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Going Backward

I seem to be in an Ultraman-watching mood lately. It has been a while since I last felt this way.

Started Ultraman Dyna because of Ultraman Saga (I heard this movie has a sort of sequel to Dyna TV series). And, gee, I don't think that's a good decision since now I almost don't want to watch anything else but Dyna -- I really forgot how much fun I had watching Asuka and co. beating up monsters (or getting beaten up ^^). But I'm kind of blocked now since I've run out of subbed episodes. I could watch raws, of course (and I would probably succumb later on), but for now I decide to alter my plan slightly. Ultraman Tiga is set in the same universe (in fact, a prequel) and gives almost a similar feel (imho) to Dyna so I'll be switching to Tiga. Ultraman Cosmos would also be fitted in some time since Cosmos is in Ultraman Saga too (or at least Musashi is. Still am confused by his appearance in Ultra Galaxy universe). And then, if I still feel up to it, I'll move on to other Heisei Ultra series* and movies and specials...

(*I like to re-watch stuff, apparently, despite wanting to try new things. Somehow, I never seem to get tired of going back to Heisei Ultra series time and again (admittedly I still never watch most of the Showa series, but those are not easy to find beyond the first two series). But while I would happily re-watch things, I'm lazy about writing my impressions down. Other than the series with the most entries in this journal, I never really have any substantial entries on other Ultra series. And I don't see that really changing until I become more motivated and have more time, I suppose.)

Going by promotional materials for Ultraman Saga, apparently Ultraman Zero changes his host again. For purely selfish reasons**, I think he should just make a human form and stick with it. (**Don't want to get to know a new host every time Zero gets a new movie. And I like the look of the previous host better.)

Ah, this is too disjointed an entry. I don't even know what I'm trying to say here other than I probably won't have much time for other stuff on my too long to-watch list now that I'm preoccupied with the Ultras (specifically Dyna, Tiga, and Cosmos). I do wonder how long this phase will last, however, since I can very easily get bored (one of the reasons I can't really follow weekly stuff as they air***).

(***The only exception nowadays is [Kamen Rider Wizard]Kamen Rider Wizard. I tried stocking up on episodes, but, nope, can't let a week pass without watching that week's episode. Doesn't help that I personally feel the series is only getting better and better (probably not a very popular opinion, but that's totally fine with me).)
Tags: kamen rider wizard, ultra galaxy, ultraman cosmos, ultraman dyna, ultraman saga, ultraman tiga, ultraman zero
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