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Ultraman Dyna Episodes 37-51 (END)

It has been five years, but I used to write little comments on Ultraman Dyna episodes.

Episodes 1-7, Episodes 8-24, Episodes 25-36

Well, I found my notes for the rest of the episodes, so I'm going to post them up.

The following notes are not recent, so I can't actually remember much of what happen in the episodes, let alone if my notes are all that accurate. In any case, there will be spoilers.

37: Trashes are dreams now? What?? I don't understand Japanese people. And now the trashes (dreams) are combined to become a monster...

38: I don't understand what happens in this episode. Seems like someone's dream, but then again, it doesn't seem like a dream. The strange (perhaps artistic?) way this episode was filmed doesn't help the matter at all. All I can possibly make out is someone thinks Earth is a (theater) stage and sends a monster down.

39: The subordinate of the scientist back in episode 16 is out for revenge. The guy assigned to work with Asuka doesn't like him (well, not anything new. No one seems to like Asuka the first moment they meet him).

40: This one reminds me so much of Mebius 40 (ha, same number), and a bit of Tiga 45. A mad (alien) plant is sucking life out of humans. Not sure if I like Nakajima's love life (or lack thereof) taking the center stage here.

41: Again reminds me of a Mebius story (this time episode 21, or rather, the events referenced in it). A spaceship is carrying kids who were born in space to Earth for the first time. And a monster attacks the ship and leaves poisons. Now TPC faces a tough decision of blowing up the spaceship before it reaches Earth.

42: Now this one is Asuka's dream. (Yes, I'm spoiling it. I felt something was off like a few minutes in, so...) It's one crazy dream, though. I love that the thing Mai pilots is called a mountain gulliver. By Horii, no less (nice throwback to Tiga. IIRC, Horii was the one who suggested calling Tiga Mountain Gulliver). And cameos by former GUTS officers, who are not quite themselves. :)

43: Again with Tiga references all over. Captain Hibiki has come a long way, apparently. (And why do I think he seems to have better relationship with the orphaned girl than with his own daughter? Probably not fair to compare them (and the girl probably won't meet him again), though, but still...) Will Golza stays dead this time?

44: I don't remember much except for wondering why the scientist guy is blond? (He reminds me of one of the Miji aliens.) And Asuka seems to infect them all with recklessness...

45: Miyata's story. It's his birthday. And the (female) alien he encountered before returns. Not sure I understand this one much either.

46: About Ryo's childhood friend. The kids with him now seem to have the same make up (two boys and one girl) as his group back then (although the other boy beated him up all the time apparently since he was the bookworm type). Ryo essentially encouraged him to be braver, but that didn't seem to work much.

47: Ah, the cute little SuperGUTS mascot has to leave Earth. Asuka is really not happy about this. I'm glad that the aliens change their mind about invading Earth, thanks to SuperGUTs being kind to their god (the mascot).

48: This episode reminds me of a Cosmos story (I don't remember which episode), but even if the stories had nothing in common, I would still say that since it's centered on a guy named Musashi (it's a last name, though). An alien came to Earth for research. By some bad luck, a man (Musashi) walked in and, startled, was killed by accident, not by the alien. The alien felt guilty anyway, especially since the man's wife and daughter came to look for him. So the alien buried his own body and posed as Musashi. I think the woman knows that the alien isn't her husband, yet probably has learned to love him.

I have a nit-pick. I kind of get why the alien (in Musashi's body) would not be hurt when thrown down from that high up in the air, but Hayate is a normal human (last I know of), so why is he well, too? Something like this is not unique to this series either, and each time I could never find any satisfactory explanation for it other than the law of plot conveniences says they can land safely.

And I have something longer for the next two episodes:

49: Start of the three-part finale. Project F (plan to make ultraman from Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey) is revived (people never learn, it seems). After a battle, the project F people find out Dyna's identity. They manage to capture Asuka and drain his life energy to power their own ultraman. That ultraman (Terranoid) starts off impressive enough, then runs out of energy quickly. Spheres cover up Terranoid and make it evil. It starts to attack the project F's base.

Oh, Ryo has seen all this, and now demands they release Asuka, who is at the moment unconscious (not dead). The girl who kidnapped them releases the lock on the machine and Asuka falls out. The guy (the higher-up in TPC named Gondou) seems despair that his ultraman failed and that Dyna is no more. But he speaks too soon. Asuka wakes up and transforms into Dyna. But Dyna doesn't have enough energy! So Ryo gets a bright (stupid, more like) idea of transferring her life energy to him. She forces Gondou to set the equipment up. Gondou warns her that normal human will die from the procedure (Asuka doesn't, but that's because he is special), but she doesn't care. At the last minute, the building is attacked again and Gondou uses that distraction to take the gun away from Ryo. He gets into the machine instead. I can only surmise that he dies, since he is a normal human.

Gondou's sacrifice is not in vain, since it revives Dyna enough to be able to blow away the evil Terranoid. But now Ryo is left alone with Reflasher, with no Asuka in sight.

There is a bit of something that struck me. I don't think there will really be any punishment for the project F people. Maybe the higher-up in TPC figure that their base mostly destroyed and their head person dead is enough of a punishment.

