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[Jdrama] Detective Conan Drama episode 9

Yes, I'm a year late in watching Detective Conan drama series. It's keeping my interest but I have no real comment on it other than it deals a lot with crimes of passion (umm... so far, eps 1, 3, 4, 5 (borderline...), 6, 9) and, like someone said, it has people making out in almost practically every episode (doesn't bother me especially), even in those episodes when the cases aren't what I would call crimes of passion. (In other words, there are stuff Gosho Aoyama avoids putting in his manga.) Oh, and Shin'ichi never seems to wear anything else other than his school uniform (well, maybe he changed his tie once)...

And I probably would never comment on the drama if not for Heiji's appearance, which I admitted took me a little by surprise, since I didn't think him and Shin'ichi had ever met before their first meeting in the manga (and probably anime). (But the drama already messed up continuity with Eri's appearance, so I should have seen this coming.) Okay, okay. I probably still wouldn't write about this episode at all if I didn't recognize Heiji's actor. (Nope, I didn't recognize him on my first or second glance, just a feeling that I've seen him before. It had been a long while since Shinkenger, after all, and I haven't been following Takeru Shiba Tori Matsuzaka's career.)

Yeah, as I said, it's a Heiji episode and it didn't disappoint. And Tori Matsuzaka's Kansai accent** wasn't bad, although (his fans might not agree) I felt like he overacted in some parts. But that's okay, I think. Heiji isn't some understated character, so his actor can feel free to go wild with him.

**(Somehow, I don't think he speaks it natively -- though I most likely can't tell the difference the other way around, catching Kansai people speaking the neutral language (or however it's called), I mean. In my experience, people who speak regional dialects tend to be (near) indistinguishable in their use of the neutral language from the people who speak it natively.)

Saw the culprit's identity coming from ten miles away, actually. What I didn't see was the murder trick (which, in retrospect, was kinda obvious, too).

And, yes, of course Heiji knows. [Well, it's a spoiler, but it's the type anyone familiar with Detective Conan would have guessed.]Maybe if Shin'ichi actually let Heiji solve the case all by his own, he (Shin'ichi) might have some hope of keeping his identity a secret. Heiji comments that 'Toiru' is a stupid alias, and at the time I didn't think too much about it (just thought that he means it's stupid for Shin'ichi to use a fake name at all), then I read that it probably sounds like 'Doyle' in Japanese, so now I understand why Heiji says that.

Wah, Kazuha used to be such a jealous girl. Since now they are good friends (in manga and probably anime) I forgot that in her first appearance in the manga, Kazuha was also suspicious of Ran taking an interest in Heiji.

Doesn't sound like Heiji and Kazuha will appear again in the drama series. That's rather disappointing, actually.

Well, that's it. I won't tell anyone to check out this drama because I don't want people blaming me if illogical deductions make them feel like they've wasted their time. Not even for the guest actor of this episode, really. Even though I think he has come far from his tokusatsu days... Not even because it's short (13 episodes, about 30 minutes each), since the thing is so cheesy, even by my standards. Then again, it doesn't matter to me if something is the worst (and/or insert other negative descriptors here) thing ever produced, as long as it entertains me...

EDIT: Oh, it's a midnight mystery show, not evening as I originally thought. That explains all the adult-oriented content.
Tags: anime, drama, manga, series: detective conan, tori matsuzaka
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