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Silver Balls VS Detergent

VS Three O'clock & Strawberry VS Takachin & Gin-san & the Jugem monkey
(The last two are all anime voice actor references, so blocked to keep up illusion.)

(Me: Several have already answered Today's Writer's Block for me, so I'm not answering it.
Gin: They have not answered for you. You just happen to like what they wrote.
Me: I don't like what they wrote. It's simply what I would have written as my answer.
Gin: That's nonsense right there.)

Background: This is a (admittedly large) portion of an author's note to a chapter of my on-going Gintama fic that I'm not sure when I'll ever post. It's basically me vs my version of Gin-san dialog. (Though maybe you could swap Gin-san out and the conversation could still proceed normally.)<--(Gin: Hey, I'm not that replaceable!) And what follow are not necessarily my true feelings on things (well, some of them are, but I'm not telling which), nor the supposed facts are necessarily accurate (well, some of them probably ARE accurate, and unlike my opinions, can be verified).

Yeah, it's a fic with female!Gin-san, whose name is not Paako because I like to be original...

Gin: If I have to have a female alter-ego, at least I'm happy that you made her look hot. In fact, so hot that if I'm into self-cest I might even hit on her.

Author: Really? Hotter than Tsukuyo?

Gin: Perhaps not, but safer. At least myself won't be attacking me while I'm checking her out caught unaware.**

Author: You're giving me ideas, Gin-san.

Gin: I have to start charging for them then. Gin-san is doing a business you know, not a charity house giving away free advices.

**At least one web doujin I randomly found would disagree, haha. (Yeah, my idea is in no way original (especially since canon supports it to some degree), but at least I am not aware of anyone else who calls female!Gin-san 'insert name I don't want to out yet for fear of someone copying'. But honestly, I rarely read doujinshi (that web doujin is actually the only Gintama one so far), and almost never read the ones that are not free to begin with (I kinda have a complex that I have to support the creators of things I like). I'm not yet caught up on the manga (kinda on purpose since I have shinny new Japanese books (manga Vols 39-40) I don't dare unwrapped for fear of flipping through them. (And I still haven't read most of Vol 38 either.) Oh man, I should have bought Bleach manga instead (Vol 50 was the one I kind of debated getting even though I can't remember the cover for the life of me; with my luck, it would be the character I dislike).), so I don't feel like reading non-canon work. Yeah, I'm shooting myself in the foot here. Who would want to read my fic now that it's non-canon? And why did I even have to mention the series Gin-san fanboys (well, if not fanboys, at least he says he wants bankai (or having bankai is nice, I'm not sure which anymore); and let's not forget strawberry milk--which might as well be the reference to Berry-tan for all I know) when there was no real context in a note to my obscure fic that no one will read (the note, not the fic. I like to think I have some ambition to try to get my fic read, at least)?

Gin: And can I answer this set of asterisks? Yes? No? Ah, I will anyway, so. I think me liking Bl**ch is probably some anime made up thing. (Shifty eye at the latter half of episode 89.) Except for strawberry milk, of course, which is also in the manga. (And maybe me (and totally not you, Author) wanting Ichigo to end up with Rukia (because it's dragged on forever like everything else in that series) also has basis in the manga?) And strawberry = 'Berry-tan' = Ichigo is the logic only you would come up with.

Author: Don't bother to bleep out the title when you don't censor the names of the characters. Don't flatter me. I'm sure everyone sees through the strawberry/ichigo link. After all, it's the same word in Japanese.

Gin: How about Bl*ckb*rry then? No, in this case they are homophones. Different meanings.

Author: What the? (I'm living in a cave--do they even use the word 'Blackberry' in Japan?) That is a bit more obscure than my reference. But I don't wanna get in trouble (with both trademark copyright protection and fans of certain white-haired kid), so let's just censor Bleach the way you have been doing. Yeah, I know. They sound the same. It's acknowledged in the series, hence 'Berry-tan'. Not that I'd come up with that nickname (I want to, because I don't really want to use the name everyone uses (besides, it's a girl name most of the time (heck I can't find even one more male chara with that name)). I could have said not!strawberry, but in that case I might as well just type his name).

Gin: You simply haven't searched hard enough. But Ichigo is Ichigo. No need to call him something else.

