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Thoughts on Ultraman Ace (up to episode 12)

So far I'm really enjoying Ultraman Ace (probably because I had no real expectation (should do this more often), but I hope that isn't the only reason). Have seen up to episode 12 so far. (Yup, considering what episodes 13-14 are supposed to be about, I might have stopped at either the worst or the best possible place. ^^;;)

For claiming to enjoy the series, I actually don't know what it is about Ace that I like. Maybe it's the creative way the (2in1) transformation happens in each episode. Maybe it's just varying in locations and situations (they are mixed up, thus don't make me feel like I've already watched the same thing happening for three episodes straight). Maybe it's a unifying group (Yapool) for monsters (and instead of just attacking, it is using human's dark side (greed, desire, etc.) against humans -- not anything new nowadays, but I'm pretty sure the series was quite ahead of its time then). Or maybe it has managed to have interesting (imho) guests (and/or monsters) of the episodes whenever the story is not focusing on the team. Or maybe it's the scarf the main character wears (and I especially like the way he wears it ^^). Or maybe I'm an irrational being and it's actually none of those things. ^_^;

But, but. According to my pattern, I should have listed the main character as my primary reason for liking a particular show. Strangely, I am not so sure about the main character this time around. I can't really understand him. And what little I can read of him (rash, a bit too forceful) doesn't seem like the type I find very endearing. (He seems kind of similar to his immediate predecessor, even though I think they should be different types of characters...)

Anyway, I know I like a series when I like the main character and/or the story. I guess I must like Ace's story a lot to put up with its main character. But I'm not discounting the possibility that he might grow on me later (and I hope that will happen).

(So far, I like the other half of Ace better. Wish she had more to do, though. Oh, and I totally don't see the romance between the two leads, if it's even supposed to be there. They seem more like (close) siblings to me. But, who knows, I might get contradicted later on.)

And, similar to what I plan to do for every Showa series I've watch (and will watch, because, at this rate, I'll eventually go through all of them), on my next rewatch (whenever that is), I'll take note of every Ultraman Mebius episode with [Ultraman Ace reference]Yapool/super beasts -- as well as the differences and similarities of how the episode might play out against the original. Or, if I somehow don't want to consciously take note, just the fact that I have background information (not that Mebius isn't good at providing necessary summaries of the events from previous series*) will enhance my rewatch (experience), I'm sure.

(*In other words, it did a good job spoiling some key events from those previous series for me, since I usually have long memory for that type of details. ^^;;)
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