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[Anime] Detective Conan Episodes 616 to 621 & OVA 11

Ah, I very much enjoyed seeing the London arc animated (though there are some scenes I like better in the manga), though I suspect my enjoyment was in part because I have been to Europe recently (not England, however, but Russia). And feel like my timing was pretty much perfect, even though I didn't even consciously think about it when I watched. Although it's Wimbledon, not an Olympic event, that Conan and gang go to.

By one of the cheapest plot devices ever (basically, I think it's all boiled down to 'because the mangaka wants them to'), Conan and his not!girlfriend Ran and her father are whisked to London to do some sight-seeing. As usual with Conan (the series and the character), he gets involved with a case. This one is a possible serial killing case involving a riddle written in Engrish (well, maybe it's not Engrish to the characters, but it's a poem that's not easy to decipher if one just looks at the English).

When the characters are running around all over looking for clues, I really would have appreciated it more if my London trip was recent. Alas, that trip was over fifteen years ago, so I don't remember most of the landmarks. But when Conan says he forgets that it wouldn't be dark in London at this time of the year (July, I believe, because of Wimbledon) until 9 PM, I couldn't help smiling since I'm very much reminded of my time in Moscow earlier this month. (There, the sun didn't seem to set until 10 something PM. And it seemed the sun set even later in St. Petersburg. Not that I was staying up to check at either city.)

(And, on a tangent, now I kind of hope to see Conan in Moscow, but I can't think of any in character reason for him to go there (unlike London, which is the home of his hero, Sherlock Holmes). (Well, perhaps for a football match (he likes football), but I only thought of it at all (I'm not much into sports ^^;) because the final match of Euro 2012 was on the night I was there.) Anyway, Conan did say he (as Shin'ichi) has been to different places abroad, so I am kind of curious that other than America and England (in this arc), what other countries he has visited. A list would be fine enough for me, since I don't really think Gosho Aoyama will write in-depth about any place/country he hasn't personally been to.)

Anyway, the code is eventually broken, but the danger is far from over. The culprit has to be caught unaware (otherwise he would retaliate and press the remote of the bomb so it goes off right away).

I know almost nothing of tennis, so it's not easy for me to follow the game, but I guess I enjoy it this time because it's related to the case Conan is working hard to solve. (I like one character's take on "Love is zero". That particular take is most likely about real life, but maybe it could also be applied to tennis.)

Admit that I didn't expect the English of most of the London characters to be actually good (the accents, not the Engrish (which they can't help since it's in the script), though). I thought I'd be treated to painful English pronunciations like those of the FBI agents in Japan, so I'm quite happy with the casting choices this time around.

I kinda like the Greek gods naming theme (Minerva, Ares, Apollo, Juno, Hestia, etc.) for the London people who have some importance in this arc. Probably because I've just started reading about Greek myths.

And, yes, it totally shouldn't be a surprise that this is one of the rare times Shin'ichi appears. Since he couldn't leave Japan as Conan (who, as every DC fan knows, has no passport. Or at least he doesn't have a passport he could get legally, since Conan is someone who technically does not exist).

Well, I didn't take notes so I couldn't put in everything about this arc. Besides, I think it's best if DC fans watch/read the London arc themselves (manga chapters 743 to 752), if for some reason they still haven't gotten around to it. Personally, I think it's worth it just for a certain canon pairing.

OVA 11 is the adventure of Ai Haibara while the professor goes to London with Shin'ichi and leaves her home alone. Well...not quite, since Haibara arranges to go stay with Ayumi. Suspicious characters look at Haibara's picture and say on the phone that they've found her. Shin'ichi calls Mitsuhiko from the plane, and uses Conan's voice to order him to stick around Haibara and to not let her near the professor's house. And Okiya says on the phone that he'll take care of something...

Anyway, cue to Mitsuhiko and Genta following Haibara and Ayumi around, although they are totally aware of being watched by those two. I probably should be glad that Mitsuhiko and Genta never learn how to stalk people.

Ah, I change my mind about the summary, since I really think revealing the story twists would be doing a disservice. They (the twists) just have to be seen by yourself (if you watch DC, that is).

Anyway, while I'm up-to-date with the manga, I am still a long way off in catching up with DC anime. I don't think I've watched even 100 episodes (and I usually only picked those cases I liked in the manga) in the four years I've seen the anime on and off (apparently I've started around some time after I watched those two live action specials since I liked them enough, though I'm kinda glad they replaced the two main leads in later specials and drama series) and DC has over 660 episodes last I checked...

Oh, and randomly enough, the ending theme for this set of episodes and the OVA, 'Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou' (Mischievous Magic on the Moonlit Night), makes me see a crack pairing (unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, not a pairing from the DC fandom) that I cannot unsee.
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