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[Ultraman Mebius Fanfic] Idyllic Outing - Part 2

Here is Part 2 of Idyllic Outing. This is shorter than Part 1, and does a bit of backtracking. Hope it is enjoyable.

Because I'm lazy, I've decided that I won't be doing much changing to the parts I have already posted except for some minor editings for grammars and such. :)

Disclaimer and notes are in Part 1 entry here. Basically this is pretty much AU (Mirai/Ryuu can never be canon, much as I wish otherwise) but does contain some references to the events in the TV series.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my humble offering.


"Hi, everyone."

Sakomizu, George, Marina and Teppei stood up as the newcomer entered the control room.


She walked over and jabbed George in the chest. "I've decided that the two of us are better off as colleagues, Ikaruga-kun."

George opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Marina tried unsuccessfully to stifle her laughters. Teppei briefly glanced at them and went back to his work.

"Professor Fujisawa, are you here for any specific reason?" Sakomizu asked.

Asami walked over to him. "Oh, Sako-chan. I went to see Yuki but was told that she went shopping with Usagi-chan and a young woman who apparently is the hotheaded guy's girlfriend. Although I confess to being confused by that last detail. I thought he was dating the wonder boy."

"You know about Ryuu and Mirai-kun, Professor Fujisawa?" Marina asked, her eyes wide.

"Yup. It was real obvious."

"I hate to interrupt, Professor, but you still haven't told us the reason you are paying us a visit." Sakomizu looked searchingly at her. "Have you discovered a new way to block the dimensional gateway?"

Asami pouted. "You are no fun, Sako-chan. Must I only visit you guys to discuss work-related matter?"

"Yes, Asami, if you are going to simply be our colleague."

Asami glared at George. "That's Professor Fujisawa to you, Ikaruga-kun. But fine. I'll leave if everyone is going to be huffy about my being here." She turned and exited the room.

"Asami!" George ran after her. He caught up with her in the hallway.

She sighed. "Yes?"

"I, too, am confused by Ryuu's behavior. It isn't nice, what he's apparently doing to Mirai."

Asami's gaze softened. "Okay. I'll go check that girl out."

George smiled and took both her hands in his. "Gracias, Senorita." Singing, he went back into the control room.

"I hope I don't regret my promise to you, Ace Striker," she murmured.


Eye wide, Imako looked around inside the shop she found herself in.

"Ah, how am I supposed to choose from--"

"Do you need any help?"

Ima turned and gasped. "Professor Fujisawa!"

The other woman cocked her head and smiled politely. "Do I know you?"

By then, Ima had collected herself. "I am sorry. I mistook you for someone else," she said with a reasonably straight-face.

Asami looked at Ima, then shook her head. "No. It was I who should apologize for accosting you."

Ima smiled. "It is all right. And I could really use your help." She made a wide gesture to encompass the racks of clothing. "All of these are confusing to me."

"My friend is better at this type of thing, actually. But I can help with the basic stuff. Let's see, with your coloring..." Asami grabbed a few blouses off several nearby racks.

"Sorry for the wait, Imako-san." Misaki stared. "Asami?"

Asami thrusted the blouses at the surprised Ima. She gathered Misaki into a hug. "Yuki! I've found you at last."

Misaki smiled. "I'm glad to see you too. But may I ask why you were looking for me in the first place?"

Asami motioned a hand toward Ima. "I want to see the hotheaded guy's mysterious girlfriend, of course," she said sotto voce. "Ikaruga-kun was beside himself, so I told him I would find out more about her."

Ima flinched a little, but quickly recovered.

"Um... Misaki-san? Where is Konomi-san?"

Misaki untangled herself from Asami. "She walked back to the drama set with Suzaki-kun. She said not to wait for her, and to tell you that she is sorry for leaving you."

Asami whistled. "Usagi-chan has a boyfriend? I thought she was in love with the wonder boy."

A horrified expression on her face, Ima dropped the blouses she was carrying. Misaki hid a smile.

"They are friends from elementary school. But I think you are right, Asami, that they appear to be dating. He certainly seems to like her well enough."

By then, Ima had sat down to gather the clothing which had fallen from her grasp. Asami finally noticed and helped her.

