look at the questions then.)

Of course Aki got Gin-san right away. ^^;;

Aki got Kagura right away too. ^^

Aki sucks at getting Shinpachi, though. (Or, more accurately, I answered one of his earlier questions wrong. He said Shinpachi has black hair--well, it's true if I go by the manga, but I was thinking of the anime.) He then suggested someone else (from Dragon Ball, no less, but I don't recognize who it is) and I had to keep going on for like ten more questions until he finally got Shinpachi. For that reason, I don't have screencap since it couldn't be capped in one screen. But if I just changed track and answered yes, my character used a bazooka, I suspect Aki was going to give me Okita right away (or after a few more questions at most). ^^;;

(Wow, apparently Shinpachi's and Okita's only difference is the hair color, as far as the questions up to that point were concerned. (Though the only question I can remember is each of them had an older sister.) Well, it might be just me, though.)

Aki got Katsura-san right away. ^___^

And I love the picture Aki shows of Katsura-san I have to cap this page, too.

Aki got Takasugi on the first try, despite me answering one question wrong. I mean, I only think of Hijikata or Matsudaira or Otose or Catherine (or Ginpachi-sensei, but I doubt he is listed as a separate character) as a character who smokes. Totally forgot that Taka smokes that pipe of his. (So I suppose Tsukuyo is a character who smokes, too.)

Aki got Hijikata on the first try, despite me answering one question wrong. I suppose I misunderstand what is meant by him being in an organisation... Probably should have said, 'I don't know' instead.

(ETA: And Hiji? I'm happy to see you in this secret post. :) I don't really seek out mayonnaise (I can eat it if it's there, but if it's not, it doesn't really matter to me), but I think of you whenever I see mayonnaise.)

I tried to have Aki guess Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran), and yup, he got her pretty easily. :)

Next, I tried for Asuka Masamune (Otomen). To be honest, at first I thought Aki had one question wrong to begin with (does this character live with his mother? I answered 'yes', but the expected answer is 'no'), but well, maybe Aki is right, since Asuka is left home alone most of the time anyway. So because of that mistake (maybe more on my part), I got further away from Asuka. But after suggesting a character I don't recognize from a fandom I don't even bother to check, Aki finally got Asuka. Same deal with Shinpachi about the screencap.

As a wrap-up, I tried for Natsuru Senou from Kampfer.

Aki got him right, despite me answering two questions sort of wrong. Oh well. Probably an indication that I don't care much for Natsuru at this moment, since I missed an obvious question.

In any case, hope you have fun if you play with Akinator. ^___^
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