Author: That's true, I suppose (both the search hard part and the just call his name part but look at me blithely ignoring this one). And I'm not here to talk about Bleach even though previous paragraph(s) seem to reflect otherwise. Though I kind of hope for a real crossover since that little bit at the beginning of episode 11-12 special barely counts. You guys are not even in the same frames at all!

Gin: But I'm not exactly interested. That kid would tell me that since I'm not a shinigami, I can't have bankai. I would rather have a crossover with a certain other series whose moves I tried to emulate the Momotaro/Urashima Taro arc (you don't even remember the name of that arc, Author!). Still, like it or not, we're getting two episodes with Sketman.

Author: (I remember! It's Ryugu-jo (Dragon Palace) arc.) Surely Berry-tan would not be that rude to you, Gin-san--wait, it's Berry-tan, of course he would tell you that. And having crossovers with SKET Dance sounds awesome (too happy to yell at you for saying the name wrong).

Gin: (You obviously just looked that up from your old comments.) I think how I relate to Ichigo is mostly fandom opinion. Or at least roleplayers' Some seem to have me like the boy. Some have me picking fights with him. I don't know which is correct. In that little crossover you mentioned he did call me 'Gin-san' but who knows what would happen if we have to interact further. You know about them already since you read the manga chapters they will be based on.

Author: You hosted a radio show together at least once? But they will be animated much earlier than I expected! And the story will be expanded from the source materials, if I read correctly.

Gin: That's my voice actor and his voice actor. And it's actually at least twice (the supposed first time there was also someone else whom I don't remember). Wait, that first time Sugita was only a MC or something and not really talking much? And there is the seiyuu event (soul sonic or something), though other VAs were also presented so it wasn't like it was just the two of them. Aghhh, stop making me say stuff you yourself don't have any knowledge of already!!! So? You still expected them to be animated. Though if they do add more to the chapters, that's good news. Hope Sunrise and Sketman studio get along.

Author: But I could pretend that it's you and Berry-tan (well, if his VA uses the same voice--because I totally didn't recognize his voice in some other series (T & B, for example)). And sorry, I suppose. I just felt like covering all the bases, even if I had to guess at most of them. I was going to correct you, but I can't remember the name of the anime studio who produces SKET Dance either. Anyway, yeah, I hope they do a good job with Sunrise.

Gin: As long as you only pretend, do what you like. I'm heading back.

Author: Yeah, bye. See you next chapter.

Gin: This is headache. Can I not come back?

Author: I'd prefer to have you, but well, it's not like I can stop you from doing what you want.

Gin: Well...I'm not promising anything, but if the next session would be more to the point and not dragging three other series into it again...

Author: ::Okay, me started it with Bleach (and then T & B), you only brought up SKET Dance because I was whining about Gintama having no proper crossover with Bleach, so I suppose you do have a point:: I'll try to keep our discussion on topic (i.e. the next chapter) next time.

Gin: You better. This whole note section is probably already longer than this chapter. You might end up on ffrants, you know.

Author: No worries. This note would be attached to the version posted to LJ only.

Gin: If you don't lock it, some stranger could still rant about this chapter.

Author: That is assuming that I'm my fic is so popular in the first place. And then that people actually bother to word-count both my note and my fic body. And that my note has no redeeming quality whatsoever.

Gin: It might be a tiny bit relevant to people's interests if they know at least one of those series (Bl**ch, Tiger & Bunny, Sketman).

Author: ::Give up trying to make you say correct names of non-Sunrise series:: Not that I talk about them much anyway (the most is Bleach, and I was just making a few references that I thought were clever but actually were not--why oh why did I do that?).

Gin: (Because you want to like the series? But the storyline isn't helping? Seems like you're not caught up with it, are you?)

Author: I'm really not sure if I want to like whatever is going on in Bleach now. So, yeah, I'm behind (both manga and anime, though slightly ahead on the manga). But enough of me complaining. No one is probably here to put up with it anymore.

Gin: There is still me. You got me curious. Which series among those three is your most favorite?