"Sorry. I should have put them down somewhere instead of piling them on you." She took the blouses from the other woman.

Ima shook her head. "No, it's okay. I was simply being clumsy."

Misaki glanced at her watch. "Sorry, Imako-san. I don't have much time left. Let's look at what you've got there." She picked out a pink blouse from the pile in Asami's arms, grabbed a matching skirt from a nearby rack, and ushered Imako toward a dressing room. "Try these on." She gave the clothing to Ima.

Staring after the two of them, Asami shook her head. "I honestly didn't think what I said was that much of a surprise."


Later at Phoenix Nest, Ima related the events of her morning to Ryuu.

"I told you this crazy scheme of yours won't work! How many people have you tipped off already?"

"Lower your voice, Ryuu-san." Ima looked around, somewhat nervously. "I don't understand it either. I don't look anything like Mirai."

"Your mannerism, the way you talk, the way you do things are still the same. While it is true that people usually only see what they want to see, you are rather magnetic, my adorable puppy. People who have met you are not likely to forget you any time soon."

"I'm sorry, Ryuu-san."

"Idiot! What are you apologizing for? I wouldn't love you half as much if you are forgettable." He studied her. "Hmm. Let me look at you. Misaki-san really does have an excellent taste."

Ima smiled. "I'm glad you approve. Shall we go?"


The night before, Mirai and Ryuu were lying side by side on Ryuu's bed.

"Want to go do something together tomorrow?"

Mirai smiled. "We can spar. I want to practice this new move with you, Ryuu-san."

Ryuu smiled in response. "I mean doing something off-base. You know, go sight-seeing or something."

Mirai's smile dimmed. "Are you all right with other people seeing us together?"

"Of course. There isn't anything wrong with two guys traveling together."

Mirai reached out and touched Ryuu's face. "Maybe that is true for two normal guys. But not us, not when I can't help touching you."

Ryuu took a few strands of Mirai's hair and played with them. "Nor can I. But I don't care. It's not anyone's business what we do."

Mirai rolled away and sat up. "People who see us will point and laugh or worse. I cannot do that to you, Ryuu-san!" he cried.

Ryuu pulled him back into a hug. "You think too much sometimes, my adorable puppy."

Mirai twisted out of Ryuu's embrace. "I have to, when you don't even give the matter a thought at all!" he snapped.

"Hey, sorry. I mean, both of us, we hadn't really gone outside for a while. How many times have you left the base anyway?"

Mirai put up a finger and counted. "Well, there were all those times we flew out on Gun Phoenix--"

Ryuu lightly swatted him. "Idiot! You know what I'm talking about."

Mirai laughed. "I'm sorry. Well, there was that one time I went out with Aya-san. That's it!"


"If I take a different form, we can go on a date."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ryuu demanded.

Instead of answering, Mirai concentrated and a bright light seemed to shimmer over his form. Then the form disappeared, leaving only a single ray of light.

"Mirai," Ryuu whispered. He looked around. "Come out now. Don't scare me."

The ray of light solidified. A few moments later, a female form emerged.


"Is this appearance acceptable, Ryuu-san?"

Ryuu stared wide eyed. The young woman has a short black hair, shorter than Mirai's in any case. She looked exotic. Her shirt was a fit tight across her generous breasts.

Ryuu closed his eyes, then opened them. "Trust you not to do anything halfway, my adorable puppy. But give it up. You don't really know how to pass for a normal human, let alone a normal human woman. You'll bring more attention to us than if you simply stay Mirai."

Her face crumpled. "How cruel, Ryuu-san. You dismiss my efforts even before I have the time to show you what I can do." She sat down on the floor and cried noisily.

"Oh, for goodness sake." Ryuu scooped the girl up and put her on his lap. "Don't cry. I can't stand tears, especially from you." He produced a handkerchief and dried her tears. "Now, if you persist in continuing this idiocy, we have to enlist someone's help to make you look as normal as we can."

"Misaki-san," they both said at the same time.

Just as a side note, I don't really believe there is enough supporting evidence that Konomi is romantically interested in Mirai, but a character who appears in 3 out of 46 episodes wouldn't necessarily know that.
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