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Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 47

(I have been slow with keeping up, so what little I want to say about this episode have already been mentioned by other people.)

Great episode. :) I mean, I've been enjoying Wizard, but this episode is the one that I hope most other people would have to think a little more than usual to pick it apart.

But...lay off with the bragging, please? I might scream if I hear one more person mention that they call the reveal in this episode forever. Almost everyone did see it coming, I hope. (But as a personal note, I actually did not want it to come true, since this is the level of obviousness even I am not sure I like.) And I am aware of the irony of me bragging about whatever plot point I see coming (and I've done that a lot). I think I'll try to do that less, now that I know how it feels to be on the receiving side.

And I thought I see a Kyoryu-esque dance from Mayu before she transforms? If she has always danced as a part of her transformation ritual, for some reason I haven't picked up on that before (and I am too lazy to check, since the previous episodes are no longer on my computer). Anyway, haven't seen this week's Kyoryuger yet so don't know if anything Wizard-related made an appearance in that episode.

Not much else to add. So, inspired by what other people write, and by what happen in the past few episodes, I'll write my thoughts on Haruto.

Okay, Haruto is flawed. But I think his flaws are almost entirely related to his hero complex (that belief that he has to save everyone, being everyone's last hope). Which makes him pretty Mary sue-ish, actually, if his faults are all caused by his aspiration to be this perfect hero who would never fail anyone.

To that end, of course Haruto is keeping up fronts, not letting people really see how worried he is. I think most people are fooled (Nitou for one). Actually a bit surprised that Mayu sort of sees through him. Especially since she has said herself that she is preoccupied with revenge and thinking only of her selfish desire to defeat Medusa. But then again, I think she had been watching him closely, for the opportunity to get the Infinity Ring, so maybe it made her notice that he was not quite as composed as he tried to appear.

And Haruto keeping secrets (that he perhaps shouldn't have kept)? That is normal for him, and a large part of his 'I have to shoulder burdens alone, no one else should' mentality. Still, there is a bit of advancement from the previous arc on that, and then there is that scene with Mayu in this episode. I guess opening up and letting people in is still something he finds uncomfortable.

Thinking about it more, Haruto is not exactly 'normal'. Haruto, as of now, does not seem to have anything resembling a life outside of fighting. That is not a very healthy way to live. That is Mary Sue-ish level of selflessness. Or not really. He is selfish. He does not want anyone else to fight, since fighting is all that defines his character. If everyone and their brothers could do it, Haruto would not be needed, he would not be this unique individual who could fight phantoms anymore, and then where would he be?

In any case, Haruto is difficult for me to pin down, due to him keeping his feelings pretty much hidden. So I admit I might be wrong. I just like to think I at least get a sense of who he is and what he considers important.
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