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Formation Yamato & Ultraman 80

Okay, I'm sure the reference had been mentioned before (around the time Ultraman Mebius was still airing, perhaps), but until I saw episode 13 of Ultraman 80, it hadn't really clicked with me where 'Formation Yamato' came from.

Formation Yamato, as I understand from this episode, is using one plane as a distraction to shoot at a close distance to make the monster turns its face up, revealing its neck/throat, then the following plane fires the killing shot at the throat (its weak spot/point). Not remembering if that is also how it is in Mebius, but the Mebius episode also has Salamandra (albeit updated version), so I think it must be (otherwise it wouldn't be a proper tribute, would it? Or maybe it wasn't so 80 demanded another episode on him ;) Nah, 'Formation Yamato' is probably more refined in Mebius. After all, twenty-five years had passed, so the plan might have been improved along the way.

Yes, I'm watching Ultraman 80 (and skipping almost every series before it). So far, it is keeping me interested, but I suppose I expected more from it than I should. Probably because I feel kind of disconnected with Yamato. He seems calm in Mebius, whereas he seems a lot more hot-blooded in his own series. As of episode 22 in any case. But maybe there is something later on to change his personality? (And I don't understand his origin. 80 apparently makes his own human form, without basing it on a specific person. I guess I'll be patient and wait to see if more would be revealed...)

Also, I keep (unfairly) comparing the special effects to the ones in Heisei Ultra series. But I suppose that is a compliment in a way. If those effects and miniture works in 80 didn't look good and passingly up-to-date, I probably wouldn't compare them to newer stuff in the first place. (And I think the defense team's planes/spaceships/cars are cool (both in looks and abilities).) I feel like 80 is in the middle of the Ultra franchise from both way, even though it is actually much closer to the beginning than now.

And that narrator talks too much (but maybe that's common in Showa series). I prefer to be inferring things a bit more and not just get told so-and-so is what happened and so-and-so is the motivation and so on. (Yet they never mention stuff I want explanations for, go figure. I can only surmise that kids wouldn't wonder about things that weren't shown on screen.)
Tags: ultraman 80, ultraman mebius
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