Author: Why don't you include Gintama, why? If we're talking about me watching the episodes as soon as they are out, probably SKET Dance. But I'm not caught up on SKET Dance manga either. So, Tiger & Bunny wins by default (I usually manage to watch current episode before the next one airs). (But I have never heard drama CDs...and people reference stuff from them to discuss what happen in the main series...I feel left out.)

Gin: I probably know the least about Tiger & Bunny since my VA doesn't have a role in it. Tell me a little about the story.

Author: ::Feel like this is a cheap shot at info-dumping on unsuspecting audience (if I am fortunate enough to have any).:: You sure you want the whole thing? Everyone can just read this up on wikipedia.

Gin: Lazy, aren't you? Give it a little try, now that we already end up talking about stuff unrelated to Gintama.

Author: There is this washed out unpopular hero who has a cute preteen kid whom he doesn't live with. He is so unpopular that he has to buy his own trading cards, because no one wants them, but he doesn't even have enough money to buy them--

Gin: Get to the point already!

Author: Stuff I don't bother to remember happen. Somewhere in the confusion, the popular hero comes in to save both the day and the unpopular hero. The unpopular hero's old company folds and he gets sponsored and upgraded by the new company. Then I think there is a cliff-hanger at the end of episode one.

Gin: You think? You think?!!

Author: It's been more than a few months ago, give me a break! Pop and unpop are in a pinch. But somehow, even though they can't really work together, they get themselves out of danger.

Gin: I'm not asking for episode summaries, which you can't even manage to do a half-decent job of so far.

Author: Oh, fine! I give up! Old hero meets stuck up new hero, who uses his real name and shows his face. The higher-up decides that they should team up (despite their protests. Or perhaps only one of them protests?). Then through the power of something old hero possesses, new hero eventually thaws and becomes amendable as if no one sees it coming from day zero, oh thank you, Sunrise D-Team, for abusing one of the oldest cliches in existence. There are six more heroes. They all compete on live TV to get points and gain fame. Sounds rather unheroic, but the TV angle seems phrased out as the show goes on. People and events are usually not what they seem, but honestly, this show is pretty predictable to me.

Gin: In the way you predict Gintama's serious arcs?

Author: Kind of like that, sometimes. But I haven't done too much analysing. I just take things as they come. But sometimes I'm rather disappointed that it takes virtually no skill to predict things. Case in point, it's obvious that the current Gintama anime arc (which I haven't even started watching nor read manga, and no reading even tiny bit of spoilers since I'm afraid of them) has to be only two episode long since Sunrise (and people who produce SKET Dance) serve up the crossover air dates on the platter. Oh, it's possible (I'll give it around 0.00001% chance) that they are going to break the arc with the crossover episode (the manga apparently did, after all), but I'll say that's not happening because I also watch SKET Dance and it seems they are doing the same thing with their current arc.

Gin: Show off. Don't think disclaiming that what you say here are probably not true is going to get you out of this. And you watch the preview, so you know stuff about the arc, however little.

Author: Now I know you are a fake. The real Gin-san would not say mean things to me. The HorribleSubs preview? You know they never really put one in and I'm not invested enough to check official Gintama anime site for potential spoilers. And while we got like one or two previews, they stopped putting it in a while back. All I got from there is the title of the episode, which I promptly forgot.

Gin: Come off it! You and I both know from the very beginning that the real Gin-san has to be written by Sorachi. I'm just your mouthpiece to say something you don't want to admit saying. Yeah, yeah. You just have to win. Not going to admit knowing anything so you look better.

Author: ... If you're my mouthpiece, why can't I make you be quiet, or at least stop arguing with me?

Gin: 'I'm just your mouthpiece to say something you don't want to admit saying.' Re-read that part again.

Author: 'You just have to win.' Re-read that part again.

Gin: This is going no where. We both want to win because we are all you.

Author: ... Yeah, sorry.

Gin: Now I can't leave things in shamble like this. Where were we now?

Author: ::Lazy Gin-san is lazy.:: I was telling you the plot of Tiger & Bunny which can't be found on wiki since it's nonsensical (my version of the plot, I mean).

Gin: Okay, we'll go from there. Why did you become interested in Tiger & Bunny?

