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Random fandom-related things

It always bums me out when other people don't like what I like. Of course, everyone is free to like whatever and I would never stop anyone from talking about their dislikes of my favorite series/my favorite characters/etc. If I'm that bothered, I am free not to read them. And if I do read, I am free to disagree, too (of course, usually only in my mind -- I don't like confrontations).

(As an aside, I always find it fascinating that someone could like one of my favorite series and then hate another of my other favorite series. Of course, it happens the other way around too. I love the same series as someone does, and then I can't stand another one of their favorite series.)

That said, I might have mentioned this before, but I will never write about a series I despise. Especially if I write about it more than once. Almost all negative stuff in my journal don't actually feel even half that negative to me, but it's in my personality to amplify stuff. I am not objective in my writing and no longer try to be. (So the positive stuff gets exaggerated too. I am an equal-opportunity amplifier, after all.)

And I like to leave things unstated. I like to interpret stuff, so I tend to not spell things out clearly. Most of the time this is not a problem -- I am not writing an academic paper after all.

On the other hand, I am often content to let things be. If not prompted somehow, I don't usually go look for explanation for something in the things I read/watch for entertainment. So I am usually at a loss with a real discussion. I am very much content to lurk instead.

Oh well. Not sure what my point is, since it's not like I ever keep it a secret and pretend to be a cool-headed rational when in truth I often let messy feelings dictate my actions (like I'm doing now).

That said, for some reason, my favorite character types (that I like to watch/read/write about) tend to be the types that have almost nothing in common with me.

One such type is: usually quiet (sparse with both words and emotions) and complex (has a lot more going on below the surface, most of which I might never even get a glimpse at). Someone who doesn't (normally) act on impulse. Serious, contemplative, witty. And smart (preferably most of the time). Yet is kind-hearted and selfless. Oh, better has a healthy sense of humor too (will laugh at himself, others, react good-naturedly (most of the time) to teasing, etc.), though he doesn't have to be the source of humor himself. And does have some good setdowns* when some other characters carry the silliness too far.

(*which usually will not work in stopping those characters, but usually will make me laugh. Ah, what can I say, I usually like straight man more than funny man.)

Okay, with this much detail, I am totally not obvious at all with whom I have in mind. (Really, I might be the only one who thinks of him that way.) But I never make this one a secret either, so...
Tags: confession is good for my soul, fandom, lj
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