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Ultraman Ginga Episode 3

Honestly, I just love this show more and more each time I watch it. (And I have never disliked it, been disappointed by it, or had whatever negative impression of it. (Which actually is kind of scary since such a perfect series does not exist.) While can't be 100% certain of the future, I think my happiness with the series is very likely to continue increasing as time goes on.) I probably shouldn't be surprised -- a series (at least of the live-action variety) having a group of curious teenagers dealing with the supernatural seems to work for me lately.

It's going be real boring if I write an entry like this every week, but seriously, can't find one single fault with the story so far. They are all so very heartwarming, imho.

This episode's villain, surprisingly, seems to have some thoughts put into her, more so than the bad guys from the previous two episodes. I'm actually fine with just surface characterization (can't be too picky -- after all, not many series (that I like to watch) use negative human emotions to power monsters as their core plot points), but I don't mind the show trying to emulate Ultraman 80 a little bit more either (when 80, imho, is a show very much worth emulating).

As I've mentioned before (or if I haven't, liking the main character is true for me most of the time), I like Hikaru, but especially in this episode. I felt rather sad that Kenta didn't realize how much Hikaru fought for him. (Wow, seriousness. No inside scene at all. (Well, except for one really cool transformation sequence.) Not on the villain girl side either.) But on the other hand, I was glad that Hikaru was doing all this in secret (well, 'secret' as in, Kenta doesn't know that the big monster fight is all about him ^^;;;). It makes him a true hero, really -- someone who selflessly helps out, not wanting any recognition for himself. (Unlike some series where some obnoxious kid is the hero simply because the creators want him to, and not because he has done anything to earn that title.)

Randomly, just probably me, but Hikaru reminds me a lot of Gentaro (Kamen Rider Fourze). It's his voice, and the way they say stuff (um... fighting to protect people's dreams? Or something?) sound almost the same to me (and Hikaru seems rather free with touching in this episode). And in one or two screenshots he kind of reminds me of Mirai (ha, reaching comparison, you think? Probably, in terms of cuteness, since no one can compare to Mirai in that regard). But speaking of Mirai, it seems that he (or more accurately, Mebius) might be appearing in Ginga (along with Man and Seven). Well, I think (once saw a (sort of official) picture of Hikaru's actor with them). Oh well, since I can't find source, don't take my word for it.

And Tomoya (sorry, I'll remember the last name one of these days) Ichijoji decides to show his antagonistic side at last. And, oh great, he is inside Jean-Killer. I thought that guy was done with. Never really felt connected with either of the twin(?) robots from Ultraman Zero's universe, so I'm not sure how to feel here. I only hope I won't end up hating that robot. That's all I ask.

Ah, I seem to understand even less dialog this time around (not that I caught much from the previous episodes when I watched them raw either). (And Creepy Hand is not in this episode. I felt cheated. Thought the big bad had to be in every episode. This one is strange. He says so little (I'm glad I didn't start watching this show for a chance of hearing his voice), and seems to set himself up as some higher being. I'm almost sure that in that long-ago fight with Ginga, they both probably just stared at each other, no one was saying anything.) So I'll be waiting for subs to clarify some stuff I'm not sure of.

Um...I thought I might get annoyed with monsters being able to talk when I first heard about it (before the series aired). (Since I like my Ultra fight silent. Leave the taunting stuff to some other toku fights, please.) However, it turns out fine, since I see the monster as being the same as the human who transforms into it (the inside scene initially helped in this regard, since I got to see the human inside the monster, but at this point I'm perfectly fine with the inclusion of the scene or without). (Speaking of monsters who are formerly humans, the ones I'm most reminded of are from Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Fourze. Both series seem to deal with corruption of the human minds to some degree.)

Oh, almost forget, but, as of this episode, Misuzu seems to be clearly established as having a sixth sense or something. She apparently can detect the humans who are the victims/under control of the dark spark. (Reminds me of a similar (imho) monster tracking radar (well...of the not-exactly human variety) from that other toku show I'm very fond of.) Hikaru's job should be easier now (if he believes what she says, that is ^^).

And I do find the subject rather intriguing, but this must be like the nth time that an Ultra series does an episode on humans(?) not liking to be alone. Other toku series also deal with this subject, I'm sure (of the top of my head, perhaps that one arc in the early 20's of Kamen Rider Wizard?) but I don't remember the subject of loneliness coming up in those other toku as often as it does in the Ultra series. (Ah, for this particular episode, I think it's more about her missing the elementary school (since it was closed down in the spring), but with my limited understanding, I'm going to spin it the way I like. :)

Oh, and the funnies. This is not really specific to this episode as much as the series as a whole (three episodes so far). I like a series that can poke fun at itself. :) It likes to remind me at every opportunity that the toy-looking things (vinyl/spark dolls, dark spark, Ginga Spark, and stuff I don't remember) on the show are in fact toys, which never ever try to pretend to be some bad-a** super serious sacred tokusatsu items. Especially the Ginga Spark. I don't want it because it looks cool (which is a matter of personal opinion in any case). I want it because of its apparent durability (Hikaru constantly drops the thing, yet it still survives intact in one piece and seems no worse for the wear). Granted, the thing is an in-show prop (I think) that looks very much like the version the children in the audience could buy, but still, if the show staff want to present it as different, they would have made it look less like toy on the show. In general, both the characters and the show itself take the whole toy gimmick and really run with it. :)

(And while not in the main story, the Spark Dolls theater segments are nothing but kaiju dolls making fun of one another (and of poor Ultraman Taro, who got roped into the segments against his will) while manage to answer no question on the story thus far. Yup, I know not to go looking for serious answers of the mystery from those irresponsible dolls. ^^;;)

So in three episodes, despite its relaxed atmosphere, Ultraman Ginga manages, imho, to move the story along very nicely (hero established, rival established, friends (mostly) established). Well, one could say that the series is forced to do compact storytelling since time is of essence, but still, I like the result just the same. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series (three more episodes for now. That's just not enough for me. I'll probably end up watching the first six a dozen times or more), the 'cautiously' part of 'cautiously optimistic' thrown out the window since I first saw episode one.

EDIT: Apparently, I have a lot to say on this episode, so here is another entry on it.
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