Author: I'm actually not so interested in them that way. ^^;; I heard that it's heroes for hire or something, and looking at the designs I felt they seem toku(satsu)-ish. And Sunrise is doing it (even though the people in charge were apparently not their best animation team--I'm like 'you, Tiger & Bunny, are good enough to get Sunrise's name slapped on there, so I'm giving you a chance'). I had kind of good luck with 1-2 Sunrise shows I've seen.

Gin: So the only reason you didn't watch Gintama sooner was you didn't know Sunrise produces us?

Author: Yeah. I saw Sunrise at the end of first ED and became totally interested in you guys, even though that first episode was enough to turn me off Gintama for good.

Gin: I think our first set of episodes was a misstep, too, though I have some quotable line from there.

Author: Yeah, the sinus infection line. Considering that I was pretty dismissive toward those episodes, that line stays with me for some odd reason.

Gin: 'Cause everyone cites that as a good part in those episodes. Ah, well. You weren't impressed with the first episodes of Gintama but stuck with us anyway, question: why did you decide to follow Tiger & Bunny? You didn't sound overly impressed with it.

Author: Um...since you pick up that much, I suppose I'll have to give you an honest answer.

Gin: Of course. ... Welllll you lying would not serve much purpose here since you didn't try to make your summary sound more neutral...

Author: ... ::Wish you stop asking me pointed questions.:: I actually was going to drop it. That first episode didn't really do anything for me.

Gin: How so?

Author: It was just...bland. I didn't hate anyone but didn't like anyone in particular either. It seemed like I didn't know anyone. The heroes were...just there. It probably didn't help that I don't much like reality-type TV programs.

Gin: ...You say the TV exposure decreases, so perhaps that helps in making you like the show more?

Author: Maybe. But at the time I decided to watch more, I had no idea that the TV angle would not remain a big part of the show.

Gin: Let's back up for a second there. Why did you decide to watch more then?

Author: I hate leaving things unfinished. And it's not like I hated the show. If I hated it, no amount of wanting to finish things could compel me to continue. In fact, if I hated it, I probably would not even make it to the end of the episode.

Gin: Yet you survived with Gintama.

Author: I read the first volume of the manga, so I knew there were better stuff ahead. And I didn't exactly hate that Gintama episode (or the one after it); I just thought it was uninteresting.

Gin: You had more faith in Tiger & Bunny then. After all, you couldn't have read ahead to see if the story improves.

Author: It's different with Tiger & Bunny. Not because it reminds me of tokusatsu, since I dropped toku shows without regret before.

Gin: So, because of what then?

Author: This is a silly, frivolous reason I'm not sure I want to reveal...

Gin: To quote you, 'it's not like I can stop you from doing what you want'.

Author: It was Bunny. I loved his soft voice, which kind of reminded me of an icy bunny who thinks he's dangerous (and I believed he could be dangerous to some degree, but I was more sure that he is a tsundere (his VA eventually confirmed that). Female tsundere would not interest me (or, more accurately, not interest me any more than usual), but the male one handled right is kind of fascinating). And I put that in the past only because my feelings originated at that time. I still believe in them now.

Gin: Hah, just admit already that you like his VA.

Author: I had no idea that he was in the series! Not keeping up with Bleach fandom, you know. I heard him for two episodes and I still did not realize that he was Berry-tan's VA until I checked the credits in the ED. And even then I was still struggling to find similarities in their voices. Not until well into the series, I think, that I decided the cast list hasn't lied to me. That and reading a few T & B related interviews.

Gin: Okay, I'll buy that. He does sound different from when he voices Ichigo. Speaking of VA, the other hero half of that duo...Tiger, isn't it?...we recently heard him in Gintama, right?

Author: Kotetsu's VA? I saw something about him having a guest-starring role in Gintama', but I haven't confirmed that yet.

Gin: It's most likely him. T & B is a Sunrise show so I guess Gintama casting people just napped him during his break.

Author: If Kotetsu had a break, it was probably sometime toward the end of June (storyline reason).

Gin: June? Yeah, that's about the right time period.

Author: Still don't know which episode(s) of Gintama he is in.

Gin: He's danna, right? a.k.a. The man you like to believe responsible for me being me. Just get out 214 and watch the scene in the hospital. He probably only speaks to Jirocho there.

Author: Well, for me, no Tatsugorou, no you meeting Otose, no you today. No guarantee that I will recognize his voice.

