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Ultraman Mebius 23:

Me: Okay, what is this one about again?

Me 1: A fairy tale.

Me: Really?

Me 1: Really.

Me: Tell me this tale, then.

Me 1: Once upon a time, there was an alien who lost his home planet, so he migrated to Earth.

Me: Ultraman Leo?

Me 1: Leo isn't the only one with that kind of history.

Me: Okay.

Me 1: One day, he met a woman with a super natural hearing power.

Me: Can you just name him?

Me 1: He's a bird alien or something.

Me: 'or something'???

Me 1: It's not important to the story.

Me: Fine.

Me 1: They went searching for a time wave. Then they crossed a bridge of time and went back to the past.

Me: What is a 'time wave'? Why are they searching for it?

Me 1: I don't know. My job is to tell the story, not to explain it!

Me: Continue telling it then.

Me 1: A time-wave monster was targeting a little girl. So the woman shot at the monster. The monster fired a beam toward her. The alien put his body in front to protect her. He fell down. She told him to wait for her and ran off to fight the monster. He faded away. Monster got destroyed by some random passer-by. She returned to the bridge of time, back in the present.

Me: That's all?

Me 1: Yes.

Me: That sure is a boring story.

Me 1: Fairy tales usually are.

Me: Reveal my bias, why don't you?

Me 1: Well, I am you and you are me.

Me: Great, I've been talking to myself all along...

Notes: I actually like the episode. Just never know how to talk about it properly. And, as expected from someone who is too lazy to reference the episode, most of this are more made up than actually based on the episode. ^^;;

P.S. And I forgot that Ultraman Hikari is another Ultraman with a Japanese name. So Ginga, being the third one, isn't so special anymore. ;P
Tags: someone gets a tag at last ^^, tagging one line reference, ultraman ginga, ultraman hikari, ultraman mebius
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