And I'm actually a bit sad that no one really cares (except Ryo, perhaps) that Gondou is dead. Perhaps it's only right that he should die to repay what he has taken (since if he hadn't drained Asuka's life force, Asuka wouldn't need any help later on), but I still don't like such a cut-and-dried judgment. This is not really something I would blame Asuka for (since he was the wronged party here, even though it was mostly through his carelessness that they figured him out), but it's just a little too heartless, the way no one even thanked Gondou for giving away his life for Dyna. Gondou was not a bad, evil person who made Ultraman for his own fame (a la Keigo Masaki). He just wanted humanity to be protected, by something he could control, and not depending on some Ultra being. As they say, the road to hell is surely paved with good intentions...

(And I don't know why I wrote the wall of text above. I don't even like Gondou. He has a forceful personality that I find uncomfortable most of the time.)

50: SuperGUTS are able to land and they go inside the base (that the project F people used) to search for Asuka and Ryo. They run into the girl from last episode, who informs them that they (Asuka and Ryo) are no longer there. At the moment, Kohda gets a call, and he seems surprised/troubled by it (I could read his reaction wrong, though).

Asuka is lost on Mars (there seem to be nothing around but (desert) plains). As he falls unconscious, he asks himself the same question Gondou asked him last episode (why he gets to be Ultraman? Why him?).

When Asuka regains conscious, he finds himself on a bed and there is a little girl peering at him. The girl runs to tell her mother that 'big brother' wakes up. Of course, the mother is none other than Rena. Asuka asks her how he is here (or something--my Japanese is almost non-existent), and she says her husband brought him there.

Asuka goes to find Daigo in the greenhouse. He thanks Daigo for saving him. Daigo returns that he is the one who should be thanking Asuka for protecting Earth. I think Asuka gets a bit embarrassed by that (and he might not be sure what Daigo is referring to either). A plane is flying overhead just then, and Daigo says Asuka's friends are coming to pick him up since he (Daigo) just contacted them.

In that plane, we see Ryo riding with the girl from before (why Kohda and co. let her go? Or maybe that call he got is from Daigo (or a message from him in any case)? <-- Probably not, though). Ryo asks why she was involved with Gondou's plan (to make ultraman) and the girl says she lost her lover from a monster attack or something (I'm basically guessing here). Anyway, she passes on a message to 'that guy', that next time (a monster appears), she'll be counting on him. And Ryo nods (nit-picking time, the girl can't see you nodding when you sit at the back, Ryo).

Before he goes, Asuka has some questions for Daigo. Apparently, he doesn't have to ask them. Daigo admits that he is the same as Asuka. (Me is sooooo happy with this cameo. If Daigo does nothing else, I just want this one line.) He used to be uncertain. He questioned what he could do. What is he? (A normal officer wouldn't wonder what he is, would he?) And he wanted someone to answer him. But, in the end, he realized he has to decide by himself what it all means (to be Ultraman--this is unstated, of course).

Back on the plane (okay, where did you put that girl, Ryo?), Ryo tells Asuka to take better care of his important thing (Reflasher in this case, but who knows if she isn't also referring to something else). He thanks her (in good English, I might add). In any case, he seems subdued and talks about the story his father used to tell him. So Ryo teases him a little.

Somewhere between all the happenings, they (TPC) have decided to use Neo-Maxima cannon to deal with the blackhole Spheres create. Dr. Kisaragi (from the Tiga & Dyna crossover movie) appears to oversee the work. Yazumi (with different hair and probably higher-ranking job than the one he had in Tiga) is the one responsible for charging the cannon (or something--I always get technical stuff mixed up).

I'm blanking on the details now, so let's just say they fight Spheres and there is a little drama involved where Ryo's plane is caught by the monster, who positions itself right in front of the wormhole. Ryo tells them to just shoot the monster and not worry about her. (This seems like a callback to episode 34, where Captain Hibiki was a hostage inside a monster.) Kariya can't do that, so Kohda pushes him out of the way and takes over. I'm not sure if Kohda could do it either (he hesitates) since Dyna chooses that moment to fly over to Ryo. Ryo doesn't seem most pleased with Asuka/Dyna, but he says he wouldn't let her die--he wants to save her above all. (I think he only says that to her. No one else seems to react to their conversation.)

I am happy that we get the first ED (which I love) back for this episode. (I probably have no taste in music or something, but I dislike Ultra High. No matter how many times I listen to it (22 times or so each time I rewatch Dyna), I can't soften my feeling toward it.)

51: The short version, Asuka is lost in a blackhole by the end of the episode. I'm sure many people presumed him dead.

Me, I think differently. Not counting his later appearances (which might be non-canon to his timeline for all I know), Asuka seems to be trapped in a different dimension, but yet he is alive.

Honestly, this is a very fitting end for the series. Not a happy ending, of course, but I don't think of this as a sad ending either. The most I would say is bittersweet. As Captain Hibiki says, humans have dreams and hopes, and, yes, I believe one day Asuka will meet with his teammates again.
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