Gin: I'm sure his voice is much easier to pick out than Ichigo's VA's.

Author: But Tatsugorou only has like one line. If I don't concentrate, I'll probably miss it.

Gin: (One line? So he didn't even need a break. Gintama people probably got all the recording equipments down to T & B studio so he could spend three seconds recording that line.) So don't miss it then. It's just one line after all. Or if you miss it, simply re-wind until you catch it.

Author: (I like to think they made him walk over to the Gintama section to record that one line thanking Jirocho, but that's just me. Your version sounds more likely.) Yeah. And I'll check the credits just to be sure. Anyway, he's not the only one. Toujou Ayumu's VA also has a role in Tiger & Bunny...and in Bleach too. And I never recognize this guy's voice, ever. (First time hearing him in Kamen Rider Den-O.)

Gin: He was great in that set of episodes you and I don't really like. No wonder you never pick out his voice. (Kamen Rider Den-O...? Okita-kun's VA has a role there, right? And Tatsuma's VA is in like a few episodes?)

Author: Don't worry, your VA is great, too (I was impressed with 210, 217, and 224 in particular). :) Okita-kun's VA, on the other hand... (Yeah, he is Ryuutoros. Check episode 65 for reference. Sakamoto's VA? I actually forgot him. But yeah, he's a non-regular chara in Den-O. And Sugita-san is in KR Kiva, but we'll totally not go there.)

Gin: Hey, no slandering Gintama's VAs! You try to get me in trouble or something? And, much as I don't like to make excuse for him, Okita-kun's voice sort of has to be like that: deadpanningly flat.

Author: I haven't actually slandered him! But you have to admit he always speaks in that same tone in everything I have heard him in.

Gin: Which is like three series at most? Not enough sample base! And now you are slandering me! People think my VA speaks in the same tone in everything he has a role in, too.

Author: Your VA still has range (I just cited three episodes as examples). Okita-kun's voice always stays the same.

Gin: And I just told you that his role requires that his voice is unchanged.

Author: No, you didn't. You just said his voice is deadpanned, not that it has to stay the same all the time.

Gin: I have a headache again. If you're going to waste my time arguing semantics, I'm not coming back here even if you pay me.

Author: Fine, don't. I don't even know anymore why I'm having this long pointless conversation with you.

Gin: Because your fic will be half less interesting without me here?

Author: Not true!

Gin: Oh, try cutting me out of your fic then. I bet you would have to end it within the next chapter or so if you did that.

Author: I'll leave you out of the next chapter. See if I won't.

Gin: Talk to me again if you fic is still here after I'm gone from the story for twenty chapters.

Author: Okay, fine. Technically, you never appear in this fic at all.

Gin: No using 'insert name I don't want to out yet for fear of someone copying'. And damn, look at what you made me quote you. Aghhh, from this point on I'll just call her female Gin-san. Unless you make her be someone else.

Author: ... ::He got me (both points, actually). This fic's entire premise is female!Gin-san and her adventure. I'd have to re-write from the ground up if I left her out.::

Gin: Can't do that, huh? ::sighs:: I'm not exactly happy with that version of me right now since if she's supposed to be me, she isn't very in character.

Author: ::You are not in character here either (for instance, you forgot to get a name wrong differently (almost) every time--i.e. when you get a name wrong, you use that same wrong name (almost) every time, which is not how you behave in the series), but I'm not bringing that up since that's pointless arguing which serves no purpose.:: But you said you were happy with her looks.

Gin: I did, didn't I? But that's a different thing than what I just said. Besides, it would works better for me if she's someone else since I actually find her hot.

Author: I don't know what to say. If she doesn't feel like you, I probably need you to coach me on your mannerisms.

Gin: Or let me write the thing. Or let Oogushi-kun do it. Somehow, he doesn't seem so delusional about me.

Author: Really? Are you really going to write my fic? If I can leave it to you, I will.

Gin: On another thought, you probably should hold on to your fic.

Author: Yeah, figures. You are lazy, I should know.

Gin: That is true. But that's not the whole reason. Remember when Mayora and I were trying to write letter for Shinpachi? We messed that up. You don't want that to happen to your fic.

