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This week's Kamen Rider Wizard (Episode 14)

I have some mixed feelings over the latest episode. Really hope it is simply because I have no clue what is being said 95% of the time.

And now, time for some speculations that I'm not sure would ever come true. I really wish that this phantom is dealt with differently from the past phantoms of the fortnight. Oh, I'm all for getting rid of him permanently, but somehow I kinda want him to learn something before he leaves... Because he seems like a reluctant phantom at first (well, until he sees Haruto, I suppose). And I did peg him as a phantom when I first saw him. But I got swayed by Haruto (and circumstance) that he was a gate.

Speaking of which, my favorite hope bringer is being remarkably unperceptive this episode. He usually could work things out quicker than this. That said, I don't really mind. Basically, if I can't figure something out with all the information I have available on screen, I don't expect the characters to figure it out with less information than I have (although it's nice if they do on occasions). (I didn't like the separation at first, since I thought it might be dangerous for Koyomi to go alone, but if not having Koyomi around serves to keep the misunderstanding alive, I'm all for it, however forced her leaving alone might be. And it is possible that I might have underestimated her, since I don't really know what she is capable of.)

This writer really has to stop ending an episode with a human bystander (well, at least it's not a complete stranger) in a pinch, since that will most likely get resolved within five seconds of the next episode. Well, I would probably be happier this time if the next episode has someone else (or circumstance) do the saving.

As soon as the phantom's identity had been revealed, I almost wished they wouldn't have a gate in this episode. But I was 99% sure that a gate would show up (or, more accurately, be revealed). I don't even know why I kind of hoped they might do something different this time around, since Wizard has been nothing but formulaic. And as weird as it may sound, I actually love the show for sticking close to the formula. (Yup, contradicting myself in the paragraph above. Oh well.)

Since I might have nit-picked too much, here are some of the little things that make me smile. Blatant advertisement or not, I like the donut shop's reference to the movie (whose footages invade most of the OP). And maybe it's shallow of me, but I enjoy seeing a pretty girl trying on (and modeling) different clothes (even better if the people she is with do not make any inappropriate remarks).

Most things in this episode would probably get cleared up after I get my hand on subtitles (English, I mean. If I could make sense of Japanese subs, I would try reading those already), so I guess the above is all I want to say for now.

ETA: Okay, after reading the subs, I change my mind. Lizard can just die. I don't care about developing him any longer. Oh well. Hopefully I'll like the next arc better.

P.S. Yes, I want to watch the movie. But I'll be lucky if I can get my hand on it half a year later.

Yes, this is my first entry on Wizard. I kind of want to go back to write about the first thirteen episodes, but I'm not sure I'll have the time. And when I really like something, I don't usually have much to say about it anyway.
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