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New home for Gintama and "real" version(s) of character(s)

Well, after thinking it over, I've decided to post Gintama-related entries on kanaratama from now on. (Other Shounen JUMP series might also show up there from time to time, especially if Gintama has parodied them.)

And just so this entry has something, I'm tagging this on.

I'm wondering, which is the "real" version of a fictional character? Would it have to be the one written by the original creator only? Or would the various incarnations of this character in official adaptations/derivative works be considered "real", too?

For example, mangaka C created and wrote character A from series B. Then series B got adapted into an anime. Now we get a director (or several) working on anime B. Would the version they write of character A in an anime filler (i.e. that is, not based on a manga material), be considered "real"? And, hey, what if there is a crossover and staff (anime or manga or both) from another series has to write character A (and/or other characters from series B)? Will they get series B's characters' characterizations correct? What are the odds that they won't?

I don't know. I might be thinking too much about this. Maybe all I mean is whether the character is canon in an official adaptation (or a collaboration in the case of a crossover, because I assume the two anime studios (and/or the mangakas from the two series) are (probably) okay with how the other series' staff portray their character(s)), in which I would say yes in most cases since I'm a canon compliant and consider whatever the official people put out to be canon. However, there have been instances where fans say a character is written horribly out of character in one or more official sources. But then again, who decides what is out or not out of character? Fans, or official sources/creators? Do fans know characters created by someone else well enough to declare them out of character? Are the people working on official adaptations familiar enough with the characters they work on that they would know not to allow anything out of character to pass to the public eyes?

I think the part under the cut is somewhat confusing (I don't know how to express it better at this moment), but hopefully not totally unreadable...
Tags: anime, confusing a b c, general thoughts, manga, no need to guess the fandom, nonsense tags, series: gintama
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