Author: You didn't mess up that letter. But that is beside the point. How about you let me observe you guys, and then I write my fic?

Gin: You could always do that by reading the manga or watching the anime.

Author: I know. But somehow I don't get a sense of you guys from doing those.

Gin: I'm sure if you watch/read us for fifty times, you'll eventually "get" us.

Author: I'm sure I would, but I'm also sure my patience will run out way before then.

Gin: ::shrugs:: Then I'm out of suggestions.

Author: ...You brought up roleplaying at some point, but roleplayed characters are just fan interpretations. I don't think I can trust them much.

Gin: Says the person who sometimes repeats roleplayed stuff in own writings without bothering to credit.

Author: I haven't posted those stuff, to my knowledge. And don't make me out to be a simple thief. I change things around to the point that most of the time it's unrecognizable where I took them from.

Gin: A thief is still a thief. Even if no one else knows it, YOU know you stole it from someone. And that point is moot. If you stole someone's paper and cut it up, it does not change the fact that you took it without permission.

Author: ...I don't remember you to have such a high moral standard (in fact, I remember the opposite...)

Gin: I don't remember it, myself. It's a sign that you really really should just go through with re-watching/re-reading Gintama. Do it until you're bored out of your mind, at least.

Author: I would, if I don't have many other series I want to watch.

Gin: You haven't been watching much this season, really. Just the series mentioned here minus the shinigami series (the pretty shinigami series, not the clown shinigami series). And, oh, the third season of that series with youkai (which will be getting a fourth season January next year. If you ask me, I don't know why they just don't continue the anime now. The manga is published bi-monthly, so it's not like they will get more than a few new chapters at most by waiting).

Author: (That's four series at the same time. Still more than I managed to watch in the past. I can usually handle a few on-going series at most. And please, just say Bleach or Death Note already.) I mean the non-current stuff. And I haven't touched toku (or other live-action series) like in forever. (Oh, the bi-monthly publishing schedule is old information. You don't know if a new Natsume Yuujincho chapter still comes out that infrequently. Besides, I think the anime people are just more comfortable having a break between seasons. Which I can't fault them. If they are doing two anime seasons back-to-back, quality might suffer.)

Gin: Beginning of the year is not "forever".

Author: Now that is arguing semantics. It feels like forever to me to be gone from toku for that long.

Gin: Well, nothing is stopping you from going back to tokusatsu.

Author: That is true, but I just don't have any motivation to get back to it. I think 2-D (especially manga) is vastly superior to 3-D at this point.

Gin: That is a problem, then. Is that (preferring 2D) also the reason you stop communicating or posting on your journal?

Author: I do not know! I haven't thought about it that far. But when I say I like 2-D more, I strictly mean only the mediums for the fiction and not anything real life.

Gin: You don't have to justify your answer to me. I only asked a simple 'yes or no' question.

Author: It has no simple answer! I'd like to say 'no' but it's possible there might be a ring of truth to your question. Mostly, I think it's a combination of things. I have little motivation to do much for fun, so. Maybe my lack of motivation is also the reason this fic is not going anywhere (and the reason I can't characterize you or Rou).

Gin: I'm going to make a suggestion you don't want to hear. Get rid of that female version of me and just write me as I am. Or you don't even have to put me in if you don't think you can understand me.

Author: You're right, I don't want to hear it, but I actually agree with you. Although if it's that easy to write her out, I would have done so already. Not having her would be fine for the next story. But I kind of have to finish this one and your suggestion doesn't really help here.

Gin: Limit her time, then. Surely Mayora likes me as I am more than as someone who doesn't look familiar.

Author: Now I kind of regret revealing who she is. It might be more fun if Rou continues to deal with her without knowing her identity.

Gin: Don't cry over spilled milk. It's time to mop up and clean the area as best as you can.

Author: Yeah...

Gin: I can go now?

Author: Wait! You're coming back for the next chapter, aren't you?

Gin: Watch what you say if you want me to come back. I don't want a repeat of this long-assed author's note.

Author: I think we better communicate through a third party. That way we won't get to annoy each other.

Gin: how D**th N*t*'s writers communicated?

Author: ::long sigh:: I don't really believe that they barely met and you shouldn't either. Still, we probably don't have to go that far. Actually, it is impossible to go that far. You are me, after all.

