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Ultraman Ginga S Episode 13 (Spoilers)

Oh, man. There it is again with the stupidity of the higher-ups of the defense force. (I was naive enough to think we would escape this plot, seeing that the team is called "Ultra Party Guardian." Yeah, I know the 'party' there isn't the type we throw for birthday or some other celebration, but still...) Yes, yes, we humans have to protect our own planet with our own hand*, but really, would it hurt so much to let Ultraman help? Yes, Ultraman is an alien, but so what? It's not like he is our enemy or anything. Hasn't he proven enough time already that he is a friend of humans?

And I might have forgiven them if they at least consider all the ramification of their action. Like how they just harvest the Victoriam beam for their cannon, without thinking about how it might affect other people. The people above ground are not the only people living on Earth. And the blast from that cannon almost hit UPG's own people (true, they ran out to the battle site without permission, but still...). If not for Ginga, I don't want to think about what could happen.

But a moment of BL strong friendship kind of makes up for all this depressing stuff. When Hikaru is locked up, his first word is 'Sho'. And when Sho is half-walking, half-dragging himself away from the battle site (after Victory defeated Birdon), his first thought is like, 'where are you, Hikaru? Why didn't you show up?'. Oh, and let's not forget Tomoya having no hesitation in breaking Hikaru out of jail. (Hikaru actually looks a bit dazed at being rescued.)

And what's with Arisa and that commander? I hope it's just a simple hero worshipping case, and not 'having a crush on my superior' case. Or perhaps it's the other way around? He seems to like her, at least a bit more than as a favorite subordinate.

Next episode looks like it will deal with the fallout of using the cannon, and of killing something when they don't need to. I'm glad that there will be some opportunity for those higher-ups to see the error of their way.

Oh well. This has to be rewatched with subs, since I'm sure I probably misinterpret stuff to suit my whims.

*After I heard this for about an umpteenth time (most of the time, word for word) from various Ultra series, it ceases to fill me with wonder. Now it's just a tired old cliche.
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