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Chou Den-O Episodes Red, Blue, Yellow

Finally got around to watching these, two years later. And I didn't really plan to watch them -- I don't have a good internet so can't get newer stuff right now. But I'm glad I did watch and not putting them off any further.

[Episode Red]

I think I am bored and annoyed with the first episode the most. That contract holder is just so pathetic. Yeah, yeah, I know not all people can be confident, but really, this guy should know his own limitation and not do stupid stuff he has no way of getting himself out of. (It'll serve him right if they really did leave him near the end of that cliff.)

(And Kazuya Nakai for the voice of the pig imagin? I admit I don't recognize his voice (but give me some break. Don't think I watched anything that had him recently). Now I don't remember if Ryuutaros (Kenichi Suzumura) ever talked to him at all.)

And I'm actually glad that Zeronos didn't beat the imagin. The main focus of the movie seems to be on the romance, so saving Airi seems to be a more appropriate role for him than dealing with the imagin. I guess my problem is more with the bittersweet ending (literally bitter in Deneb's case). I just don't like an unhappy ending, yet I can't accept a happy ending just because he saved her this one time either. This is not closure by any mean, so I wonder what's the point of the story. Is it that no matter what act of heroics you do, if you are not her Yuuto, Airi will keep you at an arm's length? I don't understand, but I guess I'll stop trying to now...

And I don't think Yuuto ordered anyone to attack Airi. Deneb suggested that (in order for Yuuto to play hero and rescue her) so Yuuto kicked him off Zeroliner. When he saw guys thrashing her restaurant/cafe, I think he assumed Deneb did contact those guys on his own...(which is probably why Yuuto said something like,'this isn't what we agreed upon' or something).

And randomly, I like the star gazing part. That is truly beautiful, even though I'm not sure what new insight is there in that scene regarding the characters' relationship. It just has Airi looking/staring at Yuuto's profile...

[Episode Blue]
Ah, I love parallel stories, so the second episode works well for me. And poor Kotarou has the worst luck without Teddy around. Anyway, I like Yuuko Takayama's performance in this movie, so I'm glad that I now get to see her regularly in Kamen Rider Wizard.

Episode Blue tells a good story -- cherish the important people in your life because you never know how much time they will have. It is such a simple message, yet this movie managed to make me cry so hard.

[Episode Yellow]
And the third episode, gee. Kaitou is Kaitou, still saying one thing and doing another, I see. I do like his portrayal (I mean the script on his character -- his actor seems to always make the most of what he's given) here more than in that mess of a super hero crossover, though. And Hikari studio is apparently his home now (or he is stalking them ^^;).

Yes, Reiji (the time police) is a big fat hypocrite (with his speech about how no child could hate its mother, when he spent the past ten plus (?) years of his life hating his own mother), but maybe I can't hate him for that either. As for why his mother left him, perhaps it's not important for the viewers to know, but if I have to guess, it's probably a difference in social status thing. That, or they got divorced and the father cut off the mother's access to her kid.

[About Ryotarou (shouldn't be spoiler but just in case]
Now, I don't mind Ryotarou re-casting, but I have been away from Den-O for so long I don't remember when they started replacing him (with my luck, it's probably Decade's fault). At least I think he sounds similar to the original one...

Well, this set of movies hadn't been perfect by any mean, but I enjoyed them more than I expected. I liked Episode Blue the most, followed by Episode Yellow. Episode Red could have been better, but still okay.
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