Gin: On a second thought, I would probably forget my annoyance by the time the next chapter rolls around. Especially since you are taking your sweet time with this fic.

Author: I'm taking my sweet time because the characters won't behave.

Gin: It's more like you don't know what to do with us and have something resembling a plot at the same time. Not that I blame you since Gintama doesn't really have a plot. Ah, stop glaring at me already. I'm going. And I know, I know, I will return for your next chapter.

Author: I'll hold you to that promise, Gin-san.

Gin: Oh, one last thing.

Author: Yes?

Gin: Since you are back from your vacation and have just watched them, how do you like 225-226?

Author: (Why would you assume that I like them? Oh, wait, Gin-san alone being BAMF (yay for acronyms) for two episodes straight, of course I would love that. I am too predictable.) ::Don't make me do embarrassing stuff like praising you to high heaven:: I'm in such a good mood that if it wasn't already posted, I wouldn't think of posting that previous entry slamming Vol 36 (and now I regret being too harsh on it). In fact, Sugita-san has been terrific this week--I'm loving his character in SKET Dance, too.

Gin: (Exactly. You like me so much no other main character in recent time even comes close.) While it's flattering to hear a (backhanded) compliment, you're not answering my question.

Author: (I'm praising your VA, not you. Okay, that's backhanded. But, true, Gin-san's awesomeness spoils me--my standards for main characters are so high now no thanks to you.) Gintama sure likes to repeat sentimental plot. This arc reminds me of episodes 107-108 (or whichever are the ones about a yakuza (with Ouran's Kyouya's anime voice) keeping the death of his boss' son a secret), which I loved. Well, it's cheese, but this cheese works for me. And you can say I am a show-off again, but I (and probably many other viewers) realized that the warden was writing the letters ('small talk' is a big clue. The old man probably noticed, too) before any character revealed that they knew that. He didn't seem to have a real bad vibe (like I said, he felt like a copy of that yakuza)--his actions seemed too exaggerated to be true evil. I kinda hoped for a minute there that the arc would surprise me by revealing that the warden was actually insane or something, but I suppose Gintama prefers to play this type of plot straight. The only thing I didn't know (until the reveal) was why the warden bothered to indulge the old man to begin with (it was different in the yakuza episodes since there were enough clues to tell me early on why he would go to such length to protect that secret).

Gin: But that warden said he didn't know the reason himself.

Author: Yeah, he did say that. I mean when most everything that matters about the warden's past was revealed, I kind of understand why he would do something like that for that old man.

Gin: If you understand that, it's more than I do. But never mind, I'm used to you showing off. Anyway, aren't you forgetting someone?

Author: Who? Shinpachi and Kagura?

Gin: I forgot them. They had little roles in 225 and no speaking roles in 226. The idiot who had a prison episode before me, that's who!

Author: Weren't you mad that they hadn't even tried to get you out of prison? Oh, him. He's only in flashback. Which is fitting since that prisoner (and his gang) used to be Katsura-san's protege.

Gin: Maybe at first? Soon I forgot about that and just let them gather useful information. I don't like the thought of getting any kind of leftover from that wighead.

Author: The real you wouldn't know that unless anyone talked. I think Shachi only said he saw 'those eyes' for the second time but never mentioned Katsura-san by name.

Gin: Umm...okay. I guess if the real Gin-san doesn't know, it's fine. And you didn't talk about Zura until I did, so I'm satisfied that you like me better.

Author: You got two episodes, of course I'm going to remember you better. Please don't let that get to your head.

Gin: Yes, yes. I'm leaving now. Call me when you need me for the next chapter.

Author: I will. And this exchange has been suspiciously more pleasant than either of us thought.

Gin: I'm a nice guy, don't you know?

Author: ::The implication is I am not nice, but well, I'll leave it at that.:: Yeah, I know.

Gin: Well, see you later.

Author: Bye, Gin-san.
Tags: anime, fic, manga, series: bleach, series: death note, series: gintama, series: natsume yuujincho, series: ouran host club, series: sket dance, series: tiger & bunny, toku: kamen rider den-o, toku: kamen rider kiva, tokusatsu, writer's block
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