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From two anime series I watched this week (one line from each):

Cooking competition will always remind me of Delicious Gakuin.

For me, An-chan (big brother) is always going to be associated with Yamada Taro.

(Doubt any of these make sense to anyone not watching any of the episodes I watched... And perhaps they still wouldn't make any sense otherwise either. ^^;;)

And for Summer, not counting the two unnamed series (which hopefully will run past the summer) revealed under the cut (and in tags, of course), I think I'll be watching Ouran live-action (Alata as Hunny-senpai, do want. And I wanted Yusuke Yamamoto to be Tamaki ever since the drama was a rumor back in 2007) <--(maybe still rumored cast list? ETA on 28 June: Official cast list, yay. :) (Sorry for not correcting this earlier.) But I'll still watch even if there is no toku people I (sort of) know (or no one I know, period) in the cast) and Natsume San. Not active in either of these fandoms right now so I welcome the opportunity to get back into them. :)

Okay, SKET Dance. I like what I've seen of it (up to episode 11, with 12 being on the way today, though I haven't watched it yet). The manga crossover with Gintama (to celebrate the occasion SKET Dance becoming anime) would have no problem portraying the SKET Dance people, of course, since they are this mangaka's creations, but I was a bit worried about the Gintama people. Turned out they are pretty much perfectly characterized, which made me happy. :) And I love the seiyuu voice crossover between the two series. I'm not going to go into details as to who voice whom, although I doubt there are still people who haven't heard about that (this crossover already spoils it for two seiyuu). (I was glad I didn't know the voice cast before watching SKET Dance, therefore getting only two voices out of five shared voices (that I'm aware of) right. :) I only wish the Gintama version of the crossover is here already...

And in case someone is actually reading this besides me, there are pretty much no spoiler (besides the aforementioned seiyuu reference) in the crossover for either series. I can say that because I'm not at all up to date with the SKET Dance manga (I was near the very beginning, even the anime already goes beyond what I read) and I don't feel like I have been spoiled at all. And I'm not very up to date on Gintama manga either (by choice because I want a few surprises left for this anime season). Basically, all you need to know about either series is there are three people (one guy who is supposed to be a protagonist (but is more of a loser), one glasses guy who is the brain of the group (most of the time), and one girl who likes to use her strength to solve problems) in a group who will help people do stuff (for free in case of SKET Dance, for a fee (though sometimes they don't get paid either) in case of Gintama). And there will be at least one straight man in each group to deal with the others' eccentricities. They are both comedic series, but the humors are a bit different, I think.

So, yeah, if anyone thinks I'll go one post without Gintama, think again. :) Even managed to work in an obscure thing (which I haven't yet checked for accuracy, but I'm kind of lazy and unmotivated) up there that I'm 99.99% sure no one else will mention from the newest episode (only because it's just not that interesting, but I'm amused just the same)...

ETA like whoa (especially inside the cut). I should go now since this is over my lazy limit already...
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